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Just Can’t Get Enough (One-Shot) (Request) (Loki x Agent!Reader)

Prompt: “Dude Imagine #1 and Sentence #1 would be amazing and it somewhat gives me this chill so if you’re down. I’m sure it’ll be amazing!”‚ ~ Requested by @doctorcelina

Imagine #1: Imagine Loki catching an agent flirting with you.

Sentence #1: Look what you made me do

Summary: As a new agent of SHIELD, you are assigned to watch the infamous Loki in his jail cell. You can’t seem to fathom that he has a crush on you, but it is blatantly evident. Maybe it will take his awesome superpowers to get you once and for all

“Y/N, I need to see you in my office please.” Dr. Fury’s voice boomed in your earpiece. “Yes sir.” You replied. You sat down on the bench and finished lacing your boots up. Being an official Agent of SHIELD is very different from training. Now you were given your own locker room which contained all of your weapons, clothes, and a shower. Your room was connected to it, which made it very convenient.

You walked out the door to your locker room and began walking to the elevator at the end of the hall. As soon as you got to the elevator, the doors opened, and guards began pouring out. Standing in the middle of the crowd was none other than Loki Laufeyson, cuffed and smirking. He must’ve gotten himself arrested again, you thought. When he was right near you, you both caught eye contact. He smirked and winked at you before looking back in front of him. Calming yourself down, you resumed to the elevator. As the doors closed, you rested your head up against the back.

You and Loki have had many encounters together. Whether it was him being taken to jail or simply when Thor brings him in. Once, Â you attended a party at the Stark Tower because you were a very close friend of Steve’s. Thor had brought his brother to show everyone how much he has changed. That was the time where you and Loki grew close, and you saw that he wasn’t a monster after all. Given the scenario you just experienced, he obviously got into some bad things again.

The elevator ‘dinged’ and you walked out, swiftly to Fury’s office. You stopped in front of his door to put in your password. “Your name, Agent?” The voice on the scanner asked. “Y/L/N, Y/F/N.” You replied. “Identity confirmed.” The door clicked and you walked in, closing the door behind you. Fury was standing in front of his glass windows, looking over the city. “Sir, you needed to see me?” He turned around a smiled. “Good Morning, Agent. Have a seat.”   

You nodded and proceeded to sit in a black, leather chair in front of his desk. He sat down and handed you a file. “Loki has pushed his limits again, y/n.” You chuckled to yourself. “Doesn’t he always? I mean, he is the God of Mischief.” He looked at you sternly. “Are you siding with him, Miss y/l/n?” You cleared your throat and laughed nervously. “Uh, no sir.”

He raised his eyebrow and continued, “Well, we need you to be on duty with him again. You’ll need to be with him 24/7, until further notice. He got out last time, and he won’t get away this time. Is that understood?” You nodded. “Yes sir.” He smiled. “That’s all Miss y/l/n. You are dismissed.”  

You got up quickly from your chair and left his office. Getting into the elevator again, you read over the file. It was the basics, what you needed to do, when he gets fed, etc. But his crime was different. You read the description: Attempting to enter Earth after being suspended from entering. Why was he trying to come here?, you questioned.

The elevator ‘dinged’ on the floor with the jail on it. You adjusted your belt and smoothed out your hair. Even though Loki was a villain, you still found him slightly attractive. You approached the jail room with his isolated cell and saw two guards standing in front. “I’m here to take over, boys.” You said to them with a smile. The two guards exchange looks. “Name?”

“Agent y/l/n. I was sent here to watch prisoner.” The guard with beard spoke up. “On whose orders?” You turned to him, “Director Fury’s.” The guards nodded. You held out your wrist, which had a scanner on it. They scanned it, to make sure it was you, and nodded. They handed you the keys, a gun, and a few other items. “Be careful, Miss. He is dangerous.” You smiled. “Believe me, I know.”  

The other guard held the door open for you, as you walked in. You couldn’t believe how nervous you were It wasn’t like it was the first time seeing Loki. You walked up the steps that led to his cell. There he was sitting on the bed, reading. You tapped on the glass. He looked up from his book and smirked. “Just couldn’t get enough of me darling?” He asked you in his sinister tone.

You rolled your eyes. “Sure, Loki. That’s why I’m here.” He chuckled in his chest. “Well, after our last adventure, I was sure you couldn’t resist me.” You walked right up to the glass. “Such a charmer Loki.” He walked up to the glass as well and crossed his arms. “Just for you darling.” He had that menacing look on his face, but it was also mixed with lust or love. You crossed your arms and walked away.

