omg this would be hilarious


reenacting k-drama with Haechan and Winwin 😂😂

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Headcanon that Adrien and Marinette go to a costume party at some point as Inuyasha and Kagome, and Marinette loses track of him, but instead of looking for him like a normal person, she just screams 'INUYASHA!' *cue crashing noises from other side of room* Adrien bursts out of the crowd, 'KAGOME!'. Because Adrien is definitely the type of nerd to love inuyasha, and drag his girlfriend into it as well.

omg yes give it to me now

Adrien would look hilarious in Inuyasha’s clothes jfc

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Imagine Dean and Cas arguing because Dean said he can't work the case as it's too dangerous. "Tell him, Sammy" "don't bring your brother into this!" And Sam soon realised that Dean is arguing through prayer; he stays silent but Cas will pipe up with "and why not?" "I know it's dangerous but I'll be fi- stop interrupting me!"

OMG yes, that would be hilarious and SO MARRIED. 

I take back about Chris...


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You mean that loud, silly idiot known as Sawamura Eijun, who don’t understand the meaning of calm voice…

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Has the same VA as Akaashi Keiji, who probably scream so rarely that it makes Bokuto question his own existence in instant after hearing Akaashi loud voice??!!!

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I never was so impressed by VA as now. Like most of them really have some quirks that made you realize that “Oh I heard this voice in x anime” but I would never say thank about this case.  They deserve admiration. 

Chapter 26 Thoughts

I honestly have to say that this chapter was more than I expected, which would normally be a plus when painstakingly waiting a whole week for Sangwoo’s response to Bum’s recollection of the past. But instead, it only proved that both Sangwoo’s thoughts and actions will always and forever be unpredictable, because the very premise of his character is a complete enigma…

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Something I seriously need in season 2 of Sense8 is Hernando and Dani finding out Lito is a sensate. The reactions would be hilarious. And omg to hear Hernando wax poetically about the cluster’s connection. Please please please please please please

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headcanons for a head over heals smoker, shanks, zoro and law?

You mean head over heels for someone?

Omg, this would be HILARIOUS to watch!
(I’m back from the dead! Only thing I can say is that I was REALLY uninspired. D:
I’m so sorry for such a long absence!)

Head over heels in love with someone headcanons:


  • Acts like he totally knows what he’s doing, but he doesn’t. Don’t let him fool you.
  • Will try to ignore it for the longest time once he first realizes out he feels.
  • Doesn’t work. LOL
  • Ends up trying to be as subtle as possible on researching what he can do. Shut up, you didn’t see anything.
  • Initially tries to be sweet and endearing in the super cliche way, but just ends up being super blunt instead.
  • Also, lots of staring. LOTS of it. And standing as close as possible. Or as far away as possible, because he doesn’t know what to say. LOL
  • Mood rekt.


  • Obviously knows what he’s doing. Come on.
  • Really sweet, but also incredibly goofy.
  • Laughter is important for this guy, so he’ll use humour as a way to get them to pay some more attention to him/look his way.
  • WAY more smiles. Seriously. Get some sunglasses because DAMN that’s bright.
  • A lot more physical contact than usual, and longer. Example: More hugs, duh.
  • Hangs around a lot more and more often, and even longer periods of time.
  • LOVES showing up at random and surprising them. And that does mean surprise hugs, too.

Zoro and Law:

  • These two also don’t really know what they’re doing, either.
  • Both do a LOT of staring. Law would be aware of it, but Zoro most likely isn’t.
  • Hang around the same area. Like in the same room, but not necessarily talking to them. But definitely in eyesight.
  • You can’t tell me that these two wouldn’t get more protective. But they wouldn’t be obvious about it. Maybe. Okay, they might show off just a little.
  • Law would try to ignore it/fight it off once he realizes it, because of his past. And for a LONG while, too, before just ends up accepting it.
  • Zoro, on the other hand, only realizes it because it ends up hitting him like a ton of bricks. And probably because someone just flat out told him. LOL
  • Both would do a shit ton of teasing. Absolutely no mercy and relentless. R I P
  • Zoro probably naps closer to them. And sits closer to them if the opportunity arises. Pfft, he wasn’t looking for an open seat. NOPE.
  • Law would be a lot more sneaky is being closer to them. As in, doesn’t want ANYONE to know, because he’s well aware they’d tease him. Straw Hats.

