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tips for a BTS writing blog that's just starting out? (:

i’m sorry this took so long to answer omg it got buried im sorry OTL

So, if you’re a scenario blog, good luck ;p Some people tend to be more picky with scenarios; they’re not going to read everything you post unless it’s about their bias, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a lot of notes or recognition early on; something that might help you get more people to notice your blog is to reblog drabble lists like these [ 1 2 3 4 ] and do whatever people request; they take less time, so you get more out, and your work will show up more often in searches~

Also, once you’ve written a few things, you could share your blog, anonymously or not, with blogs that are dedicated to making huge fic recs or masterlists of works from other blogs, such as @smuttyfairy​ (sorry they’re the only one I know of rn if you guys know of any more please let me know~)

Just… write a lot of what you like. Don’t solely write what you think other people will like, because your work will end up suffering because of it. Don’t be afraid to come off anon and tell people about your blog~ I know I would gladly give you a shoutout, expecially if I enjoyed what you wrote, and I’m sure there are plenty of other blogs that feel the same way, so don’t be afraid to ask a blog that you love to read something that you’ve written ^-^

Good luck! I hope this has helped at least somewhat~

~♡J-Hope’s Dating Timeline♡~

Request: Could you do a BTS dating timeline like you did with Big Bang?

~ This is just my own personal opinion~

How long he takes to ask you out:

Hoseok is a bouncing ball of energy and fluff which makes him so approachable omg… I believe he could make anyone feel comfortable and accepted around him. I think if he took a particular interest in you he’d wait only a few days before asking you out. If you rejected him which idk who would be crazy enough to do he’d feel bad but only for a little bit before he set on a mission to win your heart (he’d try to win you over and ask you out again). 

How long he takes to post a picture of you or with you on social media after having your relationship gone public:

Once a public statement was out he’d probably wait a couple of months or weeks before posting a picture of the two of you. The picture would most likely be of you doing aegyo or a picture that you didn’t necessarily like nor found to be particularly flattering for yourself but he found adorable. Hoseok would have to stop himself from filling twitter with pictures of you, as his love for you would be so overflowing. 

How long he takes to hold your hand:

To hold your hand I think Hoseok would probably wait until your second date. The first date for him would be all about getting to know each other for him and talking. I feel as if for him holding your hand would be a sort of a big deal, like he wouldn’t want to spoil the moment but when he did it, he’d look completely confident and about it and would have one of the cutest smiles plastered on his face.

How long he takes to kiss you for the first time:

Hoseok I think wouldn’t kiss you on your first date, he’d probably wait a couple of dates (3-4) before thinking about it and by the time he did it, it’d probably be very playful and he’d be super cute right afterwards.

How long he takes to make out with you:

Hmm to make out with you…I think Hosoek would wait a few weeks…and whenever the two of you did make out…hot damn. His hands would definitely roam all over.  

How long he takes to have sex with you:

Hoseok would for sure wait until you were ready and comfortable enough around him. I feel as if he’d even wait until marriage if that’s what you wanted…when the time came if he sensed even the littlest bit of hesitancy from you he’d ask you again if you were sure and would stop immediately if you decided not to follow through at the last second. Once it became a regular thing, whenever he was in the mood Hobi would all of a sudden get all cocky and serious. Like he’d be all lip bites, lustful eyes and smirks.

How long he takes to propose:

Hoseok would be so cute when he fell in love I cry 😭😭😭  He’d probably always have thoughts of marrying you at the back of his head…I feel as if he’d propose within 2-3 years if he was sure you were the one. Honestly, his proposal would be so thoughtful and romantic too istg. 


| Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook |


Hey guys! I want to apologize for not having posted anything the last two days! I’ve had summer school and it’s been draining me but it ends next week!!! YAYAY! Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this❤❤❤

~Admin Coffee

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ive just been having a really bad day and i feel terrible, can u just spam some tae pics please?

yesssss i would love to!!! i decided to put pics of taehyung smiling because that’s what never fails to make me happy!!!! i’m sorry this took me so long to answer, i originally tried to upload all the pics as their original size but my internet was NOT having it omg they were uploading for over an hour :(( so i made them all smaller ahaha anyway i hope u feel better soon love and i’m sorry again for how long this took TT____TT

the rest are under the cut because there are a lot ^_^

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model envy | c.h. | 2

model envy || part 2 

part 1 : here 



requested : yes

“ can you write part two to model envy? i loved the first one “- @chanyeolsabby

“  Part 2 of model envy?🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 “ -anon

