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important  ooc  moment

                    ok   so         something  huge  happened  for  me  today.   this  is  a  massive  ooc  thing  but  it  means  so  much  to  me.   idk  how  much  i’ll  be  on  here  over  the  next  week  or  so  bc  this  will  be  a  huge  change  for  me  and  it  took  a  lot  of  courage  to  do.   basically  i  went  to  my  first  assessment  session  in  like  four  years.   i’ve  been  in  and  out  and  all  around  the  mental  health  system  my  whole  life  and  on  every  diet,   every  medication  and  had  such  a  wide   variety   of  diagnoses  and  discussions  it’s  ridiculous.   bc  my  mother,   essentially,   did  not  want  to  face  the  truth.   and  that  was  that  she  was  a  child  on  the  autistic  spectrum.   and  i  grew  up   knowing   this.   and  despising  it  about  myself  and  it  manifested  into  various  obsessions  and  also  self - loathing.   i’ve  had  issues  with  self  harm  and  eating  disorders,   fuelled  in  part  by  my  obsession  with  numbers.   i  have  attempted  suicide  three  times  since  i  was  thirteen.   when  i  was  thirteen,   a  neurologist  and  a  psychologist  told  me  and  my  family  that  i  have  a  combination  of  aspergers,   synaesthesia  and  attachment  disorder.   due  to  ptsd  and  various  pressures,   at  times  i  had  experienced  psychosis  and  paranoia  as  well  as  depression  and  suicide  ideation.   to  me,   this  was  the  biggest  relief  of  my  life.   the  best  possible  bad  news.   bc  i  understood  what  my  mum  did  not ;   that  ignoring  the  truth  won’t  make  me  normal.   and  who  wants  to  be   NORMAL   anyway ?   who  defines  that ??   i  can  play  13  instruments.   i  can  speak  10  languages.   i  know  the  first  300  numbers  in  the  fibonacci  sequence,   pi  to  1500  places  and  everything  i  can  possibly  find  about  others  special  interests  i  have  acquired  such  as  classical  greece,   space  and  astrophysics,   serial  killers,   witchcraft,   hieroglyphics  and  snakes.   but  my  mum  wouldn’t  proceed  with  a  diagnosis,   pulled  me  out  of  treatment  and  isolated  me  by  furthering  my  academic  career  at  home.   

              last  week  i  went  to  see  a  doctor  for  the  first  time  in  a  long  time  and  today  i  had  my  first  assessment.   i  have  a  second  assessment  tomorrow.   the  man  i  saw  said  to  me     you  have  a  brilliant  mind,   if  a  little  different  from  others  expect.   you  can’t  be   exceptional   without  being  different     and  that’s  just  v  important  to  me.   bc  i  don’t  have  to  be  the  same  to  be  equally  important  and  valued.   and  im  finally  going  to  get  my  diagnosis  and  treatment  for  my  autism.   sorry  this  is  so  long  and  probably  doesnt  seem  like  a  big  deal  to  other  ppl  but  it’s  really  symbolic  for  me  to  feel  recognised  and  not  silenced  or  told  my  issues  don’t   MATTER   or  don’t  exist  and  idk  and  to  break  free  from  a  childhood  of  neglect  and  abuse  in  other  areas  too  and  idk.   thank  u  if  u  read  this  idk.

Linn: Who took my grandis? (norwegian frozen pizza)
Eskild: Not me
Isak: It was me, had to fix some food
I’ll transfer money to you Linn. Sorry
Linn: Ok, hows Even doing?
Eskild: Hows Even doing?
Owe me a cold coke with icecubes Linn
Isak: Better, I think. Or it seemed like it was going better earlier. I don’t freaking know. He’s sleeping right now. But I texted Sonja and she said he usually sleeps when he’s depressed. So, yeah. But he ate a half grandis though. That’s good.
Linn: Huh I don’t owe you a coke? From when?
Eskild: Aww <3 Isak. Who’d imagined that there’s so much care in that little grumpy teenage body of yours.
Isak: Whatever.
Eskild: It’s just a saying Linn
Isak: But what are you doing tomorrow?
I’m fucked with the 10% (absence limit) and have to go to school. But I don’t want Even to be here alone.
Eskild: I’m home until 14 tomorrow, when are you finished at school?
Isak: 1530 
Noora: I’ll be home around one, so I can take over when Eskild leaves.
Isak: Thank you
Eskild: I can set up a “guard plan” for the week. Tell me your wishes and needs.
Noora do you have exel on your computer?
Isak: Not sure he’ll stay the whole week.
Linn: Why doesn’t he wanna go home?
Isak: He might head home, but is it OK for you guys if he’d like to stay here?
Eskild: Yes, where there’s room there’s hearts
Noora: Ofc
Eskild: Where it’s house there’s heartroom
Linn: Where there’s heartroom there’s houseroom. (norwegian saying)

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When Jikook become official in your fic, they should do the "boyfriend does my make up" challenge. Jungkook could do really well and Jimin's like "... who taught you how to blend this well? 👀👀" and Jungkook is all like "Well i did watch all of your videos"

