omg this was so time consuming

Yūri Ep7 gifset process

A little process overview of the Yūri gifset I made:

1) Find the scene you wanna edit. bless this face

2) THE MOST TIME CONSUMING PART: masking out the background. After Effects has a roto tool you can use that auto generates a mask.  SAVES A TON OF TIME, but you still gotta go through each frame to make sure it caught everything (hair is a pain lemme tell you..) You can see me using the roto brush to fix up the mask (right side) in two of the frames, which translates to the actual gif (left side). You can also use Photoshop to mask manually through each frame with the lasso tools but… that’s gonna take way too long especially if the scene has a lot of movement LOL

Result with the background gone (some minor errors later effects will fix):

3) Add your effects, adjustments, and text

And now you have a precious Yūri looking for some praise:

Be sure to check out the full gifset here!

Jaw dropping ain’t it?

Third time animating ever!
I regret everything!
This this took sooooooooooooooooooooo looooooooooooooong
But honestly… I think it turned out pretty good….

✏️ OMG! 🐋 Don’t have any sequels!

(that whale emoji is supposed to be a shark btw, just. Use your imagination for me, please.)

DUDE I LOVE THE WAY THIS CAME OUT!! Your lineart is so sketchy and I love how it ups the anti on Dre’s creep factor, it’s so good!!! 👏 You make me want to explore animation more- it’s so time consuming, isn’t it?! WELL THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUBMITTING THIS!!! (I’m sorry it took so long for me to get to this!!! But I’ve held it close to my heart in my mail so dearly waiting to give you a proper reply 📝👌✨)

Heartstrung - Part 2


A/N: Your guys’ response was amazing…omg thank you all so much. Wasn’t expecting to take this long…sorry guys. Real life is super time consuming.

Okay, here’s a disclaimer. The way things worked out in this story with Juvia, happened in a way that fit with the universe and how I wanted to tell this story. It fit in a way that I found would get the points I’m trying to make across effectively, and in no way reflect on my personal views of Juvia. I love Juvia. I love Gray. How they turned out in this story I urge you to take for what it is in the grand scheme of things. Please.

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: NaLu

Rating: M - sexual content in future chapters

Summary: It’s been said that wherever you have/had a birthmark, is how you died in your past life. A scar that marks the fatal wound that killed you so you could be reborn again. It is also said that when/if you meet the person who killed you, you remember your past life and death and Lucy isn’t a big fan of the pink-haired man she’s run into. Soulmate AU. NaLu.

Link(s): Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Epilogue

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                                Theory #1: If you have no birthmark, 
                                            you are an inflictor.


She twists her wrist, coating the inside of the short rocks glass with the amber liquid. Scotch whisky.

She’s not a big fan of hard liquor, but beer would clash her outfit. A halter-neck dress with a plunging neckline and stilettos was not something to drink beer with. Wine or scotch.

She hates wine.

She takes a sip of her drink, careful to avoid getting too much lipstick on the rim. Matte didn’t leave behind as much as regular, but red was always prominent and she prefers keeping her lips stained deep.

She relishes in the burn as it coats her throat, all the way down to her empty stomach. She’s warm now, her head tingles, and she peeks over to one of the far tables.

There he sits.

Short, dyed black hair, reflecting blue. Salt and pepper scruff on his cheeks and dark eyes. She can’t tell whether they’re green or brown but it doesn’t matter to her. He’s unfairly attractive for someone in his mid forties.

Or at least he should be if it was him.

Either way, he’s her next suspect.

He sits with a middle-aged woman and man. A large briefcase peeks out from beneath the tablecloth and when the middle-aged man isn’t looking, the woman steals glances at her suspect. She smiles, licks her lower lip and bites.

Her suspect doesn’t react with a smile, but he winks in such a way it looks like an eye twitch.

She has enough experience with differentiating between the two to know secret flirtation. She’s watched masters for years.

A lot of good it does them when they’re in her chair.

“Waiting for someone?”


She’d heard someone come up behind her, but thought nothing of it. She’d prayed they’d want to talk to the girl next to her and not her directly.

If he talks to her, that means she can’t go through with her plans tonight. She can’t be noticed or placed at his last known location. She can’t be more than just a passing customer and that means, tonight, this man gets away with his con.

Oh well…she doesn’t think he’s the one she’s looking for anyway.

She turns to the voice and smirks, “Something like that.”

He’s tall, handsome, broad and beautiful. His eyes are dark, almost black, and his smile is dazzling. His hair is slicked back and falls just past his shoulders, startlingly silver with a slight blonde tinge, but he’s not the age for it to be natural. He holds his own drink in one hand and leans against the bar with a forearm.

He’s in full black. An open button down exposes the tanned skin of his chest and tucks into deep black slacks. She doesn’t see his shoes because yes, he’s attractive, but his grin doesn’t need to be any wider, and it would be if he knew she were sizing him up.

He was being discreet himself anyway, but she didn’t miss the way his bottom lip rolled over his  lower teeth. He was avoiding biting it.

It was nice of him.

“You don’t seem like you’d be old enough for grey hair,” she grins, raising a brow and leaning slightly sideways to get a better look at his oddly coloured locks. He looks up as if he has the ability to see it himself and smooths his free hand down over his hair.

“I lost a bet,” he tells her. “Dyed it yesterday.”

She giggles.

