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Jerome Valeska x Reader: Our Love

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a big thank you to my lovely friend @im-not-dead-but-i-should-be who made writing this story possible by helping me so much!

also idk  but it really took me long to write this and it’s so short….. omg kill me

‘Perfect. Fucking perfect.’

[Y/N] was going to be late. Thanks to her alarm. She knew that shit is going to broke sooner or later and she didn’t do anything about it.

She would’t even care but today was Monday and her first class on Monday was English.

She despised her English teacher. He was an asshole. Always making rude comments about her and the other girls.

‘[Y/L/N] why do you look so sad? Smile, kid! You look so pretty with that smile!’

‘[Y/LN] what’s with that stupid smile? You’re supposed to read something!’

He was so annoying.

[Y/N] realized she’s already late anyway, so why should she bother? She wanted to have a proper breakfast.

After doing her morning routine she grabbed a backpack, keys and left the apartment.

Ugh. It was snowing.  

As she peacefully walked on the iced streets of Gotham, she checked the time and she couldn’t believe herself. This is what you get when you “shouldn’t bother”.

[Y/N] was going to be late. Again. To her second class.

So she did the only think she could think of.

She ran.

When [Y/N]’s feet met the slippery bridge, she didn’t slow down. She knew it was very risky but she could’t be that late, she would be in trouble!

She thought she’s going to be just fine because she was already in the middle of the construction but oh boy, how naive she was.

Then she was running and now she wasn’t.

Her face was in the snow..

Yes, she slipped.

[Y/N] groaned and was about to start getting up but she heard a laugh.

Quite maniacal one.

It was a male, he sounded young. She didn’t want to see him, she was to ashamed to show him his face.

It was obvious that her fall looked hilarious but seriously, she could have hurt herself!

Now she was mad at this guy.

Still too embarrassed to get up though.

So poor [Y/N] laid there until she heard the person walking away still giggling a little.

‘Wow. What an asshole.’ She thought and finally stood up.

She arrived to school after her English class. She made it right on time.

At least she didn’t have to confront her teacher.

Classes passed by very quickly, thanks to [Y/N]’s five friends.

They were supposed to grab something to eat and go to the movies. [Y/N] loved cinema.

As the laughing pack left the building they heard an explosion and people screaming. Just around the corner.

“What was that?!”

“I don’t know, let’s check it out!”

‘Very fucking smart..’ Thought [Y/N] but didn’t say anything.

Now while walking in the direction of even louder screams she seriously wanted to say something. It really wasn’t a good idea to go there, now with everything happening with Jerome Valeska being alive and his cult–

–And the penny drops.

‘That laugh. It was him!’

When running people started to pass them by she stopped in her tracks.

“Okay guys, this is very stupid of us. We really shouldn–”

“My, my, what do we have here?” Somebody cut her off.

The group slowly turned around to meet Jerome Valeska, in the flesh, standing there and smiling madly at them.

‘Oh no…now we’re screwed’

As they stared at him, too afraid to run, a school bus pulled up.

Those lunatics. Those lunatics from his cult were in this bus. 

[Y/N] could’t take a good look from her position but it seemed like all of them were ugly men with clown make up on their faces, holding weapons. 

Jerome started to laugh darkly as he saw the fear in their eyes.

“Come on children, the bus is hereee! Now, get in or..” He targeted his gun at them.


Scared pack could only nod, expect [Y/N].

“Alrighty then…” She spoke, wanting to play it cool. She didn’t want to give him satisfaction of her shaking in fear.

All of her friends were already in the bus, probably sobbing and not knowing what to do.

[Y/N] really wanted to save her ass, so she started to think about the plan.

The moment she was about to step into the bus, passing Jerome, [Y/N] flirtatiously smiled at him, kinda praying he’s not gay. Her plan was to use her looks to save herself. She didn’t expect anything just yet, she didn’t even have a full plan, it was all so spontaneous.

When their eye contact broke she heard him say “C'mere, Angel.”

A little shocked [Y/N] skipped to him and gave him a small smile.

She felt him put an arm around her waist.

“We can’t let you fall and hurt yourself again, can we?”

Now she was sure it was him laughing at her earlier. Douchebag.

[Y/N] only nodded as she let him hold her waist and sensing him entering the bus right after her.

Then she felt somebody hitting her head with something hard and she fell straight on the bus floor knocked out.

“Rise and shine, Beautiful..” A hot breath on her ear was present as she started to wake up.

Her vision more clear now, so she could see she’s been lying on the hard floor, and noticed the Ginger hovering over her.

She whined because her head hurt like hell.

Jerome’s face softened as he caressed her cheek.

“I’m so sorry about it, Doll. That idiot who did that to you is already dead.”

He helped her to stand up and took her to another room of wherever they were.  

