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Hi! I was wondering if you could do like a hc for the RFA + others asking MC out in high school? Idk why but I think it would be pretty cute :) Thanks, and I love your account!!

Omg, a high school AU ^^
In Saeyoung and Saeran’s case, just imagine they were taken from their mom and adopted by somebody else when they were young so EVERYTHING IS HAPPY.
Also, in Zen’s case, he didn’t drop out, obviously.
These turned out WAY longer than I had planned lol

-You knew Yoosung got lots of secret admirers and date offers. It made you… jealous.
-You wanted to ask Yoosung out too, but you weren’t ready. You were too nervous. What if he just denied you like he denied everyone else? Would it ruin the friendship you’ve built over so many years?
-Because of that, you decided you wouldn’t ask him out. You didn’t want to put your friendship at risk.
-Yoosung, however, was going through the same kind of doubt.
-He has had a crush on you for years but he doubted you felt the same way. Sure, girls were on their hands and knees begging for him to date them, so he shouldn’t have such low confidence, right?
-Nope. Even though people would fuss over him, he knew in his heart you didn’t love him back.
-So, sadly, it’s a while before he actually asks you out.
-He’s tired of wondering “what if” and imagining a future with you he might not even have.
-He asks you out on a normal day. You were eating lunch together in the school’s picnic area outside. There weren’t many other people, so it was perfect.
-You sat on opposite sides of the table. As you chatted over lunch, Yoosung grew nervous.
-It’s now or never.
-“So, um, _____, I have something to tell you.”
-You swallowed some food. “Okay, what’s up?”
-You were obviously a bit nervous about what he was going to say, but he was ten times more scared. His heart was hammering away as he took a deep breath.
-“I hope this doesn’t change anything, but, _____… I really like you. As in… I was wondering if you’d like to be my boy/girlfriend…?”
-You swear you almost choke on your food.
-“What? Me?”
-Yoosung nods. He looked so terrified, like he was preparing for you to laugh at his feelings and call him names. He’s scared that you’ll never want to see him again or that he creeped you out, really, his mind is playing worse case scenarios.
-“…Yeah,” you smile. “Yeah, I’d love that. I didn’t think you’d ever ask… I’ve actually… had a crush on you for a while.”
-You nervously scratch the back of your neck and mumble that last part.
-Yoosung shoots up from where he sat. “Really?! You’ll be mine?!”
-You chuckled. “Yes, Yoosung. I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine.”
-He’s blushing like mad.
-He runs over to your side of the table and engulfs you in a really tight, loving hug.
-He is so relieved.
-This is the best day ever. His dreams are all coming true. He can’t stop smiling for weeks.
-At school, he doesn’t like too much PDA. Just hand holding and occasional kisses on the cheek, forehead, or temple are enough for him.
-You help him with his studies, and he helps you with yours. Both of your grades benefit.
-He loves taking you out to parks for dates. It’s his favorite. You go there very very often.
-Everybody that knew him, even just a little bit, notices that he is so much happier now that the two of you are dating.
-Cutest couple in the yearbooks will likely be the two of you, as long as the kids that had crushes on him before don’t hold a grudge.

-Zen was an obvious bad boy in high school. (ALSO A THEATER NERD). It wasn’t uncommon to hear girls whisper about him either.
-It’s surprising he wasn’t reprimanded for his gang activities. Somehow he was still here.
-You didn’t drool and lust over him like some girls did. You had more innocent intentions.
-You had dreams of going on dates and holding hands with him. Sometimes, you would imagine what it would be like to marry him.
-Your own daydreams would fluster you.
-For the longest time, you doubted he even knew you existed. But, one day, he saw you sitting alone outside the school on a bench, reading a book from the library.
-He sat next to you.
-Such a simple, two letter word, but it made you question if this was reality or a dream.
-“Hi,” you said back.
-“I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Hyun,” he held his hand out. A handshake would have normally seemed formal, but now, with him offering it, it felt gentlemanly.
-Your heart caught in your throat as you put your hand in his. Your hands fit so perfectly together like you had imagined they would.
-“I know. I’m _____.”
-“I know,” he smiled and gently shook your hand. “I’ve seen you around, but, why are you out here all alone? A lovely girl/boy such as yourself shouldn’t be left alone like that. You never know what kind of bad people might show up.”
-“…Like you?”
-His eyes widened
-“Uh, that’s not what I meant. I’m harmless, really! I just meant a creep might start talking to you.”
-You raised an eyebrow.
-“I’m not a creep though! Definitely not!” you suppressed a giggle at how flustered he was. “Ah… I’m not really helping my case, am I?”
-After his rambling of ensuring that he was not a bad person (which you never thought he was, you were just messing with him), you both talk for what feels like hours.
-After that, you guys talk more often during school. You become a bit flustered anytime he compliments you, which he does pretty often.
-You both quickly become best friends and your crush on him only grows. You had a good influence on him, too. He didn’t do nearly as much gang activities as you two became close.
-Time goes on and you’ve been best friends for three months.
-He finally gathers up courage to confess his feelings to you.
-He meets you on the same bench he introduced himself to you on after school one day.
-Nobody else was around, so it was perfect.
-You sat together and carried a normal conversation before Hyun spoke up and told you “I have a question for you, _____.”
-You grew nervous. “Okay, what is it?”
-He took a deep breath. He was surprisingly nervous because he really wants this to go well. The patient but slightly worried expression on your face made his cheeks turn warm. You looked adorable. His heart picked up speed.“Don’t think I’m weird, but… I’ve had a, uh… a crush on you since I first saw you. A-and it’s only gotten bigger since we became friends. So, _____… will you be my boy/girlfriend?”
-You were frozen and staring at him with wide eyes. “Really?”
-Hyun nodded. “Yes, but you don’t have to say yes. I understand if you don’t-”
-“I do.”
-“I’d love to be your boy/girlfriend, Hyun.”
-His heart skipped a beat. He couldn’t believe his ears. “Seriously?”
-You laugh. “Yes, you dork.”
-He smiles the biggest smile you’ve ever seen and gives you a giant hug. “You’ve made me the happiest guy ever, _____. Thank you so much.”
-You were both hugging, smiling, blushing messes, but you were also the happiest people on earth.
-After that, at school, lots of PDA.
-Kisses, hand holding, hugging, cute nicknames, longing stares, all of it.
-You’ve caught the attention of many less than satisfied staff members that always yell at you.
-Hyun’s gotten written up so many times for kissing you during school.
-The girls are jealous of you, which makes him very protective over you. He would hate if you compared yourself to them.
-He quits his gang and lives a much quieter life. Like I said, you have a good impact on him. His grades improve with your help and you cheer him on at every theater performance. You bring him flowers every time and he keeps them until they are practically disintegrated.
-You bring him lunch everyday, or you pay to buy him lunch, because he never eats lunch.
-He takes you on so many dates. Any location you can think of around town, he’s taken you there.
-It’s likely you’d be voted for cutest couple when year books are released if it wasn’t for the jealous girls.

-She was such a quiet kid, but she wasn’t necessarily shy.
-She quietly completed all of her assignments on time and didn’t let conversing with her classmates distract her. She was a very hard working kid. Everyone knew she was, too. Sometimes they’d take advantage of that when they had to work in groups. They’d make Jaehee do all of the work. It, frankly, pissed you off.
-Out of class, however, you and her talked for hours.
-You had both been best friends since the beginning of your freshman year when you asked her for directions. It turned out you had some classes together, so you hung out often, including at lunch.
-You both had the same group of friends and they all knew that you both had crushes on each other.
-They would constantly tell the both of you to make the first move, but you both denied every time.
-“You should totally ask out Jaehee.”
-“But what if she doesn’t like me?”
-*everyone collectively face palms*
-With a lot of convincing, they finally get Jaehee to confess to you.
-She’s never been more nervous in her life. As your friends suggested, she was going to meet you before school in the back of the library and confess to you. It’s the most secluded place in the school, so you were guaranteed privacy.
-So, you met her there first thing in the morning.
-You could tell she was on edge when she stumbled over her words while trying to say “good morning”.
-“Jaehee, are you alright? Is something bothering you?”
-“No, everything is okay,” she smiled. “I’m alright. I just… wanted to talk to you about something.”
-Anxiety bubbled up in your chest. “Okay, sure, what’s on your mind?”
-She guided you to sit down on one of the chairs and then took the seat next to you.
-“Listen, _____… this is really hard to say. I, um… I’ve…”
-She has rehearsed over and over again in the mirror last night, why is she struggling to get the words out now?
-“_____… I…”
-You put your hand on hers and gently said “Jaehee, whatever it is, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want-”
-“I really like you, _____!” she blurted out.
-She immediately turned red and stared at your hand on hers. The sudden contact and the way that you spoke to her… it kind of forced the words out of her.
-“You do?”
-She nodded. It’s too late to turn back now. Her heart was going faster than ever as she waited for you to respond.
-“That’s a relief.”
-She looked up at you. “Huh?”
-“I’ve always wanted to be your boy/girlfriend.”
-She took a minute to process what you had confessed. Then a huge smile spread across her face. “So, you’ll be my boy/girlfriend?!”
-“Yes, of course,” you giggle at her.
-She hugs you tightly. “I’m so happy I could cry.”
-“Let’s meet up after school and go out, okay?”
-Her heart sped up even more. Not only did you just accept to being her lover, but you just asked her out on a date. You.
-Her poor heart can’t take it.
-She agrees. You both have an amazing first date that you will remember quite literally forever.
-At school, she is scared to hold your hand or show any PDA because she’s afraid of being judged.
-Eventually, she can’t stand not being able to hold hands in the hallways or sneak kisses when the teachers aren’t looking, so she gives in and does it anyway (with your consent).
-The other kids, thankfully, don’t pay any attention to you both as you happily walk hand in hand to class together.
-The only kids that do pay attention to you are your group of friends that aggressively ship you two.
-As you’re walking, you’ll sometimes hear “AW YOU GUYS ARE GOALS” or “(SHIPNAME) IS CANON" from across the hallway.
-Or whenever they see you and Jaehee even near each other, they awe and do heart hands to you two.
-You get peace when you’re away from them, though. That’s Jaehee’s favorite; getting to be alone with you.
-Also, study buddies!!!
-You guys do homework together everyday.