“Why grey?”

“My friend has an odd obsession with the colour for some reason,” he moves in a step closer, and the light reflects off his face. The silver of his hair matches a patch of jagged skin on his neck and she finds herself trying not to stare.

Who is this guy?

She twirls her drink again, downs the final sip and sets the empty glass on the bartender’s side of the counter.

“Well,” she says, turning to him. “I’ve been kept waiting long enough I think.”

He raises an eyebrow and smiles, “That an invitation?”

“Depends,” she leans toward him, “you taking it?” She sees the muscles in his neck tense slightly. She makes him nervous.


He tilts his head toward the bartender without breaking eye contact, “Another drink for this beautiful young woman and I’ll have the same.”

She registers the faint sound of ‘sure’ from behind the bar and two glasses hitting the hardwood.

“So,” he smiles, “do I call you Beautiful? Or do I get a name?”

She snickers, “What kind of pickup line is that?”

He shakes his head, “No pickup line, just honesty and flirtation.”

She eyes him. He’s attractive, seems witty, and is the reason another drink is in her hand free of charge. His aura is a little daunting, however. He seems exhausted, the weight of the world on his shoulders, but when he smiles at her it goes away.

This could be entertaining.

“Elie,” she offers him a hand and he takes it in his own, bringing it up to his lips. The cliché of all clichés.

Seriously, who the hell was this guy?


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anonymous asked:

How would Ace react if his s/o freaked out when they saw him on fire for the first time? Like omg! You're on fire! Quick! Stop, drop, and roll!! I'll grab a bucket of water!


Definitely finds your reaction both hilarious and adorable at the same time, but totally didn’t expect you to completely lose your mind after seeing him spontaneously combust into flames and becoming engulfed and devoured in blood red-orange flames. He had originally thought you knew about Devil’s Fruit so he never anticipated this kind of response from you. But your natural reaction for someone not having knowledge of mystical powers inhabited in a single fruit granting powers to those who consume it reminds Ace of his little brother, Luffy, and how he’d freak out about almost anything and everything back then when they were children. 

After Ace has been doused by a bucket of water and his flames are extinguished thanks to you, he’d give you a few solid blinks before bursting out into laughter. He’ll then explain to you that he’s a Devil Fruit user and that he holds the power to create and control fire and demonstrates it by reintroducing you to a small flame in the palm of his hand. Ace will also give you a small lesson about Devil Fruit and everything you wish to know about it.

pcys replied to your video “a video about me being a fish”

this is so cool omg… can u explain the meaning/inspiration behind this?

Thank you so much!! Yes! So basically I wanted to make a video that illustrated a relationship between consumption and the human body. This has been interesting me lately as a woman who is forced to watch movies, listen to music, and look at ads that objectify women on a daily basis. It feels like I am consuming myself all the time–or at least an objectified version of myself. That was a subconscious, underlying theme to the video I think. I wanted to convey a feeling of powerless consumption. The feeling and aesthetic qualities to the video were the most important to me!


VIXX: Concept-dols (ver. Super Hero) [1/??]

I’ve been trying to work out what fascinates me so much about the Silver/Flint relationship and why, despite Silver being the one who actually gives a jackshit about the men of their crew, I still always fall into caring more about Flint

and I think it’s because in a story about the power of stories Flint is the deconstruction of a villain and Silver is the construction of one

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fine-garbage  asked:

i'd tell you a chemistry joke, but i'd get no reaction. have you ever tried to eat a clock ? it's very time consuming. i'm reading a book about antigravity. it's impossible to put down ! did you hear about the guy who got hit with a can of soda ? he's lucky it was a soft drink.

omg! more than 1 pun! ajshdkjahsdk yes i love them all hehe

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Blog Rates?

Well, this is my first time a) writing a oneshot and b) publishing my writing to tumblr, so i hope i haven’t fucked up too bad. Talking with @homeoftheridiculoustickledsnort the other day inspired me to write this lil thing >w< It’s mostly sansby with like one offhand mention of papyton. Warnings for panic attacks and negative self image I guess? oh my god this so self indulgent and g a y im sorry

Sans had felt like this before, many times actually, but every single time it returned it always consumed him. There’s no real words to describe exactly how it felt, and as many times as Sans attempted to describe it he never was truly able to find the words.

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“Rumple Smile” - Digitally Painted Gif

This is a new thing that I experimented with during my hiatus - painted gifs. OMG, this is SO HARD. Painting essentially the same image 7 times, it is tedious work. But the result is interesting, I think. I may do more of these in the future, we’ll see. It’s very time consuming.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.


March 7, 2015.


At first glance, these photos show something quotidian, even insignificant. But as most people who’ve been following my blog for a long time now may know: context is crucial.

To me, these photos are of a milestone.

This is the meal I ate for dinner tonight, and it is a victory. 

It is the first dinner - full dinner, fully meeting my nutritional needs - that I’ve prepared entirely by myself, and entirely consumed, and retained. My parents are not even home - they’re on a date (a double date, actually), so I am alone for the evening. 

For me, it has long been difficult to hold myself accountable for eating anything when I’m dependent only on myself. To have held myself accountable for eating and keeping down an entire meal alone, let alone to have fully prepared it…is a feat that, to me, has felt insurmountable since God-knows-when. 

And tonight, the insurmountable has been surmounted.