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For the @kwritersnet April Prompt Event!

Prompt: Enemies To Lovers
What: BTS Drabble/Oneshot
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Wiords: 3k

Summary: Your best friend is an idol and being an idol comes with its trappings. When she tells you that she’s signed up for We Got Married, you’re super excited for her. You are less enthused when you find out who her partner is going to be. Your teenage nemesis - Kim Taehyung

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Preference - Leaving the egos home alone


 When you leave Dark alone it’s usually because you physically cannot be around him at the moment. The constant high pitched squealing and pressure in the air causes you to have headaches and need a moment out. While you are away Dark likes to set up mind games he will play on you later. His personal favorite game is to move objects from their designated spot to an area they have no place being causing you to search high and low because fuck you that’s why. He is also hella petty. Dark will do things like: make a giant pot of pasta, knowing that you wanted to make spaghetti for dinner. Rip a hole in your favorite pink sundress simply because he doesn’t like you in pink, and erasing the story that you have been working on for the last three weeks just as you are reaching a major turning point in the story arch. Needless to say you are not a happy camper when you get home. 


 Let us all be honest with ourselves for a moment. Google would simply power down while you are away. BUT, for the sake of all of your entertainment, we will say he doesn’t.

 You left to go shopping for for some much needed groceries and some plastic plates. On the way out the door you gave google a small list of chores saying as you walk out the door “After you are done, you can do whatever you want” Let’s just say that mistakes were made. 

 After finishing the small list of tasks you had given him, which included doing the dishes (google simply throwing them in the trash while muttering to himself that there is no need for dishes since he does not eat) and ripping apart your bedding after asking him to make your bed. He smiles to himself, a sinister smirk indeed. “Whatever I want…” he says. 

 Hours later when you get home and finally connect to some wifi, you discover that your Facebook has been hacked and someone has thought that it would be funny to share links to pornhub and other terrible things on your timeline. This person, or as you would soon find out, android, had also gone as far as to tag your mother in these links. Thank you Google IRL! Not only has your day been ruined, but your reputation. 

 *two weeks later* 

You have now learned to be more careful with what you say to your google unit. You also do not want to speak with your great aunt Meredith for at least a year after having to explain in great detail what exactly a furry was and how, no, you are not one…. As stated earlier, mistakes, had been made.

Wilford Warfstache

 Again… Wilford would probably go off and do his own thing, or come with you to do whatever you are planning to do. BUT, let’s say he is just gonna hang out at your house/apartment for the day… ok?

 You were off to work, one of the only places that Wilford could not follow you because you would get fired for bringing your very excitable, very loud, boyfriend to the workspace. You know this for a fact, seeing as these were the exact words your boss had spoken to you the last time he had followed you to your place of employment. 

 So instead, Wilford is stuck at home, wondering what to do with all of his free time. He scans the room, his eyes eventually landing on the TV. Warfstache decides that a suitable pastime would be to watch some shows on your netflix account. He quickly finds the Recently watched by (Y/n) list and clicks on the first show to pop up. Because Wilford is a being that can consist outside of our dimension, he was able to binge watch all of your shows whilst you were away. 

 Throughout the day you continue to get texts like (SPOILER ALERT! MINOR SPOILERS TO DOCTOR WHO WITH DAVID TENNANT) 




 By the time you got home, you were all to prepared to rip Wilford a new one for spoiling your show. However, as you walk through the door you are greeted with a lot of barking and the deep laugh of your boyfriend. Looking around the house, you find Warfstache in one of your back rooms with a three legged, one eyed poodle, that somehow had been recently dyed bright pink. 

 “Wilford….” you say, trying to keep your voice calm. “What the hell is that” 

 “(Y/n)!!” Wilford shouts, “This is Chico! I saw this add on YouTube for a nearby dog shelter and HOW could I not adopt this little guy.” 

 “And who will take care of Chico while you aren’t home?” You state in a monotonous voice. 

 “Why you of course!” 

 And that is the story of how you got a pink poodle, that there is no way of rehoming because Wilford would never let you do something like that to his precious Chico.