“So am I to assume that you are my babysitter?” He asked, following his eyes in your direction. You sat down on a bench and clapped. “And the prize goes to the God of Mischief. You guessed correctly son.” Loki chuckled.

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“Was that sarcasm, darling?” You smirked. “Just for you, darling.”  You answered. He smiled and walked back to his bed. “So, what’s new and exciting with y/n?” He asked, fiddling with his armor. 

You shrugged. “Nothing exciting. I work alongside Fury now, that’s about it.” He smiled. “The one-eyed fellow? Ah yes. Him and I go back.” You chuckled. “Yea, after that stunt you pulled off in New York, I’m sure SHIELD got very friendly with you.” He shook his head. “Not a chance sweetheart. I left with my dear brother back to Asgard. There was where I was kept prisoner.” His jaw clenched. 

You fake pouted. “Awe, you poor thing. Having Daddy issues or something?” He got up and pounded his fist on the glass.

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“Y/N!!!! Shut up! You don’t know how hard it is living under a shadow, when all the time you are glanced over like you’re a-a monster.” You heart did clench for him, but you had to stand your ground as an Agent of SHIELD. He lowered his fist and sighed. You got up from the bench and walked over to the cell. “Loki, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to piss you off.” He turned around and shrugged. “You’ll never understand. All you Midgardians are so pathetic with your feelings.” 

Now it was your turn to be mad. “Hey! Not all us ‘Midgardians’ are the same. I happen to care a whole lot about you Loki, more than you know. So before you go bashing all of us, open your eyes and look in front of you.” You huffed and walked back to the bench. 

He chuckled softly. “I didn’t know you felt that way darling. But it is I who apologize. You’ve done so much for me. Whenever I was invited to the Metal Man’s parties, being dragged by my annoying brother, it was you who made me feel like a person.” You met his stare and smiled. “Loki, that’s because I care about you.” He smiled. “I love you.” You murmured quietly. He blinked in disbelief. “What was that last part?” 

You nearly choked on your spit. “Um, nothing. I said nothing.” He squinted his eyes. The moment was ruined when an agent walked in. “Hey, y/n. I got you your breakfast.” He looked at his watch. “Well, brunch actually.” You both chuckled. Grabbing the tray, you smiled. “Thanks, Zach. You’re always looking out for me.” 

He blushed and winked. “Well that’s because you’re my best girl. Hey, you wanna maybe hang out sometime? When you’re off duty of course.” You froze and didn’t know what to say. Sure Zach was cute and very hot, but you had strong feelings for Loki. “Uh, sure Zach. I’d love that.” He grinned widely. “Awesome. You–Would you like some company?” 

During this whole thing, Loki was watching you and Zach like a ping-pong match. He couldn’t believe Zach just stole his woman from him, let alone you agreed to go out with him. He cleared his throat. “Eh-hem. I’d hate to intrude on this love session, but y/n and I were in the middle of a conversation.”

Zach stood up from the bench and walked up to Loki. “You, Prisoner. Shut up! I don’t care if you are a god or not. You don’t talk to me like that.” Loki walked right up to the glass and smirked. “Try me. Oh, please…do try.” Zach didn’t take the hint to stop, so he pulled out his gun. “You asked for it, pr—” A flash of green lit up the cell. You covered your eyes to protect them from the brightness, but quickly looked back over to the cell. Loki was no where to be seen. 

You walked carefully over to the cell. “Loki? Zach?“ You hear a groan and then something hard hit the floor. You ran around the other side of the cell and gasped. Zach lied lifeless on the ground and Loki was cleaning off his scepter. “LOKI?!” He smirked. “Oh, darling. Look what you made me do. Look’s like Zach just got himself killed.” He walked right up to you and snaked his arm around your waist. “Now where were we?”

He was about to lean in for a kiss, when you pushed him away. “Loki! You just killed a SHIELD Agent on my watch. Do you know what this means?” He looked at you and thought for a second. “Yes, darling. As a matter of fact I do. It means we need to get out of here.” And with that he grabbed your waist and teleported to who knows where.

You shut your eyes and quickly reopened them, figuring out where he brought you both to. Looking around, you recognized the familiar golden arches and pillars. You were in Asgard….better yet in Loki’s room. 

He was watching you take in the new scenery. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling your back to his chest. “I’ll have that date now.” Within seconds, you were joined as one with the God of Mischief…lost in his illusions. 


