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Carry On Countdown - Coffee Shop AU

Wow so you really don’t know what trauma does to a person if you remark about how Sasuke “use to be.” And how he “no longer is.” When they talk about how sweet and silly he “was” I almost choke on my own Dr. Pepper and shout incoherently.

He’s the same little boy Itatchi and Shisui use to fawn over, the same little boy hungry for his dad’s approval and affection, the same one that Mikoto loved so much.

That character has been fused with a boy who also witnessed the massacre of his clan, deluded into thinking it was his brothers doing, his previous and revered brother. A child kept at arms length by a nervous and paranoid, unkind and destructive village. Yes, Konoha is actually truly an evil character in this. They let this boy with PTSD live alone in the remnants of his broken home. They allowed his brother to take on every difficult pursuit and sacrifice it all. In the name of peace, they created this little boy torn between the life and brother he knew and the pain and rage of what has come to pass.

We see sparks of this “old Sasuke” all the time, when he plays and bickers with Naruto - all the way up to him chuckling and calling him an idiot in their final battle.

Sasuke is always that same little boy. That same little boy but with the power now to choose what to do about what this life has dealt him. Sasuke is still the perpetual brat, still the silly boy who wants notice and time of his loved ones, this is like ..all explained by Tobirama too….

The Uchiha curse of baring too much love will drive them mad when it’s been lost. Sasuke lost everything. Literally everything. His entire clan. His beloved parents and then the elder brother, he so worshipped and admired.

Not okay and not cool to say Sasuke “is not Sasuke anymore.” Literally will chidori you because even when he is laughing like a maniac after killing Danzo and stabbing Karin, it’s all from that suffering brought on by being who he is in the FIRST place. If he had not been Sasuke, he wouldn’t be doing what he did.

“It’s because I held those bonds that I’m suffering so much.” Sasuke says this even pre Shippuden and vocalized it to Naruto. At the time Naruto could not really relate except that something precious to him was suddenly being yanked away and that precious person was Sasuke.

Sasuke had grown fond of Naruto, just like the Sasuke “he was” would have because of the Sasuke he is. And will always be.

That’s why in the end, he laughs with him. Because Naruto always saw the same eyes reflecting back at him. They had grown but the same sadness and loneliness rested behind them. The same laughter and love did too. Only under the gauze of a pain instilled by loss and abuse.

Yes people change and grow but don’t play me like “Sasuke just isn’t the little sweet boy he was.” Like yes. He. Is. He’s still full of kindness and silliness, he’s still competitive and bratty. Consistently he’s been all these things. He didn’t lose himself to no one, he didn’t become evil. He didn’t forsake himself. Stop. Omg.

He went through hell. And still came out the other side to meet Naruto where he was. He didn’t have to do anything. He could have easily stayed mad, consumed by revenge that was most certainly an understandable approach, considering all things.

“You never gave up on me no matter how hard I tried to push you away.”

Tried to push Naruto’s and team 7’s genuine care away because it was a weakness that reminded him of his family.

So yes, this entire time, Sasuke has been Sasuke.

Sasuke, interrupted.

Lol ^ make a fic called this pls.

P.s “the soul of a shinobi remains the same.” Boom. Drops mic.


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Best friends to Lovers!Kang Daniel AU

Note: for the times where you experienced 썸 (some) with your good/best friend and wished that when you do convey your feelings it would somewhat end up this way

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My experimental halloween charms came right in time for Halloween omg…

It’s Yuuki Mishima with Joker (cuz I love shuyuu SWEATS) on fluorescent orange acrylic! This acrylic is transparent orange in regular light, but glows in black light comes with puppet Joker :3c

It’s actually a bit time-consuming to assemble though oohh… never again HAHA…because of that, it might take me a little longer to ship them out D;

I’m selling these at my Etsy! Link should be the green etsy button at the top of the page or the bottom (depending what browser you’re using)…if you can’t see it though, click here for the link (only works for PC users)!