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I really really like the headcanons about MC and RFA's first fight!! Can you do RFA + v + saeran reacting to a MC who has short hair and gets self conscious when people tell her she looks like a boy. Only if you have time 💖💖💖

(υ´Д`) This used to happen to me when I was younger. I hope this doesn’t happen to you much, anon! (Also, thanks for the kind words!!)


-Boy howdy he’d be so quick to spill out words of praise and how beautiful you were

-But once he learned how self conscious you were about it, he’d try giving you compliments every now and then, making sure they pertained to how well your hair complimented your style and attitude, how it made you so beautiful to him

-I mean, hey, if he let his hair down and was just wearing his coat, he’d get mistaken for a girl from the back. (*coughs* Definitely. Has happened.)

-If he was ever with you when it happened, he’d shut that person up so fast.

-”Maybe you should go get your eyes checked, buddy.”

-Very protective Zen mode. The rest of that day, however, he’d be calling you his Princess constantly, especially within earshot of others. No one is going to say that again when he’s around!


-Does she know this feeling well. During the winter when she wears the bigger/poofier jackets, she’s been mistaken for a guy a few times (due to her bust being well hidden).

-When she hears that this happens to you at times, that people teasingly tell you so, she remembers how she felt and tries her best to come up with counters to help that sour mood go away

-Baking sweets together? Yep. Watching Zen’s DVDs? Yep. Quietly telling the RFA members to never ever say anything of the sort to you? Definitely

-If you two were out and about and some stranger teased you about it, she would glare at them and pull you away.

-”Don’t pay attention to them. Some people just don’t know manners.”

-Would offer to help you search up cute ways to wear your hair in different styles


-”What? People do that?” 

-Cue cute adorable ‘angry’ Yoosung

-”That doesn’t even make sense!” He’d go on and on about how your hair makes you so cute, and how he never even thought once about it making you look like a boy. Even now, he just can’t see it.

-He loves your hair, though. He loves running his fingers through it and burying his nose in it during cuddle sessions. The idea of someone making you feel bad over your hair would make him upset.

-Though, he would show you some cool video game girls with short hair. “Look! She has short hair, but she’s still awesome! Saving the galaxy and everything. Don’t feel down, okay? Lots of cool girls have short hair!”

-(omg bby you tried)

-If someone in public tried teasing you, he’d get so red and upset.  Stutter out some sort of “Mind your own business!!” And huff away with you.

- That night he’d give you plenty of kisses to your hair, reminding you he loves how you look, no matter what


-It never occurred to him that you may be teased for it. He didn’t even think you could be mistaken for a boy. You were so cute and sweet- Not like most men he knew

-So when a fellow business associate said something about it over dinner with the two of you, he was stunned. Just for a moment, though.

-”I suppose you don’t care about C&R working with you too much, do you? I think this contract is over.”

-Straight-faced as ever, he just paid the check and left with you in tow. He didn’t say anything until you both were in the car, you looking a little down.

-”Don’t ever pay attention to comments like that. They’re useless to dwell on when they’re so blatantly wrong.”

-Would kiss your head and hold you hand. The rest of the night, he made mental notes on ways to show how much he loved you and your short hair.


-Honestly, he’d offer to pull off some great pranks with you due to his arsenal of girl outfits and wigs he had.  When you weren’t into that, he’d be sure not to joke around like that as a way to cheer you up.

-He’d pull you in his lap while he was working and just. Ruffle your hair so much.

- “Don’t worry about what they say! You’re so cute, and I love how soft your hair is.”

-He’d rest his chin on your head as he worked, trying to cheer you up with jokes and tickles.

-If none of that worked, he’d give you so many kisses and tell you how stupid those who teased you were. He’d even offer to hack into their facebook accounts and post silly things on there for you. Anything that could help.


- The first time it happened he’d just be shocked. The two of you were out on a walk, holding hands, when he heard someone say something negative about you.

- “Even with my poor eyesight I can tell she’s clearly a woman. What kind of excuse do you have?”

-Back home he’d cuddle with you on the couch, murmuring about how beautiful you were no matter your hair length. 

-If you’d let him, he’d want to take photos of you in a nice field with his photography friends to help. He knew you’d make such a great subject.