So I have these ideas for modern Spirit Animals gone wrong, and:

-going to a party and bonding with the host’s cat; then having to smuggle the cat out of the party

-a shelter employee bonding with a dog - a dog that’s set to be euthanized in 2 hours.

-bonding with a random animal at the zoo. after a while, the zoo staff begin to recognize you and they get suspicious, because you visit 4 times a week and ONLY hang around one specific exhibit.

-bonding with a stray dog, and then discovering that that dog is not a stray- its being used in illegal dog fighting. you now have to confront the owner, who is a man three times your size who could probably kill you.

-a homeless man bonding with a pigeon, then gaining an entire army of pigeon followers.

-an assassin bonded to a poison-dart frog.

-you bond to the same species of snake that killed your brother in a horrific accident. now, you have to confront your past trauma.

-while traveling down an interstate at night, a deer jumps out in front of your car. you hit it and your car screeches to a halt. When the shock passes and you jump out of your car to asses the damage, you realize the deer is still alive, but just barely. your eyes meet- and you’ve bonded to it.

-you’re eating at a fancy restaurant, and you get to sit in a booth next to a large aquarium. As your waiter brings you the calamari you ordered, you bond to the squid swimming right behind you.

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Hahahah! It would be really funny to see Viktor acting all apologetic for his rowdy, aggressive, delinquent son to Officer Katsuki when he goes to bail him out.

Omg, that would be hilarious XD
Omg no, the police would be happy to see him go
Poor Victor would just be all “Hahaha, kids right?”

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Crack AU! In an intimate moment (but NOT during sex) Viktor accidently blurts out “marry me” and Yuuri blurts out yes. They stare at each other in shock until Yuuri bolts and then go to the BFFs to freak out: “Chris HELP I asked Yuuri to marry me! ” “you idiot” “I KNOW! He said yes tho” “WHAT” meanwhile: “PHICHIT PHICHIT HELP VIKTOR ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM AND I SAID YES WHAT DO I DO” “well, you could just marry him. ” “PHICHIT” (for bonus confusion: this happening pre-chap 12 love realisation)

omg, that would be hilarious! Yuuri would probably actually go through with it just because he wouldn’t want to back down from the ‘challenge’ 

EXO Reaction When They Meet Xiumin’s Hot Younger Sister

Anonymous said: Can you do an exo reaction when they meet xiumins hot and flirty younger sister I think it would be hilarious lol. Thank you!

Omg yes. Here you go anon! I’d usually go from oldest to youngest but here I’m going in alphabetical order since I wanted Xiumin’s reaction to be the last so it can hit ya’ll in the head


Super talkative and also kind of flirty.

‘’I bet a pretty girl like you has a boyfriend.’’ 

‘’No, actually, I don’t.’’

‘’Really? Too bad. Not.’’

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*but then Xiumin glares at him*


Really shy bun and when you flirt with him playfully he’d get flustered.

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Hohohoho this little shit would enjoy your presence very much but wouldn’t dare say anything too flirty with Xiumin around. But when he’s not looking he’d be checking you out what a perv.

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He’d blush everytime you do as much as smile at him. He’d be very nervous because he didn’t wanna look at you the wrong way, scared that Xiumin would scold him. But he can’t not be amazed by your booty cause WOAH


Shy and also kind of confused. Doesn’t really know when you’re flirting with him and when you’re not so he probably ends up saying something wrong and gets scolded by his hyung.


Has legit no clue what is happening. Since when did Xiumin have a sister and why is she so hot.

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Is cocky af when you flirt with him and flirts back, but when Xiumin glares at him he shuts up for once.

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Super friendly but doesn’t dare flirt with you. He ain’t no angel either though, because he secretly checks you out as well.