A/N: Can I just say that Loki is actually my husband? Like yes, I am madly in love with Bucky…but Loki omg. And yes I HAD to use those gifs, cause I’m a geek. LIKE, REBLOG, AND LEAVE COMMENTS! Love y’all!


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((bdjjbagem event)) With a quiet and slightly flustered demeanor; "Y- ... Your hair. Its so. Long. I mean- That is to say that ... It. It looks nice." Averts gaze and hides under their hat. - Moonstone ((thesoftestaro))


Oh I get it, you’re another one of those who are gonna say “How do you fight like that??? Doesn’t the long hair get in the way, Milky Quartz????” and I’m telling you, it doesn’t get in the way! I’ve said this so many times this hair is not a problem! Let me keep it! I wont change the length!


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Hi! Can you do an aquarium date with Minghao/The8??? Thank you❤️

A Date With Svt: Minghao at the Aquarium

  • it was hella spontaneous on your part
  • finally, he had a day off and so did you
  • you guys have been most places
  • and have the pictures to prove it
  • YES we’re talking about the dab selfies
  • “Babe!”
  • you jump in front of him, his camera in hand, grinning
  • he kind of smirks a little
  • “where are we-?”
  • “NOT IMPORTANT” you say sing-songy
  • taking both of his hands in yours you slowly walk backwards to the door
  • “you won’t be disappointed” you flash a wink before pulling him out the door giggling
  • and he wasn’t
  • you could see it on his face even if the cutie didn’t show it
  • “LOOK! those jellyfish change color!!!”
  • getting distracted from the nemos you were looking at, you drag run over to the jellyfish, expecting him to follow
  • when you don’t feel his arm wrap around you after a few seconds, you turn around
  • and see him kneeled down taking a picture of you
  • “omg stopp”
  • “pictures are memories~” he says with a relaxed smile
  • and taking you from your spot, you both step onto the automatic walkway
  • with string rays above you
  • Minghao points at one
  • “look that ones you”
  • you tilt your head up you seeing one swimming in a circle instead of ahead like the others
  • “HEY! what’s that supposed to mean!”
  • “nothing nothing” he says laughing
  • seeing your still pouting face he chuckles
  • kissing your on the cheek
  • you release the smile you’ve been holding in
  • taking his hand in yours and giggling
  • walking slight in front of him
  • “i️ wasn’t mad in the first place~”
  • “you tricked me like that? wow”
  • he places a hand over his heart scoffing
  • “ssh we can’t all be smart”
  • you turn away from him focusing on the fish in front of you
  • until you hear a ‘click’ behind you
  • “wha?”
  • showing the picture to you he laughs
  • “we finally have a basic couple picture and in reality you were dissing me”
  • in the picture, he’s not shown except grabbing your hand while your in front holding his hand with your arm stretched back
  • “hey you misunderstood”
  • you pat his chest
  • “i️ was talking to the fish”
  • he doesn’t respond but simply shakes his head chuckling at your cuteness
  • until you guys reach the end of the walkway and see someone in a shark costume
  • “perfect” you mumble
  • without any words you pull minghao over
  • whispering something to the mascot first, you hold the camera out
  • “1, 2, 3!”
  • even without saying anything, you snap a picture of all three of you guys dabbing
  • he notices this of course and takes the camera from you grinning
  • “okay one more time” he says nodding to the shark
  • “1, 2” you hear him count
  • but your arm stops when you feel his lips on yours
  • “okay thanks man!”
  • minghao nods to the shark and swings an arm around you
  • walking like nothing
  • you slap his chest slightly
  • “i️ should’ve expected that”
  • “well i’m glad you didn’t”
  • you raise your eyebrows at him, ignoring the hotness now rising in your cheeks 
  • “i’ve been wanting to do that” he admits
  • you grin, now ready to tease
  • “AWE”
  • “stop”

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MASTERLIST (where the other dates scenarios can be found)

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A prompt where they transition from using condoms to bareback :) Thanks for being so nice and deciding to write all of those things. It made my day :(

(omg thank you anon, also A++++ prompt)

The combination that was Yuuri’s silver at the Grand Prix, his world record, and the whispers about an engagement meant that he had reporters shoving microphones in his face one second, and friends shoving drinks into his hands the next.

By the time he and Victor managed to escape to their hotel room, they were a little drunk and a lot more exhausted. They managed to strip each other of their clothes and then nothing more than collapse on the pushed-together beds, Victor drawing Yuuri into his arms. Both dozed off before they finished exchanging their good nights.

