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“If I can give them all the EXECUTION”

omg this song so awesome.゚゚(゚´Д`゚)゚

Eyes Closed

YRequested by anon:  I was listening to “Eyes Closed” (Halsey) all morning, so I wanted to ask something based on that song with Gerard Way. With a little drama, as a reader she lives a new relationship after finishing with G, but she can not overcome and makes a decision to seek him asking to return. (Ah I have bad english xD but I hope you can understand)

Your English was great sweet-pea, I know what you mean. Also, I hadn’t listened to Halsey before and thank you, I listened to the song and omg it was awesome, I might just have to check out some of her other songs :) -A

(Y/F/D) Your/ Favourite/ Drink

You and Gerard were laying on his bed in the apartment you shared, music blaring from his record player, your bodies tangled together laying in silence. Your foreheads were pressed together and your breathing was in sync. “Gee.” You whispered as you brushed your hand along your waist to grab his which was holding you, you slipped your fingers between his and held his hand. “Yes, baby?” He replied quietly, staring at you with his enticing, heart melting, hazel eyes that you just loved to get lost in. “Do you love me Gee?” You whispered fearfully, you had been going out for almost a year and he hadn’t said it. “Of course I do, I’ll love you till the end of time.” He whispered and pressed his soft lips to yours. 

It wasn’t uncommon for you to daydream about your previous relationship, it was every bit perfect in your eyes, till one day out of the blue he broke up with you, shattering your heart. However it wasn’t long till you met Jake, he was a total sweetheart and made you feel safe, you tried so hard to love him but you just couldn’t, you hated to admit it but you still loved Gerard. But, you were still loving to Jake, you lived like a normal couple, ignoring the feelings you still had for your ex. You said empty ‘I love you’s, embraced in cold cuddles and shared almost meaningless kisses. 

You were finishing washing the dishes when a pair of arms wrapped around you, your eyes were still shut from picturing the daydream and all you could see was Gerard’s face nuzzled into your neck instead of Jake’s, his pixie nose nuzzling against your skin as his lips placed soft kisses on your shoulder. “Hey baby.” Jake said, his voice was completely different from Gerard’s so this made the image fade away like smoke in the breeze. “Hey babe, you’re home early.” You said with a smile, drying your hands then turning around to look at your boyfriend. As he spoke you stared at him, not really listening, instead wondering if he would do the same thing as Gerard and just dump you one day out of the blue, most of the boyfriends you’ve had have done this so it surprised you that you weren’t used to it. After he finished explaining himself he pressed his lips to yours, they were nothing like Gerard’s. Gerard’s were soft, pillowey and, you had to admit a bit slimy but you didn’t mind it. Jake’s on the other hand were slightly chapped, hungry, and thin. Sometimes you hated yourself for missing the feel of Gerard’s lips on yours, then again, you constantly hated yourself for comparing Jake to Gerard. 

Of course, Jake had no idea that you were still thinking about Gerard, it had been 6 months since you broke up, 4 months since you replaced Gerard and started dating Jake and almost every day of those 6 months you have thought about Gerard and the moments you shared. Despite Jake not knowing your thoughts, you knew that he was starting to notice your lack of affection towards him. This kiss seemed to be the breaking point for him when you didn’t kiss back. “What’s wrong, why don’t you want to kiss me?” He asked in an irritated manner. You looked down and played with the towel in your hands. “I’m just tired, that’s all.” You said with a fake smile and pecked his lips before brushing past him and heading upstairs to your shared room. 

You dropped onto your bed and pulled out your phone, scrolling to a contact that you hadn’t had the heart to delete simply because you still wanted to be friends with him despite his brother breaking up with you. You pressed the call button and held the phone to your ear. It rang several times before he answered. “(Y/N)?” He asked confused. “Hey Mikey, it’s been a while.” You said with a sad smile that you knew he couldn’t see. “Yeah it has, how have you been?” Mikey asked with a smile in his voice, you could see his smile, something he rarely did, you then wondered if he had changed at all, when you last saw him he had messy long-ish brown hair and dorky glasses. “I’ve been good, what about you?” You asked politely, not wanting to jump straight to the real reason for you call. “I’ve been great.” He said then went quiet for a bit.