“  OMG can you please make a part 2 to model envy. Oml oml oml thanks hun 💕💕 “ -anon

 “  Part 2!! “ -anon


trigger warning(s) - violence :/ don’t like it, don’t read it

words : 1,508 

pairing : v confusing, so like partially luke x reader ( best friend ) and cal x reader 


a/n : sorry this took so long, i recently got a job, also my sports team started practice, and i also have a summer reading assignment to complete, it’s all v v stressful, but i hope you enjoy this :)


I woke up in an all to familiar bed, I just couldn’t remember the name of the boys bed I was in. Looking around, a sharp pain soon interrupts my thoughts. The back of my head hurt like hell, I rubbed the pain away with my hand, continuing on scanning the room on what it is happened. I looked over to the bedside table, and saw a note, scribbled with messy handwriting.

“ Baby, when you wake up, I wanna say how terribly sorry I am. I accidentally knocked you out, and I cannot forgive myself. You’re currently at Luke’s house, I didn’t want to see you wake up, hurt and confused. Baby, know I love you, and we did make some mistakes, but I never did intend on hurting you. I’ll see you tomorrow, or the next day, depends on when you wake up and find this. Baby, I love you with all my heart, and I’m so sorry for what I’ve done.

xxx Cal ”

I tried to recall the incident, when I vaguely remember Calum and Nia, and then the memory came flooding back, on me grinding on Brendon to make him jealous, which worked, more than I wanted it to. I stood up, and immediately became unbalanced. I tried to steady myself, as I walked out of the room.

I walked down the steps, holding on to the rail that was attached to the wall. When I reached the bottom, Luke’s head snapped back as he felt my presence enter. He got up off the couch and walked over to me, and helped me stand up straight. “ You okay ” he asked, looking down at me with worry in his eye.

“ Yea, I think, my head just hurts like hell ” I explained. He nodded and soon came up with an idea. He grabbed ahold of my hand and guided me to the downstairs bathroom. He opened the medicine cabinet and handed me a bottle of Tylenol.

I graciously took it and swallowed the recommended dosage of two painkillers. I handed the bottle back, as he returned it to its original spot. He then led me to the living room, as he made me sit down, his figure settling next to me.

We just sat there, an awkward silence filling the room. “ Y/n, come here ” he said, as he patted a small amount of space next to him. I got up next to him, and put my head in the crook of his neck. Luke and I had best friends since we were teenagers, and he was the one who introduced me to Calum, so this all felt natural to me. My headache became less and excruciating after each minute passed. His hand soon found its way around my waist and started rubbing my arm.

My eyes started to become heavier and heavier, as soon they closed completely and I drifted off into a small rest.

“ What the actual fuck mate ” I heard a voice yell, waking me up from a relaxing nap. My eyes opened slowly, to feel Luke’s absence, and to see him standing in front of me, his hands put up in defense.

On the other side of him was a fuming Calum, fists clenched beside him, ready to take a swing at any moment.

“ Dude, I swear it’s not what it looks like ” Luke says, defending his actions, but Calum did not take that as an excuse. He grabbed Luke by the shirt and pushed him into the nearest wall. I sprung up and tried to pry him off of Luke, but it was no use. He just pushed me aside, and started swinging.

I watched in horror as Calum’s fist collided with Luke’s delicate face, him flinching, taking what Calum was giving him. I started bawling my eyes out, falling to my knees and hitting at Calum’s legs to stop what he was doing. He kept swinging, until he heard me screaming for him to stop.

He let go of Luke’s shirt, as he fell to the wooden floorboards, much like I did the night before, completely knocked out.

“ Calum! What the actual fuck is wrong with you ” I screamed getting up and pushing him out of the way to tend to Luke.

“ Are you fucking serious Y/n ” he challenged me, getting awfully close to me. I got down on my knees and tried to wake Luke, even though it was no use.

“ Calum, get away from me, you’re dangerous ” I said, tears brimming my eyes, me being afraid of my own boyfriend. He just scoffed and left the room, walking into the kitchen. I returned my attention to Luke, picking him up with all my energy and setting him on the couch.

Calum had been sitting on a chair in Luke’s kitchen, drinking away at some mixture he made with Luke’s alcohol he had in his cabinet.

I watched from afar, as he would take a huge sip of his drink, and would immediately put his hands in his hands, saying to himself that he fucked up.

I walked in cautiously, not wanting him to notice me at first. My attempt failed as he turned at the slightest bit of movement behind me.

