omg took me ages to save it


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Hide&seek - Pink stage outfit 

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You know if Peanut is Inquisitor, the conversation with Solas at the end of Trespasser makes me sad. If traveling with the precious baby Qunari sheep can't convince him that the world is worth saving, what chance do the rest of us have?

idk grandpa doesnt always appreciate peanut’s jokes

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a goofy minseok spam?

the oldest in exo….

someone help him nice booty

he’s just a kid protect him

how old is he?




what are you doing?????

im sehun

tinker bell or xiumin?

was this a lucky one spoiler?

he’s so cute pls…

same lmao

such a drama queen

actual footage of me dancing to lotto

why does he keep doing this?

he looks so dumb happy aw

such an amazing dancer wow

moves for days


u ok?

pls someone save him from himself

#the most relatable hyung

congrats on your face minseok lol

look at my bias… wow…


im dying this is so funny lmaooooo

drama queen pt.2

why do i stan him?

what is going on here? wut???

possessed by satansoo