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He knows you’re old enough to handle yourself, but NOPE. AIN’T NO HOE LIKE BAEKHYUN TOUCHIN HIS LITTLE SISTER NU-UH

*trying to glare at everyone at the same time*

There you go! Thank you for requesting~ this turned out to be derpier than intended im sorry

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imagine: kuroshitsuji but with tanakas POV

OMG! Would make everything hilariously better than it currently is since Tanaka is Sebastian’s senpai and probably the true MVP of this story (considering the amount of things he probably knows about what’s going on), even if it doesn’t work for all the arcs. xDD

  • Tanaka and the early days of Kuroshitsuji:
    • “Hello, I’m a chibi who constantly drinks tea in the background.”
    • “#tea”
    • “That’s all.” 
    • “Also #donburi, because that demon kouhai of mine totally is a weeaboo.”
  • Tanaka and Ciel’s abduction by the Italian Mafia:
    • “#tea”
    • “#tea #tea #te– oh a pie, perfect to go with my tea!”
    • “what do you mean the young master was abducted?”
    • “by the way Mey Rin, don’t bother with polishing the cutlery. The demon took them all with him, I’ll have to ask the young master to buy some more once he’s back. Blood stains are really a bitch to get rid off.”
  • Tanaka and the Jack the Ripper arc
    • “And that’s one more relative buried 6 feet under. I might not be a genius at chess, but even I understand that you need to keep as many pawns as possible otherwise the game is over.” 
    • “I always bet on the Midford family as the last survivors of this mess anyway.”
    • “The good thing though is that, as a Japanese character, it’s easy to put an end to the debate ‘is Grell male or female’ within the household, since I’m familiar with what the term ‘okama’ is all about.“ 
  • Tanaka and the Curry arc
    • “so two Indian men, a Chinaman from the triad and an old Japanese warrior turned into an English butler all arrive in the young master’s townhouse in London…. Seriously it sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, it’s probably why I wasn’t really involved in this arc.”
    • “I mean, aside from drinking my tea, obviously. In the background.”
    • “TFW the Queen and her secretary have cool sunglasses and I only own the equivalent of half a pair of glasses tho’.”
  • Tanaka and the Circus arc
    • “Someone will have to explain to me why I even bothered hiding dead bodies from Lady Elizabeth, when I know for a fact that she’s deadly and that she probably only was pretending not to hear all the commotion in the first place”. 
    • “Oh shit, the servants destroyed a large part of the manor I am freaking out…… Just kidding, I know the demon will fix it back in 5 minutes and I have to watch out for my blood pressure anyway. I know I don’t look 80+ but I’m not immortal.”
  • Tanaka and the Murders at Manor arc: 
    • “Or the day I got my job back after 4 years of silently waiting and drinking tea in the damn background. Finally.” 
    • “I know it won’t last because my kouhai is a demon and he’s not really dead though. Don’t worry I’ll soon be back to my Chibi condition.”
    • “By the way, if I can see through the young master not being the real Ciel then I can see through his act of feeling devastated by the demon’s death. You ain’t fooling me.… what’s your name again?”
    • “All in all, the hardest part was not laughing at the demon’s fake funeral, but if the Undertaker can hold it in, then I have to manage as well.” 
  • Tanaka and the Campania arc
    • “I wasn’t there because the young master wasn’t clever enough to take me along instead of the demon, even though he knew Lady Frances would be here.” 
    • “I always knew the Undertaker was bad news though. I mean, he never once washed his hair ever since my first mistress, Lady Claudia, died, so if that’s not foreshadowing that he’d end up insane, I don’t know what is.” 
    • “The real question should be where was I during the Easter chapter at the end of this arc, because I was the only one who didn’t participate in the egg hunt.” 
    • “I know that it might be because I’m the one who taught Lady Elizabeth all these ninja moves and that they wanted a fair hunt, but still, it hurt my feelings…especially since Bard blew up the kitchen and I had no more tea to drink after that. It’s not because I am old that I can’t feel lonely.”
  • Tanaka and the Weston arc: “
    • “So you know that pie filled with super strong laxatives that the demon prepared for Red House? I exchanged it with the thing Bard ‘cooked’. Poor kids.”
    • “’Blue House won!’ Wow. So not expected.”
    • “LMFAO aaaand obviously they fell in the water. That part didn’t happen 20 years ago.”
    • “…I feel there is a discrimation problem in Kuroshitsuji though? After he left the school, the young master bought something for every servant but me and I’m coincidentally the only Japanese character around??? Mey Rin even had a new pair of glasses WHEN I HAD TO MANAGE WITH THE SAME MONOCLE FOR AT LEAST THE LAST 15 YEARS!!”
  • Tanaka and the Green Witch arc:
    • “Oh no… Werewolves. What. Am I really supposed to believe in that shit when I already am acquainted with demons and shinigamis?”
    • “I know I should pretend harder to be worried about the young master’s current state, but he already sold his soul to a demon so it can’t get any worse… waIT, DEMON, COME BACK! WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING?”
    • “Best part of the arc: not the moment where I’m badass and cutting down bullets even though I only own half a pair of glasses (because that happens in England too) but when I meet with my old friend Heinrich.” 
    • “We both got through so much together, having to always prepare tons of sandwiches for Lord Diedrich, because Master Vincent was constantly stressing him out. It’’s no legend, sandwiches make great friendships happen.”
  • Tanaka and the Blue Sect arc
    • “….First appearance in two years of this arc being published and I’m being shit on for being seen as the real Ciel’s ally.“
    • “It’s not my fault that I’m not surprised and that I apparently know why he’s back from the dead, even if I can’t tell you why yet!
      …Not sure there has to be a reason.”
    • “No, I’m not ‘Lord Polaris’!”