-Relationships were never something Jumin thought about in high school.
-Well… at least we wasn’t supposed to…
-He ever thought of relationships as anything necessary. They seemed pointless and he had no interest in them.
-But, when he looked at you, he understood the fuss about being in a romantic relationship.
-You seemed to have some affect on him that nobody else did.
-You gave him feelings he never knew were possible. He was very confused.
-You and Jumin had been friends for years and over that time, he developed feelings for you.
-Jihyun was actually the one who asked Jumin about you. He saw how Jumin acted around you and asked him about it. In response, Jumin asked him about what his strange emotions are. He had a feeling they were romantic, but he had no previous experiences to confirm or deny it.
-Jihyun, thankfully, cleared things up.
-In high school, he only ever hung out with Jihyun and you. You got along with the both of them perfectly.
-Jumin was often cold, even as a teen. But, when he was with you, he was warm. He showed a weakness and vulnerability to you he didn’t show anyone else. You were one of the only people he would share his worries and personal issues with without hesitation.
-There was something about you that drove him insane. He wanted to be able to call you his. He was a bit perplexed by those kinds of thoughts, but he had them so often, he got used to it.
-He eventually accepted that he can’t be satisfied with only being in a platonic relationship with you.
-With Jihyun’s encouragement, Jumin decided to confess to you.
-It was unlike him to give in to such personal emotions, but he couldn’t stand not being able to tell you he loved you, or kiss you, or hold your hand, or protect you, or hold you in his arms…
-Yeah, he was a hopelessly in love mess because of you.
-But he had a ginormous crush on you.
-He told you to meet him at a park near your school after school one day. You assumed he just wanted to hang out, which also meant you assumed Jihyun would be there too.
-When you got there, you were surprised that it was only Jumin.
-“Hey, Jumin,” you greeted him. “Is Jihyun coming?”
-“No, actually. I wanted to talk to you.”
-You became visibly worried and took a seat next to him on the bench he was resting on. “Okay, what about?”
-Honestly, you had also fallen desperately for the cold, unpopular Jumin Han. Everyone saw him as an unlovable robot, but you could see who he truly is. You can see his threads.
-That was another thing he loved about you; you could see the real him that nobody else saw.
-“I just have something I wanted to get off my chest.”
-You nodded cautiously for him to continue.
-“______, I’m not sure how to say this, so I’ll just say it…”
-You nodded again. Your eyes were wide and the nervous expression on your face made Jumin even more flustered.
-“_____… I love you.”
-He watched as your eyes almost popped out of your head.
-“I want you to be my boy/girlfriend.”
-It was like him to be so straightforward, but he actually had a crush on you too?
-“Are you serious?”
-“Why would I lie to you?”
-You smiled and hugged him. “I would love to be your boy/girlfriend, Jumin. I… I love you too. I have for as long as I can remember.”
-Your words and actions made him stiffen. Though he was calm and collected on the outside since you arrived at the park, he’s been a nervous wreck on the inside, and the fact that you actually accepted his feelings and reciprocated them makes the world stop spinning.
-“Why would I lie to you?” you mimicked him.
-He chuckled. Jumin Han chuckled.
-He hugged you back. “Thank you…” he said in a whisper.
-From then on, at school, kids were surprised to hear that Jumin of all people got a boy/girlfriend.
-The most emotionless kid in school has a date? How?
-He holds your hand a lot, which is how kids figured out you two were dating in the first place.
-If anyone ever picks on him about it, you stand up for him, of course.
-He sends you good morning and good night texts every day, even if he sees you at school too.
-He’s also a fan of long phone calls with you if you’re up for it.
-He keeps your relationship secret from his father for a while, but he eventually finds out.
-He doesn’t approve of it because Jumin is supposed to have an arranged wedding when he’s older.
-However, Jumin will not let you go even if it costs him everything he has.
-His father can’t change that he is going to spend the rest of his life with you.
-Rebellious teen Jumin, yes?

-Being best friends with this kid never had a dull moment.
-He had a sense of adventure you’d never seen before. You’d often get random texts from him to come meet him at various places without any context other than “I have an idea.”
-It’s wild.
-He was also the most understanding when you would vent your problems to him, no matter what they were.
-He would always defend you if you ever got picked on and vise versa.
-So, obviously, you developed a crush on him quickly.
-Saeyoung, too, has an undying love for you, but has always been too doubtful of himself to confess to you.
-He truly wants to be able to take you on dates and do typical teenage couple things with you.
-He never thought it would be possible for someone as amazing as you to see him as anything more than a friend, so he took a romantic relationship out of the question.
-a little birdie told him that you have a crush on him too.
-(the little birdie was Saeran lol)
-So, with the spark of hope the only thing on his mind, he sucks it up and decided to finally make a move.
-He told you to meet him in the school’s courtyard during the lunch break because he wanted to talk to you.
-Anxiety ate you up the entire day. What could he want to talk about? Did you do something bad? Did something bad happen to him? Is something wrong in his family life? Does he want you to leave him alone?
-Luckily, when you meet him, he’s smiling at you.
-“Hey, glad you made it.”
-“Yeah,” you replied, obviously nervous. “What did you want to talk about?”
-“Oh, I just wanted to test a theory.”
-You assumed it was another ‘I have an idea’ type of thing again so you calmed down.
-“Oh? What’s your ‘theory’?”
-Saeyoung holds your hand and doesn’t say anything.
-You can feel your face growing warm. “What are you doing?”
-“Hm… judging by your embarrassment and red face, my theory is more than likely correct…”
-“What are you talking about?”
-“_____, do you have a crush on me~?”
-“What?!” you practically screamed. “I do not!”
-He put his hand over his heart and you could see tears in his eyes. “I’m… I’m hurt… how could you say that, _____?”
-You panicked. “Okay, okay! I’m sorry, I do! I really do like you, Saeyoung!”
-Now it’s his turn to turn red. He smirked. “So I was right!”
-“Yeah…” you avoided his eyes.
-He smiled gently at you and held your shoulders. When you met his eyes, he continued.
-“_____, will you be my boy/girlfriend?”
-“Will you?”
-“You mean, you like me too..?”
-“Well duh. Why else would I ask you out?”
-You were overjoyed. You gave him a huge smile and tackled him in a hug. “Of course I’ll be your boy/girlfriend!”
-At school, Saeyoung likes to give you kisses on the cheek. He also refuses to walk through the hallway without holding your hand, unless, of course, it makes you uncomfortable.
-He still invites you out places saying he has an idea, but they usually turn into dates, and are surprisingly romantic, at least to you.
-One time you made a date out of visiting a gas station at one in the morning to buy snacks, then sitting in the parking lot of a closed shop nearby, chatting, cuddling, and eating snacks.
-Honestly, the most fun you’ve ever had.
-He gives you corny, punny pick up lines often.
-“Did you get those jeans on sale?”
-“Uh, no.”
-“That’s too bad. They’re a hundred percent off at my place.”
-(my best friend used that on me once and it’s been an inside joke ever since, I’m sorry)
-Probably the goofiest couple on the whole school.

V: (this one is a bit cheesy whoops)
-Of course you had a crush on Jihyun. He was only the nicest, most generous boy in your entire school, or maybe even your entire town.
-Oblivious to you, he also has a hopeless crush on you.
-The only person that knows is Jumin. Jumin helped him rationalize his thoughts because he was so hopelessly in love with you he wanted to drop everything and ask you out.
-He sees no point in waiting to ask you out. If you don’t like him back, he’ll understand and back off. It’s better he get this out of the way. Nothing’s going to change if you’re both just waiting for the other to confess, so it’s better he just do it and get it over with.
-That being said… he’s really nervous.
-He wants to be with you forever so he’s scared you’ll reject him and he’ll never see you again.
-But, its better to take the chance than to never bring it up and let somebody else take you from him.
-He arranges for you to meet him first thing after school in the front of the school.
-When you go there, you assume he just wanted to hang out, but he’s holding flowers.
-You walk over to him. “Jihyun, why do you have flowers?”
-“Oh, they’re for you.”
-Your eyes widen slightly and he hands them to you. “Why..?”
-“Because… I wanted to ask if you’d be my date to the dance coming up…”
-You had completely forgotten about the school dance. I guess you forgot about it because you didn’t plan on anyone, especially Jihyun, asking you to it.
-“Oh…” you mutter while you stare at the flowers.
-“You don’t have to. Don’t feel pressured. I’ve had really special feelings for you for a while now and it would be an honor to take you to the dance.”
-“Jihyun…” you can’t think straight. You’re too busy trying to convince yourself you’re not dreaming. “This is so sudden…”
-“You don’t-”
-“I would love to go with you.”
-He gasps and smiles. “Woah, really?”
-“Yeah, I’ve… liked you for a really long time too. I just never imagined you would feel the same.”
-The night of the dance was something that will stay with you forever. You wore matching formal attire and spent the whole night with each other, laughing and chatting the night away.
-Afterward, he took you out to get ice cream.
-“So, Jihyun,” you said, “does this mean we’re officially boyfriend and boy/girlfriend?”
-He laughed and nodded. “Yes, dummy.”
-At school, Jihyun loves holding your hand. Once he was even caught holding your hand during class and got yelled at. The whole time you tried so hard not to laugh.
-He takes so many photos of you.
-You like to make dates out of driving around looking for places to take amazing photos together.
-Did I mention he gets you into photography too? (Unless you’re already into that like me lol)
-Your photos together might even end up in the school year book if you’re lucky.
-Photography dates always end with going out to eat, or sometimes just driving through a fast food joint and sipping on slurpies while watching the sun set.
-He makes it a necessity to tell you he loves you everyday. Also, he loves kissing your forehead or the tip of your nose.
-It’s common for him to kiss both of your cheeks before finally pecking your lips, then pulling back and giving you a loving smile.
-He feels so lucky to have you.
-His parents aren’t very in the picture of Jihyun’s life, so you don’t have to worry about that.
-His sister loves you though.