-He’d probably go through some old photos of women he’d taken with short hair, and explain how you were more radiant than they were.


-Angry bean would want to knock out anyone who teased you.

- “Hey, listen to me. Don’t you ever, ever, think what they say about you is true. You’re so beautiful to me, and you’ll see that yourself one day.”

-He’d be holding your hand so tightly telling you this, and he’d look so firm, but he’d be lowkey blushing a little

- He’s not so good at saying sappy stuff

-If anyone did say something in public, you bet your ass he’d fuss at them and maaybe need to be reminded he didn’t have to punch them.

(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و Don’t let anyone be mean to you about your appearance, anon!

Seventeen: Dating Dino would include...

• Puppy love!! 

• Your relationship consist of joking around with each other and the other guys.

• That also means getting teased by them, because god knows that Dino is the maknae of the group and it’s only right to do a little bit of teasing. 

• But trust me they’re all really happy that you’re together, they think he should be building relationships with people his age or just other people in general 

• That being said the members all really adore you 

• Everything you guys do is a learning experience since he’s hasn’t really been in a serious relationship considering his age. 

• That also means that you have to prepare yourself to be chaperoned by Jeonghan 

• But also trying to run away from Jeonghan because omg helicopter ‘hyung’ 

• Once you’ve escaped Jeonghan’s watch, you both really enjoy being affectionate towards each other, this includes: hugs, kisses, small back rubs, and a lot of aegyo. get your aegyo game on my friend

• He’s shy at first but after awhile skinship is nothing to him.

• Making him feel protected but also having him make sure you’re safe and protected as well. 

• Since he’s part of the performance unit, it’s not uncommon for him to show you choreography that he’s come up. Dino value your input 

• Sometimes he’ll make you dance with him. This usually does not turn out well for the other people around you. 

- It’s like having two kids creating chaos in the practice room actually that’s exactly what it is 

• late night phone calls when he’s away working on group activities 

- These phone calls consist of talking about what you guys did throughout the day or it really just varies. 


• Because Dino is so young he can be oblivious to things in your relationship. For example, he sometimes doesn’t really take your feelings into consideration since he’s not very good at prioritizing things. The only thing he really knows is Seventeen 

• This often results in you having to actually sit him down and talk to him about what’s going on. Communication is key but sometimes you have to remember that you’re both so young, not everything has to be so serious. 

• Overall dating Dino would be an adventure and probably will consist of a lot of “First __” It’s really a learning experience for the two of you, since he’s young he doesn’t have much experience with relationships. Especially since he has only been accustomed to training and being around the guys a lot. 

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** When I used the term “helicopter hyung” I’m just talking about someone who hovers another person. Kind of like breathing down their necks but not literally**

A/N: This took awhile, but anyways thanks to the anon who requested I do Dino. I’m not really doing this is any particular order, so if anyone else wants to request a member next, please feel free to leave an ask. I’m kind of hoping I finish all of them this week so I can start writing other things that are more on the serious side, but still Seventeen related. 

|| S.Coups || Jeonghan || Joshua || Jun || Hoshi || Wonwoo || Woozi || DK || Mingyu || The8 || Seungkwan || Vernon || Dino || 

Boyfriend Shownu :D

So I decided I’ll try something different. I’m going to make a list for each member on how they’d be as a boyfriend.. This is the first time I’m doing something like this! I hope you enjoy it.<3 .. also this is just all my opinions so they may not be accurate(:

Lets begin!

