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I started reading I Bloomed for You a while ago because you posted it a while ago (I saw you posted about the update today which was sO GOOD??!? im in tears halp) so thank you so much for introducing me to it!! Do you have any other kookie angst of hurt/comfort fics you've read that are good? I'm having trouble finding good fics. Thanks!!

OMG I’m so glad you liked it! Come cry with me T^T I haven’t cried over a fic in a while but the angst is really freaking real and I will cry you a river. I feel like I’ve read a lot of hurt/comfort fics but I’m totally blanking out on a lot of them. But here are some I remember!

When Control Is A Grey Area AO3, Complete, JungkookxEveryone, please beware of the trigger warnings though!

This Series AO3, Ongoing, I remember I read these series of Taekook fics awhile ago and they were like really smutty but near the newest installments, it got really freaking angsty and I’m still waiting on that comfort. 

Red AO3, Oneshot, Yoonjin, basically a twist on the red string of fate au and I loved the angst

Let’s See Where We Wake Up Tomorrow AO3, Oneshot, Jikook, this is another fic I cried too, temporary character death. 

Take My Hand (Take My Whole Life, Too) AO3, Oneshot, Jikook, I really love my jikook hurt/comfort okay.

Golden Boy AO3, Complete, Namkook, oh boy the angst in this (buffered by smut).

Marrow AO3, Complete, Sugakookie, a classic angst, I forget if there’s a happy ending.

Sometimes the moon looks brighter than the sun AO3, Oneshot, Jikook, Jungkook finally has someone to wipe his tears away. 

Hanahaki Disease AO3, Oneshot, Sugakookiemin, I love hanahaki especially when kookie has it (why do I hurt my bias this way). 

Why Can’t You See AO3, Complete, Junghope, I looooooved the angst in this, it’s my favorite kind of angst, broken yoon/seok.

How an Ariel Cartwheel Can Change Everything AO3, Oneshot, Jikook, Gymnast au, kind of like the we broke apart and got back together trope, Jimin has a thing with a girlfriend and cue hurt but things work out. 

Yeah, i’m totally blanking on the hurt/comfort fics I’ve read but I hope these suffice even a little bit!

Consider: Confused pining Michael

• Like when Jeremy first realises he has a crush on Christine he goes straight to Michael cause he’s freaking out going “OMG MIKE I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO DOES SHE EVEN KNOW I EXIST H O W IM JUSTM E WHAT DO I DO”
• Michael tries to give him advice, like the true best friend he is, but finds that he can’t seem to shake off this feeling in his gut
• He’s starts telling Jeremy how amazing he is and how he could totally win over a girl like Christine but the compliments are coming out so easily he’s like “??? Why do I know this”
• He starts talking about his horrible fashion sense but how it suits him anyway and his awkward yet sweet charm which could totally whoo any lady he came across and it just goes on and in until Jeremy has to convince Michael to CHILL
• Doesn’t stop him from adding to the list in his head though ;)
• By the time Jeremy has finished and gone home to sleep Michael has managed to reach no. 57 on ‘My best friend is the best date him’ list
• He tries not to let it bother him and just goes to sleep himself
• A few days later Jeremy tries talking to Christine and asks Michael to help be the ultimate wingman and be on the lookout for any possible interferences in the area or some paranoid shit Jeremy came up with
• But for some reason Michael just doesn’t want it to happen
• He watches his best friend awkwardly wait for Christine at lunch in the background and THAT FEELING IN HIS GUT IS BACK AGAIN
• It’s like a warning light signalling that he should probably be doing something to stop this
• That night he lies awake thinking of all the things that could have happened if Jeremy had actually managed to talk to Christine (he chickened out)
• He starts adding to the list again but this time it’s little things like the way Jeremy sometimes sticks his tongue out during a really hard boss fight or the fact that he plays with this one spot on the back of this neck when he gets nervous
• Michael still doesn’t understand what this is about but he learns to roll with it
• And so there’s Michael, for god knows how long, suffering in silence while he lets his best friend unintentionally slowly kill him
• It’s not until the events of the musical when Michael finally realised what the fluff is going on
• He remembers seeing the ‘boyf’ on Jeremy’s backpack and knowing exactly what Rich had done
• He tries his best to cover his embarrassment over the subject by distracting Jeremy with some news he saw on the discovery channel during his late night binges
• But OF C O U R S E Miss Canigula (don’t get me wrong I love Christine) has to show up and ruin his little talk
• Jeremy gets completely distracted and starts rambling on about how he’s finally going to do it, how he’s going to sign up for the play and talk to Christine
• Michael watches as his best friend slowly walks over to the poster on the wall, grabbing the pen
• The images of him and Christine flood his mind; her laughing at his jokes, his awkward flirting that she thinks is cute, the two of them practicing their lines together after school, Jeremy confessing his love to her, Christine accepting with delight
• Then it hit him. Like a ton of bricks being hurtled towards him
• That feeling in his gut
• It was jealously

