omg tumblr actually fixed the thing

I’m so excited over a coffee? LOL

Okay I wasn’t planning to spam all the ko-fi thing, I mean if yall want to give then give, I just made it for fun. Of course it will be nice to receive something especially since I can use it for school. Uni is expensive. 

that aside. I WAS SO EXCITED when I saw someone actually bought me a ko-fi like OMG. And then I realised it was @allmyfantasies4 Alex, such a dear. Thanks Alex. Really appreciate it, knowing especially how you have to fix that laptop too. I really do. Blessed to know you Alex, literally one of my first few friends on tumblr. 

OKAY SORRY FOR THE REALLY LATE REPLY I’m like the worst when it comes to tutorial but I guess I can try explaining sth lol. Check out my references tag for other things I’ve talked about too!

Sketching brush/marker

Fabric is shaped why whatever it is draped on/laid on/the farbic is magical and has a mind of its own, so you’ll need a base. I have chosen a human for the base.

Specifically, Kuroko from WKTR cause yolo. (Also, I have separated the sketch for easy viewing, usually I do this all on one layer.)

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