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Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…


OMG 101 followers when I woke up at 5:00 in TEH FREAKN MORNING! That I started screaming so much that my mom was like “>_> are you okay????” Lol XD BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH OF YOUR SUPPORT!!! This is why I keep drawing for you guys.. And stuff I wish I can see my online friends in real life but nope ;-; butttttttttt yeah desu desu! Once again thank you!


Roman & Peter (Hemlock Grove 2.01)

Kaneki Ken | Tokyo Ghoul → Tokyo Ghoul √A

get to know me meme: [2/5] tv shows - shameless us (2011)

Nobody’s saying our neighborhood is the Garden of Eden. Hell, some people say God avoids this place altogether. But it’s been a good home to us, to me and my kids, who I’m proud of, ‘cause every single one of them reminds me a little bit of me.

IM – !!

I just hit 100+ followers, and I’m honestly in disbelief???
It’s been a month and all of you have seriously been so kind and welcoming. I’m
so happy that I have had the chance to be part of the f.ate fandom with such
wonderful people, and to interact with rpers so ENTHUSIASTIC about their muses.
IT IS AN AMAZING THING TO SEE AHHHH. All of you have made my short
time on this blog an amazing experience, and I love all of you so much.
asdfghjk thank you !! ❤️

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Whenever someone asks who my favorite writer is, I always say you. <3. Thx for being so awesome. And take care of yourself. You are a gift to this world and in my life.


Roy is confirmed for smash, I can’t deal with my feels <3

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Tbh I really feel sorry for the demons. I mean sacrifice the entire race including with all the children, innocent people all the persons they love. Who wouldn't do that? And slaughtering all the demons... I think it was the biggest crime the fairies did. They aren't better than the humans. And call them even after that traitors, omg this is too much. Just imagine all the people trying to protect the kids, all the citizens.. that's really dark. So how do think about it?

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I really agree with you. People seem to forget there´s always two sides that get hurt and there´s more to it than what it looks like u.u

You ever heard someone say some racist shit about your people to you and then backtrack when you call them out on it 


Straight up now tell me

Dear Maya
Happy Day After Valentines Day! I’ll be straight with you - this is one of my favorite days of the year. All the chocolate is half price. It doesn’t get much better! How about our favorite girl on SNL a couple of weeks ago? OMG she was too much! I love how she puts people in their place. She looked hot as always! (no, I’m not gay but I still think she’s hot.) Her handsome man sure makes my temperature rise too (that’s the straight truth)

K: dude. Your Valentine bromance in Berlin is blowing up twitter. #notmypresident is going to be one jealous fucker. I think he’s in love with you

R: It’s time everyone knows the truth

K: alternative facts?

R: I am soooooooooooooooo gay

K: STFU! After SNL the whole world knows how gay I am & now you toooooooooo. Just whoa dude

R: well…….you saw the hand holding…… can only mean one thing

K: I actually totally love that you and I are both gay. Whew. No more secrets

R: maybe people will leave us alone to go about our gayness

K: wishful thinking

R: mmmmm know what I’m thinking?

K: thinking about that Valentine I left on your pillow?

R: picturing you licking the envelope sure as fuck makes me straight

K: wait what?? you’re straight now?

R: I am. Straight up. Damn straight.

K: STFU! me tooooooooooooooooo

R: Isn’t it amazing how in sync we are? I’m gay, you’re gay then I’m straight and you’re straight

K: Can’t even wrap my head around it……. back to Valentines……I loved mine. Sooooo much. Thanks dude

R: you liked that did you?

K: how could I not? You picked it out

R: I do have excellent taste. I picked you

K: awwwww!

R: your smile this morning was thanks enough

K: I’ ll be sure to show you my appreciation again later. :) so your fav gift is a “trade secret” huh? Is “trade secret” a code phrase?


K: like your secret twitter addiction????

R: I am NOT addicted to Twitter! I don’t tweet. I lurk. It’s not the same thing
K: twitter is full of shit

R: people who tweet solely for attention are full of shit.

K: some people need to be straightened out

R: some people are too twisted

K: word

R: truth

K: no alternative facts

R: just giving it to you straight up

K: yes please

R: ?

K: yes please give it to me straight up.

R: Is that code for something?

K: do I need to show you?

R: I love when you show me

K: that’s why I’m pretty sure you’re not gay. Despite the hand holding

R: You got me. I’m not gay. So you wanna hold my hand?

K: I totally rock at hand holding

R: you rock at something even better

K: I love the way you make me rock. But. I still love holding your hand

R: you hold my heart too

K: you hold mine dude. Always have. I straight up love you

R: I straight up love you more

So sweet Maya
There are some seriously twisted people in this world and there will always be snakes we have to watch out for but goodness will ultimately prevail. Love trumps hate. It’s going to be OK.

Suicide Squad’s cast ♦ Jared Leto Imagine

Requested by Nikola
Words: 1,548
Triggers/Warnings: Explicit language

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  • relationship status: single and not sure if mingle??
  • favourite colour: blue! (but orange and pink are really nice too ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎)
  • last song i listened to: Holocene - Bon Iver
  • movie i watched: the girl who leapt through time
  • top 3 fictional characters: violet from rat queens, lemongrab from adventure time,, and louise from bobs burgers :D
top 3 ships: bubblegum//marceline from adventure time, sapphire/ruby from steven universe(because adorable) ,, aaaand qui tong/sun jing from tamen de gushi !! <3 ( i mostly ship people that already are in a relationship ^^‘ 
  • books i’m currently reading: the brothers lionheart by astrid lindgren and a book w winnie the pooh stories :D