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Coachella // Cole Sprouse

Hey, could you do a Cole Sprouse imagine, where him and the reader are together at Coachella with the rest of the cast. And they all ship them and it is just really cute and fluffy. This would be awesome. Thank you in advance 😊

A/N: Hi guys! I’m sorry it took so so so so long for me to post my stuff, but I am a busy girl (what am I saying? I spend most of my time on Sims and playing video games) and school is almost starting back up again (it’s saturday and i’m talking 11pm right now and i go back on monday help) but I will try to do this for you 💕 Btw, this is short bcos I have never been to Coachella so I couldn’t really describe the experience omg. 

Warnings: Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Words: 867. 

Characters: Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Ross Butler, Casey Cott. 

You were beyond excited as you walked through the front gates of the biggest music festival you’ve ever attended. You had Cole holding onto your hand tightly, making sure you wouldn’t get lost within the crowds. Camila and Lili were both chatting to you about the fashion, and their outfits. You wore something simple, just like Camila and Lili. A ‘Boho Chic’ styled outfit, paired with white Converse and your hair was in loose curls and you had a huge smile on your face.

Looking up at Cole, seeing his brown hair fall perfectly over his face. His white shirt and blue jeans were simple and you loved it. A lot.

“What are you staring at me with heart eyes for?” Cole whispered in your ear, a chuckle following his question as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to his body as you walked to the H&M tent with him and the rest of the cast.

“Because you’re a beautiful specimen and I think you’ve casted a spell on me to make me look at you all the time.” You grinned, shaking your head a little as you looked around, seeing an abundance of celebrities floating around. There was music playing from the live performances and you were honestly so amazed by the relaxed atmosphere. Cole laughed at your comment, pressing a kiss to your temple. You could hear Camila exclaiming how cute you two were as a couple and Lili quietly agreeing with her. KJ, Casey and Ross were all wolf whistling in the background, making you blush and bite your lip.


You were currently dancing with Camila and Lili to the music at the stage where you were with everyone you had come with. It had eventually gotten a bit sexual, where it ended up with you grinding up against Camila, her hands on your body. You were laughing, since you were a bit tipsy and high off the adrenaline, along with Camila, and Cole was standing over with KJ, Casey and Ross. Cole was muttering under his breath. He heard KJ laugh at him. “Jealous are you, mate?”

Cole raised an eyebrow at KJ, chuckling a little bit and shaking his head. “I’m just gonna let her have fun. She’s had a tough few months, so I’m just letting her let loose.” Cole shrugged, running his fingers through his hair and walking up behind you, leaning in to whisper in your ear. “I’m gonna go and get some drinks for the clan. I’ll be back soon, okay?”

You turned around, apologizing to the girls before looking up at him. “I’m gonna come with you, okay?” You took his hand, your bag at your side. You made your way through the crowds, headed towards the little stall where drinks were being sold. You asked for 7 bottles of water, pulling your purse from your bag, but Cole had already handed them the money, telling them to keep the change before taking 4 out of the 7 bottles of water. “I could’ve paid for them, Cole.” You laughed, holding the three bottles, walking besides your boyfriend.

“You don’t need to worry about it right now, my beautiful. I just want you to have fun with us all.” He spoke as the both of you arrived back to your group, who were now all finished with their dancing, and had sat on the grass, just a little bit away from the crowds.

“You two are honestly the cutest. Like, cuter than Michael Jackson and Tatiana Thumbtzen from his music video or whatever.” Camila commented, thanking you as you handed her and Lili a bottle of water, handing the other water bottle you had to KJ, who was also seated next to Camila.

“I think we aspire to be David and Victoria Beckham, actually.” Cole smirked, his hand snaking around your waist, pulling you closer to him. You blushed, looking at Camila and rolling your eyes.

“Well if you pop out babies like the Beckham’s do, I will be astonished and honestly cry.” Lili laughed, making you face-palm, unscrewing the bottle lid and taking a drink.


It was getting towards dark and you were currently wrapped up in a blanket, sitting next to Cole, who was wrapped up in the same blanket, sipping a cup of coffee, from the Thermos that Lili had filled up. “Have you enjoyed today?” Cole asked quietly, his lips brushing against your ear, taking a deep breath.

“I did, actually. Thank you so much for bringing me along, Cole. You didn’t have to.” You smiled, turning to look at him and pressing a kiss to his cheek. You stood up, dropping the blanket and starting to pack your stuff into the back pack you had bought along.

“What are you doing?” Cole asked, watching you put both of your stuff away. You motioned for him to give you the blanket as you spoke.

“Packing. As you can see. I want to spend some time with my amazing boyfriend in a cold hotel room.” You smiled, watching him nod and start to pack up to.

Boy were you happy to have a guy like him in your life.

Jerome Valeska x Reader: Our Love

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a big thank you to my lovely friend @im-not-dead-but-i-should-be who made writing this story possible by helping me so much!

also idk  but it really took me long to write this and it’s so short….. omg kill me

‘Perfect. Fucking perfect.’

[Y/N] was going to be late. Thanks to her alarm. She knew that shit is going to broke sooner or later and she didn’t do anything about it.

She would’t even care but today was Monday and her first class on Monday was English.

She despised her English teacher. He was an asshole. Always making rude comments about her and the other girls.

‘[Y/L/N] why do you look so sad? Smile, kid! You look so pretty with that smile!’

‘[Y/LN] what’s with that stupid smile? You’re supposed to read something!’

He was so annoying.

[Y/N] realized she’s already late anyway, so why should she bother? She wanted to have a proper breakfast.

After doing her morning routine she grabbed a backpack, keys and left the apartment.

Ugh. It was snowing.  

As she peacefully walked on the iced streets of Gotham, she checked the time and she couldn’t believe herself. This is what you get when you “shouldn’t bother”.

[Y/N] was going to be late. Again. To her second class.

So she did the only think she could think of.

She ran.

When [Y/N]’s feet met the slippery bridge, she didn’t slow down. She knew it was very risky but she could’t be that late, she would be in trouble!

