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two types of the signs, mostly based on people i know


type 1 - “i’m an aries!”, loud, starts driving before everyone has their seatbelt on (or before people even get in the car), loves cooking but usually just buys everything from the store and pretends they put hard work into it, hard to tell if they’re stupid or smart.

type 2 - takes 100 selfies in a row, does really cool makeup, doesn’t believe in school, “this musical artist is SO under appreciated.”


type 1 - down to earth, has neat handwriting and doodles in class, patient, bird-lover, likes making flower crowns, laughs a lot.

type 2 - show-off, amazing memory, can be an edgy people-hater, loves yelling, gives people weird nicknames.


type 1 - two-faced, feels like they need something in return for their actions, cares more about bagels than people, the friend who everyone worries about.

type 2 - loves reading, kind and supportive but awkward about it, the type of person you call when you need advice, snappy when they’re being interrupted, watches 5 tv shows at a time.


type 1 - down for literally any adventure, cries or has a breakdown while eating, doesn’t realize some things they do are harmful to themselves but can sense when others have a problem.

type 2 - talks very fast, takes on any task without a problem, loves talking about themselves, can probably do 10 backflips in a row, moody, sends smiley emojis in every text message.


type 1 - attention-seeking, wants everyone to respect them, says “lol” out loud, laughs at their own stories but sometimes forgets to listen to others, animal lover, a good role model.

type 2 - genuinely cares about their friends and checks up on them always, super chill and easygoing, fashionable, gives great hugs, someone you go to when you’re sad.


type 1 - shy, gentle, awful at explaining things and you really never know what they’re talking about, offers everyone gum, knows all the lyrics to every song they listen to.

type 2 - anxious about tiny things but ignores huge problems, cares so much about others that it gets annoying, likes to redecorate or organize their room for fun, loans you a pencil and forgets to ask for it back.


type 1 - movie expert, likes when people laugh at their jokes, untrustworthy but somehow you trust them anyway, casually shares deep secrets or personal information randomly like it’s no big deal.

type 2 - doesn’t like opening up or sharing feelings, artistic and individualistic, doesn’t have problems with anyone or anything.


type 1 - calm/quiet and very open minded, loves the ocean, nice but when provoked they turn into a whole other person (who is terrifying), very passionate about their interests.

type 2 - doesn’t ever know what’s happening, suspicious and questions others’ motives, either loves someone or hates them, never shares secrets. ever.


type 1 - plays at least 3 musical instruments, likes being right, theater kid, extrovert one minute and introvert the next, opens up to others and immediately regrets it.

type 2 - angsty teen attitude, has strong opinions, blames problems on others, maybe has a heart deep down?


type 1 - makes fun of everything, the most extroverted friend, pretends like they don’t care about others’ opinions but deep down is extremely self-conscious, forgetful, funniest jokes.

type 2 - honestly? a real fucking pain in the ass.


type 1 - feminist, nature lover and very free spirited, knowledgeable and factual, has a silly side, cool hair, can listen to all your problems but will never know what to say.

type 2 - can be cold but they are just trying to protect themselves, has one character/idol that they would literally die for, has probably made up all of the funny stories they tell because they want others to like them.


type 1 - extremely honest but can doubt their beliefs since they try to get along with everyone, generous when it comes to material but will not give up themselves to others.

type 2 - understanding, shy extrovert, great with advice but doesn’t know how to take other people’s advice (asks for help but doesn’t want to), never fully present or in the moment.


Aahhh no!! Come back and kiss him more;;

A commission for @awesome-badass-cafeteria-sauce, based off one of this post‘s prompts.


I have.. Failed as Class President……. @askblastymcsplode


taking care of peter when he's injured would include...


  • ok so obviously there were some strings attached when it came to dating the hero himself of new york 
  • peter limping to your apartment building, not even swinging over there, because he just took a pretty bad beating and can’t move his shoulder along with a ton of other injuries to his lil body :(
  • him hobbling up your fire escape with little strings of curse words stumbling out of his mouth every time he stumbled up a step 
  • he personally thanks god that you live on the second floor
  • him tapping on your window so gentle you barely hear it but it’s a sound you’ve grown to know 
  • you getting super excited to see your boyfriend, a huge smile on your face when you hop off your bed and jog over to the window
  • all of that quickly disappearing when you take in his appearance 
  • quickly panicking and turning into protective mode when you see the lil angel hurt 
  • he’s holding onto the window with one hand and clutching his mask in the other with a pained expression
  • he’s got a nasty cut covering his left cheek, bruises scattering the sides of his face, and you’re positive there’s plenty of injuries underneath the rest of the suit
  • helping him get into your little room, careful not to wake up your parents, not wanting to have the ‘hey my boyfriend is spidey’ talk at this moment 
  • guiding him super gently to your bed and him just collapsing back from exhaustion and the waves of pain coursing through his whole body 
  • you pressing a quick kiss to his lips before telling him you’ll be right back
  • literally running out of your room to go find an emergency first aid kit, also stopping in the kitchen to get some ice, painkillers, etc 
  • running as quiet as you can without dropping two arm-fulls of supplies
  • seeing him on the bed wincing in pain literally makes your heart sink and you’re positive you feel it crack 
  • setting the stuff down on the bed next to him and climbing onto the bed with him, trying not to hit any parts of his body
  • “baby I’m sorry, but we need to get this suit off of you” 
  • him deflating it and allowing you to carefully pull it off, seeing the scattered bruises and gashes littering his abdomen
  • you’re positive you can feel his pain just by seeing your baby like this 
  • starting with the cuts, cleaning them, making your heart break eVEN MORE when he hisses in pain, because you couldn’t stand hurting the boy anymore than he already is 
  • “I’m so sorry babe, just a few more”
  • him nodding quietly and shutting his eyes trying to not think about it
  • you wanting to ask what happened, but not sure when you should ask
  • him somehow reading your mind with those spidey senses
  • “c-couple of vulture’s guys, don’t worry d-darling, i probably did more damage to them than they did”
  • your voice starting to raise because you’re so damn scared and hurt to see him like this, it’s like watching your world fall apart 
  • you can feel the tears you’ve been holding back start to fall
  • him noticing it and sitting up slowly, guilt running through him and making his pain almost feel insignificant due to the fact that he thinks he’s the reason you’re crying because he promised himself he’d never drag you into this side of his life
  • “B-baby, please listen to me, I-I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have come here”
  • literally almost getting whiplash from turning your head that quick to look at him with a ‘wtf’ face 
  • “whY wouldn’t you come here? Peter I’m your girlfriend for fucks sake I’m supposed to take care of you”
  • “b-but how can I let you take care of me when i can see it tearing you apart?” in a rEAlly soft voice, his voice cracking off at the end 
  • this statement honestly hits you super hard and before you know it you can feel sobs about to burst out of you
  • you standing up off the bed, making him sit up more and his heart beat pick up insanely faster bc he’s worried you’d walk out the door 
  • “w-w-where are you going?”
  • your back turned to him so he can’t see the painful expression on your face and the sobs quieted by your hand
  • but peter’s smarter than that and can see you shaking
  • honestly he doesn’t even care anymore about his injuries at this point so he gets off the bed and stands behind you
  • “baby-y can you p-please look at me?” tbh his heart feels like it weighs a million pounds due to the guilt coursing through him, even though it’s not like he intended to hurt you, he just didn’t know where else to go
  • you not turning around
  • him grabbing your waist and turning you around to face him and sucking in a huge breath when he sees the agonizing look on your face but you turn your head to ground, embarrassed that he’s seeing this side of you
  • “no no don’t hide from me, please baby, not now”
  • “I’m supposed to be strong for you, I’m supposed to take care of you when you’re hurt and I can’t even do that. I’m a shitty girlfriend” you try to stutter out in between sobs 
  • “hey hey hey don’t talk like that, don’t be ridiculous” him shushing you gently, picking up your head with his hand, “please look at me” and his voice breaking off, due to the tightening and pain in his throat he’s getting from holding back his tears 
  • you shaking your head furiously and pulling away, but him refusing to see you this way any longer so he grabs your face with both hands this time, wiping the fast falling tears with his thumbs
  • pulling you into his chest, not caring about his pain because honestly seeing you this way was 10000x worse than any physical pain he could endure
  • “I-I’m so sorry” you sobbing against his chest, pulling away
  • “No, you stay h-here” he demands, wrapping both arms around you tighter
  • somehow the body contact is mending his heart a lil bit and making some other pain go away
  • you finally pull away after a few minutes when your breathing and sobs have calmed down
  • “what if y-you get hurt worse than i could ever help fix?” you whisper to him, the thought of it making tears fall all over again 
  • him dragging you back to the bed, laying you down, and crawling next to you, pulling you into his arms 
  • “I promise you I’m always going to come back” 
  • and “y-you’re the biggest reason I have to stay alive” 
  • “Peter I don’t know what I’d do without you, I mean, you’re my world” 
  • “m-mine too baby”
  • “promise me you’ll be careful, i’ll always be here to fix you up but i hate seeing you hurt” 
  • “i’ll try my hardest, b-but seeing you hurt like this is worse than any bad guy could ever do to me” and “even the possibility of losing you scares me more than any villain imaginable” 
  • “i’m not going anywhere” 
  • “good…c-can you please hand me some ibuprofen? my adrenaline from that little moment is wearing off…” 
  • “RIGHT, SORRY!!”
  • jumping out of bed literally to finish patching him up 
  • straddling his hips to properly take care of his wounds and him just staring at you, unable to comprehend what he did to land as lucky as he did with you 