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I'm sorry if you have already post it, but can you write some father headcanons for Reiji, Tokiya, Ren and Masato ? Thanks in advance, I love your blog <3

No one has ever requested it but I wrote these when I first started my blog in August and planned not to post them until Father’s Day! LOL. Ah, well. Please enjoy~! Oh and you might was to take a look at this first?

Reiji: God help you. Two kids (Your husband and son) running around the place causing trouble. Hope you have insurance on the furniture. They’re going to break everything. Look forward to coming home to clothes thrown on the coffee table, glasses on the corner table without a coaster, couch cushions in the middle of the floor, torn cardboard boxes and packaging tape in the form of a forts, paths of fruit shaped gummies leading from the front door to the back. Oh, you know that favorite bowl of yours? SMASHED into little tiny pieces. But at least your son’s cute, right? Reiji is a trillion times worse. And letting your son get away with murder isn’t the worst part. Reiji would be the main suspect! ‘I know, I know. Okay, yes we smacked your antique grandfather clock and we’re very sorry but look what he can do! Isn’t it amazing~? He’s so cute! Huh? Yeah, *chuckle* about that large body sized hole in the wall… What? Are you seriously upset about that? No, look, it’s totally okay~! We can always get a new wall.’ Again, God help you! When your son is a teenager he’s going to be just as playful as Reiji (if not worse). Enjoy all of the back and forth pranking, ‘swearing’ to keep their next pranks against the other secret and pretending you knew absolutely nothing. Be careful. Don’t think for a second that you are safe from anything. Ever. They can and will team up against you. Reiji would be a great role model but probably for all the wrong reasons. (JK) Having a kid with a big kid. You’re just asking for a headache. But, in the end he’s a wonderful father. That’s somehing you’d never be able to argue about.

Tokiya: Although he’s a workaholic (something that will possibly never change over time), he’ll be there for all of the important moments of his children’s lives. If he’s not home when the babies start to walk without support he wants a video. He’ll skype call his partner and children all the time. You don’t have to worry about him missing the first day of school or graduation because of work. He’ll take off well in advance and refuse all work (for those days) that comes his way because although being an idol is important to him it’s no where near as I’m important as being a perfect father. If his kids are down, he’d turn on his Hayato to cheer them up. He’ll always make it home in time for family events like Movies & Pizza Night, Zoo Day or Ice Cream Sundays! He will help with homework. Invite his kids on set when he has work on the weekends. He’ll take off for school breaks to plan family vacations. He’ll make parent-teacher conferences. Yes, he’d scold them because there was no reason to throw glue sticks at their classmate. When they’re older he’d ground them if they really mess up and take away their TVs or cell phones but only because he want them to learn from their mistakes and not continue to make them. He wants to teach them to be responsible for their own actions never blaming others or each other. In other words, influential would be the word I’d use to describe Tokiya as a father. 

Ren:  The birth of Ren’s daughter would have an enormous impact on his life. If he has a child before he’s married or is in a very serious relationship (SORRY) he’s probably going to be in denial until she’s born. If he’s married when he has his first born he’s going to take his role as a husband a lot more seriously. He’d want to be a better man so that he could demonstrate with his wife the way a lady should be treated. I guess you could say he’d ‘clean up his act’ for good. The moment she’s born he’s already declared that she will be SPOILED. He’d take days off from working to have Daddy-Daughter get aways. Every other Thursday night, he’ll take her on cute little dates. He tries to make a nice, candlelit dinner for her and mom at least three or four nights every month. He would be the chill dad who’s really only strict about guys. That said gentlemen, read this very carefully alright? I’m doing this to save your souls. Yes, his daughter will grow up be quite the looker but you better look the fuck away at all times. He doesn’t want anyone talking to her, smiling at her and Lord help you if he catches you staring. He can smell a real womanizer a country away! We ALLLLLLL know what type of man he is in now. Flirty, womaninzing *horse* gentlemanly type. He is going to suspect everyone man in the world is the same as who he was. Because at that point in his life, he’ll be a changed man. You got that? 