She thought she’s going to be just fine because she was already in the middle of the construction but oh boy, how naive she was.

Then she was running and now she wasn’t.

Her face was in the snow..

Yes, she slipped.

[Y/N] groaned and was about to start getting up but she heard a laugh.

Quite maniacal one.

It was a male, he sounded young. She didn’t want to see him, she was to ashamed to show him his face.

It was obvious that her fall looked hilarious but seriously, she could have hurt herself!

Now she was mad at this guy.

Still too embarrassed to get up though.

So poor [Y/N] laid there until she heard the person walking away still giggling a little.

‘Wow. What an asshole.’ She thought and finally stood up.

She arrived to school after her English class. She made it right on time.

At least she didn’t have to confront her teacher.

Classes passed by very quickly, thanks to [Y/N]’s five friends.

They were supposed to grab something to eat and go to the movies. [Y/N] loved cinema.

As the laughing pack left the building they heard an explosion and people screaming. Just around the corner.

“What was that?!”

“I don’t know, let’s check it out!”

‘Very fucking smart..’ Thought [Y/N] but didn’t say anything.

Now while walking in the direction of even louder screams she seriously wanted to say something. It really wasn’t a good idea to go there, now with everything happening with Jerome Valeska being alive and his cult–

–And the penny drops.

‘That laugh. It was him!’

When running people started to pass them by she stopped in her tracks.

“Okay guys, this is very stupid of us. We really shouldn–”

“My, my, what do we have here?” Somebody cut her off.

The group slowly turned around to meet Jerome Valeska, in the flesh, standing there and smiling madly at them.

‘Oh no…now we’re screwed’

As they stared at him, too afraid to run, a school bus pulled up.

Those lunatics. Those lunatics from his cult were in this bus. 

[Y/N] could’t take a good look from her position but it seemed like all of them were ugly men with clown make up on their faces, holding weapons. 

Jerome started to laugh darkly as he saw the fear in their eyes.

“Come on children, the bus is hereee! Now, get in or..” He targeted his gun at them.


Scared pack could only nod, expect [Y/N].

“Alrighty then…” She spoke, wanting to play it cool. She didn’t want to give him satisfaction of her shaking in fear.

All of her friends were already in the bus, probably sobbing and not knowing what to do.

[Y/N] really wanted to save her ass, so she started to think about the plan.

The moment she was about to step into the bus, passing Jerome, [Y/N] flirtatiously smiled at him, kinda praying he’s not gay. Her plan was to use her looks to save herself. She didn’t expect anything just yet, she didn’t even have a full plan, it was all so spontaneous.

When their eye contact broke she heard him say “C'mere, Angel.”

A little shocked [Y/N] skipped to him and gave him a small smile.

She felt him put an arm around her waist.

“We can’t let you fall and hurt yourself again, can we?”

Now she was sure it was him laughing at her earlier. Douchebag.

[Y/N] only nodded as she let him hold her waist and sensing him entering the bus right after her.

Then she felt somebody hitting her head with something hard and she fell straight on the bus floor knocked out.

“Rise and shine, Beautiful..” A hot breath on her ear was present as she started to wake up.

Her vision more clear now, so she could see she’s been lying on the hard floor, and noticed the Ginger hovering over her.

She whined because her head hurt like hell.

Jerome’s face softened as he caressed her cheek.

“I’m so sorry about it, Doll. That idiot who did that to you is already dead.”

He helped her to stand up and took her to another room of wherever they were.  

What [Y/N] saw before her was absolutely terrible. Her friends tied to the chairs, crying in pain. Three psychos torturing them.

When they saw Jerome coming in, they left the room one by one, still laughing.

“Alrighty!” He shouted smiling widely at her almost lifeless friends and then turned to [Y/N].

“Listen [Y/N]..” She wasn’t even surprised he knew her name.

“When I saw you for the first time.. I knew you were just like me. Different. What I’m saying is, join me. You can be my queen of hearts. Well, more like of my heart. I know you feel the same about me, Doll Face.”

Okay, this is crazy. [Y/N] wanted to play with his mind and make him think that she likes him because she wants to be alive. Nothing wrong with that.. but she wasn’t prepared for something like this, for God’s sake. It’s not her fault nobody ever loved Jerome this way. Or at all.

What is he gonna do to her friends?!

“What about my friends?”

“Thought you’re not gonna ask! That’s the funny part, Darling!”


“You’re going to kill ‘em! Bang! You don’t need ‘em do you?! I’m everything you need!”

[Y/N] forgot how to speak English. She started to pray this is all a cruel joke or better - a nightmare.

“Are you crazy?! I’m not doing this!”

“Yes. You. Are.” She could tell he was angry.

He pushed a gun into her hands.

“You’re doing this, Lovely. Now.”

She targeted the gun at them, shaking like mad. She didn’t want to do this.

“Pull the trigger.” He hissed.

Too many emotions. [Y/N] was so nervous she started to sob, look on her friend’s faces not helping at all. Hopeless like they were expecting her to do it..

Now Jerome was seriously annoyed and bored.

“Guess I have to kill all of you now…”

He shot her friends in the head and dropped the gun. He took out his knife and just as he was about to hop in her way–

–There was a shot “GCPD! You’re surrounded!

And then she realized. She didn’t even flinch. She still had a gun pointed at their direction. She was too shocked to do anything.

This is so stupid.

So stupid.

“Amazing job, Honey!”

Oh no.



He did it on purpose.

One month later, Arkham Asylum

‘’[Y/N]! How is my favourite inmate doing?” said Jerome, squeezing her hard.

She pushed him off and didn’t say anything.

“Awww, c’mon Baby, you can’t possibly be still mad at me? I did it for our love!”

Great. Now she was stuck with him in this crazy place.

At least they had their love.. Right?

How to start an ask blog

I already answered this question, but my tips were pretty short so for the 20k I decided to take the time to write all the tips that I learned. So I hope that I will help the new ask blogs!