~Jump Rope Buddies!!!


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N3 / Steven Universe and MC Bear Bear? (If you want to, it's okay if you don't :P)

Sleep well, lil’ Steven~ <33333333
((I’m Not Ready For SU To Be Coming Back TBH QwQ))

[x (No Longer Taking Requests Tho~)]

Jared Leto x Reader ; Music Awards

Author’s Note; Sorry it seems like this took forever, I couldn’t find it in my inbox until now so yay! Thank you so much for the compliment omg! I have a section for reviews so please feel free to leave some feedback and some opinions. I need some !! Seriously I had a dream just like this request so this should be extremely interesting. I tried to make it a little bit shorter than the rest because I know I can get carried away so I hope this is ok! Thanks for the request. 

A gentle hand slid over the outside of your dress as you patted down the delicate places that deserved the most attention. It never really took you too long to get ready for anything, but this in particular was a big deal for you. In dating the infamous Jared Leto for more than 6 months you felt the need to always look your best when leaving the house to do simple errands such as going to the store, going on small dates with him, and just going out with your friends in general. However, this particular event required a bit more preparation, an award show designed to recognize actors, actresses, and amazing talents of the entertainment world, was the most important thing you’d ever really gone to. 

Previously, Jared went to these things alone or with some form of eye candy that he could strut around for photos and appearances, but no such event happened in your time together yet until now. This would be the first time you two actually attended a public appearance this big together, and you couldn’t stop the nerves from ripping through your entire body. Your hands were shaking, your palms were sweating, and you continued to fiddled with pieces of your dress that were already perfect. 

Delicate thoughts of judgement clouded the forefront of your mind as you truly wondered if you were good enough to really stand at his side on the red carpet tonight. Perhaps you should change your mind, there was still time. You could easily just watch him tonight on the tv, waltz the carpet alone like he usually did, but you knew deep down that if you backed out now he would be hurt. Although he usually did have a good time at these events, he often dreaded the boredom behind most of them especially when his friends were not around. 

A gentle knock pulled you from your thoughts and a small jump rippled through you as you turned towards the door. A glance down to your watch revealed that it was indeed time for you two to make your departure, but were you ready? 

“Come in….” you trailed off, turning towards the door frame and slipping your hands behind the dress to watch the ends of it flare around the back of your knee caps. It was spring, and the gentle breeze of tonight’s air would make it absolutely perfect, at least, that’s what the designer told you.  

his smile was contagious and spread across his face like the plague and you couldn’t stop the blush that took over your features at his reaction. He hadn’t actually seen the dress that you had picked out for the event, and the overall construction of it surprised even you. You had never really been a dress person, blue jeans or tights with a nice shirt was always your go to unless you were working and it was slacks and a decorative blouse, but dresses were completely foreign to you. The original gown you had picked out was the very definition of plain jane which was the direct opposite of what you were going for. You were never the type to value the attention of other people, in fact, you did everything in your power to avoid it; too many eyes on you usually made you uncomfortable. Even now, you felt yourself coming a part at the seams with just his crystal blue orbs scanning you over, but the devastatingly enamored smile he flashed in your direction destroyed every thought you had in that moment.  With the help of the store’s designer you had truly picked out a dress that was unforgettable. 

the delicate ombre of the dress was slightly overshadowed by silver glittered texture that formed small patterns around the flared bottom and slimmed bosom decorating your chest. It was absolutely perfect. Short enough to give awareness to your slightly long but beautiful legs, flared at the bottom like you like, and no long train for you to accidently fall over. It was the impeccable combination of elegant, flirty and fun. 

“Are you just going to stand there, gawking?” You questioned shifting your weight slightly in discomfort. His lips pressed together as he looked off to the side in an expression that mocked deep thought. A slight nod rippled through his frame and he smiled. 

“Yeah.” he answered simply before slipping one of his hands into his pocket and leaning against the wall comfortably. 

“Are you sure I shouldn’t just…..stay here?” you question slipping your hands up to your ears in an attempt to remove your earrings. Turning to face the mirror you could see his reflection in the background. It radiated unease and disappointment and that was the last thing you wanted to do to him. 

“I mean, if you don’t really wanna go….” he trailed off and the poorly hidden disappointment in his voice sent a sharp pain through the left side of your breast. He was hurt. 

“I just….I don’t want to ruin it for you……” you started before holding your earring in your hand and glancing down at the floor. He was aware of your low levels of confidence, and he respected you enough not to force you to do things you didn’t want to do. You were stubborn in that regard, but he shrugged.

“It’s just another award show, there will be more…….I just….would hate to let all this pretty go to waste.” the shuffling sound of his feet growing closer to you made you smile, and before you were aware of it, his fingers were on your skin. 

“You really think it looks good enough?” you question finally looking up at him and his eyebrow quirked. Blue orbs slid from your eyes down to your shoes before returning back to your face, and you had half a mind to check if you were still clothed because it felt as if he had just visually undressed you. 

“Good enough?” he was genuinely confused. You didn’t want to explain, you felt as if it were a petty insecurity that he wouldn’t understand, but you couldn’t hide from those eyes. 

“Somebody like me ….” his hand raised and landed on your lips before you could continue and he sighed. 

“Stop.” he said simply before slowly letting his hand run down the delicate confines of your lips to your hands. 

“Where you come from, and who you are, are two completely different things. You’re just as good if not better than half those people that will be out there tonight. You’re important to me, and I want you there. You are the most interesting thing about tonight.” he admitted, and the confidence behind his words fueled you. his face grew closer to yours and you prepared yourself for his kiss only to feel the absence of his lips. 

There was a gentle air against your face as his frame moved away from yours, and his fingers were around the small clutch in your hands.

“I mean, but if you don’t wanna go I mean…” he went on walking away and turning his back to you playfully. You chased after him slightly, wrapping your hands around the back of his shoulders and resting them on his chest.

“I’m going, I’m going!” you laughed before watching him turn to you.

“Good, because you’re beautiful and people deserve to see you.” 

“You just say that because you want my goods.” You joked wrapping your arms around the back of his neck and pulling him closer.

“What? Did you hear that line I just laid on you? Oh I’m gettin’ your goods. I could have em’ now if I wanted them.” he urged.

“Oh you think so?” You questioned. 

“Mhm.” He nodded planting a small kiss on your lips before pulling you closer. His eyes flickered towards his watch before slipping his hand in yours. You followed along excitedly while practicing deep breathing in an effort to calm you raging anxiety.  

The ride was nearly excruciating as you stared out of the window in awe of the illuminating buildings that took up most of the night life. The distant sound of Jared having side conversations with the driver and a few of his band mates in the backseat went unnoticed to you. You had originally joined in on the conversation previously, but the realization of you growing closer and closer to the red carpet sent a tingle of discomfort through your spine. Were you sure this was a good idea. The tabloids hinted at Jared having a significant other, but you had done a good job of concealing yourself from them, but tonight was the night that you exposed the rumors for what they were and you didn’t know if you were ready. Would you be what they expected? 