  • when you first start dating Shownu, he’d be so awkward. It also may be even the slightest bit of feeling uncomfortable
  • but don’t worry it won’t be like that for long.
  • omg but seriously, he’d be the cutest cinnamon bun ever
  • he’d be so quiet and protective
  • and when you try to act cute around him i can see him start blushing and smiling omg it’ll be so cute 
  • on your first date, he would want to take you somewhere where it wouldn’t require a lot of talking because hes shy and quiet
  • someplace like the movies.
  • he’d make you pick the movie and wouldn’t say anything.
  • during the movie both of you guys reach to get popcorn and your hands touch each others and omg he’d be blushing so hard it wouldn’t even be funny i’m so cliche
  • just for the record, most of the time he’d be shy and embarrassed and would blush a whole lot around you 
  • when hes away from you he’d be such a worry wort. since he’s so protective he’d make sure you’re alright and would text you every chance he gets just to check up
  • and if you don’t reply he’d get even more worried
  • god he’d be such a great boyfriend
  • even though he doesn’t show his feelings much you’d know if there’s something wrong. robot shownu 
  • when he’s mad you would go and make his favorite food and he’d be so grateful towards you and would forget why he was mad in the first place
  • there may be days where both of you would get into arguments and would be mad at each other
  • but when shownu would see you mad he’d take the initiative to tell you sorry and comfort you
  • he wouldn’t like seeing you mad. it may even anger him to see you mad
  • for your first kiss, it may take a while for it to happen.. but when it does happen it’d be a short peck but i can see him smiling for the rest of the night omgomgomg
  • he’d be jealous when other guys talk to you or even look at you but he wouldn’t say anything.
  • rather he’d just grab your hand and look at him like “Shes mine” 
  • did i mention that there would never be a moment when you feel unsafe
  • that boy will make sure you’re safe
  • you’d be his world
  • then he’d show you the new choreography he made and would be so proud to show you
  • and when you two are out he’d show you off and be so proud that you’re his girl
  • when you ask him for help, and are about to give up he would keep pushing you until you finish it
  • and he’ll kiss your forehead before he goes to sleep
  • this boy would be amazing 

so for now this is the end!! i hope you guys enjoyed it~ i had fun making it :D i’ll make more for each member. i’m sorry it took so long for me to finally upload something D: school got in the way.

P.S the ask box is open for requests!! 

Curly Shepard Relationship Headcanons

a/n: imma make mary @jinglebellscurly the girlfriend bc lbr, she’s the one for him

- he would be tough and not show you his feelings for the longest time.

- in the beginning, you would be just another fuck to him (he sleeps around soo much omg), but when he realises that he really likes you a lot, he is not shy about letting you know.

- curly is very fun and very dumb, so you two would always be getting into trouble smh. tim would be there to keep you away from the dumbest of your ideas.

- he is so needy and constantly horny. be prepared for a lot of pda and stupidly loud dirty talking in public.

- curly loves to be risky and will definitely finger you in very public places and talk you into giving him head in the movie theater.

- you two first meet when he comes to the diner you’ve just started working at. he’s an idiot and will make stupid comments and shout pick-up lines in your direction. wait till you see him at a party a couple days later, he will lay off the stupid act a little and be more dorky and funny.

- will absolutely come to your house after a fight and ask you to clean him up.

- when you’re in public together, he always has an arm thrown across your shoulders.

- he will get a tattoo with your name, the complete and utter idiot.

- you two and your friends keep getting each other up to stupid ideas. it was your friend (me) who gave curly the idea to climb that telephone pole.

- curly loves eating, but hates cooking or even buying food. have fun.

- despite his fun and cute nature there is no forgetting that he is a greaser and a hood. he always carries a knife on him and you know that he may well not come back to you one day.

- he idolises tim and it would put quite a strain on your relationship.

- curly is really strong, so he will often lift you up onto the bonnet of a car to make out or fuck you up against a wall :))

- i kind of get the feeling that he would commit to a partner quite well??? and he would be so proud that you’re his girlfriend bc you’re super duper hot

- curly is great and i love him :))

- bonus: he would always have some bruises or busted knuckles etc and it’s really hot.

- he also always lights your cigarette for you without you having to ask

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Omg! You watched Villainous? I WANT TO WATCH IT SO BAD!!! I'm trying to restrain myself because I end up getting addicted to a new show! What's it like??

It’s amazing! That’s all I have to say!

There’s a lot of hate going around for dumb reasons, like the animation and stuff, but I just stay away from that.