Masato: Mamasato~! He would be a fantastic father. He’s going to have to learn to set a balance for his parenting. He’d be fairly stern but he wouldn’t be as nearly strict as his own father because he wouldn’t want his daughter to grow to resent him. He would be nurturing and gentle. He’d be the type of dad that would like to set rules but because he trusts his daughter he’d be very lenient with her. Soon after she’s born the two will be almost inseparable. As long as he’s not working you may find it somewhat impossible to get any one-on-one time with your own daughter. OMG! Her first day of primary school. He is going to cry. I don’t pin him as a crybaby but I honestly believe in my heart he would cry. She’d probably prefer him to pack her school lunches over you. He’d quietly find satisfaction in that and makes sure not to disappoint her. They’d do fun things like going to the park… That’s all fine and dandy until someone falls of the swing. (Masa: OH HELL NO NOT MUH BABAY) Hahaha, totally kidding there. But, Masato would definitely be the type of dad that freaks out over the smallest of things. Achoo. OH NO WE’VE GOTTA GET HER TO A HOSPITAL. *Daughter scrapes knee* Quick call a paramedic! What do you mean she’s late from school?! GET TO ZE CHOPPA! Can you say GULLIBLE? Your daughter will know that all she has to do is fake a couple of sneezes and coughs to get out of school. Word of advice: Watch your daughter. As long as Masa has anything to do with it, she can do no wrong. LOL

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omg this is great. good luck with your blog!!!!!!! umm can i get a scenario where Judar lost his wand and he's totally freaking out about it, but really his S/O just hid it from him???? thank you!!

Yes, of course! Thank you so much!! 


“Where IS IT!!” 

The Magi’s voice boomed through the room, almost loud enough to cause every surface to tremble beneath his anger. He was storming through his room, turning over every inch of it to try and find his precious wand. The usually pristine domain of the Kou Empires’ Priest was in complete ruin, every piece of furniture flipped over in his panic. 

However, there was one thing calm in the room filled with fury. Judar’s S/O, sitting smack in the middle of his bed, finding it the safest place to avoid flying furniture. They sit with their legs crossed, fighting the feeling of a smirk tugging at the corner of their lips. 

What a show. They never thought that Judar would have this type of reaction, so angry and completely ravenous. Though they found it funny, they felt a bit of guilt tugging at the back of their mind. This was supposed to just be a little prank after they had woken up that morning, and they were only going to let it go on for a minute or two. 

Judar, however, reacted with way more rage than they had expected. He was out of bed and digging through everything in his room within seconds of realizing his wand was gone. But, it hadn’t be gone at all. His sly S/O had snuck his wand into the top they were wearing, planning to make it a more… romantic surprise. 

But that was a horrible failure, and that was completely obvious at this point, as they watched their dear Magi stress and struggle. Now standing in the middle of his room, huffing and puffing as he looked around with an almost defeated look on his face. Feeling guilty, his S/O shifted on the bed a bit, moving closer to the edge of the bed as they spoke softly. 

“Judar.. Come back over here, please. Let’s calm down, and we’ll find it together.” They waved their hand in a motion for him to come over, and the defeated Magi sauntered over, his head hanging a bit. “I’ve never lost it before! This fucking sucks!” He flopped himself face first onto the bed, kicking his legs a bit as if he were a child throwing a tantrum. 

His S/O lied next to him, wiggling themselves under Judar until he turned, wrapping his arms and legs around them as he searched for comfort. But, as he pulled their body closer to his, he could feel something jabbing against his chest. As his eyes flashed open in realization, he could feel his anger bubbling back up inside of him. 

Judar rolled his S/O onto their back, sitting on their stomach as his hands instantly invaded their shirt. “You! You took it!” His S/O wiggled about, face flushing a dark red as they tried to stop his invasion. “I-It was just a joke! I didn’t think you would react so badly!” 

“Ha!” The Magi snatched the wand out from their clothes, promptly smacking them on the forehead with it. “Don’t ever do that again!” 

Olicity 100: Skype at 7

Note: Okay, guys. There’s been requests on and off for this over the past 5 weeks but since this is my 100th Olicity fanfiction; you do get something special. Now, a lot of you know my personal Oliver Queen, whom I write twitter RP with (as Olicity) and a few of you now have asked whether we are anything like Oliver and Felicity. Turns out, we freaking are. So this for you, is the Olicity AU you’ve been waiting for, and this for me, is how I met one of my best friends.

Originally posted by fponthedl

Oliver Queen comes into her life on an April afternoon with a chirp of her phone that tells her she’s got a reply to a tweet she posted a few minutes ago.

She replies, thinks nothing of it, and continues on with her lunch break.

Her phone chirps again.

And again.

And again.

And a week later, he’s a welcome distraction in her chaotic day.

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