omg tori i tried and failed

studymaniac  asked:

You know, I really like reverse reapertale. Its just so easy to see it starting off the same way. Except instead of going into seclusion when Asriel "dies" Toriel takes his loss badly and becomes Death. Maybe its for revenge, maybe its just because of grief, or maybe its a bit of both. But morals run from her flames now. They see Death as a curse; their recompense for the "original sin" of murder. Asgore and Gaster tried to fill the void, but Life has never been the same.

omG OUCH MY HEART?? To have the same origin story but have it divulge– bwahhhh ;A; And that means that they created Sans and Paps in order to replace life, but they failed to do so perfectly (hence there being two), and just– nnnghldkfjalma 

I like this idea bwahhh //rolls Sadly vengeful Tori– a mother punishing her children nuuu ;A; No wonder she’d be sad to reap her previous children amdlkfja And when she sees the new life that the skelebros bring– it makes her even sadder because then her work is never completed. Bwahh. Thank you for sharing! ;w;