The distant feeling of Jared’s fingers colliding against yours sent your eyes in his direction and he smiled. He was always a master at sensing your moods even when you didn’t let on what you were actually feeling, and the sensation of his concern forced you to smile. 

“You look hot by the way.” Shannon’s voice slid through the forefront of your mind, but you couldn’t help the laugh that fell through your lips at his eyes on your skin. The playful look on his face made it hard for you to take him seriously.

“Says the guy with the impossibly perfectly tied bow tie.” you spoke. 

“Hey….I didn’t say you looked as good as me, but close.” He joked pulling at the bow tie attached to his dress shirt before everyone broke out in laughter. 

You two were on the red carpet before you knew it and the cascade of blinding flashes from the camera’s of the reporters nearly gave you a seizers. You stood there frozen as they threw questions in your direction. 

“Jared this way! Over here Jared! Flash a smile here Jared! Jared! Jared! Who’s your date!?” The questions fell from so many directions that you didn’t really know where to look and the tightening grip of Jared’s hand on yours wasn’t helping. In fact, it just made you more nervous. His voice was low in your ear as he directed you to smile at the camera’s on your left and to simply not stop smiling. He didn’t brief you on the expectations in the car, but it became simple after a while. Just don’t stop smiling. If they catch a picture of you without it, you’ll be misconstrued as the stuck up date with a bad attitude, or the weird mousey girl next to him that he probably didn’t even know. Your lips were on fire, and your cheeks felt as though they would fall from your face at any moment. 

“Maybe they’ll think i’m some sick person from the make a wish foundation and this is a one time thing.” you joked and his laugh radiated in your ear before he leaned down to whisper. 

“You don’t fuck like a sick person.” he teased. Your eyes flashed toward him with a look of pure shock and the smirk plastered on his lips nearly sent your lower half into a pooling mess of arousal. You imagined that the picture associated with the current reaction would be legendary. Your wildfire of a blush spread across your face, while his devilish smirk nearly overtook his features. You could see it now.


Your laugh turned into a small giggle as you tried to hide your reaction and suddenly his hand was gone from yours. An interviewer caught his attentions and began her questions with him, but instead of interrupting you attempting to continue smiling in the background. You assumed that with his absence you wouldn’t be the center of anyone’s attention anymore, but the camera’s continued to flash in your direction without warning. 

You could feel the growing anxiety in your abdomen reach its peak and the sudden panic attack you wanted to avoid began rippling through your spine. Your smile started to fade and you swallowed hard, only to find Shannon at your side. His frame stood in front of yours as his hand rested on your hip. His voice was low in your ear as he questioned you.

“You alright?” He was concerned and you had never heard his voice like that before. 

“I….I think so I just….I need a second?” You spoke and he smiled.

“Totally normal. I don’t think we could’ve warned ya about this enough.” He admitted. 

“Just breathe….” he trailed before his eyes connected with yours. It was easy and once you gained your breath, you smiled. 

“Just like that.” He instructed before moving aside and posed for some pictures with you. Jared’s eyes connected with yours as you were photographed and he stopped mid sentence. There was a look on his face that you couldn’t quite decipher; it mirrored awe and slight arousal. He had lost his train of thought and you were sure that the interviewer was probably confused. 

His hand slid against yours and before you knew it you were at his side with his arm around the back of your waist. 

“I can’t leave her alone too long.” He joked into the microphone as the interviewer laughed whole heartedly amused. You couldn’t help the smile that slid over your features as he continued to speak with her. 

“Have you looked into her eyes, I mean it’s insane. They’re like little gifts from the Gods.” He answered looking into your eyes and making her blush worse. 

“This man, knows how to speak to ladies.” You admitted before looking back towards the interviewer. Her blush nearly out weighed yours as you directed his attention back to her. 

He was finally attentive to her as she questioned him about tonight’s festivities as well as previous projects he’s worked on. As she finished up he leaned closer to you 

“You ok?” he questioned. 

“Perfect…..” you responded. 

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Admins's favorite fic in 2016!

omg sorry for the long wait!!! this took us half a year bcos it was waaaay tougher than we thought 😅 so most of us have more than one fic, hope it’s ok!

Admin Y: 

If My Yesterday is a Disgrace - (parallel universe au) i’m always impressed by w-anderingheart’s writing, but this fic surpassed all expectations. it’s an incredibly poignant work and broke my heart one hundred times over. 

Admin H: 

Quicksand - both ksoo and jongin are authors! (and rivals) i loved the plot, it’s simple and easy to read but the way the author had written it…touched a nerve (in a good way) so ksoo had troubles with writing and the conflicts/thoughts that he had rly spoke out to all the writers out there. and jongin, ‘his enemy’ indirectly helps him out and their relationship is the cutest!!

Steady Now - this was one of the best slowburn fics ive read in 2016 and oh my gosh, zerrin is brilliant. i’m a sucker for slow burn and this monster fic (69k) managed to capture everything, romance, fluff, a bit of comedy and angst. basically ksoo wants to save his orphanage from being bought (tada by jongin’s company) and he befriends jongin bc of that so go figure ;)

Admin J:   

The Loneliest Place to Be - poet/writer + model, friends with benefits au, the poems were the highlight sobs i love ;u; I admire strange-seas a lot and her works were the ones that left a deep impression on me when I started reading fics thus when she came with a new fic in 2016 I already knew I’d be a goner :)))

Smile - one of the best hurt comfort fics I’ve read and their love is just…goals. soo suffers from ptsd and doesn’t feel worthy enough for jongin but jongin loves him unconditionally *^* I came across this when I was randomly checking the tags on AO3 and i consider it as the discovery of the year lol  .

Wildflower - tattoo artist/florist au, idk but this fluff is just my style! i mean kd going on dates, help each other and just being supersoft together? yes pls. honourable mention to sleepydanceur because I think she’s amazing yet so humble and she deserves all the recognition  

Admin I: 

aberration - hs!au with photographer!soo and dancer!nini, how do i describe my love for this fic except for being ‘!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ every time i so much as think about it :’( the writing is so beautiful, i love the imagery and i just love the way the story develops. definitely one of the best of 2016!! 

dust to dust - post-apoc!au, the actual best post-apocalyptic fic i’ve ever read, ever. it’s very character based, which i love, especially kyungsoo’s character (and kaisoo’s development will make you cry). i love the hurt-comfort theme as well, it makes the whole thing feel very human~ as an apoc-lover, this fic is v special to me ♡

the third path - medieval!au, fantasy!au, this is definitely my fave fantasy fic i think, it’s so good and honestly speaking, we are blessed to have hojichadust in our fandom. the writing is magnificent and the ending still haunts me :”( 

Admin Q: 

priceless - my all time favourite college!au !!!! written by our lovely booboo, admin Y. As a student who’s main focus is english/literature, I absolutely loved this fic and the areas it covered in relation to how people feel about their majors! I’m kind constantly being told “your exams gonna be easy you just need to analyse a poem” or something like that and it rly upsets me??? bc my friends are the ones saying it but anyway READ THIS FIC!!! i love it and it’s so well written im babbling ok i love how accurately jongin’s emotions are portrayed as an english major being tease;;

tranquil as a forest - Our very lovely Jumpthisship wrote this! (during 10KFR) and I had the honour of being assigned to her and I remember how excited I was after reading her first check-in. Kyungsoo’s ongoing dialogue in his head was so amusing I screamed so many times while reading this. It’s a travelling!AU which i absolutely love! 

mine and yours - by thatweirdo!! Y’ALL this fic was so absolutely beautiful (and filthy ;–))) i loved it so much;;;; It’s a jongkaisoo + doll concept fic and I think those words together should be enough to reel you guys in (-:

Happiness {Flowershop! Mark}
  • Pairing: Mark X Reader
  • Request: “Hi omg I’m sorry you probably want a different au due to the fact you did flowershop au’s back to back but can you do one with mark ;-;”
  • Genre: Angst; Fluff; Flowershop! AU; Bulleted Scenario
  • Word Count: 1008
  • Summary: Buying flowers for your mom in the hospital every week eventually leads to falling for a sweet florist.