ERUGHUHER yES!! YES YES!!!!! omg fml ok yes i’ve yet to edit an ig photo of jimin getting his makeup done by jeon bUT!!! here’s of jeon getting his done 

omg im screaming!!! i cant wait to update but like first i have to fuckin complete the next chapter HAHHAHA and and and (if anyone finds a good picture of jimin getting his makeup done pls send it to me:’((() yes these boys were created for boyfriend tags im 

i wanna cry 


I have.. Failed as Class President……. @askblastymcsplode


How Astro would react to you putting your head on their shoulder

A/N~ Sorry for the long delay anon ><!!!</i>


“Do I move her? Jinwoo asks in his head as he stares at the light shining off your face. You two about ten minutes ago were talking about life in one of your weekly deep talks.

“Nah. She can stay.” He happily mutters and moves your head closer to his arm.

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OMG HI YES ANGST WOOH ok so I was wondering if you could please write a scenario of bokuto for some reason saying something rlly REALLY hurtful to his girlfriend and that made her cry and she avoided him for about a week. like he fucked up bad? she /tries/ to break up w/ him. could it please have a fluffy ending? thanks! ^^ i just read everything you've written 100/10 good stuff right here. 👌🏽👌🏽

It took me a while to think of something good enough for this, sorry it took me so long to get this out. I like how this turned out though! I got carried away ;)

Being Bokuto’s girlfriend took a lot of effort to make him happy, but it was all worth it in the end because seeing him happy made you happy. The team often thanked you for keeping him in check and for always having him cooperate during practice.

But lately, he seemed to be drifting away from you and he never seemed as happy whenever he was with you. Trying harder and harder to keep his shine up, it started to fade away from you. You gave Bokuto your heart and even that didn’t seem to be helping his shine and happiness stay.

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….soooo yeah. This happened.


cast as follows - Derek Hale as Maleficent, Stiles Stilinski as Diaval, Kate Argent as Stefan, Allison Argent as Aurora, Scott McCall as the Floppy-haired prince whateverhisname is

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any romantic pipercy headcanons? I'm more on the brotp side but i need some romance alSo tysm for answering my other ask❤️

i never got notified for this?? so im so sorry it took so long omg @ tumblr why, but yesss i always am ready to talk about pipercy!!!

  • ok so they are the actual messiest couple
  • not like they fight a lot, but like they are both just genuinely messy people and combined its terrible. like they can never keep track of anything and forget appointments and always get side tracked and are always late etc etc
  • but somehow in their attempts to get where they need to go they always end up having wild stories that all their friends are left ??? at
  • this isn’t a headcanon just a fact, but they are both insanely hot? you know the kind of people you see on the street and your like, are they a model? 
  • which means when they’re out together (which is a lot) it’s like intimidating bc they’re so good looking wtf??
  • they’re really soft around each other
  • like yeah they joke around a lot, and get competitive over video games (mario cart lmao) or get in arguments over superheroes (piper was team captain america, percy was team iron man) and sometimes their general vibe comes of more best friend-ish than boyfriend/girlfriend-ish
  • but like isn’t that good?
  • neither of them would want to be with someone who wasn’t their friend first
  • anyways back to the softness
  • idk if like percy fell asleep on the couch after a horror binge (percy didn’t watch horror classics growing up like the exorcist, rosemary’s baby, the shining, etc etc. and piper horror buff™ mclean wasn’t going to let that stand) and piper covered him with a blanket and kissed his forehead
  • or when piper’s having a rough day percy will get her favorite pistachio baklava from the deli that just far enough away to be inconvenient
  • they’re always touching, grabbing each others hands to make sure the other person is there, or piper will squeeze percy’s upper arm if she’s excited, and percy will sling an arm over piper’s shoulders or around her waste and just
  • they don’t even mean for it to be like a thing. but everyone around them just vaguely feels like their intruding bc it’s so casually intimate
  • they also kiss a lot
  • not just like full on kissing, but like cheek kisses, forehead kisses, hand kisses 
  • i mean obviously they spend a lot of time at the beach, both of them love the ocean, and they surf together and lounge in the sand and maybe attempt to build a sand castle (emphasis on attempt)
  • ,,, look im not saying they stay at montauk but they do and it’s just so good and they have a camp fire and share ghost stories and laugh and roast marshmallows and kiss 
  • they both love new york. percy bc he’s percy of course he loves new york, and piper bc it grew on her and she loves the way percy’s eyes light up when talking about the city and she loves the memories she has there
  • both are really sentimental people so they just have so many pictures, like boxes full just of them and their adventures (non demigod related adventures thank god) and their friends and family and
  • they are just both so in love
  • they’re one of those couples that when you see them you get that ache in your chest bc you know you know they love each other so much and would literally do anything for the other

and ok im going to stop bc this got out of hand, but i hope you like these!!! 

