omg this song sounds so beautiful

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Has anyone ever told you that you sound British when you sing? I'm British myself and I was pretty shocked when I heard you talk at the beginning of your original song video (which is so beautiful, by the way)

lol omg no?? so i really lol

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Top 10 songs I’ve been listening to lately

  1. Kavinski - Nightcall
  2. Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You
  3. Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
  4. Fubuki Shirou - Ice Road (it’s just too beautiful..)
  5. Twenty One Pilots - Holding On To You
  6. Kuba Oms - My Love
  7. Marshmello ft. Wrabel - Ritual
  8. Raimon no Chikara (Omg I love this song O.O)
  9. Nightcore - Safe And Sound
  10. Nightcore - Try

It’s not in the order but I don’t think it’s so important :P

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150815 Repackage MV filming Fanaccount :


Managers just called Siwon as Masi.

Kyuhyun spotted. His shirt is a little seethrough

Eunhyuk is like Heechul’s puppy. Very little EunHae interaction so far

The song sounds so good omg

Donghae is so smiley today

Heechul is complaining at Kyuhyun because he got it wrong

They are all so handsome and friendly

It feels like Donghae and Eunhyuk fought… They seem cold towards each other

Kangin and Eunhyuk are playing catch in front of me 

Kangin is definitely more handsome in real life than on TV

Donghae’s hair is fucking amazing in his solo shots and the dance scene. Hae’s arms aren’t really that big in real life. He has broad shoulders and narrow hips though

Heechul’s hair is so beautiful in this video

I like this song more than Devil. It’s so so good and so so catchy

Yesung took photos of Donghae this morning but has yet to post. Maybe when the teasers come out…

Leeteuk was playing with the dog from the photography studio today. He took the lead and ran down Market St. to Main St. with it

There is filming again on Monday for two things

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ふたりハピネス [Vocals]
Lily White
ふたりハピネス [Vocals]

Lily White’s vocals blends so well together + their harmonisation omg… This song is very underrated although it really shows how beautiful the blending of LLW’s vocals :’) There’s still some instruments at the back, but the vocals are very clear and it really shows LLW’s vocal power(?) 

“I remember my first glimpse
of [his] face
I saw you smile, then I smiled, I was straight blown away
Mesmerized by your beauty, from your feet to your hands
How could one be so beautiful, I don’t understand
Heaven sent God’s gift without a doubt in my mind
Then you spoke, I never heard a voice so sweet
Heavenly and from [his] words, man, I knew this [boy] was deep”

~Kevin fanart inspired by Epik High’s Map the Soul (Worldwide Version) uvu