It was still dark beyond the crack of the window curtains when Yuuri stirred, shifting into the warmth and firmness that was Victor’s body behind him. A pleased exhale rolled hot against the nape of his neck, and in the dark of the Barcelona hotel room, Yuuri turned in the bed and straight into the deep kiss Victor caught him in.

Victor’s bare skin felt like hot silk under Yuuri’s hands, burning and beckoning as his muscles twitched in response to each brush of Yuuri’s fingertips. Their sighs filled the early morning hours, faded into the growing heat between them.

Against his upper thigh, Yuuri could feel the hard press of Victor’s mirrored want, broken by frustrating moment of Victor having to pull away from the plushness of Yuuri’s mouth and the temptation of his emboldened touch.

Yuuri laughed when he heard Victor swear after stumbling in the dark of the room, and upon returning to the bed, Yuuri fumbled with the condom wrapper that was pressed into his hands. He threw his arms around Victor’s shoulders, kissing up the length of his neck in encouragement as lubricant-slicked fingers pressed into him.

“Ahhh, Victor, we should…” The daze of the too-early hours and the stretch inside him had Yuuri whimpering far faster than usual. “When we get back to Japan we can…”

“We should what, love?” Victor asked, affection clear in his eyes, even in the dim.

Yuuri was glad the darkness could hide his blush. “I was thinking that… uhh, maybe we could…” He tapped the corner of the condom wrapper against Victor’s shoulder. “They’re kind of annoying?… Sometimes?”

Victor paused, then smiled, nodding in understanding. “Do you know where we can go?”

“Yeah, umm, there’s a clinic by the station. I don’t know if you want to go together or…?” Yuuri would have trusted Victor’s word if he gave it, but he also wanted to do it properly. “I mean, if we’re-… I thought, if you were serious about the engagement, I thought maybe we could-… I only want to be with you.”

Victor’s response was his curled fingers setting off sparks inside Yuuri and the crash of his mouth against Yuuri’s. “I’d go anywhere with you, Yuuri.”

By the time the sun rose, they’d discarded more than one pair of foil and latex.

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My Spyro memory is when I was 8 and my mom was playing yotd. My dumb self was jumping on my mattress that I had kind of pulled off the bed so it was slanted. Well I landed wrong and broke my arm. Later in the hospital, mom told me it took her a second to realize I was in trouble because my scream sounded like one of those animals you kill for butterflies hahahaha

this is it. this is the best spyro story 

BTS's reaction if you were in the metro with them and you are grinding your butt against their crotch.

Note: This is a (the 1st) masterlist post, you can find all of the separate answers on the blog.

Okay so Jin may not seem like it, but he will actually like this a lot!
I think when he feels your butt touching his crotch his eyes will almost pop out, because he will be so surprised and he will be even more surpresed by the fact that this sudden contact is actually making him damn horny.
Tho I think this guy has a really good resistance, he will most likely pull you towards him and I think you will be surprised by the stenght he will do it with.
Believe me don’t mess with this guy when he is horny, because he may seem very calm and romantic, but he can get adventurous and this doesn’t necessarily mean rough, but he can be playful and this situation - the danger of someone seeing him will actually turn him on, but be sure he will have his revenge on you later, because you can’t just play with him like that!

Even though Suga is usually a laid back and calm guy, he is also possessive and and can be very needly at times. I think he has medium to low self control when it comes down to situations like this.
He’ll be surprised of your sudden actions, and the first time when you grind against him, he’ll try to move back.
When you continue to rub your butt against his crotch, he’ll pull you roughtly by your sides, and grind back at you.
He’ll clench his jaw and growl in your ear quietly - telling you all the things he is going to do to you when you get to the nearest public bathroom.

I think at the moment your butt touches his crotch, Jhope will freeze, not knowing what to do. He will look at you from behind and try to avoid it, but if you kept doing it I think he won’t be able to control himself for much longer. So he will lean in closer to you ear and whisper ”you have no idea what you’re doing to me right now” . He will tilt his head back, staring at the ceiling, bittling his lip and trying not to let the moan that is stuck at the back of his throat slip. He will wait untill you guys get home so you can finish what you’ve started.

I think Namjoon will be compleate opposite of J-Hope. When he feels tour butt grinding at his crotch, he will smirk and chuckle ”Little eager,aren’t you?”. If you continue, he will smile to himself, wrap his arms aroud your waist and pull you closer to himself. I don’t know why but I see Namjoon as a guy with good self control, so I think he would be able to resist your teasing, and I think from the three of them he will enjoy it the most. He will even grind against you too and whisper all the dirty things he is going to do to you when you two get home.

