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Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…


Straight up now tell me

Dear Maya
Happy Day After Valentines Day! I’ll be straight with you - this is one of my favorite days of the year. All the chocolate is half price. It doesn’t get much better! How about our favorite girl on SNL a couple of weeks ago? OMG she was too much! I love how she puts people in their place. She looked hot as always! (no, I’m not gay but I still think she’s hot.) Her handsome man sure makes my temperature rise too (that’s the straight truth)

K: dude. Your Valentine bromance in Berlin is blowing up twitter. #notmypresident is going to be one jealous fucker. I think he’s in love with you

R: It’s time everyone knows the truth

K: alternative facts?

R: I am soooooooooooooooo gay

K: STFU! After SNL the whole world knows how gay I am & now you toooooooooo. Just whoa dude

R: well…….you saw the hand holding…… can only mean one thing

K: I actually totally love that you and I are both gay. Whew. No more secrets

R: maybe people will leave us alone to go about our gayness

K: wishful thinking

R: mmmmm know what I’m thinking?

K: thinking about that Valentine I left on your pillow?

R: picturing you licking the envelope sure as fuck makes me straight

K: wait what?? you’re straight now?

R: I am. Straight up. Damn straight.

K: STFU! me tooooooooooooooooo

R: Isn’t it amazing how in sync we are? I’m gay, you’re gay then I’m straight and you’re straight

K: Can’t even wrap my head around it……. back to Valentines……I loved mine. Sooooo much. Thanks dude

R: you liked that did you?

K: how could I not? You picked it out

R: I do have excellent taste. I picked you

K: awwwww!

R: your smile this morning was thanks enough

K: I’ ll be sure to show you my appreciation again later. :) so your fav gift is a “trade secret” huh? Is “trade secret” a code phrase?


K: like your secret twitter addiction????

R: I am NOT addicted to Twitter! I don’t tweet. I lurk. It’s not the same thing
K: twitter is full of shit

R: people who tweet solely for attention are full of shit.

K: some people need to be straightened out

R: some people are too twisted

K: word

R: truth

K: no alternative facts

R: just giving it to you straight up

K: yes please

R: ?

K: yes please give it to me straight up.

R: Is that code for something?

K: do I need to show you?

R: I love when you show me

K: that’s why I’m pretty sure you’re not gay. Despite the hand holding

R: You got me. I’m not gay. So you wanna hold my hand?

K: I totally rock at hand holding

R: you rock at something even better

K: I love the way you make me rock. But. I still love holding your hand

R: you hold my heart too

K: you hold mine dude. Always have. I straight up love you

R: I straight up love you more

So sweet Maya
There are some seriously twisted people in this world and there will always be snakes we have to watch out for but goodness will ultimately prevail. Love trumps hate. It’s going to be OK.

What the fuck is wrong with y'all? Sending death threats to a teenager because she had a sexuality crisis?

Like 1) if radfems truly promote free speech and anti cult thinking, you shouldn’t even be offended at people questioning things. 2) who the hell cares if she might be bi? trans ideology harms all women no exceptions [lesbians more than non lesbians but my point stands] 3) okay so she may be a genderist now. if a swarm of people who I thought were my friends told me to kill myself I’d delete my tumblr and give up feminism for a while too like omg.

Do you people spend so much time waddling in feminist theory that you’ve honest to god forgotten how to be people? YOU DON’T GET TO TELL PEOPLE THAT THEY CAN SPEAK AS THEY PLEASE AND THEN CRUCIFY THEM WHEN THEY SPEAK. Like okay. The one true thing that sold me on making a radfem blog is that open discussion and questioning things is okay and encouraged. And that’s so important for a political group. But then…? This happens? What????????

Like honey, at this point we might as well agree upon saying that radical feminism is just as cultish as liberal feminism. What the fuck non cult reacts this way to someone leaving it? It’s so upsetting, and I really hope that this is a learning moment for all of us.


Roy is confirmed for smash, I can’t deal with my feels <3

Suicide Squad’s cast ♦ Jared Leto Imagine

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Words: 1,548
Triggers/Warnings: Explicit language

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Lemonade has got me wondering how long Jay was cheating on Bey. She starting singing Resentment like what, 10 years ago? And she didn’t just sing Resentment, her live performances EMBODIED that song… You could see how angry and hurt she felt, and I think she even cried during at least one of them. It could all have been acting, but it seems like she really experienced some of those emotions of hurt and betrayal at that time circa 2006. Then there were all the different Jay Z mistress rumors, the elevator incident, “Jealous” in 2013, and so on. The sheer amount of time it’s implied Jay has been cheating + the other evidence makes it seem like this wasn’t a single affair. “Becky with the good hair” could refer to one woman specifically but also symbolize a lot of different women who Jay has cheated with during their marriage.

Me whenever I see fonts that relates to Undertale
  • Me: *(looks at Papyrus fonts in public places and points) NYEH HEH HEH!
  • Me: *(looks at Comic Sans MS in public places) heh, use it wisely, ok?

okay but like don’t even try to tell me this isn’t the most beautiful cast ever