His eyes softened when he noticed it was me, but then I noticed his jaw clench. I made my way to sit across from him, him watching my every move.

“ Can we talk ” I said, even before I sat down.

He just took another sip, and nodded his head. His eyes became dark and his jawline was piercing through his skin. His muscles tensed under his tight-fitting shirt. I began my sentence with a shaky breath.

“ What the hell has gotten into you, first you grind on Nia at a party, knock me and another model out and beat the shit out of your best friend ” I said, my heart starting to race due to how scared I was of his awaiting response.

He took the words in, took another sip of his deadly concoction and began “ Hey, how about we don’t play the victim here, I saw you grinding up on that model, what the fuck do you think you were doing ” he questioned, raising his eyebrows and leaning forward.

I leaned back, and tried not to meet his all to deadly gaze. “ It was only because you were dancing on Nia ” I said.

“ Y/n, I can’t have fun with my friends ” he asked.

I just scoffed “ Best friends don’t fucking grind on each other Calum ” I said.

“ How about you fucking look at me when you talk to me ” he said. His angry side progressed more and more with each word.

I looked at his angry expression. “ Listen to me, we were having fun, all you had to do was come up to me and tell me you didn’t like what you were seeing ” he said.

“ Don’t you dare justify your actions Hood ” I said, my blood beginning to boil.

“ Don’t fucking call me that ” he spat his words at me.

We then became silent. “ Are you going to say anything ” he broke the awkward tension. I ignored him.

“ Fucking answer me ” he said, standing up and walking over to me.

My heart started to beat out of my chest, and soon became vulnerable under him.

“ If you wanted to start this fight you’re going to fucking finish it ” he said, and then all of a sudden his hand came down, and I soon put my hand over my head in defense and let out a sob that was building up throughout this whole argument.

His hand connected with the wall next to me, and my heart sank into the bottom of my stomach.

I looked up, to see Calum’s blank expression staring back at me. He removed his had from beside me, and put it behind him. “ Did- did you think I was going to hit you ” he asked, his eyes softening into a worried look.

No words would leave my mouth, so I just nodded. He then went to reach for my shoulders but I flinched under his contact. He removed his hand and paced back and forth.

“ Oh my god, I can’t believe I just did that ” he said, his pacing becoming faster and faster. “ You’re so fucking scared of me and it’s all my fault, it’s all because of me ” he said, his hands tangling in his hair. I stood up to comfort him.

I walked over and stopped him in his tracks. I put my hands on his wrist, but he detached them.

“ Y/n, get away from me, I’m t o x i c ” he said, and he moved me aside and bolted out the door, slamming it shut on the way out.

My heart shed into pieces, and my back was pressed against the wall, I lost balance, my chest heaved as sobs escaped my lips. My hand came up and covered my loud cries, as I slid down the wall, the walls crashing down around me.

part 3?

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I think I need a blessing... What are your favorite pictures of hansol? I need more love for my boy😒- your godchild

I’m glad you asked! Just a heads up, this is going to be a long ass post so go grab some tissues cause Ji Hansol’s beauty is known to make some emotional (I’m proof).

Let’s start with Hansol’s selcas!

Now for cutesol!!!

But what is this? A beautiful face? let’s take a closer look~

Do you see that? That beauty? That structure? God took his time to craft Hansol’s facial structure omg. What else did he take his time crafting? His body!!

Hansol’s body is a blessing and I have been blessed to look at it. Even when he’s being hecka sexy

But don’t be fooled! While he may be sexy and downright beautiful, he’s also an absolute soft angel.


first off, thank you so much to everyone who applied!! I honestly thought this would get maybe about 50 notes, so to have 400 applications was really really amazing. i’ve always wanted a network like this and im so glad so many others did too!! picking, was really hard, like really hard. i read everyone’s fully and it took me a really long time to narrow it down omg! i was only going to accept about 10 members, but with there being so many apps, i ended up [picking ~20ish. more friends + support + and love!!

so, members and directions are below the cut! if you didnt make it this time: i am planning on opening apps once again sometime late depending on how well this goes! id love for this community of goddesses to expand into a network of girls who can gain so much from each other :’) 

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i was tagged for the selfie thingy by a few ppl!! sorry it took so long omg, but thank you v much to those who tagged me: @yugyeomish​, @defsoulsgirlfriend, @got7official, @junior-got7, & @peachyjyp !!

idk why i always make this face in selfies, rip me 

i tag: @yieungjae@summeryugyeom, @coco-man, @akabrowney, @ofmarkson, @choiyoungjaeaf as well as the usual suspects: @jaebustanut, @pendulumdrawn, & @milkyjellycleanser !! pls dont feel pressured, and if you want to & i didnt tag you pls say i did!

