omg this was harder than i expected

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I don't like, though, that the members weren't very involved. I'm used to BTS doing most of their music but on almost all of the tracks they are at the end of the credit list.

omg this really reminded me of what my professor from the last semester would tell me after i submitted him projects i spent nights working on. “it’s good, although it’s not as good as i would’ve excepted from the topic like yours”. “you can do better”. so demanding. because he was used to me working harder than the majority of the group he set up the bar of expectation too high for me to reach it :’)

anyways they worked on the songs?? namjoon wrote the sea and yoongi wrote her? did you expect the entire album to be produced by them? it’s not even their decision whose version will be in the final mix. as i understand it they submit their works to the bighit producers and those might even reject some of their ideas? 

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GOM+Hanamiya+Mayuzumi try to protect their s/o from an accident that could make them sustain an injury - only to have their s/o forcefully exchange their places because she knows they play basketball and she doesn't want the possible injury to stop them.

Hello there anon!! I hope you’re having a nice day and enjoy this one!! 🌸

I don’t know why this suddenly turned into angst, OMG i’m so sorry!! :( 

Though, thank you for requesting!! 💋

♥︎ Akashi:

Even the incident surprised him. The impact was way harder than expected.

He was trying his best to maintain his cool composure, trying not to break down. Sure, he was being emotional right now, inside of course, but he just loved her so much. And he was feeling uneasy.

He moved his hands slowly, gently intertwining his fingers with hers. He squeezed her hand, and it felt different - it didn’t return the action. It was something they did to reassure each other that everything will be okay.

The door open, light creaking into the room. The doctor cleared his throat, making his way to the male that sat on a chair beside the bed. The doctor felt bad - especially since he was the one delivering the news.

“Akashi-san,” he started, catching the red head’s attention. Wiping his dry cheeks with his free hand, he looked up at the doctor.

“Yes, what seems to be her condition?” he questioned, he felt uneasy - though it was a rare occasion, it felt like things weren’t going his way.

“I’m afraid to tell you that (Name)-san is in a deep coma right now. The impact was that hard, and for now we have no clue on when she is going to wake up. If she doesn’t though - in a span of 3 weeks, this may be a sign of death..” the doctor’s tone was low and smooth, as if it was trying to comfort the male in front of him.

Akashi nodded slowly, a shaky sigh escaping his lips as he massaged his temples, kissing her hand. “Alright.” he turned to the doctor. “I’m positive she’ll be okay.” before turning to her again. “Right? Right.” he reassured himself.

And well.. life still didn’t go his way after 3 weeks.

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‘We’re not expecting you to be perfect. Just pretty close.


@viria, whose post i found just 30 minutes ago– dlkf;affff you’re awesome. i love you. I probably ship your versions harder than the original(and your Noya totally makes me have a gay crisis, too)


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Top 5 Shumdario Brotp moments/ or pics

omg okAY they are one of my fave brotps out there and i love them very much!!! anyways, lets start!!!!!


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4. this interview was da bomb enough said

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3. my prECIOUS BBYS im crying (also im pretty sure matthew laughing/smiling will be the death of me someday)

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2. loOK AT THE FIST BUMP aND THEIR SMILES OMG im trash i know bUT what can i do if i love them so much

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1. aND finally this moment was perfect and deserves to be #1 not only in this list but also in everyones heart 

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there you go!!! choosing just 5 moments was harder than i expected tbh

put “top 5” anything in my ask and i will answer ok go

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Satisfied absolutely goes harder than Guns and Ships omg. Literally a woman rapping about 1) Societal expectations and why they suck 2) Dragging Alex a little and 3) How her emotions have screwed her despite making the right choice is absolutely more substantial than I'm taking this horse by the reins making redcoats redder with bloodstains. Hardness of bars isn't simply speed my dear.

Okay first off, you don’t have to be so demeaning. I was just asking. I’m not stupid, I understand Satisfied is much richer and deeper in terms of content. It is my favorite song in the show. I just interpreted the tweet as talking about the speed because I don’t find Satisfied as difficult because it all rolls of the tongue to me. You don’t have to act like you’re so much better than me.

The empty wine bottle sit on Violet’s night stand. And as her phone rang she looked down at it. Logan. With everything gone to shit, and in her drunken state she answered it. “Hello?” she said in a raspy voice, shutting her eyes.

Logan had been trying to leave  Violet be like she had asked, but some nights were harder than others. Tonight was one of those nights. He picked up his phone, and certainly hadn’t expected her to answer his call. “H-hi–” He said, surprised she had answered.