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Some of Your Own Advice

Relationship: Frank Castle x Karen Page

Summary: Frank’s back. And he decides to stay.

Words: 3.6k (I got a little carried away) 

Warnings: some swearing, mentions of injuries, a lot of blood and some stitches, angsty as hell, fluff at the end.

A/N: OK. I have fallen in love with this ship so hard omg, the way Jon Berthnal plays The Punisher KiLLS me. And him and Karen paired together is just the emotional roller coaster that I just love diving into. Anyways, it took my a really long time to write this but I’m happy with how it ended up. Hope you do too! Xx

Six months. Six months since she last saw him on the edge of that roof top. Six months since her life resumed full-speed. Six months and her mind still lingered on Frank Castle.

Her job at the Bulletin was full-time in every way. She was rarely home, her apartment, a pit stop. She finally saved up the money to get herself a new one that was surprisingly spacious despite the low price. Boxes still littered her home, unpacked. It might say something about her unwillingness to let go of the past, but she never dwelled on it too long.

Her friendship with Matt was rocky at best. Once the anger had simmered down, she found that him being the Daredevil didn’t bother her all that much. The little talk they had over coffee was awkward, but it relieved a bit of the weight on her shoulders once she found herself joking with him. She went out for drinks at Josie’s once or twice a month with Foggy to catch up. She was proud of him, he was the new hotshot lawyer, taking big cases and winning them.

As for her, she’s been working her ass off and has a permanent case of sore feet ever since she started chasing leads herself. Someone had to do it, and she definitely took matters into her hands.

She groaned at the scattered files and papers at her desk. She had been following a sex trafficking ring for well over a month now and all her leads are dead ends. The facts don’t add up and the victims are still being taken away.

She pulls open the bottom drawer of her old desk, digging through old files hoping that  she’d find something. But, instead of finding a list of names from a previous stunt she find the skull x-ray of the infamous Punisher, Frank Castle.

She sighs and sits back in her chair. It’s been awhile since she’s thought about him. She did think that was he was doing was definitely the most unethical thing possible, but she also new that Hell’s Kitchen had need for his… methods.

Ellison knocked on her office door telling her to go home from the night. Staring at her screen for another hour isn’t exactly going to help.

She shrugs her purse over her shoulder and hails a cab.

The three story walk up to her apartment is excruciating as her feet scream for sweet relief.

She fumbles around with her keys and finally unlocks the door. The inside of her apartment is pitch black as she kicks of her feels, feeling along the wall to flick on the lights.

She turns around and what she sees makes her yelp and grab her .380.

There, in the middle, stood Frank Castle. His large frame taking up all the space. Immediately, there’s a hand on her mouth and she’s pushed roughly against the wall. His huge body up against hers.

She breathes hard against his rough, calloused hand as he gently shushes her, surprised by just how gentle he was.

“Sh. Sh. It’s just me.” Once she’s quieted down, he lets go and steps back.

“What the fuck are you doing here Frank.”She spits angrily at him. He doesn’t react though, he stays composed except for a raised eyebrow.

She stalks towards him, throwing her purse to the side.

“You were gone for six FUCKING months and you just show up?”

“Ma’am, I’m sorry about the Schoonover thing-” He starts apologizing, his gaze on her.

“You think I give a shit about Schoonover right now?” Now, that gets a reaction out of him. He furrows his brows and stares down at the floor trying to figure out what just came out of her mouth.

“Are you angry at the fact that I was gone or the fact that I came back?” His voice was rough and gravelly, as if the words were a struggle to get out.

There’s a tense pause. Where the only sound was Karen’s heavy breathing. His eyes remained steady on hers, she couldn’t find the power within her to pull away.

He just stood there, waiting, watching, reading her like an open book. She guesses that’s why she enjoyed his company so much. He never lied, but he also just knew what needed to be said or what needed to be done just by looking, observing.

She whispers it, and he barely hears it. “That you were gone.” She runs a nervous hand through her hair and walks past him to make some coffee. She knows he’d want a cup, so she doesn’t even ask.

He sits down on a barstool and the only sign physical sign of any emotion is the rhythmic tapping of his trigger finger on the edge of the table.

She lets the silence settle like a blanket over them, the whistle of the coffee machine as loud as a sledgehammer in her home.

“You know. It should be the second one.” He says quietly. “You shouldn’t- you shouldn’t want me back, Page.” A tremor betraying his voice.

She pours the steaming hot coffee into two mugs and hands one to him.

“Then why are you here?”

“Two men were trailing you.” He says, anger flaring up inside, he clenches the mug tightly in his fist.

She isn’t shocked. She’s been poking around places she shouldn’t, digging around for classified information that involves dangerous and powerful people. She doesn’t ask whether they are dead or not, she knows the answer to that. She can see it in the taut muscles of his shoulders. In the clench of his fist and the sharp intake of breath he took mentioning the two men. She noticed these things. The small things. The things that mattered most, especially with Frank.

“Do you want some cookies with that?” She saw him relax a bit, relieved she wouldn’t have to deal with an even colder side of him. “They’re the ginger snap ones.”

He smiles a small smile, almost a ghost, recalling the memory of Karen telling him how she hid in the broom closet with her cookies.

“Gosh, Frank Jr. He was trouble, that kid. Shit. He’d- He’d put all those damned cookies in there. Because of that stupid TV show he made me watch with him every Sunday morning. Sesame Street. He was in love with the friggin’ cookie monster. And, God, Lisa would steal them just to get to him.” He starts laughing quietly. Sadness overtaking his handsome features.

She starts giggling quietly at the thought of Frank, the Punisher, being forced onto a couch by a little boy to watch Sesame Street. She looks up at him and sees that look. That look she just doesn’t understand. She’d caught him looking at her like that a handful of times only, and every single time, it made the tips of her ears red and her toes tingle.

She smiles at him, she likes it when he remembers. She sees a glimpse of who he had been before. Despite what he said, he had a face made for smiling. Even the little ones prove that right. The way his eyes would crinkle at the corners or how he had deep smile lines and dimples. How is eyes would light up when he’d talk about his kids or his wife. She respects that, their memory, the pain that it brings him, the sorrow.

“Tell me more.” She can still feel a bit of the anger simmering within, but she deems it a waste of time. This is more important. He’s more important. He breathes in deeply, debating whether or not he should just leave, get out of her life. But, he doesn’t.

“You know, Maria. She uh, every Sunday, she’d make us a big ass breakfast. Didn’t matter if she was pissed at me, or the kids were annoying her, she always did it. Always.” At first, there was a lot of hesitation, pauses, but once he got going, the stories flowed easily, the smiles showed up more frequently, and laughter happened more often.

It was with a lighter conscious and a soaring heart that Frank leaves that morning, when the sun was nearly up.

“Goodbye, Frank. Be careful.” She says, sincerely, her hand hovering, deciding against laying a hand on his forearm.

“Yes, Ma’am.” He replies, that look she doesn’t understand looking at her.

His heavy footsteps echoed through the hallway as she slides the door shut.

She knows that asking him about his family was deflection, but it was needed. That man lived with a heart made out of lead and it wasn’t getting any lighter. Tonight he just, felt like he couldn’t or wouldn’t talk about why he came back. Why he came back to her, in particular. She ignored the butterflies floating around in her stomach at the prospect. The Punisher doesn’t love. But maybe Frank Castle does.

He doesn’t show up on a schedule. He just shows up whenever he wants. Sometimes he’s there before she gets home from work and has takeout and coffee. Sometimes he waits on her fire escape and knocks on the window. On really bad days, she’d get a text that would say to join him on the roof.

Another six months pass, a rocky six months, but a whole lot better than the six before.

This time she hears a thump on her door she rarely opens it  without a gun but she hears him groan a :”It’s me, Ma’am.”

She swings the door open and finds him leaning heavily against the wall, blood dripping on the door mat.

“Oh my god, Frank.” It’s not the first time she’s seen him bloody, but it leaves a pang in her chest every time.