Charles Xavier - Country Wars

Request:  hm ok can you do one where the reader is american and them and charles always have like lowkey (playful) banter about which country is more awesome? and charles actually has valid arguments while y/n has shitty ones like “yeah ? well your accents are weak” (y/n is a really non-serious person like more of a jokester), but charles finds them kinda adorable and in the middle of y/n making up arguments he kisses them $$$$$ if you wanna you can do it, also omg youve gotten so many charles requests

Sorry this took so long and sorry it’s really short. I’m having major writers block right now, I blame school. So I hope you don’t hate this and somewhat enjoy reading it. Again sorry.

~Much love, Ive

You walked into the Kitchen and saw Charles making a cup of tea.

“Could you get any more stereotypical?” You laughed playing around with the teabag that was sitting in his mug. He pulled the teabag out of your hand and gave you a look with one eyebrow raised.

“There is nothing wrong with a good cup of tea.” He said. You mimicked what he said trying to do his accent. Your awful attempt made him laugh as he poured his boiling water into his mug. “You know that most of the things you do are British, right?”

“Well… you’re just a tea drinking…” You tried to think of a insult, “nerd.” Well that wasn’t your best. Charles laughed moving a little closer to you.

“Have you ever been to England? We have London and then all this beautiful countryside.”

“Yeah? Well your accents are weak.” You blabbered, leaning forward.

“Seriously? You can tell me my accent is weak listen to yours and at least ours are more or less consistent throughout our country.” He took a step closer challenging you.

“Whoa! Rude.” You thought for a second trying  come up with a comeback, “You sound way too posh for your own good.” You took a step forward and were actually much closer to him than you realised making you almost fall back a little. Charles grabbed your shoulders to keep you in place.

“You’re lucky I’m an english gentlemen.” He said, you were very aware of where his hands were.

“Oh you can just-“ He cut you off with a kiss, “Oh come on that was going to be my best comeback yet.” You complained.

“Im sure it-“ This time you cut him off with a second kiss. This was going much better than the other silly arguments the two of you usually had.

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Lmao ok this is really dumb but bear with me. So, an AU of aftg where, for some reason, Andrew and Neil have to fake date (like the team knows it's fake) but they're actually already dating and the team only thinks it's fake. They have a bet going to see how long it takes those losers to realize they're not faking.


  • okay so i feel likeeee
  • it’s late in the season and you know those gossip columns are all over the foxes being like, “WHO’S DATING WHO?!?!? WHY DONT YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND??”
  • they eat it UP when dan and matt kiss on the court
  • one day neil is just like Fed Up with the reporters asking him if he has a special lady (lol heteronormative media for the win) so he’s just like
  • “minyard. i’m dating minyard. next question.”
  • and all the reporters are just like ….
  • !!!!!!!!!
  • they’re all screaming at him like “WAIT WAIT WAIT WHICH ONE WHICH ONE HOLY SHI-”
  • and neil’s cheeks flush because ah god of course he didn’t specify and OH BOY AARON WOULD NOT LIKE THIS
  • he blurts out “ANDREW!! ANDREW it’s andrew sorry sorry, okay GOODNIGHT NO MORE QUESTIONS”
  • and he just runs out and the press are in Chaos
  • when he gets back into the locker room he’s blushing so hard and everyone is like “OH GOD NEIL WHAT DID YOU DO THIS TIME”
  • and he’s just like “well- well i said andrew and i were dating”
  • after the shock and everyone is done yelling/laughing hysterically dan pipes up and says “well you’ll just have to fake it for a bit right? anyway i doubt anyone will bring it up again, it’ll be fine” 
  • internally neil is like “we’re kinda already dating??” but he’s not ready/doesn’t want to talk about it and cant even believe he blurted it out in front of THE PRESS
  • he glances at andrew who looks like he couldn’t be less interested in this conversation
  • allison has this sly look on her face and her an matt are silently already setting up the bet 
  • nicky is eating it up and he has this huge grin
  • “oh my god this is just going to be so great, are you going to hold his hand andrew??”
  • he just barely jumps out of andrews reach in time
  • ANYWAY turns out dan was wrong and people are totally into this relationship
  • people online are gushing about it and suddenly it’s everyone’s goal to get a picture of andrew and neil even just talking to each other
  • it makes neil antsy but andrew couldn’t give two fucks
  • the other foxes encourage them to ham it up for the cameras (some more than others depending on when they bet it would turn into a real relationship) ((nicky))
  • neil doesn’t push andrew to do anything but after a game one day a reporter is hounding them like being so fucking annoying that andrew just grabs neil and kisses him
  • NEEDLESS TO SAY it’s all over the tabloids and internet in a matter of seconds and itsssss viral
  • everynight when they’re up on he roof neil chuckles about the fact that all of the other foxes are betting on them 
  • “do you think they’ll ever get a clue?”
  • and andrew’s just like “they’re too busy trying to boost their egos to catch on. now shut up.” 
  • he kisses the smirk right off neils face

When you spam the members after their comeback


YOOOO Sorry this took so long it’s way past their comeback now :(( I’M STILL NOT OVER IT THO