Haha, omg poor Tanaka who has to deal with so much shit!

Thanks for sharing Anon, it was fun! Have a nice day! ^_^

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I was just rereading you Touka headcanons and was there a hint at Touka liking both Mito and Izuna? Because that would be a very nice pairing if all three of them got together in my opinion

That would be a hilarious pairing, omg. 

Here you have Touka, who is all martial prowess and fuck-you attitude, and Mito, who’s cunning and sealing brilliance and political genius. 

And in the middle is Izuna, who is permanently too turned on to function. 

This lovely person sent in a awesome request but wanted to stay anonymous :) I like the way you think btw

headcanons for awkward boners, omg, can you do the most stoic characters ever? like law, zoro, mihawk… add anyone you feel like :))) 


  • Omg I would die laughing. He would get an awkward boner because he thought he could’ve hold in his urges throughout the meeting with the strawiest, but no. 
  • His face would just suddenly turn a lot more grim, and with a light blush across his face
  • If anyone said one word, they have to find there body parts scattered.
  • He go take a cold shower lmao 

Originally posted by gif-007


  • He confuse his sexual urges with training XD
  • He would not notice and keep eye contact with who he was talking too
  • He get a boner when he was stubbornly asked someone for directions, he wonders why people kept running away everytime he asked them to help him with his problem (lmao)


  • Mihawk omg this would be something hilarious because Mihawk will weigh innocence like no other
  • Mihawk will not crack, he will pretend to the end of the earth it is not there, standing up tall, bulging in his pants
  • He will drink wine and continue to read whatever he is reading. Nope. N o B o n e r  H e r e
  • Shanks be like ‘ohoho Mihawk your little sword is up’

Admiral Aikanu

  • Say a damn thing and you will get demoted
  • Admiral Kizaru would drop and leave immediately to come back with napkins and a porn magazines and give Aikanu a thumbs up and leave asap
  • He would try to use will power to make it go down
  • He didnt know it could go up that quick wink wank


  • If you suddenly see Smoker smoking 6 cigars you know exactly why
  • His men will say something, or at least they give it away they know something is “up”
  • He loosen his pants os no on would notice. He looks his door and relieves himself after debating if he should do it for a long time. Tashigi may or may not have walked in. He came at that time. Cliff hanger  

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  • Kid would be like ‘ dude go get a chick or guy I don’t know what the fuck your into, but get your nuts out of my face’
  • Killer is also guilty of feigning innocence, he is very appreciative of his mask now 

LMAO SMOKERS LEFT ME DYING. Tell me if this made you laugh :)

NCT 127 Reaction To Their S/O Having Braces.

Anon requested: Hi! I love ur work!! I was wondering, how would NCT 127 and NCT Dream feel about their s/o having braces? thanks in advance haha

A/N: Thank you so much for loving my work!! OMG I know the feels!! I had braces and they were a pain. But also because my situation was like the Mark and Jaehyun reaction, except both combined. It was bad. I will try to have the dreams up later today!! Anyways I hope you enjoyed!!

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