“Bathtub.” With that he practically topples onto her and she barely keeps her knees from buckling under his weight. She half drags half pulls Frank into her bathtub and reaches for her first aid kit that has been equipped with more than the basic since she started dealing with dangerous crowds.

“Take this off” She starts gingerly pulling at his heavy duty jacket, hoping he doesn’t have a shoulder injury.

“Dislocated shoulder, popped it back in.” He mutters while helping her. She gags a little.

His black shirt is soaked in blood. She sees that he has a hard time lifting his left arm up and just goes to cut it.

“Here, this’ll be easier.” She cuts down the front of his shirt revealing three large gashes on his right side and a deep bullet graze on his left.

She has to look away for a few moments, willing herself not to vomit, keeping whatever Indian takeout she ate earlier in her stomach.

“All four of these are going to need stitches and I’m not good at them.”

“It’s alright, Ma’am, it won’t hurt any more than when I got’em.” She sighs at the absurdity of the situation, but exits the bathroom to get herself a bottle of whiskey to steady her hands.

“Ok, I’m good.” He chuckles at the wince she makes after drinking a large sip.

She grabs the antiseptic wipes and gently passes over them. She knows how much this hurts, but Frank goes through without complaint, only a wince and groan every once in awhile to indicate any discomfort.

“You know, you’re only the second person to receive the Karen Page stitches treatment.” She declares, after preparing the thread and sterilizing the needle.

“Was the first on Red?” He asks, gruffly.

“Ya,” she laughs,” he uh, cut himself with a knife while trying to cook.” She starts stitching, earning a wince from Frank. “Sorry.”

“ S’alright. So you didn’t hold on with both hands?” Recalling the conversation in the diner.

She chuckles sadly, but pleased with herself that her hands aren’t shaking as much. “It’s hard to hold on with both hands when he’s actively in love with someone else.”

She could feel him tense under her hands, his breathing coming out a little harder.

“Well, Altar boy’s an idiot.” She’s taken aback by his statement, her hands stilling. Does that mean?… No, it can’t be.

She continues to do the stitches quietly, trying to do them as neat as possible.

After maybe an hour and a half  she’s done all four.

She grabs some gauze and some tape and starts bandaging all the cuts making sure they don’t irritate his skin. The whole time he’s  just watching her with that look she doesn’t understand. The one that makes the tips of her ears red and her toes curl.

Once done , she stands up and grabs a towel and wets it with warm water. Hey, he asked her to take care of him and she wasn’t going to do this half-assed.

“Ma’am, I can do that on my own.” His dark eyes watching her movements.

“You wanted me to help, I’m helping.”

She gently swipes at his forehead, wiping the blood away. Running the cloth over the sides of his nose, treading extremely gently under his eyes where there are two bruises that are as dark as night. She goes over his cheekbones and the swell of his lip.

She couldn’t help but admire how good he looked, despite the bruises, the cuts and the blood. If he noticed the sharp intake of breathe, he probably took it as a reaction to all the gore. But it wasn’t. By the time, she got to going over his chest, he had practically fallen asleep over her shoulder. She liked the steady weight of him, it reassured her, comforted her. Is that what he’d become? The Punisher, the man who killed criminals mercilessly was now dozing off on her shoulder in the confines of her bathroom. He had become her failsafe, her life line and she couldn’t help but wonder if she was his.

Once she was done, she gently shook him awake. “Take a shower, I’ll be back with some clothes. Towels are in the cabinet on top.”

He stared at her with a mix of confusion and bewilderment before she left.

She scoured her closet for an XXL shirt she really liked sleeping in hoping it’d fit the broad expanse of his shoulders. She closed her eyes in relief when she found a pair of men’s sweatpants at the bottom of her drawers that could’ve belonged to a one night stand.

When she heard the water stop, she knocked on the door and earned a grunt in response.

He opens the door half way, steam escaping the gap. She sadly catches herself staring. He was shirtless before, but now she noticed. His broad chest, the chiseled muscles and the protruding collar bones. He was holding a towel around his waist only showing off the V of his hips.

She clears her throat, seeing him with a smug smirk on his lips. “Here’s the only stuff i could find.”

“Ma’am, I don’t wear sweatpants.” She rolls her eyes.

“You’re going to have to tough it tonight, Marine.” And he smiles at that, a small one, but a smile nonetheless. She beams with pride. He takes the clothing from her and shuts the door.

It’s well past 4 AM but she goes to make another pot of fresh coffee. She was going to have to be in the office in five hours, might as well make one now. She hears him scuffling around in the small bathroom.

She hears the soft padding of his feet on the wooden floors. He walks up to the counter, rubbing a rough hand over his short hair. She couldn’t help but admire the slightly too tight fit of his shirt. No shame in that, he looked like a man who worked out… even if it was for his… nightly activities.

She clears her throat and hands him a mug, he hums appreciatively. She had a million questions buzzing around in her mind, but she knew that if she asked the wrong one, he’d back out and leave.

“How?” A a bit of tension leaves his body, now that she’s asked whatever she’d wanted to ask. This was ok, this was safe territory, he could work with this.

“There were more than I expected, but for once they were smart about it. Lined up real nice and shit.” He sips a little bit of his coffee.

“Hmm.” Is all she responds with. There’s not much else to say. She knows what job he was working on. She’s been keeping tabs on him and he’s been very kindly keeping her updated. He convinces himself it’s to give her leads, but it’s mostly to warn her and keep her out of harm’s way, even if the danger comes to Karen Page, or vice versa.

“Have you seen Red lately?” He asks, catching her off guard. Her eyebrows raise slightly at the sudden change of subject and how he’s suddenly so… talkative. Normally, she always asked the question and he answered with grunts, curt nods and the occasional Yes, Ma’am, No Ma’am, Please, Mrs. Page…

“No, I haven’t. We haven’t really… Is he bothering you?” Sh.  e knows that they bump into each other during their escapades, and probably gets a lecture just like her.

“Ya. He gave me the new shiner. Fuckin’ Altar Boy.” He sees the flickers of emotion pass through her face, anger, surprisingly, he still can’t wrap is head around the fact that Karen even cares enough to be angry, and then, the most adorable little snort passes through her lips. A giggle is pulled out of the cute blonde and she tries to hide it with the back of her hand.

“Sorry, it’s just. Altar Boy.” She snickers, she knows she’s being ridiculous. She’s heard him call Matt that before, it’s just the way he says it that was so funny. As if, saying the words insulted him.

“Ya, he was up on the roofs with me, his catholic righteous ass. No killing tonight, Frank.” He says, doing the most incredible impression Karen has ever witnessed. She’s gaping at him with her mouth wide open and blue eyes shining bright. And then she busts out laughing. Honest to god laughter, that resonates deep in his chest. She’s clutching her stomach, tears of happiness threatening to spill.

“Oh my god, do it- do it again” She asks, now staring at him intently and giggling like a little girl.

God, her smile. And just to see her laugh again, just to see a smile grace those beautiful lips, he gets up, and pretends to be Matt Murdock.

“You know he’s all - Frank, not tonight. And he does the thing with the stick.” And mimics the movement and now Karen is laughing so hard she’s fallen off the chair and clutching her stomach and while it dies down Frank’s just looking at her. The way she’s learned to like, the way that sent tingles down her spine.

And for a while they stay silent. Frank’s deep in thought, his eyes trailing over her. She’s become his lifeline, his salvation. She’s this bright white light in the consuming darkness that is his life. Lately, he’s been teetering off the edge. On the face of a cliff, fighting to find purchase. But, she, this stubborn, smart, gorgeous, beautiful strong woman was the only thing keeping him together.

And that realisation hadn’t hit him like a truck, it didn’t drop kick him in the chest and hit him the face like one of Red’s fucking batons. It just was. She just became the thing he needed. Maybe, he should’ve seen it coming, the way he always came back,  should’ve been some sort of indication. But, she just slipped into whatever was left of his life so seamlessly.

And he liked it, no, he loved it. And he wasn’t supposed too. He said it that night too, I won’t ever feel that again. But, shit, he fucking does. Every time he sees her strawberry blonde hair and her pretty blue eyes. Every time she walks in after a hard day of work and makes him coffee anyways. Every time she makes him remember and every time she’s there.