If you don’t know me, hello I’m Sarah and I started this blog in June/July 2016 when there were only 3 ask blogs and the other 3 were inactive, yep. It’s been now 8 months than I run this blog so hopefully this will help you! (ofc my tips are good for not only bts ask blogs!).

Also it’s just tips and things that I noticed so you don’t have to follow everything!

Warning: very long

1. Chara Design

*Chara design is really important, it’s the first thing that people will see. Since tumblr users scroll down really fast, they need to recognize the member really quickly. So before starting your blog I think you should take your time to sit down and to create the chara design. Try different things and see what is the best for you! A quick way to do it is to mix their personalities with their real life features! But don’t worry, you will surely change your design after a couple of months, but it’s a great beginning to have a design in mind!

*Color palette is also really important. I don’t like to whitewash but do what you want. If you don’t like to whitewash like me I think that this VLIVE  really shows their beautiful skins♥. But again you will change it for sure later, I often change my color palette tbh. It won’t be perfect, and it can’t be perfect so don’t be too pressured by this!

2. AUs (Alternate universe, other professions, ships & OCs)

1. Alternate universe

My ask blog isn’t an AU so I don’t know everything about this. But I’ll try my best to give you all my advices. 

I think that AUs are really funny and really great (for ex witch au etc). And a good way to create one is to ask yourself some really simple questions who will help you to develop this universe and to keep it consistent.
For example: Where are they? Do they like were they live? The mood of the place? Specificities of the place/universe? Do this place affect their appareance? In which way? Do they have the same age? How the universe interacts with them? etc….

2. Other professions

It’s basically the same than 1. but with different questions: Where do they work? With who? Do they work a lot? How are the customers? Do they like their job? How involved are they in this job? Are they good at it? Someone ocasionally helps them? etc…

3. Ships

Ships are part of the AU because in your universe, the ship is canon (which is not the case irl). It’s also the same than 1. and 2.: How is the relationship? Do they have habits? (things they do often etc..), How the members interact with the ship? Things they love about each other? Things they hate? Where do they live? etc…

4. OCs

I only saw a few ask blogs including OCs but they exist so I have to talk about them eheh. (oc x member, doesn’t me it’s a romantic relationship tho)

If you want to create this type of blog, be ready because it’s going to be really difficult. The thing with Ocs is that it will take time to your followers to like your OCs because they don’t know them. You should introduce the OC in your first post: How do they know each other? (member and the oc), Age? Type of relationship? Interactions with the other members? Do they know the other members?  Reasons why the member likes your OC etc…

*obviously you don’t have to answer to all the questions!^^^^

3. The start of your blog & tips

1. Make an introduction! 

It’s basically just a post saying “hello i exist plz send me asks ty”. You can maybe tag other art blogs to bring some of their followers on your blog so you can starts somewhere! If it’s an AU, introduce it a lil bit. Don’t be too pressured by this post. You will hate it later trust me, just draw something cute, introduce the theme of your blog and that’s all!

2. Don’t answer directly to the ask

By that I mean don’t answer in this lil box (?) here

And here’s why:

  • The quality is better when you upload your drawings in the picture post (idk how it’s called??), plus it takes more time to load (at least for me?)
  • But the major reason is because of this:

When someone reblogs an ask, it will cut/hide the pictures a bit. Which is really not good. If you write some texts it might be hided because of this, and the tumblr user will have to click on it to read everything. But the majority won’t click on it. I did this myself, and I’m glad that an anon told me about this! 

So what I do now is that I took a screenshot of the ask, I save it and upload it in the picture post (still don’t know how it’s called ugh).


  • Clarity is key guys! I see a lot of beautiful artworks who aren’t clear, so we don’t understand what’s going on! :^((. Tumblr users scroll down really fast, if they don’t understand something or if they have to take the time to understand it, they will keep scrolling. 
  • So don’t explain all the story in one or two pics (or maybe it’s just really short but wtv). There will have a lot of informations in one pic and it’s not good at all :^((
  • Don’t be afraid to SHOW things. Show what’s going on. Yoongi is watching Jhope’s body roll for 5 minutes on Youtube? In an other picture, zoom on his laptop to make it clear: “yes Yoongi is a J-Hope trash, look at his laptop”. That’s why my comics are 6-9 pictures long. I make sure that everything is understandable. 

4. I don’t get attention, why? :^(

OK this is a really complicated topic, but I get this question pretty often. I won’t talk about the lack of reblogs or anything like that.

In this section I will talk about things ask blogs don’t talk, so here we go.

  • For some reason,people reaaaally don’t talk about this topic in the drawing or writing community (in the kpop fandom). But ayy let’s talk about this: Depending on the member, you will get more or less notes. That’s sad but true. The maknae line is more popular and the hyung line is less popular. So if you choose to create a blog centered on only one member and he’s not really popular, you will get less notes. Be aware of that.
  • Same for ships. Some ships are more popular! And some are less popular.
  • (for this one please don’t be offended ;<;)

After working on this blog for a while, I realized something. Maybe you noticed it, but I don’t answer questions like “what’s your fav color”, “do you like this instrument?, “do you like that?” etc… It’s because…it’s not the most interesting questions in the world. Let’s say you answer and say “blue”. Well yea, the drawing can be amazing, but the content isn’t really interesting. It’s blue, well ok. So if you only answer this kind of asks, there’s chances that people might not be really interested.

Again, I’m not here to tell you how to run your blog! If you like to answer to this, keep going bro!

  • An other thing that I noticed. Comics are always prefered to illustrations. Because it’s a story. The illustration can be amazing, but it’s an illustration. People really enjoy comics because it’s a story and it can be funny, and angsty or idk. My asks are stories. It’s not a direct answer, it’s a story that answer to the question. But again, if you don’t like to make comics, don’t do it :^DDD It’s just something that I realized! 