-He didn’t talk much at school. A lot of the kids didn’t even know what he sounded like.
-But, you were his best friend, so whenever he was with you, he talked endlessly.
-You both had a habit of rambling to each other. It happened so often that you were both positive you knew every single detail about each other.
-And Saeran was in love with every detail about you.
-You even helped him through when his anxiety or depression became too much for him to handle on his own.
-He’s never thought much about relationships but hormones do strange things.
-Whenever he’s with you, he gets such a warm feeling in his chest.
-He denies it and distances himself from you when he gets shy and flustered because he’s a tsundere.
-You notice he gets uncomfortable around you and you think he doesn’t like you, which hurts a lot because you’ve developed feelings for the sweet guy.
-You back off and don’t initiate hugs or give him lots of compliments like before.
-Saeran is actually really sad about it.
-Do you not like him anymore?
-His brother notices him looking glum one day and asks him about it.
-He sighs. “_____ hates me.”
-“What makes you say that?”
-“She doesn’t act as affectionate as she used to.”
-“Well, didn’t you use to get angry when she did before…?”
-“Yeah, but…” he stops. “Wait, is that why? Does she think I don’t like her?
-“I think she does. She asked me about you the other day. She wanted to know if everything was okay because she said you’ve been acting strange.”
-Saeran face palms so hard at himself.
-“God, I’m an IDIOT!”
-So he texts you and asks you to meet him outside near his house. (You live close).
-To his surprise, you actually show up.
-He stands from the sidewalk he had previous been resting on while he waited from you and stands in front of you.
-“_____, I wanted to apologize.”
-“Hm?” you tilted your head slightly. “What for?”
-“I hurt your feelings, didn’t I? I know I used to yell at you to get off of me when you hugged me or I would tell you to shut up when you said something nice to me, but I didn’t mean anything by it. I really like you a lot and when you were nice to me, it made me nervous and it confused me.”
-“…You like me?”
-Saeran froze. “Did I say that..?”
-“Yeah, you did.”
-“U-uh…” his face flushed with embarrassment. There was an awkward silence before Saeran spoke up again. Now is as good a time as any, isn’t it? He can’t really turn back now…
-“_____, will you date me?”
-Shocked, your eyes flew open. “What?”
-He didn’t repeat himself. He was surprised he managed to say it the first time.
-“You really mean that?”
-Saeran shot his eyes up from the ground and stared at you in disbelief. “Wha- seriously?! You… you like me too..?”
-“Uh, yeah. I’ve liked you for a long time now. Thanks for noticing.”
-Saeran smiled and laughed before hugging you tightly.
-Your cheeks heated up because his smile and his laugh are the cutest things in the universe.
-He starts rambling about where you should go on your first date, when and where your next dates should be, etc. relationship things etc.
-You’ve never seen him this happy. Not even Saeyoung has seen him this happy.
-During school, even though he’s not a fan of PDA, he plays with your hair a lot.
-Teachers get onto him about keeping his hands to himself. He stops messing with your hair just long enough for the teacher to leave, then continues what he was doing.
-After school, he always walks you home and gives you a goodbye kiss on your forehead.
-Also, everyday he tells you he loves you.
-Even if it can only be over text message or phone call, not a day goes by that he doesn’t remind you you’re the most important thing in his life.

Boyfriend Joshua

@kyotocean: Heey, can you please write the boyfriend thing for Joshua from Seventeen? I really like your scenarios and reactions, keep up the good work!~ I hope you will have a nice day ♡

a/n: thank you! I’m sorry for the lateness of this but hopefully you like it ^^” I wish you a nice day too! ~

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  • omg this nerd
  • where do I even start
  • maybe from the beginning?? lol
  • you both met while 17 were still training, when the original 17 members were there and you were a new trainee at pledis
  • he wanted to welcome you to the trainee world, to be your friend. esp. since some trainees could be vicious in their determination to debut before you.
  • but … you were so attractive >////< and how do u talk to attractive ppl? what language do they use? do they bite?
  • it was Sammy who made the move to introduce him to you and you both clicked right away
  • that led to a lengthy friendship, to you supporting him every time he thought his group was close to debut only to be disappointed, up until they actually did debut
  • he’s had you with him, to wipe his tears and pick him up when it got hard, and he realized that you weren’t just his attractive friend anymore .. you meant so much more to him
  • it took a lot of courage but he eventually asked you out and when he told the guys you were dating, their exact response was;
  • “wait, you’re only dating now? I thought you’d been together for years??”
  • and even the rest of Pledis was like “???? so you weren’t dating before this?? what??”
  • It became kind of a Mandela effect in Pledis because everyone swears they heard you two started going out years ago but anyway,, that’s not the point
  • joshua is such a soft boyfriend oml
  • he can never say no to you and luckily for him, your requests are never crazy. because if you suggested jumping off a building or something as equally insane,, it would be so hard to say no.
  • but luckily you only ask for, like, ice cream at 3 am
  • which he’s all for since it’s an opportunity for you two to bond, sneaking out of the dorm while everyone sleeps and having some alone time over ice cream.
  • he loves admiring you
  • while you train, while you cook, while you walk and smile and talk
  • best of all is when you’re laying down together, cuddled up and he runs his arm along your arm or back, fingertips tracing the outline of your body.
  • those are the moments that he savours the most, when he can relax and breathe in your scent and feel your touch
  • you get lost in conversation,, about doggo’s and anime and video games. but about serious things too, about the injustices of the world, about how hard trainee life is or if there’s an anti out against him
  • those times usually get interrupted by one of the members
  • which neither of you mind too much. it’s nice having the guys around and they like being around you. you make joshua happy and he exudes a positive energy that people feed off of
  • but he always feels better after those times, more refreshed and reassured that as long as he has you, he can make it through anything
  • you wear his clothes
  • a lot
  • and the boys tease him for it
  • a lot
  • but he doesn’t care
  • he’s kind of a cheesy boyfriend and more okay with pda than you expected 17′s gentleman to be. but his pda is very innocent, such as hand holding or his hand on your waist or maybe a few light pecks on the lips
  • nothing crazy
  • not while the guys are around anyway.
  • he has a pure religious boy image that he needs to protect
  • he says things like “The stars are no longer beautiful to me since I looked into your eyes”
  • and has so many puns and dad jokes and he dabs too,, ugh, you’re so embarrassed to bring him out sometimes.
  • you acted like you didn’t know him once when he pin dropped at a party ((but 10 minutes later you joined him so no one was convinced)) ((also it was a Pledis party so everyone knew you two were together so ..))
  • he giggles when you kiss his nose but he loves it so much so don’t stop
  • he’s not the type to constantly text you but he does give you updates and checks in on you. he’s always sure to send a “how are you?” or “how was work/school today?” because he cares so, so, so much about you and your well being
  • you two take the cutest couple selfies ever
  • it takes a lot to irritate him so you can poke and prod and he’ll still smile sweetly at you a true gentleman
  • anime marathons
  • doesn’t protest if you want to do his hair or makeup or nails
  • actually, he finds it kind of relaxing when you do that, as opposed to when professional artists do, because he’s not got the nerves that come before a performance or a variety appearance
  • he knows there won’t be flashing cameras either
  • it’s just you two, having fun, in his room, and it makes him feel normal for a minute
  • joshua feels like he’s living his life like a normal twenty-something year old, having fun with his partner and acting goofy
  • “You know .. without you, I don’t think I’d be who I am today. You helped me through a lot of tough times and there’s not enough I can do to repay that. All I can offer you is my heart.”
First Dates - Tommy Shelby

Request: OMG I’m thinking about something from when/how they meet maybe? Also him trying to find a way to make her believe he wants a real date when they meet cause she keeps brushing him off every time he asks 

First Dates - Tommy Shelby | part of the Able series

When you were ten a doctor had you try braces on your legs to strengthen them. While the braces did nothing but hinder your already slow gait your mother was insistent that you wear them. Before you were slow when you walked but still you kept up with the other children in the neighborhood. Once the braces were on, playing outside with your friends became difficult and most of them took the opportunity to tease you about the braces on your legs. One boy in particular was making fun of you after school one day, following behind you as you walked and kicking rocks at you. He called you names and you went home crying because of him.  

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anonymous asked:

CASTLEVANIA?! OMGNESS YEEEEEES, I have bEEN LOOKING FOR MORE PEEPS INTO CASTELVANIA (I heard there's gonna be a new season on Netflix and I'M SO HAPPY) ok ok lol I do have an ask, there are werewolves in the game, so like what if the reader is a werewolf but only wants to help? Bonus points if after the team trusts reader for a while, Alucard or Trevor (or both? idk ur choice) end up liking or falling for reader with reader being oblivious, and Sypha being like a protective sibling? :D

I love Castlevania. I’ve loved it for years. <3 I didn’t have a lot of people to talk to about the games growing up, so I’m more than excited that I can accommodate to the sudden surge of new fans thanks to the show. I was actually considering opening up imagines when I originally made this blog, before I even heard of the show coming out (mostly because Castlevania is stuffed to the brim with Attractive Men and Women)! XD


  • So, you’re a half-wolf; in that your “father”, a demonic werewolf, impregnated your mother (whether this is consensual or not is up to you). Your conception and following birth was pretty normal at first, and you lived a normal life
  • Until you were about thirteen. On your thirteenth birthday, humorously enough on the night of a full moon, you transformed for the very first time. And everyone saw it.
  • Your mother was murdered and you fled your hometown, living out in the woods and surviving off the land as best you could ever since.
  • While things were going pretty well at first, by the time Dracula’s hordes were roaming the land, you were still a viable enemy to be maimed if they ever saw you
  • You took it upon yourself to defend yourself properly, but as much as you wanted to help some of the humans that lived around the woods you lived in, they would never allow you to help. As soon as you cleared out any demons they would sooner burn you at the stake.
  • Cut to the present, and you’re grievously injured from fending off the demons that came to your woods. You defended the village on the other side partially because the people that passed through were your source of food (the wares they carried, not the people themselves- you never liked to attack humans), and partially out of kindness because it was a place your mother liked to go to. You can’t stand, because your hind leg is wounded (gnawed- a nasty sight). You’re effectively screwed unless someone comes to rescue you, but then again you’re even more screwed if anyone sees a fucking werewolf lying on the ground helpless.
  • Talk about a dilemma :/
  • Cue the merry vampire slaying crew led by Trevor Belmont.
  • Immediately all three of them have their weapons drawn and you bark repeatedly and bend your ears back frightfully, preparing yourself to fight for your very life- and inwardly terrified you’ll lose.
  • Until Sypha sees that look in your eyes, and by some kind of miracle, understands you.
  • She stands in front of you, arms spread wide, “Wait! I don’t think this one means to harm us!”
  • Trevor looks at her like ????? but Alucard takes another glance at you, then sheathes his weapon “…This one did not come from my father’s army.”
  • You nod rapidly and so begins your time hanging out with the merry Belmont crew!
  • Sypha’s the one that treats your wound, with Alucard politely helping her cast a healing spell to stop the bleeding. To show your appreciation, you lick her hand, and she smiles “It was your eyes that told me, that you were not out to harm anyone.” You’re inwardly thanking her so many times.
  • The moment you transform back into human form? You’re completely buck naked. You always found spare clothes at night to keep on hand for when you transformed back. And this time, on account of being hurt, you don’t. :/
  • Trevor ends up staring for a little longer than expected at your body but looks away again and clears his throat awkwardly
  • Sypha throws a spare cape around you, berating Trevor for looking at you rudely and finally you guys get to talking
  • After it’s known that you want to help them take on Dracula, Trevor most reluctantly accepts you to come along. Alucard is mostly intrigued by you given that you’re a half-wolf and seem reluctant to talk about your father, and then of course Sypha is actually weirdly supportive of you.
  • Over time it’s clear you develop the strongest rapport with Sypha. She always wants to look out for you, and tbh babies you a little. <3 You’re a little clueless, and a little bookdumb (in a good way), and she enjoys teaching you things especially since you listen. Oh my god, you listen unlike Trevor.
  • Not to mention too you’re always so affectionate and sweet- as well as emotionally open. Even in werewolf form Sypha doesn’t feel frightened of you (unlike Alucard) and over time comes to see you as Ideal Doggo tbh
  • You prove to be a capable fighter, and are an adept tracker what with literally smelling the trail of demonic essence from miles away, and even have better hearing than the rest of the crew, meaning that you’re able to warn towns much quicker that Dracula’s forces are impending!
  • Like Trevor just thinks you’re the fucking cutest baby angel he’s ever met and it drives him mad because even though yes you are physically attractive (literally every dawn he gets to see your butt with this big fluffy tail what a great thing to behold) you’re also loyal and unbearably sweet. Like unbearably sweet. You’re always excited to greet him and hug everyone in sight like why or how are you literally as cheerful as an actual dog. You’re kind of clueless and a bit of a dork, always asking questions like “But Sypha, why would you want to pee in a bucket?” and aijgwioejgiowjegowihouhr your smile, he wants to die every time he sees it
  • With Alucard he feels a connection considering you’re both demonic half-breeds, and the situation with both of your fathers (ah yes, turns out your father is aligned with Dracula’s forces) weighing both of you down considerably. He’s always liked that you’re full of energy, and were so unquestionably/unconditionally kind to every single person you meet. You didn’t even flinch when it came out that he was a dhampir, simply blinking, smiling, then announcing, “Oh, you’re kind of like me then! :D” You are sunshine to him, and he’s afraid of ever admitting something so weird to you.
  • Meanwhile, you’re oblivious, and Sypha is painfully aware that both of the men she’s traveling with have awkward crushes on you
  • And she’s kind of wondering if she should bother telling you, but then again it’s pretty funny to watch the boys squirm to look away when it’s morning and you’re going to be a hot naked person for a few hours. XD

