omg too many feels to contain

can we talk about jake’s smile after he and amy kiss in “the cruise” like

this is his first expression after they kiss and he literally cannot contain his happiness and he’s just beaming like “omg wow i love her and she loves me i feel so happy and i don’t care who knows it”

and then it like sinks in a little more and he’s just staring at her like she’s the most beautiful person he’s ever seen and he’s just in awe of her and the fact that she actually loves him and he’s been suppressing his feelings for her for like two years (at least) and now they finally got to the point where they’re able to tell each other how they feel without any fears or doubts it’s just pure love

in conclusion heart eyes jake peralta is my favorite thing in the world

i nee d to lie d o wn

hey guys

i unfollowed a bunch of ppl and my dash is dead, with SU being on hiatus for so long i feel like a lot of ppl are losing interest! i will follow blogs containing :

- Pearlmethyst, Amedot, Rupphire,Jaspidot, Lapidot, PearlxPearl, Pearlapis, Pearlnet (omg i have too many otp)
- NO HET SHIPS PLEAASE (except for GregxRose and ConniexSteven)

- esp Saigenos, but i rly like Genosonic too
- angst/fluff fics

Aaaand if u wanna talk about any of the above w/ me that would be rly fucking neato, im getting lonely here!