SO I FINALY FINISHED IT!!! It was long and it took me so much time omg. I hope this will help you♥♥

3 A.M. (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

394. “It’s 3am and you’re the only person in McDonald’s right now and why do I have to work the night shift”

A/N: Okay, so this is the first fic I’ve ever posted online so be gentle, please lol. I really have been meaning to write this for a long time, but it took some self-convincing. Anyways, here it is and enjoy! I do take requests about anything to be honest so ask away!


You were bored. Scratch that, you were dying from boredom. Why did you have to work the night shift, rather why was there even a night shift? It’s currently past midnight and the only customers you’ve had since midnight are junkies without money. You were resting your head on your hand and leaning over the counter. You sighed heavily and stared at the clock, watching the minutes pass by. You wanted nothing more than to wash the grease off of you and to lay down in your bed watching your favorite show on Netflix. 

Just then, the bell hanging above the door chimed. A customer at this ungodly hour of the night? You instantly recognized who the customer was. He was wearing a flannel with a striped T-shirt underneath. He wore big glasses and had brown hair and plastered on his face was his big shit-eating grin. The insanely annoying Jared Kleinman. But he was also your friend, so maybe he can tell you some of his stupid jokes to cheer you up. 

“Why are you here? Seriously, it’s 3 am.” 

“Is that how you talk to paying customers? Honestly, I’d like to speak to your manager.” 

“Go ahead, she’s probably in bed asleep considering she left 3 hours ago. What do you want, Kleinman?” 

“I just wanted to visit my best friend slaving away her youth in a shitty fast food chain restaurant. Are you seriously the only one working?”

“Afraid so. There’s no point in me being here.” 

“You’re right. Let’s ditch it and go to my house.” 

“Isn’t that a little suspicious? You know, a girl actually wanting to be at your house at 3 am?” 

“Fuck off. I’m trying to save you from this hellhole, but if you’re going to act like that-” 

“Look, it’s not that I don’t want to, but I can’t just leave.” Jared looked around the restaurant. Literally he searched every corner of the dining area and came back. 

“That’s funny, I don’t see anyone else here. No manager to force you to stay. C’mon, live a little (Y/N).” 

“I appreciate the sentiment, Jared, but seriously, I can’t go. Maybe another night.” 

“Alright, I guess I'll tell everyone to come in, then.” 

“Everyone?” Jared smirked and dialed a number on his phone. 

“Yeah, man, she said she can’t leave. Alright, come on in.” 

He shut his phone off and you stared at him in confusion. Just then, you heard a couple car doors slam shut. The bell chimed again and in walked Connor, Zoe, Evan, and Alana. 

“Guys, what the hell are you doing here?” 

Zoe answered you, “Since you couldn’t leave work, we decided to come here to try and convince you to hang out.” 

“But you guys can’t stay unless you buy something.” 

Everyone “checked” their pockets for money, meaning that they didn’t actually look for the sake of getting you to leave your job. Connor spoke, 

“Aww man, we don’t have any. Guess you’ll have escort us out and then ditch this place.” 

“Alana, you’re going along with this?” 

“I know, it seems so out of character, but Fridays aren’t fun without you, (Y/N).”

You wiped your hand on your face and looked at your friends’ pleading faces.

“Okay, okay, fine. I’ll leave. But if I get fired, it’s on you.” 

Jared clapped your back, “Aaand we can help you find a new one. One that doesn’t make you work a night shift at 3 am on Friday nights.” 

You locked up the restaurant. You had changed clothes before leaving and even put on some deodorant because no one likes lingering McDonald’s smell. Everyone else had already piled in Jared’s car. Jared hung back with you. You turned to him, 

“So, you’ve dragged me out of work to hang out? We could’ve done this another night, you realize.” 

“Now what kind of friend would I be if I let my best friend in the whole world out to dry working?” 

“A normal one..?” 

“Good thing I’m not normal. Unless you’d rather be in there with all the grease fuming up into your hair-” 

“No! I-I’m happy that you came and got me.” 

“That’s what I thought. I mean who can resist the insanely cool Jared Kleinman?” 

 You two began walking to his car as you said, “Oh, definitely not me, Jared. My life would be too boring without you.” 

You were joking when you said that, but you knew deep down that it was true. If it wasn’t for Jared, you’d still be at work, bored out of your mind. Jared always came to the rescue, whether it was getting you to ditch work or to even chase off creepy guys who were flirting with you. You couldn’t imagine your life without him. 

You got in the passenger seat while Jared got in the driver’s seat. He smiled at you as he turned on the radio. He plugged in his phone and began playing Cupcakke’s Deepthroat. You and the rest of the gang started shouting the lyrics, except for Evan and Alana who were terrified at the horrid lyrics. 

Jared pulled into the parking lot of a park. Everyone got out and ran around like kids. You laughed at Connor and Evan who were recreating the Jack and Rose scene from Titanic at the top of the slide. The night was filled with many pictures and snapchat videos of you all just goofing off and having the time of your lives. You saw a tree at the back end of the park that seemed sturdy enough to climb, so you raced towards it. You reached up to the lowest branch and hoisted yourself up. You grabbed onto the next branch and sat upon it. You leaned back against the trunk and watched your friends run around.

“Hey, you better be careful up there. You don’t wanna end up falling out of it like Tree Boy over there.” 

“I’ll be fine, Jared, I used to do this all the time when I was younger.” 

Jared hoisted himself onto the branch that was next to yours. He faced the trunk of the tree and leaned against the other branches. You smiled and averted your gaze, blushing. Thank God it was dark out. 

“Hey, thanks for bailing me out.”  

“What are awesome friends for, amirite?” 

“Man, I really don’t know what I’d do without you.” 

“In all honesty, you’d probably be better off. I mean, you could lose your job by being here.” 

“So what? If it wasn’t for you, I’d still be there and not here… with you.” 

“(Y/N) (L/N) if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were flirting with me.” 

He smirked as you sighed. Then you grinned as you said, 

“And what if I am?” 

It was his turn to blush. For once, Jared was speechless. He just laughed awkwardly as you chuckled. 