 “So what’s up? Why the long awaited call?” He asked jokingly and you chuckled. You chewed on your lip and picked at the loose thread on the bed. You looked out down the hallway to check that Jake wasn’t there then spoke. “Do you think you could give me Gerard’s number?” You asked quietly. He was silent for a moment, possibly shocked. “Don’t you have a boyfriend now? Why do you want Gee’s number?” Mikey asked, once again confused. You shrugged before realising he couldn’t see it. “I don’t know, I guess I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately and I just kinda want to talk to him.” You whispered and bit your lip again. “Oh, okay, um sure. You got something to write with?” He asked, you grabbed a paper pad and a pen before telling him to go. You jotted down the numbers and stared at them with a hint of guilt and anticipation. His number hadn’t changed, it was still the same one you knew off by heart, you just wanted to call Mikey to make sure that he hadn’t changed it. “Thank you Mikey.” You said softly. “Your welcome. Just don’t go cheating on that guy of yours with Gee, I don’t want you to become that person.” Mikey advised seriously, you nodded and sighed. “I wont Mikey, I promise you.” You said and said goodbye before hanging up. You stared at the number on the paper and tapped it into your phone, not planning on calling just yet. 


You waited a week before looking at the number again. In that week you had an argument with Jake, he had heard you sleep talking and said that you kept mumbling Gerard’s name over and over again along with several ‘I love you’s. You didn’t know what the dream was but you couldn’t lie to him because you had been dreaming about Gerard recently, ever since you got the number. Jake was angry at first, yelling at you for being hung up over your ex, he would laugh bitterly then get angry at himself for not realising that you didn’t love him. You hated that you couldn’t contradict him, that you couldn’t say that you did love him. Now instead of sleeping in the bed with him you were sleeping on the couch with a blanket. 

Jake was away for the weekend with some friends leaving you alone in the apartment. You held the phone in your hand, staring at the number. You weren’t about to just cheat on Jake by sleeping with Gerard whilst he was away, you knew you were better than that. All you wanted to do was meet up with Gerard, maybe have a coffee and just talk to him. You took a deep breath and typed out a text. ‘Hey Gee, it’s (Y/N). I was wondering if you wanted to get coffee sometime :)’ You rapidly hit the send button to stop yourself from chickening out then put the phone on the coffee table. A couple of minutes later you got a reply. ‘Sure,  I’d love to.’ Your heart jumped and a smile graced your lips. ‘Awesome! When are you free?’ You asked and began thinking of places where you could go for coffee. ‘I’m not doing anything today, if your free.’ He said and you grinned. ‘I’m free :) how about we go to that cafe near the apartment that gives a free muffin with the drinks??’ You asked, biting you lips, you hadn’t realised when you asked him but that was the cafe that he took you to on your first date. ‘I’d love too. Meet there in 30 mins???’ Your smile was like the Cheshire cat as you stood up. ‘Sure, see you there :)’ You debated on putting a ‘x’ on the end of the message before deciding against it and putting a smiley face instead. ‘See you there :)’ 

You jogged up the stairs to get dressed, you pulled on some black skinny jeans, a band shirt and a flannel to go around your waist, you brushed and styled your hair till you were satisfied with it then put in your earrings. You looked at yourself in the mirror and smiled, however you bit your lip guiltily, feeling as though you were cheating on Jake even though you were just getting coffee with Gerard as friends. However you knew you wanted to get back together with him.You shook the bad thoughts to the back of your mind and grabbed your purse before leaving and making your way to the cafe. 