Lets not lie to ourselves, Jimin will love what you’re doing! The moment he feels your butt against him, this mischievous smirk will appear on his face and all the dirty thoughts will pop up in his mind.
He’ll grab your things in one hand and will pull you with the other at the very back of the metro, just so you can continue what you were doing.
If it’s possible he’ll take the free seat in the back and will pull you in his lap, “just so you can save the seat for someone else”.
He’ll make you continue your little game and eventually will turn the tables, when he slowly and carefully, making sure no one is watching, he’ll slid his hand in your jeans. He’ll whisper all the dirty things he’ll do to you, with all the graphic details of course.
At the end you’ll be the one craving for him…

Our little lion (V) will have the ‘OMG’ face when he first feels your butt against his private area.
Thousands thoughts will be crossing his mind - like how you two were in public, and someone may see you, but at the same time those jeans fit you perfectly like a second skin, and the scent of your new shampoo is driving him crazy.
So after a few seconds, he’ll simply wrap his arms around you and put his chin on your shoulder - just enjoying your little game.
After all soon or later you two will get home and then…well he’ll have his sweet revenge.

I think when Jungkook feels your butt rubbing his crotch he will be a little surprised and he will look at you from behind, wraping his arms aroud your waist and putting his chin on your shoulder. He will move a lock of your hair behind your ear and whisper ”Not here baby”. If you continue grinding against him, he will just spin you around and hug you closer to his body, pressing his crotch against yours, so you can feel exactly what you were doing to him.


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What is your favorite ChanBaek moment? GIF please ❤😍

in my previous answer i said i don’t have any fav moments… but well, these probably those that i like.. but like i said, i love all of chanbaek moments.. ALL OF IT..! heehheh

this one - jealous Park.. this is not just Chanyeol look super annoyed after looking at Baekhyun and Kris.. but also, look at Baekhyun.. he is definitely eyeing Chanyeol and smiles when he see Chanyeol pissed.. if they are “just friends” why Baekhyun find the need to make Chanyeol jealous..? usually we “unintentionally” making our best friends jealous when we were with someone else.. but this..? Baekhyun totally do it on purpose tho.. look at him..!!!

this next one - idk when it was from.. but we can clearly see Chanyeol and Baekhyun - and Baekhyun clinging on Chanyeol’s arm..!!!!! OMG.. i really wanna know what actually happened and why they are clinging like that..?? T_T those questions making me choosing this as one of my fav(?) .. 

of course.. this moments.. Showtime Footsie.. the fact that this happened under a table, when camera totally not on them, and Chanyeol’s reactions really making me wonders so bad about why..!?!?!?!?!? WHY..!!!?

this one.. this is probably Chanbaek 1st hug on stage - before that TEL Manila hug !!! kyaaaa..!! - but it happened in split seconds and i never noticed this tho.. that smile on Baekhyun’s face after Chanyeol lean on him - is so precious.. T_T

when Baekhyun suddenly burst into tears during his ment, everyone gather around him - including Chanyeol, who was on the opposite side of the stage from Baekhyun.. i love how the members give them space when Chanyeol calming Baekhyun down.. and also i LOVE how Chanyeol take a quick check on Baekhyun before noticing that this is real and quickly place his hand on Baekhyun’s nape.. massaging.. and calming his friend/boyfriend (you choose..hehe).. this is beautiful tho T_T

their synced moments.. i think theres no need to talk much about this right..? they are basically twin souls.. hahaha…its scary tho.. are they really soulmates..?? its super amazing how frequent they are insync.. huhu

idk if this gifs move but this is the time when i can finally see they have proper side hug.. Baekhyun’s hand firmly on Chanyeol’s waist and Chanyeol’s hand snugly on Baekhyun’s shoulder.. kyaaaa… !! 

if you watch this moment from different angel you can see that Chanyeol saw Baekhyun  singing and Kai’s hand on his shoulder - he quickly turn to Baekhyun - put his hand touching Kai’s hand on Baek’s shoulder - you can see Kai’s face when he feel Chanyeol’s hand - how Chanyeol’s other hand repeatedly hitting on Kai’s hand until KAi let go of Baekhyun’s shoulder and put it on Chen’s - and Kai’s face afterwards - Chanyeol singing to Baekhyun’s mic.. hahahaha.. so many things happened in this one small moment.. hehehe

i like this one because - Chanyeol is such a gentleman, good bestfriend and good boyfriend… hehehe.. he did choose Baekhyun to drink that bitter juice with him, that shows what a good friend he is ( good friends always go down together,..hahah..) he show that he is gentleman when he choose to drink more than Baekhyun eventho Luhan already take one of his to Baek.. hehe… so sweet and handsome.. kyaaa.. and also, i love their high-5 afterwards.. hehe..