“Okay, okay, calm down there. I know I’m irresistible, but no one can tie down this loser.” 

“Pfft. Whatever, Kleinman. You’d jump at the chance to get with me and you know it.” Jared just smiled and avoided your gaze. 

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Hey, I’ll race you to the slides!”

“Oh, you are so going down!” 

You and Jared jumped from the tree and took off running for the slides. You had taken a shortcut under the jungle gym and climbed up to the top. You jumped over the side of the bars. You stopped him in his tracks. 

“I win!” 

“Damn, you got lucky.” 

“I sure did.” 

You smiled as you kissed his cheek and immediately went down the slide. He stood there in utter shock and then chased after you. After an hour, Jared drove everyone to his house and passed out in his living room. You and Jared had somehow ended up in a cuddling position throughout the night. Your face was in his chest and his arm was draped over your waist pulling you in closer. 

You woke up to the smell of him and grinned. You hesitantly sat up and looked at your surroundings. There were your best friends in the whole world passed out on the floor in the living room of the guy you had been crushing on since 6th grade. You reached around for your phone and picked it up. You looked at the pictures from the night before and reminisced about the fun times that happened only hours ago. You saw the picture of you on his back with him holding your legs and your arms wrapped around his neck. You were both smiling and laughing. You cheesed at the photo. 

“That might actually be the gayest photo of me.” 

Jared was up. You, jokingly, pushed him away. Pretty soon everyone woke up and it was time for everyone to leave. They all, once again, climbed in Jared’s car as he dropped them off one by one. You were the last one to get dropped off. Jared walked you to your front door.

“Thanks for everything. Seriously, that was the most fun I’ve had in awhile.” 

“Glad I could help. Seriously, if you ever need me to bail you out again, I’m one text away.” 

You smiled as you turned to go into your house. Jared’s hand on your wrist caught you by surprise. 

“Jared, what th-” 

He cupped your face and crashed his lips onto yours. You, mindlessly, grabbed onto his flannel as you kissed back. He pulled away as he rested his forehead against yours. You both smiled as he pecked your lips. 

“Sorry, I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.”

“You can do that whenever you like, I won’t complain.”

You both laughed as he started back to his car.

“I gotta run, but I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“We’re hanging out tomorrow?”

“Well, I just now decided that we are going to a movie tomorrow. I’ll pick you up at 7.”

“Well, aren’t you assertive.”

“You love it.” 

“You’re damn right I do.” 

He chuckled and kissed your hand before leaving. You walked into your house and sat down on the couch. Your mom came in and scolded you about getting fired because you went to hang out with your friends. Apparently, the security cameras were on. 

After your mom was done, you sent a text to the group chat with everyone in it. 

To: Tree Squad🌲 

Guys, I just got fired!!! 


Oops! Sorry! 


Well, you didn’t need that job anyways!




Oh my god! I’m so sorry! We didn’t mean to! 


Haha, relax, Hansen. I can just find another one. 


McDonald’s fucking sucks anyways. Have you guys seen this meme? 


Jared what the fuck 


That’s disgusting


Honestly that’s just in poor taste Jared 


I’m really starting to think that that can’t even be considered a meme 




See? I’m funny! (Y/N) is the only one that gets me! 



(In a separate text) 


Hey, sorry about your job. I’ll definitely make it up to you. 


You already did 


Well there’s more where that came from.


Just then he sent a picture of your face in his chest from this morning. You smiled. 



You should definitely take more naps at my house. It’s like hella cute and all that gay shit 


 Thank you once again insanely annoying Jared Kleinman :p


They’re Trying To Catch You || [listen]

You are the last dragonlord now

You alone carry the ancient gift

anonymous asked:

(1/2 omg I'm sorry this is LOnG) (Reader) gets invited to a Wayne gala because she's on a scholarship to Gotham academy due to her fencing skills. She has Damian (who is now going to the academy because Bruce decided he should be around more kids his age. 15) in about half her classes. He didn't really pay attention to her until she showed up to the gala and basically sparked a bit of interest in him. But the thing is she's basically everything that's bright and polite and sweet, nothing dark ab

(2/2) about her. And since the gala the two actually start talking in school more often, until it turns into them hanging out at each others house from time to time. My question now is how do you think Dami would react to himself figuring out he has feelings for her, how would he deal with them? Better yet, when his siblings and father find out, how much do they tease them? I’m using this in a story and I really love your blog, figured I’d ask for help 😖

Omg I’m so sorry this took so long to reply to! I left this blog for ages after my brother died and have only recently started coming back. I still feel guilty though :(. 

Anyway… I guess the way I’d see it is.. if you still want my opinion.. 

  • At the party, him watching her but trying to play it off till one of his brothers ask who she is
  • Then he responds dimissively, listing her attributes but loudly concluding that she wasn’t worth much observation
  • spending the night mentally listing her flaws, her dodgy make up and her lack of higher etiquette training ect ect
  • feeling his stomach roll as she laughs at one of his other classmates, a snobby guy that Damian detests
  • Damian maybe wandering over all high and mighty because he thinks the reader needs saving from the guy’s appalling manners
  • Reader being absolutely capable of taking care of herself, besides he’s not that bad 
  • Damian protesting later to Dick that it was just because that guy was sooo annoying and brusque that he had decided to intervene, as if he would willingly spend time with someone as naive as you
  • he would though
  • repeatedly

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anonymous asked:

hi!! i absolutely love your blog omg!! if ur ok with answering this, how would the shiganshina trio react to their S/O hurting themselves? thank you! 💖

I’m so happy that you’re enjoying the blog! <3 And I wasn’t exactly sure what you meant by “hurting themselves” so I took two different interpretations for each one. 