When you arrived you immediately saw Gerard, you were shocked by his appearance but simultaneously your heart skipped a beat. Instead of his long, black, kinda greasy hair, he had short, messy, black hair. Instead of his cute, pudgy face he was slimmer, not stick thin but slimmer, his jaw and cheekbones were more prominent. He was still adorable though, still the same old Gee. You cautiously walked over to him and tapped his shoulder, when he turned around to look at you he’s breath hitched and both of your hearts stopped. You looked at him with sad eyes and he looked back at you with regretful ones. “Hey.” You whispered. “Hey.” He whispered back. You wanted to wrap your arms around him and never let go of him again, you wanted to be cuddling in his bed again feeling safe from everything in the world. He lead you into the cafe and walked up to the counter. “Can I have a regular coffee and a (Y/F/D).” He ordered for you and you smiled shyly, surprised that he still knew your order. 

Once you got your drinks you walked to a free table and sat down opposite each other, you sat in silence, sipping your drinks for a while before he spoke up. “I’ve missed you.” Gerard mumbled and looked up at you through his black bangs. “You’re the one that broke up with me.” You said, silencing the conversation. “But I’ve missed you too, everyday.” You said shyly, looking down at your cup and tracing the rim of it. “I’m sorry for breaking up with you.” He said guiltily, you looked back up at him and saw the pain in his eyes then shrugged. “Why did you? I cared so much for you, I gave my all for you. Where did I go wrong?” You asked, for a while you had blamed yourself for the breakup, thinking that you must have done something to cause him to leave. He took your hands and shook his head. “No, it wasn’t you, you were perfect. I was just scared. I’d never been in a long term relationship like that and I should have told you at the time but my depression was getting worse and I as just terrified that you were going to run off with someone else or that you wouldn’t like me and get pissed when I had my dark days.” Gerard said and held your hands tightly. “Gee, you know that I’ll always love you, I told you a thousand times. I would have never left you because of your depression, I would have helped you through those dark days.” You said softly, stroking his knuckles, he laughed shortly and shook his head. “I wish I had realised that at the time instead of being stupid.” He sighed. Once again silence fell over you. 

“So, Mikey told me you have a boyfriend.” Gerard muttered sadly, you shrugged and frowned. “I guess.” You murmured, looking back down at your hands. “What do you mean by that?” He asked softly. “We’ve been arguing a bit lately, I’m sleeping on the couch because he’s angry at me. I don’t think we’ll be together much longer.” You said and avoided his hopeful gaze. “Why is he angry? Surely whatever he is he’ll get over it.” He said sympathetically, trying not to show his happiness. “Nah, he’ll never stay, they never do.” You said in self pity and took a sip of your drink. “Why are you arguing?” Gerard asked again. You chewed your lip, preparing yourself to tell him the truth. “Because I’m still hung up you. I’m still seeing you when I close my eyes. I’m always comparing him to you and realising he’ll never be you, that he’s nothing like you.” You said shamefully and looked down. You felt his fingers lift your chin up to look at him. “I still love you.” Gerard whispered with sad eyes whilst tears welled up in yours. “I still love you too.” You breathed out, he brushed the stray tears that fell and kissed your forehead. “I want to be with you again Gee.” You whispered and closed your eyes. “I-I always have.” He smiled and squeezed your hand gently. “I want to get back together with you too, but I don’t want to get in between you and Jake.” He said and you looked up at him like he was being ridiculous because he was. “But,” He said before you had a chance to talk. “When you and Jake break up, I’m more than happy to go out with you, till then we can still have these coffee dates. And don’t go home and break up with him immediately, think about it for a bit and if he doesn’t end it soon then do what your heart tells you. Okay?” Gerard said softly and stared at you lovingly. You nodded and sniffled softly. “So a couple of days?” You said jokingly and you both laughed, his laugh was heavenly to you and you knew that you would be back in his arms soon.


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hey sciblrs!!! or stem studyblrs!!


Acapella Science <–click!!!! hE DESERVES ALL THE SUBS

I’ll just list out some songs so you get the awesomeness omg

The Molecular Shape of You (Shape of You)

Whole New Worlds (Aladdin)

Pluto Mars: Outbound Probe (Bruno Mars)

CRISPR-Cas9 (Mr.Sandman)


Imagine #19 || Request #16

I liked writing this one and I just had this smile on my face while I was writing this one…btw, have you guys heard 1D’s new song?! omg it was awesome lol my sister keeps playing it really loud and it’s already stuck in my head. Anyway, here’s an imagine for you guys. Enjoy!


