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ACT. 2: “Cats and Crows”

The guys are visiting their friends at their part time job, partly cos they’re a bunch of curious college kids (possibly never even been to a ‘normal’ strip club) who just went to have a silly good time! Lol. But of course, nothing goes too normally in the Gold Diggers Club! Especially not with these rowdy kids. ;-)

P.S. Sorry I’m not replying to any messages for a while. Just dropping by to drop updates. I will reply when I have more free time. (;w;)

Opening Act I Act. 1 I Act. 2 I Act. 3 Act. 4 I Act. 5 I


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If you can watch this without bawling your eyes out then you have no Soul.

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Is there a bag of mix gummy fazbears? Because I think all the Bear Animatronics are all true gummy bears in the world! :D


hello! it’s jaymee (aka. lovebugi / minibugi / jjongibugi)

i’d like to thank the 100+ lovely people that follow me by doing my first follow forever for this blog!

it’s been around 3 weeks (?) since i’ve created this sideblog & i’m really glad to see all the people who continue to support the pd101 trainees since the show ended—whether or not their fixed pick has debuted. seeing all this positivity makes this website such a fun place to be on, and i’m glad to be a part of it.

so, without further ado, here’s a shoutout to all the people who radiate positivity:

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Mariana Trench

Prompt: Three times Michael has lied to either Gavin or Ryan for the wrong reasons, and one time he did it for the right ones. (GTA mavinwood)

For Olivia - thank you so much for all your support <3 <3


Michael’s in too deep before he even knows it.

It starts in a club the night after their first successful heist as a full crew, a motley assortment of bounty hunters, hit men and vagabonds that Ramsey pulled together from fucking Craigslist, beggars with big dreams who all have just a touch of eccentricity to them. Enough to make things work.

It’s the most fun he’s had in years. He’s known these men seventy-two hours but they feel as close as family already.

Well, maybe not quite like family, because the three of them have wandered away from the rest of the group to sit together at a booth close to the dance floor, and if they were family he wouldn’t be noticing how nice Ryan’s lips look as he lifts his glass to drink, or how the colourful lights flicker across Gavin’s skin so prettily, how good they look sitting side by side - Gavin latched himself to Ryan early on, like a little golden bird perched on the back of a huge dark-haired wolf - now their shoulders brush, they’re sat so close, and Gavin’s fingers trail across Ryan’s wrist to get his attention. Michael can’t stop thinking about how well he’d fit between the two of them.

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Here’s a super brief (kind of rushed, kind of boring??) video on some Photoshop basics including tools, adjustment layers, and blending options. Nothing too in depth- so feel free to message me if you’re confused about a tool or want to know more. This is geared toward total beginners so it’s probably boring if you already have some knowledge of the photoshop tools!

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i see you reblog a lot of amazing aesthetic pics, could you recommend a bunch of the aesthetic blogs you follow? i always have a hard time finding that type of blog bc they don't necessarily tag their posts as 'aesthetic', lmao

yeah i had time finding some blogs too! but i think once you’ve followed a few they actually start to pop up in your recommended blogs ^^

here are the ones i follow (some of them are aes + kpop) n i lov all of their blogs sm

@lovguk @byungho @12roses @jaetens @chamgmin @1wish @2ramen @fleurilie @velvetgfs @shuasgf @hoseok @cheolsgirl @synqra @kmgs @pocgyu @udons @minyccngi @storyop1 @1attes @724th @slickygirl @lunasea @4wjsn @afterwarmth @2beer @hartfelt @94sky @love1etter @mygslover @756x @ceiun @yumeli @lovsohye @yeoble @ricemasks @rowoons @jonginkims @17unit @frea1luv @gyusgirlfriend @ljygf @yixingco @banhcanh @61kb @tencafe @kyungwho @light5