omg trying not to type with my accent

@your-lovers-and-drifters said:  HAHA omfg I just freaking pictured real!Ciel as Frank Underwood breaking the 4th wall and going “truth be told I have no real genuine care or forgiveness left in me and if given the choice I’d push my dear little brother down a flight of stairs and light his broken body on fire just to watch it burn.” (Actually, now that I’ve written this, I desperately wanna see real!Ciel break the 4th wall and talk in a dry southern accent like PLS YANA)

HA! Real!Ciel trying to preempt WWI by killing one of Germany’s top military officers - Queen Victoria probably loves and adores real!Ciel like damn, he da real MVP 

OMG I’d love that XD Frank Underwood is the exact type of person real!Ciel would grow up to, but worse! I hope real!Ciel gets to say that at some point LOL. Also, for some reason, a dry southern accent seems to suit real!Ciel even more than a posh British one!

And right? Starting from age 7, real!Ciel deemed Diederich a foreign threat and tried to assassinate him, something even his father could not do! Real!Ciel was the MVP all along.