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Do you have any Evak + Evens parents headcanons? <3

Ahhh this is brilliant thank you for this <3

  • omg so lets just say Even’s mum is a hugger. a big big hugger. So when Isak first met her the poor awkward angel was just consumed by big long arms and pressed against this woman’s warm chest, while Even just stood there smiling super hard and trying not to laugh. He is so happy to see Isak in his mums welcoming arms. It’s adorable. And now every time he arrives at the house and Even’s mother sees him she just pulls Isak towards her and is all “Isak, darling how are you? look at you. Do you even eat? Even feed this poor boy.” And Even is just like “Yes mum” while smiling so hard ahhh this is the kind of family love he is obsessed with. This is everything. And it has gotten to the point where Isak enters the place and hugs Mrs Bech Næsheim before she can make the move. and it is the most pure and beautiful thing on this earth. ahhhh. So yeah Even’s mum cannot get enough of our smol soft bean.
  • Even’s dad is a little different. But not in a bad way. He is just super quiet and awkward every time Isak comes over for family dinner haha. But it’s not because he doesn’t like Isak (even though Isak thought for a looong time that he does) It’s just because he himself harbours all of his feelings inside and he just doesn’t know how to act without doing something ‘wrong.’ I think he has had a tough time understanding Even’s illness and that it wasn’t his fault that his son suffers the way he does. So because of this he is quite reserved and emotionally distant; out of his fear that he will hurt his son by unintentionally doing or saying something wrong. :( But something incredible happens. after a few weekly family dinners Isak and Even’s dad actually form an unspoken bond. Somehow they just end up seeming to get each other without actually discussing it. There is just something about them both that clicks and it becomes apparent to both Even and his mum, that Even’s dad has this beautiful secret fondness for Isak and it is beautiful. Also I feel like eventually Even’s dad loosens up a little bit and becomes less distant to Even and he can’t help but feel like Isak’s presence has had an affect on his change of behaviour and he ends up loving his boy even a little bit more (if that was even possible)
  • But yeah the parents generally adore Isak and he fits into the family well. They see everything we see. all the longing looks, the love, the way they light each other up just by being in the same room. It is electrifying to watch. and they are so thankful that Even has found someone that brings him as much joy, love, and laughter as Isak does. it is so beautiful. Isak is truly a part of the Bech Næsheim family. he got himself a place the moment he stole Even’s heart. 

I hope this was okay <3 <3 <3 

Say You Wont Let Go

Jungkook x Reader // oneshot // 5k words

Summary: Jungkook just wanted to have one night where he didn’t think about you, but unfortunately for him that can never happen.

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, mentions of alcohol and vomiting

A/N: SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG OMG!! I feel so bad but ive spent a long ass time on this so I hope you like this oneshot!!! Its inspired by the song say you wont let go by James Arthur I literally love that song so much. enjoy!

Jungkook was hellbent on not going to the club that night. He really was. After an extremely long, and tiring concert all he wanted to do was crash in the dorms, and play Mario Kart with the rest of his band mates while consuming a copious amount of junk food. Unfortunately for him, his hyungs were all riding their post concert high and wanted to finish the night with shots and girls.

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  • Friend: OMG did you see the new movie that came out??
  • Me: No.
  • Other friend: I watched all of the oscar nominees. Have you seen them?
  • Me: No.
  • Friends: BUT YOU'RE IN FILM!
  • Me: Yes, and that requires me to spend my hours watching classic films, indie films, foreign films, old films, and, oh yeah, my focus is TV so my free time this week was spent binging all the seasons of The Wire. Not just watching it but ANALYZING IT. FILM IS A TIME CONSUMING MAJOR.
  • *Friends back away slowly*

two days ago, i reached 1k followers and i’ve only had this blog for a month and i didn’t expect it to go anywhere but omg thank you so much for following me! i really appreciate you all so much.