Suddenly, she’s really close to him, in his face. “Hey, where did you go?” She asks, and she says it with so much emotion, so much kindness, like someone who cared. And who in their right mind would care about him, no one. But, she did, and that’s all that mattered.

He looks up and stares straight into her eyes. Then, he looks up at the ceiling, sending a prayer up to Maria. Deep down, he knew that she’d be happy for him.

He looked back at Karen, his Karen and slips a rough calloused hand onto her cheek and slides into the back of her hair. She leans into it with the softest sigh that he swears sounds like angel’s wings.

“Tell me to stop.” He says, his voice low, rough and so raw. She opens her eyes again, slowly. He oh so gently cups her face into his hands and rubs a thumb over her cheekbones. “Tell me to go away and that I’m bad for you.” And all she does is look at him with those sparkling doe eyes and she smiles.

“Never.” And he smiles back, and it doesn’t feel foreign anymore, not with her. He pulls her to him and places the gentlest of kisses to her rosy pink lips. And it’s everything he’s imagined it to be. They’re soft and warm, and she feels so, so real. And he can’t stop. It’s soft and innocent, but it means so much, it’s pouring any words left unsaid and any emotions left untold.

And maybe, just maybe, this time, he’d take his own advice… he’d hold on, hold on with both hands and never let her go

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A/N: Did someone say Super!Woozi?? Because I’m here to deliver ;) omg Nat stop. I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG T^T Here’s something an anon requested and the AU update @mansaeboysbe asked for bazillion years ago. This one is suuuuper long to make up for it so I hope you all enjoy! This story is such a hot mess tbh. Also this gif of Jihoon is exactly what this fic is all about.