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GOT7 Reaction to You Sitting On Their Lap


It was Friday night and you were over at GOT7′s dorm. You were good friends with all of them and whenever you all had free time you would hang out together. Tonight was supposed to be a movie night and you were excited because you hadn’t been able to hang out with them much recently due to their schedules. 

There was one member in particular you were more excited to see. Most of the other guys knew about your crush on him, but they wouldn’t dare say anything. They knew they would have to deal with your wrath if they did and besides that it was fun to tease you about it. 

You had been thinking about confessing your feelings or at least trying to hint them to the member you liked during the time that they had been away. Tonight might be the night you would try to show them your feelings. Even if it was just with a bit of friendly flirting.

 You walked into the living room and saw all the guys occupying all the available seats. This was what usually happened during your movie nights and you would always end up telling one of them to move over so you could occupy your favourite spot on the couch. Tonight was different though. Everyone looked at you as you came in expecting you to claim your spot. 

But instead you said, “I think I’ll sit somewhere new this time.” 

And with that you strutted over to your crush and smiled at him as you climbed onto his lap.


Would be a bit shocked at first that you actually sat on his lap like that in front of everyone. He didn’t tell you to move though. 

“Um… You’re sitting on me?” Jaebum said after a moment. 

“You just seemed so comfy I couldn’t resist,” you replied teasing. 

Jaebum smirked and said, “Well if you insist on sitting here.” 

“Jaebum you’re so smooth with the ladies,” Jackson began his teasing and the rest of the guys were snickering at the two of you. They all were silenced pretty quickly by the glare Jaebum gave them though. 

“Heh.. I’ll just go put on the movie then,” Mark said trying to run from Jaebum’s death glare. 

During the movie all Jaebum could think about was you. He had no idea what the hell was even playing on the tv. He had always liked you as more than a friend but thought you didn’t feel the same as you usually treated all the guys in the same friendly way. But this was different. You chose to sit with him like this and not any of the other guys. This made him secretly happy. 

He wondered if maybe you liked him as more than a friend too. In a daring move, he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him. When you didn’t protest and put your hands on top of his that were wrapped around you, he grinned. He would talk to you about it after the movie, but for now he would enjoy being with you like this. In his arms, where you belonged.


Would immediately have the biggest smile as soon as you landed in his lap. He wouldn’t even try to hide his enjoyment. He would shamelessly wrap his arms around you and snuggle you close. 

“Well this is new, but I like it,” Jackson laughed. The rest of the guys would give you both weird looks. 

“THERE’S CHILDREN HERE! CALM YOURSELF!” yelled Jinyoung covering Yugeom’s eyes. 

“What I’m not doing anything weird,” Jackson whined as he rested his head on your shoulder. 

“Can we just watch the movie?” Youngjae complained.

 “Leave the love birds alone Jinyoung,” BamBam said winking at you causing you to blush. 

“Ok ok I’m starting the movie now,” JB said making everyone turn their attention away from you and Jackson. 

While the movie was playing Jackson whispered in your ear, “We should do this more often.” 

You turned so you could look at him. “I’d like like that,” you giggled. 

As he stared into your eyes Jackson leaned forward slightly. Your lips were just millimeters away from touching as you both gazed at each other.

 “CAN YOU GUYS NOT DO THIS HERE?” Jinyoung interrupted your moment. 

“Ugh you killed the mood,” Jackson pouted. 

You leaned in and whispered so only Jackson could hear, “We can continue that later.” Jackson grinned at you liking the idea.

 “That’s it you two are sitting away from each other,” Jinyoung  said. Jackson immediatley pulled you close to his chest.



You burst out laughing, “Calm down Jackson. I’m not going anywhere.” 

“Good,” he said snuggling you. 

Everyone calmed down and resumed watching the movie. Jackson never let go of you the whole time. 


Would act a bit shy about it but would be so happy. When you sat on his lap Mark started to blush a bit. On the inside he was so happy though. He couldn’t believe you made a bold move like that. He would have been too shy to do anything like that with you especially in front of everyone. But since you initiated it he was all for going along with it. He smiled sweetly at you and hugged you close.

 “Awww they’re so cute together,” Jackson gushed pointing at the two of you. 

“I SHIP IT,” yelled BamBam joining Jackson in teasing you.

 “OK guys leave them and let’s watch the movie,”  JB scolded Jackson and BamBam. 

They reluctantly took their took their seats on the couch but they still made faces at you whenever they caught your eye. You just smiled and rolled your eyes at them. 

While the movie was playing Mark whispered to you, “I take it you missed me too?” 

You turned to look at him, “Too? Did you miss me?” 

“I did. I thought about you a lot while we were away,” he admitted. 

“What kind of thoughts?” you teased  smiling at him. 

“Thoughts like,I wonder what y/n is doing? Is she thinking of me?” 

You blushed. 

“SHHHH! Can you guys go confess your love to each other somewhere else,” Yooungjae complained. 

Now Mark was blushing too. 

“We’ll talk about it later for now I’m going to enjoy being with you like this,” Mark said smiling. 

You nodded and he pulled you closer and buried his face into the side of your neck. He no longer cared about the movie he just enjoyed being close to you and feeling the warmth of your body against his. 


Accepts his fate and resigns to letting you sit on his lap. He would pretend to be annoyed about it but he secretly loved it. 

“What are you doing?” he questioned you.

 “Oh, nothing just sitting here,” you replied. 

“Don’t do this infront of my children,” he protested. 

“I’m not moving,” you shot back.

 “Ohhhhh Park Jinyoung is a lucky man,” Jackson whistled. 

“You’re just jealous,” you said to Jackson causing Jinyoung to smirk slightly.  

As the movie started Jinyoung complained “I can’t see over your head.”

 “Shhhhh hyung!” Youngjae complained. 

“Control your man Y/N,” Jackson said earning him glares from both you and Jinyoung. 

Jinyoung conceded and gave up his fake protests. As the movie progressed Jinyoung rested his head on your shoulder and absentmindedly played with your hair as you were leaning back and pressed up against him. His mind wandered from the movie to thoughts of you and how right it felt to have you with him like this.

 You turned to him and this time you questioned him, “Oh? You seem to be enjoying this for a guy who told me to get off him earlier.” 

Jinyoung smiled at you now. “You know if I actually wanted you to move I would have moved you myself.” 

You grinned at him, “So you are enjoying this?”

 “I didn’t realize how much I missed you until I held you like this,” he said completely serious, staring right into your eyes. 

This caused you to blush, but you tried to act like it didn’t phase you as you turned your attention back to the tv screen. 

“You’re really cheesy Park Jinyoung,”you finally said. 

He squeezed you close to him with his arms that were wrapped around your waist. 

“Only for you.”


Surprised but totally loving it. When you sat on his lap BamBam imediately made a silly over dramatic expression. 

He would be thinking, “Is this really happening? Y/N is sitting on me! OMG! ACT NORMAL!” 

He would play it off as a joke. 

You laughed at his expression and said, “Calm down Bam.” 

He would also start laughing and say,”How can I calm down when your on top of me?” 

“SUCH A SCANDALOUS SITUATION,” Jackson shrieked pointing. 

“Let me take a picture,” Jinyoung said taking out his phone.

 “Yah both of you stop,” JB intervened saving you from Jackson and Jinyoung’s teasing.

 With that the movie started and everyone left you alone and started watching it. BamBam wasn’t sure what to do with you still sitting on him. He rested both his hands on your shoulders causing you to turn to him.

 “Don’t get me wrong I like this but why did you decide to sit on my lap? You could have done it to any of the other guys,” he whispered to you so the other couldn’t hear. 

“Because this is where I want to be,” you replied simply. 

BamBam grinned at you and let his hands slide down to wrap around your waist. That was good enough for him for now. He would talk to you more later when you weren’t on him and he could think straight. 


Grins and doesn’t know what to do about this situation. When you sat on Youngjae’s lap his eyes went wide and he tried to hide the grin forming on his face. 

“Um.. Y/N you know you’re sitting on me right?” 

“Oh, I know,” you replied and winked at him. 

A small blush crept up on Youngjae’s face. The rest of the guys couldn’t contain their laughter at the scene unfolding in front of them. 