Eren would slightly panic at seeing his S/O injured, but it wouldn’t take long for him to snap into action and do all he can to help. Because he is a bit panicked, his fingers are usually shaking, but he’s still always there to hold his S/O’s hand until help can be found. He tries to distract them from the pain with jokes and stories, and will continue to do so to cheer them up during the recovery process. If it’s a self-inflicted injury, he’ll get really upset. “Can’t you see how important you are? To me? To everyone?” He often needs to be reminded not to make it into a guilt-trip, and that’s not his intention at all; he’s just really upset that his S/O was upset enough to hurt themselves and he didn’t realize it. But he’ll still be his usual sweet self with them too. 

Mikasa would spring into action, blocking out all else until she knows that her S/O is okay. She’ll take charge of the situation, assessing the injury and deciding what needs to be done to fix it. If she can fix it, she will. If not, she’ll get her S/O to someone who can help as fast as physically possible. Her heart is beating so fast in her chest; she just wants them to be okay. She’s also very soft and sweet during her S/O’s recovery, never leaving their side if she can, and helping them through every step of the recovery, no matter how serious or minor. Now, if it’s a self-inflicted injury, she’ll do everything in her power to make sure it doesn’t happen again. She won’t address it, but it will always be the unspoken truth behind all her worried flutterings. She’ll make sure that they know that they are the most important thing in the world to her, and she won’t let them go down that road. 

Armin panics hard core when he sees his S/O in danger of any kind, injuries especially. He tends to assume the worst, but still works to make sure that doesn’t happen. He does whatever he can in the moment to be helpful to the situation, even if that’s just holding his lover’s hand and whispering reassuring things in their ear. He’ll read to them while they’re recovering, sometimes even making up stories to keep them entertained. If it’s a self-inflicted injury, he’ll do whatever he can to make sure it doesn’t happen again. He will address it head on, asking what made them feel the need to do that, and he’ll probably cry knowing that they felt that way without telling him. And from then on, he’ll be even more sensitive to them and their emotional needs to ensure that it does not happen again. 

I FINISHED ANOTHER THING. I had planned on doing a dim-lighting picture and I thought the Aria duet would be perfect but it just ended up being insanely shiny and sparkly lmao I’m so sorry. The ending of YOI actually made me cry and I knew I had to do a print for this. ;w; 

Also I wanted to give a huge ass shoutout to @hasuyawwn for being ridiculously patient and helpful with this picture because I haven’t drawn properly in months and was struggling hardcore and she helped me catch mistakes through every step of the way omg you’re the best <3 <3 <3

APUSH Study Post

Hey everyone, I hope you are all having a great day. It’s almost time for midterms where I go to school, so I thought it would be a good idea to make a post detailing how I study for American History.

Reading and Note Taking

In order to effectively take notes for APUSH, it’s better to take concise notes rather than pretty ones that you see on studyblrs (they’re so pretty omg). Personally, I don’t find it effective to use visualization to understand the basic information of my history book. Rather, I prefer to create a timeline of events along with my notes so that when I refer to my notes later on, I have a better sense of the order of events that happen in a chapter. For history, I find this more effective than drawing things out.
Revision Methods
The first thing that I do when I revise my notes is to vocalize what I already know about a certain topic and then to fill in any gaps (things that I couldn’t recall earlier). Doing this really helps me as History is kind of like a super long story of the ups and downs of the lives of a thousands of people. It’s sometimes not as entertaining as other topics, so one of the best things to do to make it more interesting is to treat topics and characters as jokes and kind of make them seem petty. I know this is kind of weird, but it really helps you remember the things that people do if they’re all super petty. Another thing I like to do to find diverse viewpoints is to research people during the time of the event to find different perspectives. For example, I had a difficult time understanding arguments that supported slavery when we first began studying them and through research of this dude named Hinton R. Helper (petty dude who was really racist but still supportive of abolition), I could understand some of the southern abolitionist viewpoints of the time.
Making Pretty Notes (Yay! This is my favorite part!)
Now that you’ve taken good reading notes, it’s good to synthesize reading notes with class notes. To do so, I take out my timeline of events and enter the details of the class notes into any empty spaces that I have. In many of the periods in APUSH, maps make it easier to conceptualize the changes made in states and the structure of the nation as it evolves. For example, I didn’t realize how large the territory of the original colonies or that of the Louisiana Purchase was until I drew a maps to study. On the maps, you can also use color and post-its to write in details and other information for review. In addition to maps, I find it useful to write out my definitions on graph paper (the type of paper isn’t really important, I just appreciate the aesthetic of graph paper definitions lol). While it’s good to study definitions using Quizlet or other flash card apps, the act of writing out definitions helps me commit the words to memory more quickly.
Taking practice tests is also a great method if you want to study for the AP Test. These tips above are some of the things that I do to study for general tests in my APUSH class. I have to go now: my next test is next Tuesday, yikes…..

danaaigurira  asked:

Either way, you have great taste in movies! Both of those movies are in my Top 5 Favorite Movies of All Time list. I've always loved A Bronx Tale & Carmen Jones.


I’m sorry it took me so long to respond to this. I’ve actually – OMG bear with me, because I’m a dork – been trolling for gifs. Because I wanted to do a little Top 5 countdown with ya. 

What are your Top 5? I’m gonna go overboard rn b/c I just can’t help myself, but you don’t have to unless you want to, it’s fun!!

My Top 5 all time favorite movies…

1. Shaka Zulu

This was a TV mini-series in the 80s. I saw it when I was a kid. It was the best thing I have ever seen in my entire life. I will always, always cherish it.

2. Rebel Without a Cause

This was the first time I had ever heard of or seen James Dean acting, and I fell head over heels butt crazy in love with him. He was the epitome to me in this film. Quiet, cool af, tortured, and sexy as hell. I wanted to be Natalie Wood so bad…

3. Purple Rain

I literally grew up watching this film. Every year since it came out (which I believe is the year I was born), my mother would sit myself and my twin sister Kenya down in front of the TV and put on this film while she did her housework. She has had a lifelong obsession with him, and as a result, so have I. PRINCE IS LIFE, YOU HEAR ME?

4. Kill Bill

HOT DAMN. Say what you will about Fuckface McGee (QT), when I first saw this film I was blown away. I loved all the fuckin’ women killing the fuck out of all the men in this film. Still holds up.

