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color meme sansan + spring colors (asked by ashara)

“He is no true knight, but he saved me all the same,” she told the Mother. “Save him if you can, and gentle the rage inside him.”

Things i’m still not over;

because there’s a lot of negativity around about tcg, i wanted to remember some highlights

  • Eggsy Unwin casually living in his dead mentors house, with his dead mentors dead dog, whom he casually taLKS TOO
  • Keeping everything exactly the same because that’s 100% normal
  • Platonic tearing up at the mere mention of said mentor, totally platonic flashback from current gf eating breakfast to Harry’s Hart in an APRON SERVING BREAKFAST
  • T O T A L L Y P L A T O N I C
  • Literally the first thing he says when he sees Harry is “fuck me” i mean
  • subconscious thought much
  • The whole I’m your best butterfly scene omg
  • there are some very obvious hints here, harry, about how he wants you to pin him down
  • T I P T O E S
  • bickering like a married couple in the cabin while Whiskey just takes out all the bad guys, because why not

Join Sophie, Agatha, Tedros, and the other students as they begin a new era in the Endless Woods—The Camelot Years—where Evers and Nevers alike must move beyond the bounds of school and into the biggest, boldest adventures of their lives.


Got7: “Never gonna make you cry”
Me: Too late my dudes

Lolll. When Caryl actually does go canon and it’s everything we’ve ever hoped for, people are still gonna find something to complain about and then ruin it for other people.

Don’t believe me? Just wait, it’ll happen, I promise.

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top five moments neil fucking destroyed riko in public


  1. “i’d ask you how it feels but i guess you’ve always known what it’s like to be second you worthless piece of shit” THE SHORTEST ONE BUT LISTEN MY SUPER FAVE he could barely breathe but he fuckging did it
  2. “kevin and i talk about your intricate and endless daddy issues all the time”
  3. “neil didn’t have words, so he answered with his fist” he fuckign punched riko in front of everyone THATS MY SON
  4. “you’re going to eat those words, you’re going to choke on them” god this was on national tv amazing
  5. ok this is just in front of jean but??? “ “who is your King, Nathaniel?” Neil spat in his face” i love neil so much bless

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TFP has a lot of great eps, but i’d definitely say that Chain of Command is my #2 top favourite episode (second only to Orion Pax Part III). i mean

  • ongoing feud between screamer and shockey
  • “starscream, assume command of my beast”
  • wheeljack: “YEEEHAAA! [jumps off cliff]”
  • wheeljack jumping off the cliff, beheading a vehicon with his swords and ending with a perfect roll
  • Jackie’s sarcastic sword salute to Ultra Magnus omg
  • that whole epic scene where Jackie, Bulkhead and Magnus kick decepticon ass together
  • Ultra Magnus kickin ass with the frickin forge of solus prime like it’s not a special ancient relic or anything  #hammertime
  • miko emerges from her seahorse daddy
  • “yo, can i come with?” “why not”
  • predaking frying starscream’s helm spike
  • wheeljack legitimately considering miko as a Wrecker and being all proud dad
  • Predaking tossing Starscream around in the apex armour like a chew toy
  • Ultra Magnus’s faces. he’s just so done with everything already
  • wreckers vs predaking part 1 ayyye
  • starscream taking off the apex armour, wiggling his body & wings, “ahhh ventilation”
  • wheeljack trying to throw a grenade down predaking’s throat but hE FAILS AND THE FACES HE MAKES WHEN HE REALIZES HIS MISTKAE
  • “oh scrap”
  • Miko having to face starscreamand like not being afraid at all
  • predaking thinks apex armour is a chew toy part 2
  • miko vs starscream
  • and winner for the sickest burn goes to “even the strongest armour cannot protect the weakest of creatures” “protected you, didn’t it?”
  • miko CATCHES starscream’s rocket
  • miko with the wrestling moves omg
  • jackie legit being such a proud dad
  • thank u cameraman for closeup of starscream’s claws
  • predaking getting smarter
  • look how long tihs list is and i probably missed some

Alec- “Let’s not be overdramatic”

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