“Quick Yugyeum pass the popcorn this is better than any movie,” BamBam laughed. 

“Youngjae you are a man now,” Jackson nodded at you guys with approval.

 “Just put the movie on,” you said throwing a cushion at Jackson. 

“So violent,” Jackson pouted. 

Finally the movie started. You knew Youngjae was too shy to do anything so you grabbed his hands that were at his side and pulled them around waist. This took him by surprise but he was glad that you took initiative. He leaned in and you could feel his hot breath tickling the back of your neck as he brushed your hair aside so he could whisper in your ear. 

“Y/N I really missed you.” 

As he whispered it you could feel the ghost of his lips against your skin. Now you were the one blushing. 

“I missed you too,” you whispered back not being able to look at him. 

His fingers brushed against your face as he gently turned your head so he could look into your eyes. 

“I’ve been wanting to hold you like this for so long.” 

And with that he went back to watching the movie. One hand wrapped your waist holding you against him and other hand in your lap holding your hand.


Tries to act innocent and shrugs as all the guys smirk at him. When you sat on his lap Yugyeom was confused. 

All he could think was, “What’s happening? Why is Y/N sitting on me? Hm… she smells really nice and she’s warm and soft-” 

“Yah Yugyeom I see you what are you thinking? Your face is all red!” Jackson yelled pointing at Yugyeom.

 “Y/N what are you doing to my innocent child?!” Jinyoung exclaimed. 

“Lucky~,”Bam Bam said eyeing the two of you. 

“Would you leave my Yugyeommie alone,” you pouted at all of them. “Oh so he’s yours now?” Jackson wiggled his eyebrows at you.

 “They’re cute leave them alone and just watch the movie,” JB said saving you and Yugyeom from any more teasing. 

As the movie played your words kept repeating in Yugyeom’s head “Leave my Yugyeommie alone.” You said my Yugyeom. 

He blushed just thinking about it. 

Does she like me back?

Deciding that it was worth a shot, Yugyeom reached for your hand and held it in his. When you didn’t pull your hand away he started playing with it tracing patterns with his thumb. You turned to look at him and he smiled at you. You reached up to his face and brushed his hair away from his eyes and leaned closer to him. You were so close to him the tip of your nose was touching his. Both of you were blushing profusely at this point. 

“NOW KISS,” Jackson shrieked from the other side of the couch as he had caught site of the your little moment. 

Both of you startled and jumped away from each other. You lost balanced and fell from Yugyeom’s lap onto the floor. 

 “Hyung look what you did,” Yugyeom whined. 

“Y/N are you okay?” Yugyeom reached to help you off the floor. 

“I’m ok,” you said and glared at Jackson. “Heh sorry,” Jackson apologized giggling.

 “Guys I’m trying to watch the movie,” Youngjae complained loudly. 

“It’s ok we’re leaving,” Yugyeom said taking your hand and leading you out of the room. 

“We are?” you looked at him questioningly. 

He leaned down so only you could here, “I would like to continue that somewhere else.” 

Take a Chance (Part 8)

Originally posted by oursisthefvry

pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader
characters: Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Sharon Carter
word count: 2,000+
warnings: angsty? cussing, some new information about Sam and Amora, and Steve and Sharon
a/n: guys, night shift has been kicking my ass and i hate it. this was supposed to be out two weeks ago but it has been rewritten so many times because i was tired when writing and it was all coming out to be angst and too much and im just rambling and making no sense still omg i need sleep.
summary: AU! After a one night stand at a friend’s wedding, you gain something that could change your life for the better or worse.

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Math has never been your forte in school. Your creativity, however, has taken you lengths that you never thought were possible. But you’re not stupid, you know the simplists of maths to the hardest of equations, it just took you longer than normal (and a lot of breaks) for you to solve them.

This time, however, it didn’t take long to figure out why you couldn’t solve the formula that was slowly becoming a mess.

From the very moment you met Steve, there had always been a missing factor in his equation. And that missing factor is Sharon. She is the woman that turned Steve into a lovesick, heartbroken puppy. She is the woman that his father constantly mentioned as if to spite you and remind his son there was someone else. 

Most importantly, she is the woman that holds the key to solving Steve’s equation; the factor, that when plugged into your formula, makes it difficult to solve.

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Ajin Live Action Movie --FULL SPOILERS-- (may also include spoilers for the Ajin manga and anime)

Table of Contents:

1. Overall verdict

2. Plot summary

3. Detailed plot (coming later)

4. Other thoughts

5. Thoughts about each character (long)

6. Final status of each character (summarized)

–under a cut because of spoilers and length–

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anonymous asked:

omg so i had a thought. Could you do a headcanon or drabbles for the boys and the reader asking them to be the step-father of her child? She could have been in a healthy relationship with the father but one day he just left or maybe died? Child can even be born or not born yet. You're truly amazing x

So I kinda made this a continuation of this request I hope that’s okay.  Enjoy nonnie!!

Taggin my bbs: @sonsoflucis @ultimoogle @fieryfantasy @wolfgoddess77 @xnoctits

You had introduced Noctis to your son little over two years ago.  While the initial meeting of the two had been rather awkward at first, the two had grown much closer as time had passed.  The small dates that you and Noctis went on soon came to include Kier very now and then as well, and you couldn’t help the slight clenching of your chest as you imagined what it would be like if the three of you were a true family.  In all honesty, you had come to consider this a family, but you didn’t dare to say anything to Noctis in fear that it would cause a sense of discomfort for the King.  He did have enough to worry about as it was.  While a lot of the rebuilding of the kingdom had gone smoothly as time passed and things gradually started to reset back to normal, that only meant that Noctis began to focus on more typical kingly duties.  You were happy to be by his side throughout it all, though, helping to direct things and further make the transition as simple as it could be.

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anonymous asked:

can u write another part to the sprace ghost hunter au?? like the aftermath of them coming out or maybe them doing the boyfriend tag or something like that?

Not quite the boyfriend tag, but a relationship Q&A of sorts. Hope that’s okay!

“I can’t believe I agreed to this,” Spot sighed, putting his head in his hands as he sat himself down on the sofa whilst Race set up the recording equipment.
“I can’t believe you agreed to it either but you did so here we are,” Race teased.

He sat down beside Spot and kissed his cheek, laughing when he got a scowl back.

“This counts as your Valentine’s Day present,” Spot grumbled.

They’d been getting endless questions about their relationship from the moment they’d accidentally uploaded that stupid video. Race had decided the best way to quieten things down was to film a Q&A video answering some of the main questions people had. Spot disagreed – he hated vlogs where he had to sit down in front of the camera and talk into the lens, but Race was adamant and he’d made cute begging faces until Spot had given in.

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John’s Daughter – Part 2

Pairing: Sister!Reader x Castiel

Words: 1,478

Request: Omg I want more - @superapplepies

Gimme more please - @mishaissocoollike

Forever Tag List: @thesalsafic, @bummblebeeblue, @sarbear429, @bea789, @xtina2191, @lovethefandomsuniverse, @evyiione, @trustnobodyshootfirst, @motleymoose, @thegoodhunterrr5, @bookaddictedhedgehog, @gurlwitafro, @magicalsis11, @aquabarbie, @fanboyswhereare-you, @percussiongirl2017, @almightyunnie, @dionnemaria, @sherlockslove112, @sesshomaru-lover, @freaksforthewin, @neishax-butler, @hi-pixzza, @cookee50, @captainidjit, @imasunflower13 

Author’s Note: Here you go, part 2 of John’s Daughter! I hope you all like it! Can you all believe Christmas is next week? I’m not sure if anything will be posted or not, maybe the Monday after. – Haley xx

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Part 1

The past few days at Bobby’s were very quiet. Dean wouldn’t talk to me unless Sam or Cas made him. Sam went into town one day and I went with him, just wanting to ride in the impala one more time. I told him about how I always knew it was Dad coming down my driveway just by the rumble of the engine. Sam said I was a lot like Dean.

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Boss didn't pay me so I started a company out of spite to put him out of business.

The year was 2008 and I was 9 years into operating a landscape company. I had done moderately well for myself being able to purchase a home, pay off student loans and start a family. I employed 4 people during the what I call work season, which for us is March through November. December through February we lay off our workers and go on hiatus for the most part. Side note, our company focused mainly on maintenance, and in the Pacific North West once all the leafs are picked up from the Autumn there really isn’t much maintenance to be done. I had that year developed a relationship with a home builder who hired me to care for his personal home and very much liked our work. He asked us to start bidding on installing the landscapes to the homes he built. Sounds easy right? Well remember, we focused mainly on maintenance so my crew didn’t have a ton of experience in the install detail of landscape, and, the homes this guy built were not “track homes” or your cookie cutter type neighbors you find in the suburbs. No, a small home for him was 3500 sq ft on a 25k sq ft lot, and an average size he developed was 8500 to 10k sq ft home with all the bells and whistles. He was more generous in his landscape budgets than many of the contractors I’d met and we were off to what I had hoped would be great partnership.

We finished the first 4 projects he handed us and it was now the beginning of December when my maintenance side of things drops off. This home builder came to me and asked if I would like to keep my maintenance crew working for the Winter working for him. I knew his next home project wasn’t set to break ground till late January so I asked what he had in mind. He told me that he and his son had been experimenting with spray foam insulation in their homes and had decided to invest into purchasing equipment to start there own company. To purchase the equipment on this level was about 100k. I said I would talk to the crew and get back to him. The next week we signed a contract to work with him for three months at a specified pay rate for five of us. He was confident he had enough work to keep us busy for the next three months. First job was insulating this incredible house for this plastic surgeon who spared no expense for the gadgets and material that he put into his home. Next was Government buildings on Fort Lewis. Next was new apartment complexes. Etc etc..

Now, this builder who I was friends with was not my day to day boss while insulating, it was his son, who is younger than I and a bit of a jerk. But we got along fine and all seemed well. The father owned the insulation company, but had very little to do with it on a day to day basis. Hardly saw him for three months. Now, being a contractor myself I was used to not getting paychecks every two weeks like most working folks. I would get paid once a month from my maintenance accounts for the previous month of service and it didn’t all come in at once. “ sometimes people forget to pay on time ”. My crew though was used to getting paid in a timely manner. And after the first month of work and receiving no check from my new boss I inquired when to expect a check. He assured me that once the checks started rolling in that we would see our money- I totally get how that works, especially for a new company trying to get off the ground. So I paid my guys to keep the peace on my end and my boss and I worked out an agreement that I would keep track of everything paid and that he would cut me a check once he was able to. I also had an outstanding landscape invoice out with the father of over 10k that I wasn’t really worried about because he was not always super quick about payment- not that I had to hound him about it, but you understand.