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Okay, So imagine this. Lúcio has a huge concert and as soon as he starts his s.o sneaks out to set up a booth outside with Dva and a couple other friends. Their selling his albums PLUS T-shirts, stickers, posters and a bunch of other stuff that they made themselves. It took so long to make and even longer to hide. Lúcio is upset because he doesn't see his s.o in the crowd but when the concerts done he starts balling at what the huge line outside is for.

Y e s!!!!!!!!!! Omg he would be so surprised when he saw their stand and supplies, then would start crying like such a cutie and his s/o would just laugh before hugging him close.

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// Are you still taking writing requests? I'd love to see a middle school!AU Saru x fem!Misaki story~ <3 It's a bit late but maybe you could base the plot on Valentine's day? That could be really cute.

I’m sorry it took so long to get this finished omg. I wanted to read LSW before I published it, to make sure I got their middle school history sorted out, and I only just got around to finishing it. 

I combined these two prompts together cause I thought they’d work best that way. Middle school sarufem!mi is super adorable and this was rly fun to write!

Slow Dance

Saruhiko pretends to be Misaki’s date for the school Valentine’s dance. 

Pairing: Saruhiko/Fem!Misaki (Middle school)

5,521 words. Mostly fluff, some angst.

AO3 | Deviantart

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Hi I love your blog <3 just wondering who you ship in avatar the last airbender (if you ship anyone at all)?

Hello anon! <3

I ship Zutara, dude. They’re the ship that should’ve been. And they look sooo good together omg. I really wanted them to be together! 

Originally posted by 13eckyshipsit

I mean just look at them (!!!!) like when I watched this scene I had to pause and internalize things hahahaha and yeah afterwards I’m crying feels (I always do every time they are on screen together I’m trash)

And then this also happened

Originally posted by the-spirit-of-the-avatar

Omg would you look at that he took a lightning bolt for her omg omg. Isn’t that enough reason to ship them goodness

So yeah if I could rewrite the ending of atla I would make them canon af

I have more reasons on why I ship them but haha this might get waaay too long!

Haha thanks for asking. :)

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I think you're really cool and awesome!! Sometimes even though I know you're really nice and I could stop and say hi or talk to you at any point you still feel like this really cool upperclassmen that everyone's friends with to me, and the thought of interacting with you makes me really jittery still

Ahh thanks!! I’m sure you’re really awesome and cool too! I feel ya though! There’s still a lot of bloggers I would love to talk to, but I can never bring myself to talk to them bc they seem like 100x cooler than me. God knows how long it took me to message @crazytwirlcurls the first time omg I was so nervous. They’re like All Might to me tbh haha I still get nervous talking to them!

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i want to thank you too, for loving daesung, as much as i do. it really makes me warm inside to know somewhere on the other side of earth, there is someone who loves him unconditionally. yeah, people said harsh things to dae, mainly about his appearance. i gave up to fight them eventually. they dont even bother to appreciate his voice. it's sad. if only they can see how beautiful kang daesung is. i'm forever grateful that i found your blog. keep on doing what you're doing. you're awesome. <3

It makes me so happy that there are so many people that love him on here. Before this blog, I hadn’t met anyone else who felt the same. GD is the most popular among my group of friends so I felt so alone aha. I thought I was weird for liking Daesung, but now idgaf lmao. He’s such an amazing person!!

Yes, people have said some terrible things about him. I just don’t understand!! Like this man is beautiful inside and out. AND OMG HIS VOICE. I could listen to it FOREVER. He could sing the dictionary. I really don’t understand how people can say he can’t sing (yes, I’ve actually heard this before). Like just listen to this.

Aww that is so sweet!! I’m glad you like my blog so much!! Thank you so much for sending me this! YOU’RE THE AWESOME ONE!

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1. Relationship status - Taken
2. Favourite colour - Blue
3. Wake up time -  Weekdays: 6AM Weekends: idk like 10AMish
4. Cats or dogs- Dogs 
5. Coke or pepsi - Classic Coke :)
6. Call or text- Text, it doesn’t make things awkward
7. Chapstick or lipstick - Chapstick 
8. Last song listened to - Baba O’Riley by The Who (I love the classics/oldies)

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