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Sooo…this pierced!Harry oneshot I’m working on…

“No one believes that tired excuse,” he said instead, licking his lips. Malfoy’s gaze darted down. “You had a chance to try and rip out my lip ring, all you did was touch my lips. How long are we going to do this?”

Malfoy was silent for a moment, and then his fingers were brushing Harry’s lips again. It made the breath catch in Harry’s throat.

“If you recall, I was curious to see how far you’d take it,” Malfoy said softly, his fingertip bumping Harry’s lip ring. “This ridiculous flirtation.”

It was becoming more and more obvious that Malfoy was refusing to make any move more involved than touching his lips. Harry inhaled slowly. Reaching out, hating how his hand shook, he cupped and side of Malfoy’s face, and leaned closer, until their noses brushed.

“This ridiculous flirtation has had you blushing for weeks,” he said.

“The things you’ve been doing are obscene.”

They were so close that Harry couldn’t focus. His glasses felt like they were in the way, and he tugged them off, and closed the gap again.

“Are you ever going to kiss me?” he asked, brushing his thumb over Malfoy’s bottom lip.

There was a gentle, shaky inhale, and then Malfoy pulled Harry’s hand away.

“Funny, I was wondering the same thing.”

Harry wanted to laugh. They were still trapped. So close they were breathing the same air, and their noses kept touching. Malfoy still had his hand within his grip. He was holding it tight.

“Are we so cliched that I, the Gryffindor, have to be the one to—”

“Of course. Unless you’re scared.”

Harry shivered. “Why would I be scared of a kiss?”

Malfoy closed his eyes, and then their foreheads were touching.

“This has all been like a joke, but it isn’t. Think about who we are,” he said, his hand gripping Harry’s tighter with each word. “Think about the consequences of the line we’re about to cross.”

“It’s just a kiss,” Harry said shakily, lying through his teeth. It was so much more than that now.

That feel when your own writing has you flailing and screeching.

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“It’s like the most dysfunctional brother and sister relationship. This is like the sister I can go to bed naked with and not worry about. And trust me.. we have.”

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Jayne was normally a heavy sleeper, but the events of late had made sleep uneasy for everyone. Reavers. And the fact that he was sitting upright. And he was beside Simon’s bed, who was still healing from a gunshot wound. Lets just say Jayne learned to sleep lightly–at least for now.

The touch made the gunman’s skin tingle, even though it was light. A sharp intake of breath turned to a snort and Jayne was waking up and sitting up in one motion. His hands clutched at the book, but he was confused when the book wasn’t Vera. Vera was on the floor, leaning on the chair. He couldn’t be parted from a gun, not with his skin still crawling from the fighting and close combat with reavers. Nope, being parted from his favorite gun(or Simon, for that matter) wasn’t going to happen.

“Simon–Oh.. ‘m sorry, I..” Blue eyes landed on Simon’s face, awake and aware and alive and relief transformed his tired, slightly dirty face, to hopeful and glad. “Yer awake, finally…”

He looked down at the book in his hands and swallowed. “I borrowed it just ta.. I dunno…” He went silent and reached, without looking, to clutch as gently as possibly at Simon’s hand. His big hand was dark compared the the pale quality Simon’s had taken on, his callused thumb passed lightly over the soft back of that hand. 

“Was worried about you, Simon..” Not ‘Doc’, as was normal. He was too relieved to uphold his typical name for Simon. Wanted to make sure the doctor understood that. “There anything I can get ya? Jus’ let me know, I’ll do it..”

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Not a story, but people talk about "hell day" and "hell week" and my theatre did have a hell week for all previous plays except the last one, in which we had hell MONTH. Be grateful you don't have it for a whole month, folks.

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This is the End - Red Band Trailer or, as I’d call it, Everything I’ve Ever Wanted From A Movie.