Now we are at the end of February of  2009 and it was time to gear up for the new season of landscape maintenance and put my crew back to work outside. Still no payment from insulation or last landscape project. Things got ugly real fast as I started daily phone calls to the son now that we didn’t see each other as often. I called the father who more or less ignored me. The son stopped answering my calls/texts etc. The father never had a straight answer for me.

Now mid April of 2009. Most communication has stopped on their end. I filed a contractors lien on the landscape project to be paid out before the house sold. Which prompted a call from the father to invite me to his home for lunch and talk. I accepted thinking he was going to offer me a deal of some kind, based on my past history with him. He basically told me that he had been over the years screwed out of money by different people and that it was something that I was going to have to learn to live with. My response “ I’ve been screwed out of money that people owe me as well, just not by anyone I considered a friend”. I left his house determined to stick it to him. May 5 2009 I started a Spray Foam Insulation company with the same level of equipment that he had but about a year less experience than he had. May 7th I get a call from the father asking  a landscape question ( acting as if we were on normal terms ). My response was “ Oh, I don’t landscape anymore, I Spray Foam”. What are you talking about? He asked. When I explained to him that I was operating a Spray foam insulation company he ended the phone call rather quickly. I then receive a phone call from his son 5 min later ( who had ignored my calls for the last many weeks ) threatening me that he would destroy my hopes of making it as an insulator and that no “little landscaper” could/would make it in this community. Side note, with my newly formed company there was now approximately 4-5 companies in the Pacific North West performing this kind of service.

It is a small circle of people in the insulation world and the word gets around pretty quick who does what etc. Our very first job was handed to us by our material supplier which happened to be “his” supplier and that job was a “fix”. Apparently that very first job we had worked on ( that plastic surgeons house ) was insulated incorrectly and poor workmanship. Luckily my only involvement on that house was prep work and clean up. We ended up removing all of the insulation and re-installing it. About a 65k job which the owner of the house turned around and sued my old boss for and won.

We then acquired the government contract at Fort Lewis that he had because of poor communication on his part. Anyway, we systematically took apart his company by being better and honest with people. The story spread ( in the spray foam insulation world ) and we became somewhat hero like in this region because they had screwed so many people over. Oh, and at that time if you might remember, the housing market took a giant dump and guess who had 4 very large houses sitting out there that couldn’t sell. Yep the father, who ended up going bankrupt by mid 09. The son on the other hand kept his head above water somehow a bit longer. But in Oct of 09 I got a call from a Repo man asking if I new the “ son ” and where to find his spray foam equipment. My father in law happen to be an retired cop and PI and I put him on the case to find said equipment. Two days later he called with the address and specific location of the equipment which was behind a barn on an island with the tires aired down. I made the call to the Repo man and two hours later he called me from his lot as he was pulling in with a very large trailer behind his truck asking where he could send the bounty check.

I kept the insulation business for about 3 years before being bought out by another company. I also kept the Landscape company and still run it to this day. Moral to the story, landscapers may work in the dirt and seem simple, but piss one off and they will ruin you.    

Denial Class

Wednesday, August 2

Denial Class Task 7: Surprise task to edge 5 times today before class orgasm tonight. Could do any way we wished. Could also use whatever toy we wanted for orgasm class tonight as well.

Good morning Sir! Was very excited by this task today, although the thought of edging 5 times after the breast play from traveling has me worried about being able to stop at edge as I am so incredibly aroused.  

I did not edge when I first got home from Sir’s because I knew I would have a really hard time holding it due to being aroused from the travel assignment and then of course had to check out my new nipple clamps and pumps when I got home. Did my first session about 12:40 and decided to use my new bullet.  I inserted it in vagina this time to see how that felt and oh my, starting aroused, it did not take long to hit the edge and holding it for 30 seconds was difficult and the then when I turned it off, I whimpered cause wanted to cum so badly. I edged the 2nd time about 3:15 and used the bullet again. I started in the vagina and then moved to the clit. Sir asked when I started this one if I was wearing my nipple clamps and I was not so I put them on and that took me from not as aroused as the first time I edged today to aroused very quickly. This session did take a bit longer to reach edge then the first time today. Still did not take real long tough to reach edge and holding for 30 seconds again very difficult. When I turned it off my whole body was twitching. After I finished that edge session, my nipples weren’t quite as sensitive as were earlier so decided to play with the nipple pumps.  Oh, wow. They felt amazing.  They hurt but yet in a good way.  The pull is constant and just painful enough that I could almost edge to it. At about 5:00 decided to do session number 3, so put on nipple clamps and used the bullet again and got to work.  Having been playing with pumps a little bit earlier was still very aroused and very quickly came to edge with bullet on my clit. The holding it for the 30 seconds is getting harder and harder throughout the day. Every time I stop I just want to cry, my whole body just pulses. At about 7:40, Sir suggested I see how close I could get to orgasm with just nipple play due to how aroused it was making me.  I was up for the challenge and got to work.   Started with clamps and pulled on the chain a bit and moved it around.  I then took them off and played with my fingers, lightly and then harder and pulling and twisting them I put on the nipple pumps and hit them and pulled them, then pumped them tighter and did it all again until I was about to come unglued.  I took the pumps off and manipulated with my hands and quickly came to edge out of the blue.  Holding it was just as difficult as with clit play.  Although when I quit touching them the sensation took longer to leave.  I did my final edge at 9:10 and did the bullet on the clit again to be sure to get it done before class session started. Knowing I was going to get to orgasm shortly and from all the playing I had done that day, it did not take but a few minutes to reach edge this time, but holding it was harder. In fact, I had to let it go before 30 seconds this time so I didn’t go over the edge. When I was done with this session, I could feel my clit pulsing wanting to cum.

The time for last class finally arrived, 10:15 and of course not all are ready again. Wolf says we will start at 10:30 instead and even though one still wasn’t ready but he went ahead and started talking to us to get us to relax. He talked about relaxing and how proud of this class he was as we were the first class to all make it to the end, so this was the first group orgasm he got to do.  He chose to do that after a lot of research and when people chose to do denial for anytime, when it is over it is a let-down and are often almost afraid to orgasm again because feel like shouldn’t again.  He decided a group let orgasm should help get past that feeling.  Jami finally joins us and we get started.  He tells us to relax and breath, and lay with legs wide open in comfortable position. We start by playing with our nipples and breast to start feeling aroused.  That worked very quickly for me. Lol He then had us move to playing with inner thighs around pussy but not touching it or clit.  We then had to spank our pussy for a while to get the blood flowing.  When he told us to stop, OMG, that was amazing. I realized I had never done or had that done to me before.  I could feel the blood flowing and was incredibly aroused at this point.  We then added our toys at low speed and lightly. After just a bit he said he would start counting to 10 and as he got closer, we were to play harder and increase speed.  When we hit 9 should be at edge and had to hold it till he said 10 and then could cum. The build up from 1-7 went fairly quick which as good as we were all very close.  We finally got to 9 and it was all I could do to hold the edge and he left us there longer than normal or at least it felt like it.  When he finally hit 10, wow, I have never come on command before and wow. My whole body convulsed and we had to leave the toy on our clit when we came and could not take it away till he said.  OMG, the orgasm didn’t want to stop.  When it was finally over, I was wiped. My whole body tingled from the sensations. He thanked us again and asked us to write blog on Tumblr reviewing the class if we so chose.

This entire task and class today had me aroused from beginning to end.  While did get to orgasm at end of day, was still aroused and wanted to play more but Wolf told us we could not until today. Thank you Sir for having me do this class, I learned a lot about my body and how things affect me.