5. The Shining

It was the weirdest, scariest, creepiest shit I had ever seen. Of course, there are many horror films that I love to death (I’m a huge fan of the genre) but this one always stuck with me. The creep factor in this, man, and for a kid, it was too much.

Okay! There’s my incredibly unnecessary and dorky response! I hope to see what yours are – or anyone’s, shit like this is fun for me heh. 

Thanks for the message!


anonymous asked:

Omg love your headcanon<3 Can you do one hc relationship with all boys paired with a body-confident and flirtatious Candy. Thanks~

Thank you, dear. :ззз

I’m so sorry that took so long to answer your request… I haven’t been able to translate it to Russian language, so do not really understand, but I hope that I have at least something happened.


  • he loves her hands
  • he thinks she’s very sweet
  • affectionately calls her cloud
  • he’s always jealous. “why is she so cute talking with that guy?”
  • she helped him to stop being ashamed of their bruises and to ask for help, because of domestic violence should not remain silent.
  • he loves when she flirts with him: in fact, it is both cute and sexy at the same time


  • he really admires her
  • he calls her bun
  • if she’s chubby, he likes it
  • once he ventured jokingly called her Ironing Board. And then she is indifferent lifted her top and he no longer joked
  • he loves to squeeze her hips because she’s so soft.
  • is actually wildly blushes when she flirts with him


  • he loves her smile
  • her confidence inspires him
  • he calls her a flower
  • he is constantly jealous
  • when she flirts with him, he just spellbound looking into her eyes
  • he often wears her on his hands. just like that, for no reason


  • in their relationship a lot of laughter, because she makes him laugh
  • He also loves her laugh
  • he calls her a mermaid
  • he loves when she flirts with him
  • they even compete to see who’s who more flirts
  • But when she innocently flirts with another man, he takes her to a secluded place and tickles


  • she helps him to raise self-esteem (something that remained in him even before the military school)
  • he affectionately calls her muffin
  • he happy her body-confident
  • he is constantly hugging her and constantly kisses her cheek
  • he just blushes and stays silent when she’s flirting with them
  • he blushes even more when she flirts with someone else (hey, what the hell?)

anonymous asked:

i wanted to know if you could show me how to make ur gifs? i love ur tumblr so much btw! ❤

i’ve been meaning to make a tutorial for a while so here it is, finally!  
This is made for beginners! so it’s quite text heavy and long asf but still simple enough to follow (i hope) 💞

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anonymous asked:

OmG ur first fic is amazing ;v; do you take requests? If you do, can i request another sick yurio? But this time he has a stomach bug or something :3 it'd be cute if he's visiting japan again but caught the bug, and yuuri and yuuko are willing to help him.

Thank you so much! Yes, I do take requests, and of course! The poor kitten is too adorable not to torture. Sorry it took so long!

It was meant to be a lovely trip to the hot springs.

It wasn’t meant to trouble Katsudon or that girl who’s always leaking some sort of bodily fluid.

Yuri had honestly thought it was motion sickness, due to his horribly weak stomach. The flight was very turbulent and the trains were too crowded, after all. The tired feeling was just because of how long the trip was.

But when he arrived at the Katsuki’s place, a little bit dizzy still, all of this was proven false as his stomach made itself visible - all over Yuuko’s white jacket, the floor and himself after all the greetings. Yuuko was nice about it; she told him it was ok, that he wasn’t the first and won’t be the last to throw up on her, but the teenager was mortified none the less, though too exhausted to do anything to help her.

Yuuri was putting Yuri’s luggage away while Yuri showered and changed into his pyjamas. Though after hearing a thud and not getting a response when he yelled down the hall, Yuuri’s thoughts started racing. He knocked on the unlocked door once, twice, then a third time before he barged in to find Yuri curled up on his knees in the shower. It seemed like he was crying, but when he turned at the sound of the door there was vomit on his chin and he was paper-pale aside from the embarrassed red on his cheeks.

Yuuri was kind enough to ignore the fact that Yuri was naked, helping him out of the shower instead. Yuuri left to let Yuri dry off a bit, as well as put on some grey track pants and a black t-shirt.

“Yuri, are you dressed?” It was the pig, but Yuri couldn’t find it in him to snap an insult so he answered slowly, holding his stomach. 

“Yeah, I- *uuARP* ugh…” but was cut off by a belch before a tiny gag escaped him and he covered his mouth with his right hand.

“Yuri!” Yuuri yelped, flinging the door open and catching the blonde’s gaze long enough to know it was urgent. The Japanese man gently but hurriedly pushed Yuri over the toilet, right before the boy’s shoulders jerked and vomit fell from his lips, not even heaving because of how tired he was.

“(1) えと、何をするか! 大丈夫、ユーリ。” Yuuri’s brain was muddled with panic and concern, not even realising he was speaking Japanese until Yuuko came in.

“(2) 大丈夫、有利。” She said to Yuuri, before turning to Yuri. “You’re ok, Yuri. Just let it happen, you’ll be fine.” It was comforting to Yuri as he continued to vomit for the next few minutes.

“(3) Спасибо.“ Yuri was tired and wasn’t really talking to anyone, but the Japanese friends understood from the tone of voice.

“(4) はい。ありがとう、優子。” Yuuri agreed.

In that moment, both Yuri and Yuuri were thankful for Yuuko’s existence.