Originally posted by 12fools

  • You thought Jihoon would be a hero?? lmao think again 
  • Bc I think he’d be the perfect villain
  • Ok not really but hear me out
  • Jihoon would be some kind of a genius mastermind ok?
  • If you think that’s not a superpower, you’re wrong
  • You can say he’s some kind of a technopath bc this guy can literally build anything tech-y out of everything
  • For example, he made his first weapon at the age of five. fIVE.
  • Like what was i even doing at the age of five?? my only accomplishment by then was being the champion in a cracker-eating competition during independence day celebration smh
  • I’m so proud of it tho so y’all can fight me if you disagree
  • He can also manipulate most forms of technology
  • He can turn off lights without having to switch it off, manipulate computer data, he can hack into cyber systems, restore information and break computer codes
  • He could’ve done much worse but since he never had any form of training since he first discovered his power, his power is pretty underdeveloped
  • Nonetheless, technopath!Woozi is still super powerful, even with his limitations
  • Supervillain!Jihoon would wear some kind of a black suit with some cool-ass tool belt strapped on his hips for his tinkering needs
  • Definitely no spandex and absolutely no capes
  • We hear ya, Edna
  • He’d wear the typical black mask and his red hair would be a stark contrast against his dark ensemble
  • I live for red-haired Woozi
  • He also got these cool gauntlets on his wrist and he can shoot out sedatives, tear gas pellets, tasers, grappling hooks, a radio transmitter and explosives
  • Woozi also got his own personal A.I. assistant
  • Think of it like J.A.R.V.I.S. and it works exactly like it
  • It oversees Jihoon’s overall health, help him construct weapons and sometimes poppin’ some popcorns for Jihoon during Friday movie nights
  • Jihoon would also be super agile! He’s really quick on his feet and can do some cool acrobatic s***
  • Because Jihoon might sit around and construct weapons all day so you’d expect him to be out of shape lol
  • But Jihoon figured that while he wasn’t tinkering, he’d be running away from the cops or smth so why not start training his cardio right?
  • So yeah he did a lot of gymnastics and acrobatics
  • Besides running from the cops, he wants to make memorable entrance and exits in the future, too, lmao
  • It’s pretty funny bc one second he’d be like Bob the builder and the next he’s tumbling like a f***in ninja
  • It’s incredible
  • Anyways
  • So Jihoon has been plotting his big debut as a super villain for a long time now
  • He’s so tired of everybody underestimating his power despite him probably being able to ensemble a makeshift grenade in record time to blow your ass off
  • And he’s also tired of the times people called him cute
  • He’s not cute, alright?!
  • It’s been his lifelong dream to be able to look into people’s eyes and see fear in their eyes as he whispers,
  • “Am I cute now, you little s***?”
  • And he also decided that his super villain name would be Woozi
  • O yeah, bc something that means Our Jihoon is so evil. OoohI’m shaking in my boots
  • I’m getting off topic
  • About his super secret world domination plan..
  • Woozi had built a robot army to take over the city
  • I mean, he could’ve done it all by himself but
  • It’s his big debut, man
  • Give him a break
  • In no time, the city was completely taken over by his army of evil robots
  • He didn’t do anything serious
  • Just letting his robots do their evil stuff
  • Pulling out dead 2010 memes on people
  • Stealing candies from children
  • The usual
  • Also, people were already pretty terrified at the thought of a robot uprising so it wasn’t like he needed to work very hard to make people s*** in their pants
  • At this point, people are screaming, babies are crying; it’s music to Woozi’s ears
  • And everything’s going to plan until 
  • Ok quick backstory: the local factory had been dumping all its illegal waste into the local reservoir, the chemicals contained in the waste genetically transformed some of the wildlife around the reservoir into mutants
  • Wow did this just become an environmental propaganda?
  • Nevertheless, don’t litter, kids
  • Woozi looked ahead at the sight ahead of him and the city was suddenly swarmed by dozens of mutant creatures, animals and plants alike
  • It’s like Jumanji on steroids
  • F***in mutts tryna derail his plan of world domination?
  • Woozi is not having it
  • So Woozi whipped up random stuff from his tool belt and started to construct a make-shift weapon
  • And so you got Woozi who’s combating evil wildlife with his Object Animator
  • Which is like, a gun but instead of firing bullets it would “scan” objects and turn them into data in which he stored in the memory card in the weapon 
  • And there are few other heroes from different parts of the city who came, too, bc they heard some crazy guy tried to take over the city
  • But now instead of seeing some maniac cackling as they watch the robots take over the city, they see animal mutants everywhere like Madagascar: Evil Edition
  • The hero from a neighbouring city, S.Coups, was throwing mutant elephants here and there like nobody’s business 
  • Honestly, at this point, the city was a hot mess with robots, evil mutant wildlife and heroes all compiled in one city
  • Anyways
  • So you’re one of the city’s local journalist so cliché
  • You were reporting from the roof of a carpark building
  • I s*** you not, viewers, we just saw a flock of two-headed swans chasing down the police forces. You may laugh but have you ever had a swan hot on your trail? It’s the scariest s*** ever. Now imagine it with two heads and multiply it by tEN. Ok wait, let me put down the mic bc I’m gonna pray for the police bc only God can save them now.”
  • WHoA, Ben’s Taco is on fIRe, everyone! Lmfao bc f*** Ben, he always charges extra for guacamole so he finally got what’s coming for him. Moving on..”
  • I’m so sorry if your name is Ben and bc Ben is the least Mexican name ever
  • You’re pretty controversial bc you speak without any filter but that’s also the reason people love you lol
  • Anyways, you’re up there reporting, ready to deliver the biggest drag of the century on national TV when a group of winged monkeys decided to go ape s*** lmao get it? ape s***? on you crew
  • You’re like “Elphaba’s not here. Wrong show !!!”
  • But of course, did they listen? No.
  • And somehow you got cornered to the ledge and by the time you realized what’s going on, you’re free falling
  • Free falling.. falling…
  • Bonus points to the person who gets this reference
  • Coincidentally, at that very moment, Woozi was right at the bottom of the building, completely unaware of what had been going on a few meters above
  • He was shouting at one of his robots for not doing its work properly
  • “You dips***! Why do you have a cat in your arms! How did you even find it?! I designed you to be evil! EvIL!
  • “But boss, villains always have a cat in their arms!”
  • Ok Woozi couldn’t argue with that but
  • “Priorities!! We’re supposed to tear those mutts apart!! They’re in the way of my plans!!!”
  • “But I know my priorities!!”
  • “Oml I should’ve done all of this myself! Now if there’s an answer to all of this f***in mess-”
  • Woozi had his arms out in exasperation at this point and BAM 
  • He wasn’t ready when you suddenly fell into his arms lmao
  • You were lucky you both didn’t fall into a messy heap on the pavement bc Woozi regained his footing pretty quickly
  • You were definitely ready for sweet, sweet death but you felt like you weren’t falling anymore and
  • You opened your eyes to see the most beautiful confused face you’ve ever seen???
  • Your heart did a little backflip in your chest and you’re like
  • My hero~” *heart eyes*
  • Woozi almost dropped you bc he’s anything but
  • “Who the f*** are you??” he said
  • “Y/N. And you are?” you asked breathlessly
  • Now your name sounds familiar to him and he remembered you’re that notorious journalist everyone seem to have a love-hate relationship with
  • You’re just..blunt and cute
  • This was like his chance of publicity lol so he was like “Woozi.”
  • You would have loved to stay and have a little chat with the hero with the clearest eyes you’ve ever seen but he got to go
  • So that’s how your first encounter went
  • With you falling into his arms lel
  • It did take them some time but they eventually managed to save the city
  • Mostly with the help of Woozi and his robot army
  • ‘well, at least what remained of it’ Woozi thought as he looked at his robots, most only with one of its limbs left attached and barely able to stand
  • same tbh
  • People knew this but they were also confused??
  • Bc wasn’t he the guy to tried to take over the city earlier?? Is he the good guy or the bad guy??
  • They were pretty baffled but grateful nonetheless
  • So everyone’s cheering for Woozi and chanting his name and Woozi’s like??? why
  • Tbh he’s just as confused as you are
  • “Ok this is not going according to plan.”
  • And somewhere down on the streets you’re like “YeAH! WOOZI! MA BOI.”
  • The first person he’s gonna kill after this mess is you for calling him your “boi”
  • He’s not your “boi
  • Anyways, the crowds are chanting and Woozi’s confused
  • And emerging from the crowd was S.Coups who approached him and was like 
  • “Dude, you’re pretty cool. Come to the Heroes Conference tomorrow. It’ll be great having you on the team!”
  • And Jihoon’s never been one to be approached, let alone being invited to something
  • But despite him not even liking superheroes he couldn’t help the meek “O-Okay” that escaped him
  • dang it.
  • And that’s how he finds himself at the Heroes Conference the next morning
  • So the Heroes Conference is a conference held regularly by the Heroes Association after any sort of event when a super managed to defeat a villain
  • It’s a way for the Heroes Association and the people appreciate having their city saved
  • Here, the supposed-hero would receive a token of appreciation, a medal of some sort
  • And most of the times, new heroes are recruited during these conferences
  • To say Woozi felt like he’s out of element is an understatement
  • He couldn’t help but feel like he’s a black sheep there
  • A supposed-villain surrounded by heroes
  • Why is he here again?
  • Well he came bc he thought it’d be weird if someone who everybody thought saved the city doesn’t come when a big superhero like S.Coups invited him to get initiated into a team
  • Unwittingly, he said yes
  • Yeah, it’s not like he was starstruck or anything
  • And it’s not like he’s curious, pffffttt what’re you talking about
  • But he’s been seething inside bc what’s supposed to be his big debut as a super villain was completely ruined by those stupid mutant motherfrickers
  • His evil daydreams are ruined now 
  • He was brooding when he heard a familiar voice
  • “Hey! Woozi!!”
  • And there you were, approaching him with a sun of a smile and he couldn’t help but feel his breath hitch roll his eyes
  • “Oh. It’s you.”
  • “Yeah! It’s me!”
  • “What do you want?”
  • You dismissed his tone and was like “Please let me do an interview??”
  • And he’s like, “Me?? An interview??”
  • say whaaaaa
  • Woozi was already in a bad enough mood from being where he doesn’t even want to be
  • Adding to that fact was you asking him to do an interview was stretching it a little too far
  • Woozi was so ready to say no
  • But you’re looking at him with so much admiration?? Nobody has ever looked at him like that?
  • He couldn’t help but feel his heart melt a little
  • HE’S EVIL.
  • E-VIL.
  • Woozi wouldn’t admit to himself that he’s weak for you and it’s not even day one lmao
  • Fine. Make it quick.”
  • Seeing the smile that bloomed on your face almost made it worth it
  • Almost
  • So that’s how he found himself sitting face to face with you
  • Honestly, the interview was pretty colorful and entertaining, even to him, with you hosting it
  • You: “~And BAM your robots just sent that freakin rhino into the gas station and BOOM it exploded!!! And then the monkeys went SWOOSH and then I’m falling!! Right into y o u !!!!”
  • Honestly he didn’t see the point of this interview since you just chronologically explained the whole story but oh well
  • Woozi had never gotten himself interviewed before but?? wOw aren’t you a handful but he likes it
  • He didn’t mind, though?? bc all he was thinking throughout the whole interview was you
  • When the interview finally ended, he almost regretted when he said to make it quick
  • He couldn’t stop thinking about you that day and they day after that, and the day after that 
  • So now Woozi has two issues; aside from having a huge f***ing crush on you, now Woozi’s kinda stuck doing the Good Guy stuff
  • Like, he still doesn’t understand???
  • How do you do the superhero thing?????
  • Woozi literally doesn’t know how to superhero
  • Some days he’ll be on a mission and his teammate suddenly go
  • “Woozi! The what are you doing?!”
  • “I’m beating up the bad guys, like you said.”
  • Whoops
  • He’s been trying to ask you out for weeks but all of his free time is now spent doing boring good hero stuff
  • He couldn’t even use his explosives anymore
  • Trust him when he said he asked
  • Why did he agree to this again??
  • But what he didn’t expect was how much he’s been seeing you?
  • Like, for reals, this town is super heh problematic istg
  • So Woozi gets to see you a lot irl bc well, you’re a journalist
  • But you seem to be always at the right place at the wrong time whenever whatever happens and he saved your ass more than he could count
  • Like, there was the time a super-robbery happened
  • Yes, super-robbery, bc regular robbery is boring and apparently, aside from being problematic, this town is also very extra when it comes to crimes
  • And you somehow found yourself as a hostage? Like hOW?
  • And another time when you got kidnapped for ransom? You were pretty calm about it tho but Woozi’s the one getting grey hair bc of you
  • But you could say it was also the right time bc Woozi got to swoop in to save your ass multiple times, too
  • And from all the times he did save you, you just…fell for a little more??
  • Bc by the end of it, while he nags at you for being so useless and careless and everything in between, you know he cares
  • What a tsundere
  • Ok but this is where it gets fun
  • So Jihoon had a rough night, so he decided to maybe get some fresh air, right?
  • So he was walking around with his earphones on when wait.. is that?
  • You were cornered by a group of what seems like drunken men and Jihoon’s like here we go
  • How do you find yourself in this kind of situation all the time?
  • “Get away from her, you dick!”
  • You were a little bit surprised when you heard someone shouting
  • You weren’re really expecting someone to notice so you were shocked when this guy showed up with the scariest pissed-off look you’ve ever seen
  • And the drunk guys just sneered bc who is this squirt?
  • Oh but Jihoon’s familiar with the condescending looks in their eyes
  • Jihoon had experienced his fair share throughout his high school days alright
  • So he used everything he’s ever learned from always getting made fun of for his height
  • He kicked one of the f***ers in the kneecaps, grabbed your hand and ran
  • You finally stopped when you’re sure you’re safe enough and you couldn’t help but admire this stranger who just saved you
  • “My hero~”
  • Do you say that to every single one of your savior? bc Jihoon is getting major flashbacks now
  • Of course, you felt very very grateful for getting saved so you wanted to treat this cute stranger
  • “Here, let me treat you to some coffee. I insist.”
  • And that’s how he found himself sitting across from you in a quaint coffee shop
  • “Thank you so much for saving me!”
  • And Jihoon swore under his breath bc there it is again
  • That smile
  • “No problem.”
  • You couldn’t help but think that the guy looked kinda familiar??
  • “So tell me about yourself!” you said
  • ‘Well, you actually know me but not the real me but I’ve been pinning on you from day one but this is not how I imagined our first date would be like.’ Jihoon wanted to say but he figured he’ll just sound like a creep lol
  • Wait is this a date? F***
  • “Uh, I play the guitar???” 
  • Nice, Jihoon, smooth.
  • Hey, a supervillain can have a hobby, alright?
  • And Jihoon didn’t know how it happened but you seemed interested in what he has to say and he ended up having a lot of fun talking to you??
  • The conversation went for a long time that he didn’t realize it’s been hours since he left headquarters and he’s still got things to do and he’s like crap gtg
  • And you’re like “Oh! You need to go?? I really enjoyed talking to you.. Maybe we again??” 
  • Bruh, you may look super cool and suave outside but you’re literally freaking out inside bc !!! You’re actually asking this cute stranger guy out !!!
  • And that’s how Lee Jihoon ended up back in the headquarter, everything’s the same except for the number written on the entire length of his right arm in black ink
  • But then the next morning people were shookth from the obvious series of numbers written on his arm lmaoo
  • The other peeps on the team was like, “OoOoO are you dAting someone???”
  • “S.Coups, I know you can’t fly and I will not hesitate to push you off this ledge and make it seem like an accident if you don’t step away this instant.”
  • *S.Coups backing away slowly*
  • One of the team members almost prank called you claiming to be Woozi but then he got strangled by Jihoon lmao
  • You and Jihoon started to hang out more often
  • One time you guys (you guys as in you and Jihoon, you’re still unaware of his alter ego apparently smh) were talking about your favorite supers and Woozi came up in the conversation
  • “I don’t know, I just really like him.”
  • That caught his interest
  • “Uh, why?”
  • Because! He’s so cool, don’t you think??? Saved me couple times, too. What a man.”
  • Lmao, more like hundreds of times
  • Woozi couldn’t count how many times he had to save your ass now
  • “But why do you even like him? He’s not like S.Coups or anything. He’s not..nice.”
  • You looked at him a little offended bc 
  • Did he really just say that? In front of your f***ing salad?
  • “Uhm, excuse me but he cares about other people, Jihoon! Just because someone’s nice doesn’t mean he’s good!”
  • Jihoon never thought he’d hear someone say something so nice about him?? For once, someone actually cared about him
  • And it feels…nice
  • And if he had a huge crush on you then, by now he’s f***ing flipped
  • “Plus, I’d totally date him.”
  • Choke
  • So you guys obviously starting to like each other more and more; him bc of your, uh, refreshing personality and him bc of his blunt nature
  • What a charming couple, honestly
  • But he couldn’t work up the nerve to ask you out when he’s not wearing his super-villain, er, hero costume
  • But he can’t help it now!!!
  • He needs to do something about this stupid crush!!!
  • It’s taking over his brain
  • It’s taking over his life
  • They really weren’t kidding when they said that love is a disease bc he feels like he gets heart attacks whenever you smile and him and it makes him want to write stupid love songs about you and it’s just ugh
  • He’s a swimming lovesick fool around you
  • But Woozi isn’t keen on grand gestures
  • So one day, he finally swallowed his nerves and went up to you after work  in his super suit 
  • And you were like,”Woozi!! It’s you!!”
  • But then he took of his mask in front of you
  • And “Wait, what? W ho? Jihoon????”
  • Again, how you’ve ever put the pieces together baffles me smh
  • “Yeah. It’s me.” He looked like he’s ready to s*** his pants tbh
  • “Look, I hate your stupid face. I hate that you made me think about you everyday. I can’t even look at a monkey the same way without ending up thinking about you now. I hate that your smile always gives me heart attacks. So let’s just get this over with. Y/N, do you want to go out with me?”
  • Lmao w hat
  • Is he…asking you out???
  • So all this time, Woozi is Jihoon and Jihoon is Woozi?
  • Sigh
  • So you stood there gaping like a fish
  • Which kinda reminded him of when his robot short-circuited, cute.
  • And Woozi’s ready to flee the scene and go home and spend his night eating a tub of ice cream while writing a two-page essay on how you will never ever be together and hide under his covers and–
  • “Alright, let’s go on a date.”
  • Well, he be da**ed.
  • Did you just agree to go out with him??
  • He feels like he can take over the world now
  • But maybe later bc now, he has a date to attend to ;)
  • (But honestly, if he had asked you without the suit and all, you’d still pick him.)
  • (Because in the end, you fell for Jihoon, not Woozi.)
  • (But also you’re feeling lucky bc you happen to like both so what a steal.)