What [Y/N] saw before her was absolutely terrible. Her friends tied to the chairs, crying in pain. Three psychos torturing them.

When they saw Jerome coming in, they left the room one by one, still laughing.

“Alrighty!” He shouted smiling widely at her almost lifeless friends and then turned to [Y/N].

“Listen [Y/N]..” She wasn’t even surprised he knew her name.

“When I saw you for the first time.. I knew you were just like me. Different. What I’m saying is, join me. You can be my queen of hearts. Well, more like of my heart. I know you feel the same about me, Doll Face.”

Okay, this is crazy. [Y/N] wanted to play with his mind and make him think that she likes him because she wants to be alive. Nothing wrong with that.. but she wasn’t prepared for something like this, for God’s sake. It’s not her fault nobody ever loved Jerome this way. Or at all.

What is he gonna do to her friends?!

“What about my friends?”

“Thought you’re not gonna ask! That’s the funny part, Darling!”


“You’re going to kill ‘em! Bang! You don’t need ‘em do you?! I’m everything you need!”

[Y/N] forgot how to speak English. She started to pray this is all a cruel joke or better - a nightmare.

“Are you crazy?! I’m not doing this!”

“Yes. You. Are.” She could tell he was angry.

He pushed a gun into her hands.

“You’re doing this, Lovely. Now.”

She targeted the gun at them, shaking like mad. She didn’t want to do this.

“Pull the trigger.” He hissed.

Too many emotions. [Y/N] was so nervous she started to sob, look on her friend’s faces not helping at all. Hopeless like they were expecting her to do it..

Now Jerome was seriously annoyed and bored.

“Guess I have to kill all of you now…”

He shot her friends in the head and dropped the gun. He took out his knife and just as he was about to hop in her way–

–There was a shot “GCPD! You’re surrounded!

And then she realized. She didn’t even flinch. She still had a gun pointed at their direction. She was too shocked to do anything.

This is so stupid.

So stupid.

“Amazing job, Honey!”

Oh no.



He did it on purpose.

One month later, Arkham Asylum

‘’[Y/N]! How is my favourite inmate doing?” said Jerome, squeezing her hard.

She pushed him off and didn’t say anything.

“Awww, c’mon Baby, you can’t possibly be still mad at me? I did it for our love!”

Great. Now she was stuck with him in this crazy place.

At least they had their love.. Right?

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Hello! I'm so sorry for asking such a basic thing, but... could I ask how you make gifs? The whole process, starting from downloading the episode, torrenting or whatever, etc... I can't even do that much so no matter how many tutorials I read or watch, I can't even open it in Photoshop or download it correctly. >.< Thank you!

Hiya!! No no don’t be sorry!! It took me a while to figure it out too when I first got started so I’m happy to help you! I will mention that I have a pc, not a mac, so I can only show you what I have. Also I’m super sorry for this late reply!

Tutorial: How To Make A Gif (Extremely Detailed Version)

Difficulty: Easy
Time Allocation: ~1 hour
No Prior Understanding Required

What You Will Need:

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They’re Trying To Catch You || [listen]

You are the last dragonlord now

You alone carry the ancient gift

sad hats and black cats - adrinette au

Adrien and Marinette where…

“We have a lot of mutual friends so we see each other more than two broken up people usually do and I know we’re not really close anymore but you’re wearing that stupid (adorable) hat you always wore when you were upset so tell me what’s wrong because it’s literally killing me to see you look so sad” AU

… because I’m having a dry spell of sorts with writing, and I’m hoping this AU prompt will help me get back on track.

It’s 2k words of mild Adrinette angst, but… Well. We’ll just see how this goes. 

Three months, five days, two hours, and twenty-seven minutes.

Not that Marinette was counting up the exact amount of time since he had broken up with Adrien. She did no such thing! He was over her, and she was over him. That was that.

To be honest, Marinette thought that their breakup went fairly smoothly; it was mutual, and they both realized that there was just too many things going on. Between jobs and college and studying, there was hardly any time to spend together as a couple, and so they called it quits.

But apparently, “calling it quits” didn’t mean “not seeing each other” anymore. Adrien and Marinette still saw each other. Frequently. Nearly every day, in fact.

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@taegedy : Omf I just saw the request about texting/snap chatting Jin when you started teaching yourself Hangul and I was wondering if you could do Suga and jungkook too? that’s so cute i love that scenario a lot

: lets race to see who can learn a new language faster 
Jk: wait
: 😊
Jk: did you just speak korean?
: what else would I have spoken?
Jk: i bet that you can’t understand this
: bet you i can
Jk: omg are you serious
Jk: are you learning korean?
Jk: omg
: you’re learning english so it’s only fair
: if you help me learn korean ill help you learn english
Jk: it’s a deal


Wanna come over to play video games?