boyfriend! Mark Lee
  • so there’s hesitance and loTS O F THA T ISH at first
  • Mark isn’t really a shy person but with you everything about him takes a 180 degree turn
  • his awkwardness which was probably just a 7 on daily basis skyrocketed to 812472384.732276 with you
  • because like
  • to think HE–Mark Lee–ended up with such a beautiful ethereal being
  • fr tho the boy could hardly believe it at first
  • when you uttered those 4 words in reply ‘i like you too’ [insert Mark’s ‘OH MY GAWD’ ‘DUDE ARE U SRS RN’]
  • the next day he literally thought that Taeyong was joking when he said he had a date with you
  • poor boy thought he was dreaming
  • but yeah, he really, really likes you don’t mess this up mark
  • tbh that would be an understatement bc the lovesick puppy adores you
  • y’know those guys who NEVER. FRICKING. SHUT. UP. about their girlfriends?
  • straight up yeah he’s one of them
  • the members are like yeah ok we’re happy for you two mofos and all, but like mark shut up that’s literally the 39th fact we’ve heard about her in the last hour please
  • please
  • anyway
  • when you first start dating Mark is really, quite far from smooth, but he does try his best!!
  • if anything, he’s just seriously hella awkward
  • he did try that practice flirting in front of the mirror thing but he just stopped bc he felt that that just wasn’t him and the last thing Mark Minhyung Lee wanted to do was be someone other than his absolutely fully capable swaggy-ass self
  • he really does care about you tho, and is always genuinely interested in what you have to say
  • he asks all of those questions like, ‘How was your day?’ and ‘What are you doing right now?’ when you’re apart, and not bc he saw all of those guys in the movies do it, but he is actually interested in probably everything that has to do with you and yes he is authentically curious on how and why Donghyuck was pissing you off again and yes he can relate 110%
  • he giggles a lot
  • but you don’t mind bc you find it cute that he finds you cute enough to cutely giggle at every cute thing you cutely do
  • would probably start giggling at the most random of times too, for things that people wouldn’t normally find amusing
  • ‘what’s so funny?’
  • ‘you did this thing with your nose just then, like, you scrunched it up, like this–it was cute’
  • skinship is foreign territory to this precious bby
  • with guys yeah sure no problem wassup man
  • but with girls
  • umm skinship ?? what ?? could ?? that ?? possibly ?? be ?? with ?? her ?? especially ?? you must be joking
  • but somewhere during those first few dates he sorta got the urge to want to hold you in his arms and just admire you like that??
  • it was just a feeling at first that he brushed off as nerves
  • but then he really, just really wanted to hold your hand and he sorta just asked on the whim without thinking about 
  • when you went like ‘hm?’ he internally face-palmed bc did i rly just think out loud again
  • but instead of saying ‘nothing’ he decided to take a leap of faith dude its just a hand come on
  • and he did that irresistible thing that cute guys always do where they put their hand on their neck and look at you with puppy eyes ugh go away mark
  • ‘c-can I hold your hand?’
  • ‘lol k’
  • and he’s a bit in awe bc that’s all it took 2 months and he couldn’t shake the feeling of the warmth he felt with your hand in his, with his heart feeling soft and butterflies fluttering around in his stomach
  • it was then he decided that he was going to marry you
  • lol jk not really tho
  • from then on Mark started to feel more comfortable with you and initiated more skinship, but he isn’t clingy and you’re both chill with that
  • it’s just small stuff like holding hands and playing with your fingers, or having his arm around your shoulder or just small touches like your legs touching or some ish like that, not anything over the top
  • not the type to cuddle often, only if you’re in need of comfort or something
  • he also enjoys hugging you
  • also not a common occurrence
  • his hugs are bear-like and really random and out-of-nowhere, sometimes he’d pick you up and spin you around ugh bYE M AR  K
  • never in public tho–NEVER IN PUBLIC
  • and it’s not bc he’s really embarrassed about it or anything, he just thinks that things like that are intimate and personal and should be kept in between the couple
  • not the over-protective type or the type to get easily jealous either–he trusts you–but if someone is giving you a hard time or is openly making moves on you, he wouldn’t hesitate to step in and help bc the last thing he wants is his precious angel to feel uncomfortable and unhappy
  • would probs just call you by your name tbh, lets be real here. i don’t think Mark would call his s/o baby because like he is one himself when he thinks of babies he thinks of ACTUAL BABIES and he’d just feel a bit weirded out
  • but even when he does there’s a certain sweetness and a different tone to his voice when he says your name. it’s hard to explain, but let’s just say that if your name was a song lyric, that would be the highlight of the song for Mark. anyone who heard would be able to tell that you were someone special to him just by hearing him say your name
  • on top of that, Mark would support you in literally anything you do. like if you got a basketball into the hoop he’d be super extra like ‘u are the most amazing being to ever exist’ even tho he could probably score like 10 in a row
  • you got an award at your graduation and Mark was hands down so damn proud, clapping the loudest
  • ‘GO Y/N!! hey, hey mister! you see that girl? thAT’S MY G I R L FR I E ND. omg–GO Y/N!!!!’
  • yo face was the shade of a sunburned red chilli but nonethless you couldn’t stop grinning
  • ‘is that your boyfriend? you’re so lucky!’
  • ‘damn straight’
  • Mark doesn’t say those three magical little words often, to anyone, really. he doesn’t say it to you a lot bc he knows you know that he loves you more than anything else in the world and that the feelings are mutual, but he does say it, when the moment feels right.
  • random rap battles in ingrish ftw
  • the term ‘boyfriend’ still makes him feel giddy don’t say it around him or he might start squealing lmao
  • in conclusion, a relationship with Mark is probably the best you could wish for in the romance department. he wastes no time at all in making you feel loved and happy, and all he wants by the end of the day is you, happy and content in his arms. he would be there for you no matter what, and it wouldn’t be an understatement to say you would be his world. there’s lots of stupid laughter over the dumbest things, and while your relationship won’t be smooth sailing all the time, you know you’re in for that long ass ride when he utters those 4 little words to you years later on one knee with a box in hand.
  • it was in that moment that you realized Mark’s laugh was the one sound that you would never get tired of hearing for the rest of your life ♡

~ ~ ~

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Well that certainly tore my heart apart became longer than expected. See this is the effect Mark has on people, if his face wasn’t beautiful I would punch him but he’s too cute do you see where I’m getting at? yeah me neither. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, beautiful person ♡ have a great day ~

This pic has NOTHING to do with what Im writing lol.Its just how I look. Someone might repost this and Im thinking they should no what I look like!

So I wrote this out already and accidently deleted it and it didnt save when I tryd to copy paste it :/

So this is like my first date fantasy. 

This is sorta specific but sorta not. Im not saying little details have to be this way its just how I thought about it you no?

Also this is fantasy. Just because Im saying this doesnt mean Im going to do this with you.


So we finally are gonna have are first date. You tell me to be at a specific salon at 3PM and ask for Kelsey. You say I should were casual clothes that I dont care about like if the got runed. 

I show up and Kelsey says you already talked to her she nos what to do I just need to relax. She goes to work and dolls me up how you told her to.

A few hours later after doing my hair and nails and makeup shes done. My normally dark blonde/light brunette usually straight hair is now my normal hair color to platinum blonde ombre. Very different looking from how it was. Its slightly curled with big bouncy curls and super full from hair extensions she put in. My nails are much longer now with square tip acrylics with pink to baby blue ombre colour. My makeup is very glam. Dark eyes super glossy pink lips and really long fake lashes. 

Kelsey gives me a package and tells me to go in the back and open it. I do and theres a not on top. It says how you wanted to make sure that I look hot but also that when I go back to work ppl notice how different I look. You want everyone to no that I went on a date, that your taking me off the market, The note tells me to change into whats in the box and put what Im wereing in the box. 

Inside theres a little black dress, a bra, thong, heels, and a small clutch. I undress carefull not to mess my hair or makeup. 

I put the undies on first, then the bra. It takes a few trys to get it to clasp with my nails. I can tell there gonna be a pain in the butt. The bra is a push up bra. I put i Like a serious push up bra. I have as much cleavage as I can have in this bra. I step into the dress and its definitly a LBD. As in its black and OMG its little. Like cleavage on display and not that far past my ass. I cant zip it up so I dont even try. The heels are high. Like super high. I put them on but cant do the little buckels on the straps because my nails. My feet are small anyways but when I look at them now there seriously tiny looking. After just a couple seconds I can tell these heels are going to hurt like hell later. I ask Kelsey for help and she zips me up and buckels my heels. She says to get use to it because those sorts of things Ill never be good at again with fake nails. Kelsey takes the clutch and puts makeup in it that she used on me. The clutch is to small tho to put all the stuff from my purse in it so I were my purse and hold the clutch. Kelsey tells me to put the clothes I wore into the box and shell hold it for me and that your outside waiting for me.

I walk outside. Im pretty good in heels I were them lots but these shoes are way higher than most ppl were and the heels are super thin. There crazy sexy but I have to concentrate hard on walking. I feel like if I even stepped on a pebble I could fall.

Your eyes light up when you see me. I have butterflys in my stomach, Im hoping I look good enough to you. Its cold outside. Not like winter but like a cool spring day. I wish I kept my hoodie because you didnt put a coat in the box and this dress is doing almost nothing to keep me warm. I feel very vulnerable. We hug and say hi and you are staring at me with a big smile. Normally a guy would say you look really nice Sara but you say wow Sara your ass looks amazing in that dress. It takes me a little by suprise. But I still like it.

You ask me why Im wereing my purse and I say I couldnt fit everything in the clutch. You tell me to give both to you. I do and you start going through my purse. You pull my wallet out and take my ID and put it in your pocket, drop everything else in your trunk and walk back over and open my door. I have NO idea whats going on but I get in. 

We drive to a really nice restraunt and you valet park your car. You get out and open my door for me, help me out. You open the door to the restraunt for me, and when we are seated you pull out my chair. Your being like the perfect gentleman but then every so often you make a comment thats so not gentlemanly like how sexy I look, how my ass looks, stuff like that.

The menu doesnt have any prices on it. I ask how is someone supposed to no what things cost if theres no price? And you explain that your menu has prices, because your a man. I order a yummy looking pasta dish and water. You order a steak and a greens salad with no dressing and drinks for us. You say Sara in the future remember I will order for you doll. Ill let it slide this time. Im like what do you mean youll let it slide but you just ignore my question and ask me something else. We talk and get to no each other.

The food comes and rite away you take the pasta I ordered and send it back, you put the salad in front of me and say the lady will just have this. You ordered me wine also. Im pissed because Im hungry and that looked good. Your just like Sara no girl of mine is getting fat. Enjoy your salad. 

Im like WTF? but you just switch topics again rite away like it never even happened. 

The bill comes, I say lets split it, and you smile and your like Sara, dont be silly, you cant afford this, even if you could how would you pay? and I remember you took my purse…

Even though Im thinking this isnt going all that great I get up to go to the ladies. Guys dont get this but as a girl when your all dolled up to the nines your way MORE self consious then if your just like in a hoodie and yoga pants. Its like you look nice but your always thinking do I still look as good as when I just finished getting ready and was like you look good Sara! So its like always on your mind. How do I look rite now… So I go primp my hair and fix my lips. 

We go outside and wait for your car. Its cold. Im freezing. RIte then I am sooo glad you didnt let me eat what I wanted. If I ate that I would have a food baby bump because this dress is so tight. I can see all the couples on dates staring at me. The guys checking me out, then looking at you and being super jealous and there dates just totally hating me. 

Again I feel super vulnerable. LIke Im on display. Your loving it though. Girls on dates are smiling at you because they want to show there boyfriends that the guy whos got me wants them. Im just a status symbol for you at that moment. When I relize this I get butterflys in my stomach again. You open my door and we head off to a club.

I figure out why you put my ID in your pocket when you show the door man but that doesnt explain why YOU have it not me. We go inside and youopen up a tab.

We dance for a while your hand exploring my body but mostly just resting on my ass keeping me close to you.

Eventually your all Sara I have a tab open, go get us another round, and you slap me on my ass sending me off to do what you tell me. 

After a while Im like I wish I still had my flip flops because my heels are killing me. These arent shoes someone designed for dancing. Sexy af but not real practical. I complain that my feet hurt and say why dont we sit down. You tell me that your tired of dancing and walk over to are booth. You sit but tell me to dance FOR you. I say no my feet hurt and you just shut me down. Your like Doll I dont care if your feet hurt. Your gonna dance for me. Then we will leave and go back to my place. Then you are going to suck my dick and if your a good girl Im going to fuck you. But get used to your feet hurting because even when your naked later the heels stay on. 

IM like wait what? Uh no. Even if I did want to sleep with you its not happeneing tonight. And you laugh and are like babe, if you want to leave theres the door. I dont no how you think your getting home though. Tell you what if you leave, Ill be sure to drop your purse in the nearest trash for you. But if you stay, you better be a good girl and do what I say or Im going to spank you until you cry later. Now be a doll and go fix yourself up. I want you to look perfect from now on. This doesnt work for me you look like you have been out all night. Im going to drink this drink then leave with or without you. 

And you slap my ass again and without even waiting for me to say anything you just turn away from me. 