You were actually surprised that they were there, since usually the likes of them would get bored with listening to just instruments playing. Heading backstage, you were greeted with your friends with big smiles.

“That was great,” Liam hugged you, before Stiles following suit and Scott with a side hug.

“Thanks,” you said. “Wait, you actually liked it?”

“So who dragged you guys here to watch?” You asked with a sceptical look. “My mom or dad?”

They insisted actually,” Lydia spoke up, making herself known and giving you a tight hug.

“Who’s they?” You asked, surprised and curious.

“These two,” Scott gestured to Liam and Stiles, who were busy arguing as to who would carry your violin case.

“So how did it feel to play with David Garrett in front?” Lydia asked, ignoring the arguing between the two boys and focusing on you.

“It felt nerve wrecking,” you answered, remembering how your hands shook backstage while you were waiting for your turn to perform. “I felt like a klutz on stage.”

“You did good, didn’t hear any wrong, uh, whatever you call it in violin language.” Scott assured, smiling and putting a hand on your shoulder like a big brother and how an alpha assured his pack members.

“Wrong bow strokes.” You provided, chuckling lightly.

“Yeah, bow strokes.” Scott said.

“Y/N, who looks better?” Liam suddenly spoke after arguing with Stiles on the side while you were talking with Lydia and Scott. Looking to their direction, you saw that Liam and Stiles almost looked identical with their sweaters, but Stiles had the collars of his shirt untucked.

“Lydia, looks the best, to be honest.” You said jokingly, pointing to the girl’s outfit who doesn’t disappoint any stylist by looking always on point with her choice of clothes and shoes.

“Thank you,” she said, smiling proudly while flipping her hair over her shoulder, making you laugh lightly as you saw their disappointed looks and their continuing argument.

“C’mon, you have to pick at least one of us,” Stiles said, gesturing to him and the young beta.

Just as you were going to say no, you heard you name being called. Turning to the direction of the voice, you felt giddy as you saw a handsome Brett in a buttoned dress shirt with a bouquet in his hand making his way towards you.

“You were great,” he said, handing you the bouquet he held before putting a hand on your waist and pulling you close to him as his lips placed a soft kiss on your forehead.

“Thanks,” You smiled as he enveloped you in a hug but careful to not flatten the beautiful flowers in your arms.

“Ready for dinner?” Brett asked, taking the violin case from your hand. “Your parents said that we’re going to this fancy restaurant downtown.”

“Yep,” you said, before turning to your friends and saying your goodbye’s to them and thank you’s for going to your recital.

“See you tomorrow, Y/N.” Lydia hugged you again. “Enjoy the night.”

“Wha-” Stiles looked to Scott and Liam just smiled at you when you walked away with Brett, his smile dropping in disbelief when you were out of sight; the banshee and the alpha just laughing at Stiles and Liam’s unbelieving looks on what just happened.

silveredsilhouettes  asked:

Omg omg this song thing sounds awesome. How bout my boys Maedhros, Haldir, and Gil-Galad? (Or just one of them if that's too many!)

When he’s living his life: I’ll be good by Jaymes Young

When he’s fighting: Centuries By Fall Out Boy

When he in love: Die for You The Weeknd but also Unsteady by X ambassador

I’ve got Haldir and Gil-Galad coming C:

Steven Universe as it progresses
  • Start of Season 1: Oh wow this new show is adorable. Everyone is so unique and sweet and the songs are awesome this is great omg
  • Halfway through Season 1: All this suspense from their backstories are killing me I need to know more?!?!?! This seems darker than the usual cartoon, I think I've been misled--also why am I shipping these things I ship
  • End of Season 1: nEW CHARACTERS oh wow and what's this with the Homeworld, I need to knOW MORE, but I'm also so worried about the gems and steven what's happening arhghsfe OH GOD

[MMD] Villainous - Everybody

Ok I’m done!!! this is too much I was just lising to this song and it made me think what if the Villainous crew was singing this song and here it is XD OMG AWESOME!!!