omgpipercy  asked:

any romantic pipercy headcanons? I'm more on the brotp side but i need some romance alSo tysm for answering my other ask❤️

i never got notified for this?? so im so sorry it took so long omg @ tumblr why, but yesss i always am ready to talk about pipercy!!!

  • ok so they are the actual messiest couple
  • not like they fight a lot, but like they are both just genuinely messy people and combined its terrible. like they can never keep track of anything and forget appointments and always get side tracked and are always late etc etc
  • but somehow in their attempts to get where they need to go they always end up having wild stories that all their friends are left ??? at
  • this isn’t a headcanon just a fact, but they are both insanely hot? you know the kind of people you see on the street and your like, are they a model? 
  • which means when they’re out together (which is a lot) it’s like intimidating bc they’re so good looking wtf??
  • they’re really soft around each other
  • like yeah they joke around a lot, and get competitive over video games (mario cart lmao) or get in arguments over superheroes (piper was team captain america, percy was team iron man) and sometimes their general vibe comes of more best friend-ish than boyfriend/girlfriend-ish
  • but like isn’t that good?
  • neither of them would want to be with someone who wasn’t their friend first
  • anyways back to the softness
  • idk if like percy fell asleep on the couch after a horror binge (percy didn’t watch horror classics growing up like the exorcist, rosemary’s baby, the shining, etc etc. and piper horror buff™ mclean wasn’t going to let that stand) and piper covered him with a blanket and kissed his forehead
  • or when piper’s having a rough day percy will get her favorite pistachio baklava from the deli that just far enough away to be inconvenient
  • they’re always touching, grabbing each others hands to make sure the other person is there, or piper will squeeze percy’s upper arm if she’s excited, and percy will sling an arm over piper’s shoulders or around her waste and just
  • they don’t even mean for it to be like a thing. but everyone around them just vaguely feels like their intruding bc it’s so casually intimate
  • they also kiss a lot
  • not just like full on kissing, but like cheek kisses, forehead kisses, hand kisses 
  • i mean obviously they spend a lot of time at the beach, both of them love the ocean, and they surf together and lounge in the sand and maybe attempt to build a sand castle (emphasis on attempt)
  • ,,, look im not saying they stay at montauk but they do and it’s just so good and they have a camp fire and share ghost stories and laugh and roast marshmallows and kiss 
  • they both love new york. percy bc he’s percy of course he loves new york, and piper bc it grew on her and she loves the way percy’s eyes light up when talking about the city and she loves the memories she has there
  • both are really sentimental people so they just have so many pictures, like boxes full just of them and their adventures (non demigod related adventures thank god) and their friends and family and
  • they are just both so in love
  • they’re one of those couples that when you see them you get that ache in your chest bc you know you know they love each other so much and would literally do anything for the other

and ok im going to stop bc this got out of hand, but i hope you like these!!! 

lovelykouga  asked:

I just want to say I am a MASSIVE fan of your flustered, sweaty sans good shit mhmmmmmm that's some good shit right there!!! And you ship him with Toriel too I might just die...I don't know if you take requests/prompts or not, but Sans and Toriel must have had some bangin' equivalent of phone sex through that door just gonna put it out there OK ENJOY YOUR NIGHT-

omg soooooRRY it took me 100 billion years to respond to this…but thank u so much youre too kind!! and haha yess flustered sweaty sans (and soriel) is the absolute most important thing!! \o/

als o om G HAHA i have to say i can never ever draw or write anything nsfwish in my life ill just die but. i still wanted to make something in return for this nice message. SO HERE LMAO im sorry