I cant believe you would talk to me like that. I no that I dont have any money on me so I cant get a cab. I cant walk all the way to brooklyn in heels even a stripper thinks are to high. Even if I could its way to cold for me to just be in this dress. I dont have my phone so Im not calling a friend to help me and who the fuck remembers any ones number but there own? EVEN if I did get home I cant get in to my building or my apt because my keys are in your trunk with everything else. I also no that Im super turned on. Like Im wet. Like rite now Im thinking your the man thats finally being how men should be. Your telling me not asking me. Ya your giving me a choice. Your letting me no what YOU want and letting me choose it. I could leave and ya it would be hard. I wont die. It would be embarsing. Id have to go to the police and have them drive me to a friends. Your not taking me by force. Your showing me my options

This is whats going through my mind as Im in front of the mirror in the ladies at the club, fixing my lips and making myself perfect for you as fast as I can so you dont leave without me.

Duodenary (2/7)

Summary:  Intending to return to Neverland after his quest for revenge comes to an abrupt end, Killian Jones finds himself in Duodenary, a realm whose existence allows Neverland, and the people therein, to live forever.  After months of trying and failing to find a way to go home, a princess comes looking to him for help. (Fantasy/Adventure AU)

Rated: M

Warnings: None

Words: ~6k

Part: One, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven

Notes: Thanks again to @literatiruinedme​, @high-seas-swan​, and @seastarved​ for reading this through, and to @seastarved​ for help with the banner.  And thanks to all who read/liked/reblogged.  It honestly makes my entire day.

Also on ff and ao3

“Well this is an interesting turn of events,” Killian says, when they step from the skiff and onto the deck not half an hour later.  “A princess kidnapping a pirate.  And his ship, for that matter.”

“For the last time, I am not kidnapping you.  I just want to show you something.”

“I suppose this is where I am bent to your every whim.  Sometimes rather literally.”

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1500 Followers! To celebrate, here is a Laura and The Inseparables, a4o/Carmilla crossover.

Also available on ao3

Laura got her first laptop when she was fifteen, and she rejoiced at the fact that she no longer had to use her dad’s computer for everything. Especially since convincing him took a lot of begging.

She got a long conversation on internet safety, which Laura expected. Of course she knew all the basic rules, like ‘don’t post any personal information’ and ‘don’t talk to anyone you don’t know’ but Dad, being her dad, made her go the extra mile. So she went on a website called ‘’, took a bunch of internet safety quizzes, and watched some videos about girls who met strangers and ended up dead, kidnapped, or a combination of both.

And then she got her tumblr, which was so worth it.

Of course Laura loved her dad, and she didn’t want to break his rules–she just really, really wanted to follow a bunch of Harry Potter and Doctor Who blogs. And maybe reblog a few interesting posts. But she was good. No strangers.

Until she saw the post.

Laura was scrolling through the Hufflepuff tag. She had just bingewatched the series again (because why not) over the weekend, and that always got her in the mood for looking at stuff about her house, which was the most underrated house ever.

And then…a post from someone named ‘someonefightme’.

Finally took the Pottermore test and got GRYFFINDOR! So happy I didn’t get Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff is totally the lame house.

Lame house?


Before she could even think about internet safety Laura hit the reblog button as her fingers flew across the keyboard.

Okay, first of all, posting Hufflepuff hate in the Hufflepuff tag is REALLY disrespectful!!!! Second, LAME? Excuse you, we’re awesome! We just don’t need to broadcast all the cool stuff we do to the world for recognition–we’re humble, unlike SOME houses.

Laura posted it, feeling pretty good about herself.

And then get a reply about five minutes later from the original poster.

The sorting hat literally says Hufflepuff ‘took all the rest.’ You guys got nothing. Also, name one cool Hufflepuff. Who DOESN’T die in book four, before you mention Cedric.

Laura bit her lip, trying to figure out a response. She might have to open google just to wipe the stupid smirk that was probably on the other girl’s face. Before she could though, someone else reblogged the post–someone whose tumblr name said ‘canonicallyace.’

But Dorothy, Hufflepuffs are especially good finders! Are you saying I’m lame? :(

Almost as fast as she posted that, someone else (sassyinspanish, apparently?) reblogged the post and added:

Of course Dorothy isn’t saying that Beth, you’re the queen of cinnamon rolls. You couldn’t not be a Hufflepuff.

Laura was watching a bunch of people reblogging the post like a cat watching ping pong. Finally, she huffed and added:


Yeah, someonefightme responded, but you still haven’t FOUND an answer to why Gryffindors aren’t WAY COOLER than Hufflepuffs.

Ugh, you have such a narrow view of houses! I bet you think all Slytherins are evil too!

They didn’t go to the Battle of Hogwarts.


Laura threw her hands in the air, going downstairs to grab her TARDIS mug from the dishwasher, filling it with hot cocoa and walking back upstairs to her laptop.

And notice a string of notifications saying she had asks.

Someonefightme asks: Hey! The post was getting kind of long, let’s make a new one. I’ll start. GRYFFINDORS ARE BETTER, FIGHT ME.

Laura cracked her knuckles. Oh boy.

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I swear I’ve never used more sound effects than during that dinner scene omg… This took a LOT longer than it should have because of various reasons, but HERE IT IS!! THE FINAL ADDITION TO THE SWEET SERIES PREPARE THE TISSUES. ENJOY THE SEXY LESBIAN VOLPINA.

This project has been brought to you by Real Lady Mun Tears While Recording

Music in order is:
BGM 01 by Goatbed, Taishou A by anNina, Emilie Autumn playing Bach’s Largo, Alta Mugs by 630, Kamaro’s Dace for Volpina’s flue, Adolf K Weismann and then Kusanagi Izumo both by Endo Mikio, This One Crying Like a Child by Utada Hikaru, Knives and Ivory from the Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead Homestuck album, Imprinting from the World Ends With You soundtrack, Glacier by Hana-tan, Tourner Dans Le Vide by Indila, You First by Lim Kim, Watashi no Kakera by Rushchka and Treow, Eguolonom by Lunetia, Bliss by Yuyoyuppe.

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starlightafterastorm  asked:

Omg Bre. Did you ever watch Smallville. One of the lines randomly popped into my head today and i imagined Thea saying it to Oliver and Felicity and I can't stop laughing so I'd just like to share it. Imagine Thea coming over for a visit to Oliver and Felicity's new place and letting herself in very hesitantly "Ollie? Felicity? Are you home? You know what Thea likes to see when she comes to visit right? Pants. Pants on everyone."

I love this! And I’ve never seen Smallville… (so when anyone mentions that one dude who played Oliver Queen, I’m always like, “Who…?”) 

I can just see it…

Thea paused outside the front door, craning her head, key poised at the lock. She concentrated on the silence coming from inside the loft, trying to hear anything that might be anything.

It’d taken only once for her to not barge into the loft - it had been her place… well, technically it still was her place, and she’d left some stuff there, stuff she suddenly needed once Oliver and Felicity took over. She’d walked in, key and all, not even thinking that the space was now occupied by two people who’d only been together, technically, for a few months. And if there was ever a couple that was destined to stay in their honeymoon phase for way longer than normal, it was them.

She hadn’t been looking for them, but it was  hard to miss them, because Oliver - a very, very naked Oliver - had Felicity - also very naked, incredibly naked - pushed up against a pillar, his hips… doing things.

A sharp scream had escaped Thea before she could stop it and she’d dropped her keys, hands flying to cover her face as she’d backed up wildly, tripping over things blindly, babbling, “You guys need to hang a sock on the door or something!” mixed in with rapid apologies and a really gross thought of, ‘Wow, he’s really strong,’ before she’s squashed that line of thinking because ew.

Felicity had yelped and Oliver had yelled, “What the hell are you doing, Thea?” followed quickly by sounds, sounds she never wanted to ever hear associated with her brother, and Thea’d shot back with, “Entering my loft!” to which he’d retorted with, “You don’t live here anymore!”

He had a point.

So, she’d knocked the next time… and when nobody answered, she’d used her key again. Very tentatively. They hadn’t been in the living room, and she’d literally sighed with relief before she’d walked towards the kitchen… only to see them out on the balcony, Felicity straddling Oliver in one of the chairs, hips moving in a very specific way, and the first thing out of Thea’s mouth had been, “Oh my god, you guys are in public!” 

Felicity’s response? “At least I was wearing a shirt, it’s not like anyone could tell. Right?”

“Me,” Thea had replied. “I could tell, which means all of Star City knew what you two were doing, and hey, Ollie, since you’re, you know, running for Mayor, you might want to keep the frisky business inside from now on. Little tip for you there.”

The only good thing about all of it was how red Oliver’s face stayed for a solid hour.

They were two experiences she never wanted to have again. Ever.

So… she tried to hear things.


Thea slid her key in with extra noise, rattling her keys as she unlocked the door, yanking them out with a bang on the door to alert them to her presence. 

She opened the door a crack and yelled. “Ollie? Felicity? Are you home?”

Thea was supposed to come over for dinner in about an hour and she was early. An hour was a long time for these two idiots.

No response.

Thea stuck her head in, slowly stepping in, raising her voice. “You know what Thea likes to see when she comes to visit, right? Pants. Pants on everyone.”

She caught Oliver coming out of the kitchen just as she shut the door behind her and 

“Pants!” Thea shouted, her hand flying to cover her eyes, her other rising to stop him in his tracks.

Oliver just sighed.

Felicity stuck her head around him. “Lots of pants going around in here, Thea, come on in! Or, rather a skirt in my case, but still, coverage. Lots of coverage. Unless you count when I bent over earlier and…”

“Trust me, Felicity,” Thea interrupted. “That’s a story I so don’t need to hear.”

anonymous asked:

How do you think the match Vorpal swords and Jabberwock will play out? Lot of people have said that GOM will destroy them but Himuro said that they(Jabberwock) might be better then them.

The short answer is Vorpal Swords will win. :P

Eheh, no seriously, it’s just that it seems highly unlikely for Fujimaki to go so far as to have Jabberwock humiliate the senpai and criticize Japanese basketball, then bring GoM out for a revenge match, even have Kagetora say he’ll commit seppuku (still not over that, lol) only to have them lose (I will seriously be worried about Kagetora; that’s even worse than Akashi’s eye-gouging thing).

But that’s probably not what you were asking. ^^; So my second short answer is, I’m personally iffy about it being an easy slaughter, tbh. Win yes, totally destroyed no. Not to mention, if Fujimaki’s record is anything to go by, it could turn out to be a very close game (but I really really don’t want to see any more buzzer beaters please thank you).

And now for the long answer. I hope you were aware of my rambling skillz when you asked me this, anon. This became a monster reply before I knew it.

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