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you are my favourite tumblr user and creation maker so i wanted to know as i am curious which tumblr users are you favourites creation makers as i want to check them out i am very thankful for your creations all the time and seeing them on my dashboard make me smile always

omg you’re the sweetest. I never deserve how sweet some of you guys are to me. here are my fave content creators.. I mean they’re all fucking amazing but here’s a few… ill also make it easier for you by categorizing what they create content for. I really need to do a follow forever… but they’re time consuming and I’ve tried for months and give up ha. I am real sorry if I missed somebody….

@woldiye (who knows…she multifandom like me) @lordkimhodu (jbj) @eon1bugi (nu’est) @extraongdinary (w1) @swoojin (mxm) @onqs (anything p101 related) @alpacadong (another p101 related blog) @idaehwi (w1. the coloring on the edits is goals). @minhwangs (creative as hell edits for w1) @streetrapshit (khh but also kino ptg trash) @aceyng (underrated groups) @choigiraffe (hotshot) @kangbaeks (nu’est) @fatenumberfor (winner/nu’est/w1) @luxingjae (btob) @emperorhwangs (p101) @pen1ag0n (ptg) @ikonis (ikon) @jeupstan (underrated groups) @clubeskimo (khh) @chiqkihyun (mx) @himdaes (bap) @ceohan (got7, cnblue, highlight) @kimseongkyu (infinite) @jungilhoon (btob) @infinitblaq (girl groups and ace/jun/n.flying) @soliseob (highlight) @park-woojin (woojin/w1) @kangniel (w1) @woojinnies (w1) @nyaaaaaw (zico/block b) @mykpassion makes these crazy good highlight edits @inpinitaize (infinite and now she also mxm trash :))

Yesterday I’ve found some old notebooks with sketches, and I’ve seen a sketch of a “Pic Idea” of @sara-bon-mun, I’m sorry for all the ideas I’ve never done, time consumes me and I never could find time enough, either that maybe my way to draw doesn’t fit well with your ideas… Anyways, I just wanted to try a remake of some of your ideas, I know it isn’t like you spected to be finished, but I hope you like it anyways–

- Traditional sketch/lineart under the cut -

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omg!!! i loved those headcanons of katsuki, todoroki and kirishima watching they're s/o working on design softwares!!! so damn cute!! could I ask one for aizawa, toshi and hizashi? :D thank you so much!! you rock!!

Of course dear!! I’m glad you liked them! 

Aizawa Shouta

  • When he and his s/o are at home, they’ll usually do their work in the same room. Since his s/o’s work can be time consuming, he’ll often end up finishing before them! He’ll grab his sleeping bag and sit near them while they work. 
  • If he’s not asleep, he’ll watch his s/o work in silence. He’ll make an occasional comment or ask a question, but its mostly comfortable silence for the both of them. 
  • His s/o once modelled a tiny version of himself in his sleeping bag and 3-D printed it. He keeps it on his desk at work and is very attached to it!

Yagi Toshinori

  • Toshinori isn’t at home as often as he’d like, so when he is at home he takes any opportunity to spend time with his s/o! He is fairly good at using technology but the work his s/o does astounds him. 
  • He’ll ask questions because he likes learning about his s/o and what they do! He may even have a go at it, with his s/o’s help. Together, they made a cute All-Might charm! 
  • His s/o got the charm made for the both of them, Toshinori treasures it dearly and keeps it on his keys! 

Yamada Hizashi

  • Hizashi cannot sit still while his s/o works, so he’s often pacing around their room, talking about something! He’ll ask his s/o a million and one questions about their work and “what does that bit do?” types of questions. 
  • He’s pretty good with technology, being a radio host and all, so he would get the hang of his s/o’s work pretty quickly! He likes to make things with his s/o when they have the time. 
  • His s/o modelled him a tiny, working radio and Hizashi thinks its the cutest thing! He’ll show it off to anyone willing to listen.