omg those abs

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current mood: me just wanting to rub my hands all over frank's abs

LISTEN anon same! i’ve stared at the gifs longer than necessary because omg abs and arms and chest and his belly button and that spot underneath his belly button and the v line and jusT ALL OF IT! BUT SAME BECAUSE HIS ABS HAD ME DYIN

also it doesn’t help that i actually have touched jon’s abs so i know what they feel like *screams*

Swim team girls vs non swim team girls
  • When a guy walks by in a speedo: (swim): Sup dude
  • (Non swim): ASDFGHJKL DICK!
  • When someone does butterfly:
  • (Swim) ugh, I hate that stroke
  • When a girl passes by in a one-piece:
  • (Swim) Oh that's so cute! I love that color
  • When someone snaps their goggle band:
  • (Swim) I have an extra pair
  • (Non swim) Swim without them.
  • Guy walks by and has abs:
  • (Swim) hey -insert dudes name here-.
  • When someone gets placed in the good lane:
  • (Swim) Lucky.
  • (Non swim) Ohhhhh he's cute. *points to random guy*
  • I MAY have over done it on the non but really, this is pretty much how it goes when I bring my friends to swim practice.

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Hey ❤ I'd like to request a MONSTA X Shownu scenario where you both just got into a relationship but you haven't had sex yet and he has never seen you naked/in underwear before and he stumbles inside your room while you were changing (only in underwear) and you're kind of shy and Shownu gets embarressed af. And maybe the next morning you wake up from hearing the shower and as you open your eyes you see Shownu walking out the shower with only a towel around his waist and hisabsyouknowwhatimean 👀

MMMMM do i know those ABS omg. Hope you enjoy t! ^q^


It had been a tiring day at work and as you got home you thought all you needed was a warm bath, perhaps light some candles and even some music to keep you company while your boyfriend was still at dance practice.

As you turned on the music, you started getting undressed: first the shirt and then the bottoms. However, what you failed to notice was that Shownu had been back from the dance practice 10 minutes after you had entered the house.

He most probably thought that you were simply listening to music so, he decided to enter the bedroom just to open the door and see his lover only in their undergarments. He just looked at you mesmerized after all, this was his first time seeing you with such little clothes on.

You turn around to be met with a very still Shownu like he had forgotten how to breathe. “Uh…I um…I’ll just go and leave you to your…to your business . You…You look very nice. N-Not that you usually don’t it’s just…Y-Yeah I’ll just go” he said as he quickly turned his gaze away with a reddened face.

It just hit you: your boyfriend of 2 months just saw you almost naked. Now it’s not like you guys were saving yourselves for marriage it was just that since he was so busy and whatnot you guys decided that once everything is a bit more calm you would take your time and have some much deserved fun.

You decided to get on the bathtub and tried to forget that embarrassing moment but the more you tried to forget the more the scene kept repeating itself in your head much to your displeasure.

At the end of the day you guys decided to call it a day and sleep, tangled in each other’s warmth.

Soon morning came and with that the sound of the shower running. You decided to get up and rubbed the sleep out of your eyes. Yes, leaving bed felt like a chore but your would have to do it sometime. A door opens and what does it reveal? A semi naked shownu with a white towel covering his most sacred place.

He was currently cleaning his head with another towel so, it wasn’t possible for him to see how you looked at his body in awe. As he takes the towel away from his head he immediately looks over to you, the look in your eyes piercing through his beautiful tanned muscles, especially his abs.

“Hyunwoo… call the company and let them know you’re not going today, I have a special subject I’d like to discuss with you in bed”.

War of Hormone

I’m gonna say it straight up. If you wanted to be offended by this song and it’s lyrics, you’re gonna find what you need to, to make sure that your feelings are justified. 

You read those lyrics and you think “omg they’re objectifying women and saying that women are basically men’s toys”, when really you just read what was on the surface and made your own conclusion without really analyzing the lyrics. 

I’ll keep this short and simple. BTS was not trying to make women seem like men’s toys that they can use and drop whenever they want. They were trying to help us understand what a boy at that age, with raging hormones, goes through when he sees a beautiful women in front him. (and don’t fuckin sit there and act like your bitch ass doesn’t want to jump a fine ass motherfucker with a six pack. LOL please!) They were trying to show us that women have such this powerful hold over men, that we could literally make them fall to their knees with one glance. That women, are a gift from heaven that we must all cherish.(“Girls are the best present”  AND “I know that girls are the best things in the world”)

LOL and I’m done fuckin hearing one sided shit. If you’re gonna attack bangtan for their lyrics, I want your bitch ass to attack the girl groups too cause they have some messed up lyrics too. Ya’ll act like men are always trying to objectify women and women are just these innocent angels. Aren’t you just contributing to the old idea from way back in the day that women are not suppose to understand sexual desires or experience sexual pleasure. LOL come on really? What the hell do you think girls talk about when they fangirl over kpop groups “Omg those arms, omg that jawline, those abs, those legs, that bulge,look at that ass. Let me love you bby”

Girls with raging hormones think similarly, we just don’t put it into our music because it’s not “lady-like”