Translations (I’m not fluent in either language, so it may be incorrect):

  1. えと、何をするか! 大丈夫、ユーリ。Um, what do I do! It’s ok, Yuri.
  2. 大丈夫、有利。It’s ok, Yuuri.
  3. Спасибо. Thank you.
  4. はい。ありがとう、優子。Yeah. thanks, Yuuko.

anonymous asked:

i'm conflicted over the info that elizabeth is liz's reincarnation. I mean, I expected it, but when Zanelli said "the reason Mel protects her with his life is because she's the reincarnation of liz" left me crushed. I am a HUGE melizabeth shipper, and now all this love and trust i've seen them build together feels like a lie and i hate it! Do you think mel only cares for elizabeth because she's liz reincarnated? It feels wrong if he doesn't see her as an individual, or loves her only cuz of liz

OMG I”M SO GLAD YOU ASKED LMAO!! I actually was just making another edit centered around this, so you read my mind lovely anon. Sorry it took so long to respond (and my response is long-ass, but I love my babaes). I tried to bold the important stuff because I can’t read long blocks of text myself so I hope it helps ^^;

Alright so I totally felt the same way for a while. I way pretty distressed about characters like Cain and Zanelli kinda pointing out that Mel might just be projecting his love for Liz onto Elizabeth, but I don’t think so after I thought about it a whole lot. (I mean Cain’s just being a cool dude, but I think Zanelli just really didn’t want to assume their relationship was anything but some fragile projection for her own sake. So while I totally worried about it for a second, I kinda just assumed it was Zanelli being jelly). But moments like these are supposed to function as devices, bringing to light how Mel actually isn’t projecting Liz onto Elizabeth. 

As for why I don’t think so, let’s remember that Mel totally thinks they’re very similar in appearance, but he also thinks they’re super different. (He said so after Gowther rejoined the sins, I think. Sorry, I’m bad at remembering specific chaps/episodes). And that’s been established. So while yeah, the two are paralleled, they’re starkly different in personality and Mel’s completely aware of that. (Especially when Elizabeth totally doesn’t punch him out for groping her in their first meeting lmao).

Now here’s where my personal opinions come into play lol. I’ve honestly always thought that Elizabeth and Liz were both reincarnates of an “Original Elizabeth” (who probs came into existence around 3,000 years ago). I think they’re actually at the tail end of a long line of other previous Elizabeth reincarnates. It’s not entirely out of the blue, especially with this specific instance: 

Blink and you’ll miss it, but this panel and its placement are super important. I mean, neither of those two are Liz, so why is it relevant to her “nostalgia”?? Hint: Nakaba is real good at foreshadowing. I’ve reread/rewatched the manga/anime numerous times because it explained weird moments that totally made sense later. Seriously, he doesn’t try to hide much!! It’s pretty heavily hinted at here that there were previous Elizabeth incarnates that Meliodas knew.

I also feel like this would explain a lot of weirdness surrounding Liz/Mel’s meeting. I mean, we know Mel saved her, but why?? Because he knew who she was right away probs. And that he basically started groping her immediately when he met her, just like he did with Elizabeth. It would make sense if he treated/thought of all of the Elizabeth reincarnates in the same way initially. 

Now I feel like this makes your worries even worse, but I feel like it should prob alleviate them! Because if it really is true that even Liz is a reincarnate, he obviously loved her very much. Now, I would also like to mention that Mel’s love for Liz was because of a very special bond that made him fall for her-for Liz, and not just because of the reincarnating of her soul. (Exact details either aren’t given yet or I’m just being forgetful, but it’s clear he loved her and the fact he could go into battle with her, and that they had each other’s backs, always). So yeah, a unique bond for him and Liz! So what is to say he can’t feel that way for our Elizabeth??

Which paves the way into the present storyline. It would be a lie to say he didn’t still love Liz and wasn’t hung up on her. But I think, ever so slowly, his initial attraction to our Elizabeth as another Elizabeth reincarnate is growing into its own lovely/unique/special bond right before our very eyes (AND I”M LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT!!?!). So yeah, basically, I think they’re totally going to be fully into one another by the time this series wraps up, but that’s just my personal opinion :P

tl;dr : I totally think the Melliz/Melizabeth relationship is completely valid, because while Mel has an initial attraction to Liz and Elizabeth, it eventually becomes something much more unique and individual with each reincarnate and their unique personality! :D

I hope this made sense? lol I’m definitely going to make some separate theory posts sometime, and remember this is all just based on my speculation that makes me feel totally cool with Melliz and Melizabeth without letting one invalidate the other. This was probably confusing and I’m a bit of a mess, so if anyone has questions/complaints/etc, feel free to IM or drop something in my askbox! AND THANKS AGAIN ANON, HAVE A LOVELY DAY!!! :D

@theheirofillea ‘s follow forever!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to thank you for 405 followers! So I had this ready for yesterday, but me (being me) didnt safe it and I shut down my PC and forgot so I had to start again, which is why this is late xD Thanks again! Mutuals/Faves are italicised, unicorns are bolded, both are both :)  <3 Love ya all!

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I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! If i didnt mark you as a unicorn, please dont be mad at me! (or if i forgot you). This took me an extremely long time to do, so I hope you guys liked it! thanks again, everyone AND IF YOU WANNA CRY ABOUT ACOMAF TO ME PLEASE JUST MESSAGE ME IM IN THE CLEAR HELP ME PLSSSS! <3



anonymous asked:

Why do I suck st being engaged? I am not excited but I'm in love with him? I also think wedding planning is annoying. Help!

omg I’m so sorry it took so long for me to answer this! I might be weird but I thought all the wedding stuff was the worst. I wanted to elope just the 2 of us cause that’s all it’s about anyway. When we focused on planning that way instead of some big wedding, I was much more excited about the whole thing ❤

anonymous asked:

Thank you so much for the love you put into these analyses, you’re doing an amazing job! I’d like to get a pal, but no pressure, take your time! ^^ I’m enthusiastic in a quiet way & value love & kindness. I’m emotional, uncomfortable with public speaking, may be afraid to try new things but learning to overcome my fears! I love to sing, hike, spend quality time with loved ones. I couldn’t live without nature! I’d like to have a job in which I could help people in some way. Have a nice day <3

I’m so sorry this took such a long time :(( You’re going to do great things I just know it. You have so much love in your heart and a lot of people can learn from you. You’re capable of so many things and if I could invent a mirror that could showcase what you have inside of you, I would hand deliver it to you omg. I believe in you okay!!!

And I have the perfect partner for you! Let me introduce you to…

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