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Let’s Party, Shanks (Part 2)


(Part 1) here

Summary: After a few drinks, a run-in with Sonya, and a helpful Minho… you finally work up the courage to talk to Newt. Needless to say, the night takes an unexpected turn.

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Word Count: 1705

Warning(s): None, maybe angst if you squint

(A/N): I FINALLY FINISHED IT, OMG IT TOOK ME FOREVER! I’m so sorry that you guys had to wait so long for this. Like I’ve said, I haven’t been in a writing mood all summer. But, I think I’m getting my groove back (and right at the end of summer, go figure). Hopefully, I’ll be posting a lot more content, more often. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this part! 

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I know I left chapter 10 hanging back in… omg, early June has it been that long? , but I was busy with work, and then camp nano which I have finished but I finally finally spent like, an hour, on filming the last of the second to last scene.

Yes, an hour. The thing I procrastinated for six weeks took me an hour to film. It took me 90 minutes to load my game this time though, so the inevitable CC purge is coming closer I think, and my load time is sadly the thing that makes me not want to play my game as much when I only have a few hours in the evening to myself.

However: the pictures are taken. Give me a day or two to edit pics and queue and then there will 100% certain be an update some time this week and I apologize because it is going to be disappointingly short. But I think it’s a good one. And honestly, the only opinion I care about is my own :)

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somehow, i managed to finish it?? i wrote almost 20 pages of smut today. it took me like twelve hours, but i’m so happy i could cry?? i only moved for bathroom breaks lmao good thing nora also had things to write. she’s reading it through for Final Approval now so let’s see if I update tonight or after a final check tomorrow morning… i hope you guys don’t mind 30+ pages of not-smut before the magic happens though *sweats*

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scenario w tsukki and his s/o (female pronounsss) where she;s normally v sassy and witty with quick comebacks to the jabs he takes at her but one day shes having a really shitty day like down right terrible and he like has a go at one of the things that went wrong in her day? without realizing that something was wrong or something happened if that makes sense and she juts breaks down and poor tsukki has to comfort her lmao

Omg but I FEEL this in my soul because I NEVER know when to quit T~T And it really sucks! Thank you so much for requesting! -Admin Satori <3

Tsukishima Kei:

“Hmmm? Finally decide to grace me with your presence this evening, ____? How very sweet of you to keep me waiting for only….” Tsukishima checked the time on the stereo in his room lazily before looking back at you, “3 hours.” He finished dryly, staring up at you with a small smirk before turning his attention back to the book in his hands. “What took you so long, hmm? Decide to stay extra long to suck up to the bosses?”

You closed your eyes tightly and turned your head just as a few tears slipped past. He’d hit the nail on the head, as usual. Your day had been terrible, and you quickly rushed to his bathroom as a way to hide from his teasing. You leaned against the door once your closed it and hid your face in your hands as you quietly sobbed to yourself over your awful day. You were late getting to work, which put the bosses in a bad mood, which made you have to run around and be their errand girl so they wouldn’t write you up for a tardy. You had accidentally spilled their hot coffee all over your work clothes and had to borrow from one of your higherup coworkers, so now you owed them. Then you’d accidentally had given each of your bosses the wrong coffee orders and had been scolded for that, as well. Your new heels had been digging into your skin all day and you were sure they were filled with dried blood at this point.

Pulling up your skirt just a bit, you bit your lip roughly at the sight of dried blood on your knees from when you’d tripped over yourself as you were rushing to each meeting after your bosses. All you wanted to do was undress and forget this day ever happened, but Tsukishima was just outside the bathroom door on his bed, and you were sure he knew something was wrong.

Usually, when it came to him teasing you, you were quick with a comeback or a taunt of your own! That’s what he loved about you; your wit always kept him on his toes and his mind always working. But today had been different and he’d noticed immediately. His golden eyes had watched as you rushed to the bathroom and now he watched the light under the door for your movements. He lowered the volume on his stereo just a bit and caught the tail end of your crying before the shower started. Tsukishima let out a long sigh as he put his book off onto the side table before getting up and out of his bedroom.

When you were done having your silent cry fest in the shower, and you’d cleaned yourself up and gotten dressed in some pajama shorts and one of Tsukishima’s tshirts, you opened the bathroom door to see he wasn’t in the bedroom anymore. You were almost okay with that. You didn’t want to have to deal with his piercing gaze as he asked what was wrong. You didn’t want to have to answer for anything more for the rest of the weekend. But you couldn’t have what you wanted, could you?

Just as you were crawling under the covers and you’d closed your eyes ready to sleep the terrible day away, you heard his footsteps just down the hall. You groaned quietly into your pillow as he opened the bedroom door. “Kei… I’m really…. REALLY not in the mood to go back and forth…” You muttered, keeping your eyes closed as you addressed him, “Please… Just… Don’t say anything about today.” You whispered, your voice wobbling towards the end, feeling like a failure as a few tears streak down your cheeks.

It was silent in the room for a few seconds before the bed dipped next to where you were laying, and the sound of silverware rattling made you open your eyes with confusion. Tsukishima had two plates in his hand, forks clattering against the glass as he gripped them in his right hand with the plate on top. “So… Does that mean I can have your slice of cake?” He asked simply as he leaned back against the headboard and lowered your plate to rest on his thigh, which gave you the ability to see what he’d brought for you.

His favorite strawberry cake. The one you’d bought specifically for him just the day before, saying the whole thing was his to enjoy. He had doubted you, thinking he’d come home to find half of it already eaten, but being surprised when he opened the fridge that afternoon to see the whole cake still intact. You had meant your word and hadn’t touched it. Which touched his heart.

“I mean… I can probably go put it back in the container, but it’s already started to get to room temperature, and it probably won’t taste the same…. I don’t want it to ruin the rest of the cake, either.” He muttered as he stared down at the plate resting on his thigh as he put a piece of his own cake into his mouth, feeling the sweetness of the ripe strawberries burst in his mouth. He was honestly forcing himself not to just eat your piece, too, at this point.

You sniffled and sat up in the bed, taking the plate from his thigh, before taking a piece of the slice and putting it in your mouth. You didn’t even take the fork out of your mouth before you closed your eyes and let out a quiet hum. “It’s good.” You mumbled around a sniffle as you let your fork go back down to the cake for another piece.

Tsukishima regarded you out of the corner of his eye, making sure you were going to be okay before he went back to enjoying his own slice, “I’m sorry your day was terrible.” He muttered, barely audible, and you turned your head quickly only to see he was turned away from you to put his clean plate on the side table on top of his book. When he saw your wide eyes on him, he gave you a small smirk, “I’m not saying that word again.” He chuckled lowly, knowing it was a rare occasion that he ever apologized for anything. Not even after fights would he apologize.

The finality of his voice was strangely funny to you, and you couldn’t help but let out a few breathless laughs, feeling your eyes water and overflow from how easy this was with Tsukishima. And how grateful you were to have such an amazing boyfriend to comfort you in his own way after such a terrible day. He watched you carefully, a small smile of his own on his lips as you worked through your emotions before reaching over him and putting your plate on top of his.

“Thank you, Kei.” You whispered as you wrapped your arms around his middle and closed your eyes, “I love you.” You mumbled just as your eyes drooped closed, the warmth from his body lulling you into a wonderfully deep sleep.

“I guess I love you, too…” Tsukishima stroked your hair out of your face as he laid down with you resting in his arms. “Tomorrow’s another day… I promise.”