omg totally forgot about this meme

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I've only been here since August or September, what is the mishapocalypse?

omg i totally forgot that yall youngins dont know yalls meme history

well small ones let me tell you a story about how tumblr user @lokisleathersuit fucking destroyed the internet with the mishapocalypse

this fuckface had the great idea of everyone on april 1 2013 to change their icons to this picture misha collins

and then they did on march 31 2013 to kick off the event and so DID EVERY ONE ELSE

after a while everyones feed on DIFFERENT WEBSITES looked like this

and a lot of ppl made memes 

like this wonderful gem

and eventually misha collins himself tweeted this and everybody went fucking WILD

in conclusion this was the funniest thing that came out of 2013 other then the meteor  hitting russia that somehow didnt kill us unfortunately 

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Izaya Orihara

Put a fictional character in my ask | Accepting | @thesurveycorpspetra

who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot?? | want to marry | favorite 

I got tagged by @drdone omg sorry this is so late, totally forgot about it! 

Tag 10 (or not 10) of your followers you’d like to know more about!

Birthday: May 25! Next week! 

Gender: Female

Relationship status: Single

Fav colour: Yellow and Orange

Pets: None at my apt, but at home home we have 2 cats; Rose and Bella, and 1 dog; Joey. 

Wake-up time: 6am on weekdays and whenever on weekends. Though with summer about here that might change! 

Love or lust: Love

Favourite food: Sushi. Rarely ate it in Japan and now I crave it like crazy! 

Met a celebrity? George and Fred Wesley, well, their actors that is. XD Got their signatures and even stood and talked to their mom for a bit. Very nice lady! 

Last song listened to: uhh… it was background music either from the TAG soundtrack or the Moana one…

First kiss: … umm……………………………………………… i’ve never been kissed T_T 

Tall or short: On the tall side. 5′7 1/2″

I tag @braincoins, @lenle-g, @littlemissgeek8, @lightning1999 @battlebunnyteardropsinthesun, @explodingcrenelation if you guys want to do it! I know it’s not ten, but it’s over half way there so XP And if you weren’t tagged and want to do it anyways go for it!! 


I got tagged by the bae @murgleiss an eTERNITY AGO FUC K

And then I totally forgot about it until just now because we were talking about it

sorry im the worst omg

like literally it was months ago that is how bad i am sorry RIP

a. - age: 19 just turned baby *puts shades on*

b. - biggest fear: the dark RIP

c. - current time: 11:08 PM

d. - drink you last had: c o f f e e obviously

e. - every day starts with: reading puppyshipping fanfiction (that’s not a joke or an exaggeration)

f. - favorite song: Temple by Wilde it’s been consistently my favourite for over,,,like 2 years now?

g. - ghosts, are they real: yup af

h. - hometown: Toronto, Canada

i. - in love with: lol i’ve never been in love with anyone other than family. i hope to be so lucky as to get to love someone some day tho,,,,,,,

j. - jealous of: hmm nothing I guess? I’m pretty happy with what I have and proud of what everyone else has done for themselves. i don’t really get jealous, i just get sorta sad about my own life and abilities until i force myself to be where i want to be

k. - killed someone: lol does my dignity count as a separate person because if so yUP

l. - last time you cried: 2 minutes ago because @murgleiss and i were having ptsd moments thinking back on masterpiece pupship fics and just t EA R S

m. - middle name: Marie, Michelle 

n. - number of siblings: one older brother

o. - one wish: to just be content with whatever I end up doing in life

p. - person i last called/texted: @murgleiss

q. - question you’re always asked: “How old are you??” I used to get asked a lot when I was 18 because most of my rl friends are 24 to 29 years old and whenever we’d go out and I would meet a bunch of their friends, often they’d get drinks and ask me if I wanted anything and I’d have to be like “No I,,,,I can’t drink yet,,,,” The looks I’d get were great. (but their friends are all really cool and I’m actually friends with quite a few of them now so it never was a problem LOL)

r. - reasons to smile: everything! i’ll always try and find a reason to be happy, no matter how hard it may be

s. - song last sang: hmm probably Things We Ought To Say - Jamyang, but it’s hard to say since I end up quietly singing along to everything lol

t. - time you woke up: uh fuck probably like 1 PM LOL. I’ve been doing really well lately at waking up early i swear today was just a flop idk 

u. - underwear color: i’m not wearing any RIP

v. - vacation destination?: idk i want to go everywhere. even some places I’ve already been I’d like to go back to

w. - worst habit: pacing lol I pace way too freaking much and it annoys the hell out of everyone whoops

x. - x-rays you’ve had: lots of leg ones (I used to have problems, still kinda do)


z. - zodiac sign: Aries lol

tagging: uhhhhhhh dude idfk uhh do this only if u want of course  @yuuugis @coffeevamp @cookiejuicedesu @rbygio @lirulua @linkobrata i was gonna tag more people but tumblr wasn’t showing me some of your blogs as options for tags for some reason so RIP