if i have to choose… maybe this one.. if you look at the actual footage you’ll see how Baekhyun cannot look at Chanyeol - he look down and Chanyeol look up from him.. but when Chanyeol come out to do his part, Baekhyun did this.. secretly looking at him.. and when Chanyeol come again to the formation, he avoid his face again.. hehehe.. these two are so not subtle.. lol

see… i told you i can’t choose just 1 moment as my fav.. there are a lot more moments that i like - i like them all actually -  but i don’t want to make a looooooong post just to compile all of my fav moments.. hehehe.. i hope this answer your ask anon.. ^_^

p/s: feel free to ask me again ^_^

love -Ai-

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I can't stop thinking about Margot and Alana's son doing that big jump while holding his mothers' hands with his stuffed bunny and how happy he is, and how this is the first time Margot has ever seen a happy child at Muskrat Farm, and how after all the time looking after Will's dogs Alana finally has her own little pack to look after. And all three of them belong to each other. This family is theirs. Good lord I want to cry forever over that one shot.

can we talk about how margot is a MOMMY?? one that has no problem holding her child and gently cradling him in her arms to make him feel safe?
and how alana looks at both of them like a fierce lioness ready to rip out throats to protect her family?
how much they love each other and that little boy? and omg he looks so good? like he’s just a good, smily childs who loves his mommies and knows they’ll keep him safe so he has no reason to be afraid of anything.
honestly those like 10 seconds gave me more family feelings than all the scenes between will and molly and walter.


With a whole nine seasons, it should be impossible to choose one single favorite moment from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. But for me… I think this might be it. Those few seconds of Charlie screaming, mouth full of blood, arms and legs sticking out, being draaaaaaaagggggggggged away by Mac reduces me to tears of laughter every. single. time. SERIOUSLY AHAHAHHAHA HIS LITTLE LEGS STICKING OUT LIKE THAT AS HE’S DRAAAAGGGED AWAY

(remembering this moment right here is actually what made me start organizing that “omg his little legs” tag)


God help me Lol While it’s never right to ship real life people… until I get an explanation for that random arm caress and the looks between them that followed… my sinful mind came to it’s own conclusion regarding that 18 second clip, broken down into 4 sets of pictures…

First set

1) Mercedes: “Damn Alycia’s legs look amazing thru this glass table”

2) Mercedes: “I bet her arms feel as soft as her legs look” / Alycia: “….. uh”

3) Mercedes: “Yep they are”/ Alycia: “Omg she’s touching me”

4) Mercedes: “……..” / Alycia: “……..”

Second set

1) Mercedes: “Heyyy ;) “ / Alycia: “You know there are other people here right”

2) Mercedes: “No one’s paying attention to us” / Alycia: “Lets just pretend it didn’t happen”

3) Alycia: “But it did happen”

4) Alycia: “You caressed my arm” / Mercedes: “I just had the urge to touch you“

Third set

1) Mercedes: “I’m sorry if that made you uncomfortable”

2) Mercedes: “Did it?” / Alycia: “No, no… not at all”

3) Mercedes: “Just one last peek at those legs” / Alycia: “Omg now she’s staring at my legs through the table”

4) Mercedes: “Shit I think she caught that” / Alycia: “She is sooo busted”

Fourth set

1) Alycia: “Wait… does this mean she’s into me?”

2) Mercedes: “I wonder if she knows I’m into her”

3) Mercedes: “Cute little thing doesn’t have a clue” / Alycia: “Yeahhh she’s into me, play it cool Alycia”

insomnia would hit you at random times during the month, you could never tell when they would happen. but when they did, it was draining and annoying that you could never fall asleep, and when you finally did, you couldn’t stay asleep for long. this particular night, you were tossing and turning, trying to find the most comfortable position while trying not to wake the sleeping calum beside you. but in the end, he would wake up, asking “babe, what’s wrong?” and you’d tell him that it was one of those nights again. instantly, he’d wrap his arms around you, pulling you close and dragging his fingers through your hair to soothe you. he’d press his lips to your forehead, kissing occasionally bc he knew you liked it. after a few moments, he’d start humming the melody to one of your favorite songs in hopes to lull you to sleep. but in the end, you knew you had found the most comfortable position in his arms.