You’re a loser! 

That’s not how you spell “when”

Pt 1/2

These took so long because doing requests for other languages are so much more difficult because of the translation and the script and stuff. Fun! But still difficult. Thank you for requesting!!! :D

- Admin J

Volunteer - Michael

Requested - “Hey sweetheart !😊 i have a new request how about reader Working at a vet hospital and michael spends his free time or his days off with her helping her take care of Kitties and dogs 😍😍😍😍 Omg i cant breath he is so cute 😊”

I’ve basically just written this as Michael being adorable with various animals 😂😂
Sorry it took me so long, galaxybutterfly23!


“I think he’s peed in my hands” Michael’s face is a picture.

“He’s only a baby, they do that when they’re excited and you’re making him excited!” You try to keep your laugh quiet so as not to disturb the sleeping mother. Most of the volunteers at the animal sanctuary were older women who wanted something to do in their retirement or teenagers wanting work experience. Then there was Michael, the 19 year old, self declared “punk rock guy”, with tattoos on his arms. To say people were shocked to see him working there, was an understatement, but you, and every animal in the place, knew he had a heart of gold.

“Well, you can just sit back down there now with your brothers and sisters, little fella” he places the excitable puppy back on the ground, where he quickly falls over his little legs in a desperate attempt to dive on his sister, “this is my favourite part of the job” he muses, watching a puppy climb over her sibling’s head without a care.

“What? Playing with cute, baby animals?” You raise an eyebrow, “I’d say that was everyone’s favourite part.”

“I’d say I was best at this part though” he smiles as his favourite puppy wobbles over to chew on his hand, “maybe I’ll stay here and watch these guys, while you go and clean out the rabbits?” He grins.

“You can fu….shut up, Clifford” you glance down and stop yourself.

“Did you just stop yourself from swearing in front of the dogs?” He gazes at you.

“They’re babies, they don’t need to hear that kind of language” you frown, “come on. Rabbits.” You know doesn’t mind cleaning out the animals, he just likes to complain.

“Hey, old man” Mike’s attention went straight to the old, bedraggled looking rabbit in the corner. He always made sure to spend more time with the older animals, because “they might feel left out with everyone fussing over the younger ones”. It was the comments like these that made him your favourite volunteer to work with. You were both soft spots for the uglier, older animals, the ones you thought might be ignored by others.

“How is he?” You ask

“Grumpy” he starts to give the old rabbit some treats, “here ya go, buddy, don’t tell Y/N.”

“Michael! He’s mean to be on a special diet!” You can’t be angry at him though.

“One of the advantages of being old is surely that you can eat what you want!” he defends his actions.

“You’re a pain in the arse, Clifford”

“But you love me” he grins at you.

“Hmph” you narrow your eyes.

“Hey, Y/N?”


“What are you doing later?” His voice sounds nervous.

“Not a lot, why?” You shrug.

“I just thought…you…I mean, we..if you wanted…” He stammers.

“Do you want to form the sentence in your brain first?” Winding him up is one of your favourite things to do.

“God, you’re annoying” he groans, “do you want to go out later…with me, I mean?”

“Go on then” you shrug, trying to hide your grin.

“I like the enthusiasm” he chuckles, “can we go and play with the kittens now?? They’ll have missed me.”

“No, they won’t”

“Sometimes I wonder why I ask to volunteer with you” he murmurs.

“You ask to volunteer with me?” You stop your actions and turn to him.

“What? No!” He turns so you can’t see the blush on his cheeks, “it was just a figure of speech. Anyway, kittens!! Come on, Y/N.” Once all the rabbits’ homes are clean and dry, he drags you to the warm room where the newborn, mewling kittens are kept.

“This room makes me feel so much calmer” you sigh.

“LOOK HE’S YAWNING!” Michael practically has heart eyes as he picks up a kitten and sits down, crossed legged, on the floor.

“Nothing bad can happen when there are kittens” you tickle the little guy under the chin.

“Hey, get your own cat” Mike twists his torso away, “he’s mine.”

“And I’ve just agreed to go on a date with you” you mutter.

“Yes, you have” his wide grin makes your stomach flutter with excitement.


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So this year was specially really tough as I had to do a to deal with many personal issues, but Tumblr was definitely an escape that helped me keep together when everything else seemed like it was shattering. To all my mutuals that I have ever talked to, Thank you. You don’t know how much I appreciate every single one of you. 

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hi guys! I’m remaking my commission post so I can update it a bit!

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honestly where did you all come from ?? and i’m surprised that a lot of you decided to stay and support me omg :’ )…. this has been such a wonderful experience, and to reach 300+ is shocking for someone that barely does anything productive here lmao
before i list the cuties, i want to say that, mutuals or not, i really do appreciate the support & patience given by you all ♡!!

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