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I didn't mean YOU. Shitposts take notes anyway. But like some false analyses or essays or stupid parallels in this fandom take a lot of notes for no valid reason....

omg yessss. lots of metas that are filled with cherry-picking get like 1k notes its fucking ridiculous man

its bc these people see what they wanna see and not the actual fuckin show man

like i aint gonna namedrop but i saw this post about aang (my son) not bein a good partner for katara bc hes a child and u know, apparently the other dude was better bc he does household chores and screenshot of him pouring tea LMAOOOO
and it got like 1k+ notes man it was SHOCKING
man i was just BLOWN AWAY

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am i petty for being pleased that all of the 'omg yuri on ice is ~unsavory fanservice~ and I know this because I am an expert on japan and this conservative stagnant country would never do something so progressive as to have gays in a non-bl anime' posts are proved pretty darned wrong now

i mean,, a lot of people are tired of queerbating and its so frustrating when show/books play you like this,,, its understandable bc it makes u have ur hopes down and it makes you think “please dont disappoint me” and the very little glint of happiness and enjoyment u get from it it’s suddenly slapped away with the fear of it being fanservice and!!!! god!!!! i’m sure the people that said it was fanservice are pretty damn pleased with this episode as well! I had faith in this anime from the very beginning,, only bc mappa makes good animes and i thought it might be a beautiful story, even if the characters didnt end up together but NOW i am incredibly happy they’re a thing and that they love each other and are not afraid of showing it

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top 6 reasons why you love clint barton!!

okay…this looks bad. (i have so many panels that i saved to show you omg)

  1. “fix this dog” / “can i pet your dog”

Really glad my Rose post, with semianonymity’s contribution, is taking off like it has. That’s something that for me has been very much missing in fandom: much discussion or acknowledgement at all of the impacts of growing up with an alcoholic parent, and the actual realistic implications of the kind of mannerisms Rose has when they show up in a 13 year old kid.

I mean, I’ve seen some very glancing discussion, and seen it get waved away as melodramatic ‘sadstuck’ and/or people going OMG HER MOM LOVES HER QUIT TRYING TO MAKE IT SAD FOR NO REASON. I don’t know where that comes from, exactly (ignorance/denial with a side of vehemently Not Listening to people speaking from experience?) but it’s irritating.

Just as it’s been pretty irritating for me to see a lot of characterizations of Rose that act like her mannerisms are coming from a grown woman. Those mannerisms have very different implication coming from someone who is 20, which have a different implication coming from someone who is 30, 40, etc.

I feel like in general we get precious few stories that have characters who are the children of addicts and act in ways that are believably a result of that, so it’s even more grating to see that so often waved away or flatly ignored, especially when it’s in favor of some form of Rose Lalonde, manipulative ice queen femme fatale

OTRA MTL, concert report

where do i begin? i keep bursting into tears i don’t know why. i get these waves of emotions.

okay first of all, there are few reasons why going to the show tonight was monumental for me. i went to wwa last year. only had my bracelets and didn’t meet up with anyone from rainbow direction and though it was good, today…. omg today.

a bit of context before i tell you all about the show. i was born and raised in a fundamentalist church. those churches where women don’t wear pants or cut their hair, where people don’t listen to secular music and can’t hold hands until they’re engaged. very misogynistic and homophobic. a lot happened for me to get away from there, and so wearing a pair of pants, donning my rainbow bracelets to get on the train today took an enormous amount of courage and i pat myself on the back for doing it.

more so, the more i talk to great fandom people, the more harry does lgbtqia+ friendly things, the more i can look into myself and come to certain realizations that let me know that i’m not messed up or broken.



icona pop was very good and even though i’m not a fan of the ‘i love it’ song, i heard new tunes that i quite like. they really hyped up the crowd for 1d.

when 1d finally came out, i honestly focused more on louis at first. he is beautiful and bright and curvy, he just glides along, smooth like fresh water. i wish i could sit and just look at him for hours. he has the prettiest eyes and he is so soft and dainty. except for this thighs. i’m sure they could crush my entire existence.

HARRY WAS SO GIDDY. like 30 seconds into it and he was smiling with his lil dimple on display, like he saw something that made him quite happy just as they hit the stage. or maybe he was already ecstatic before and brought his good vibes along with him. harry is tiny? like i’m sure i can wrap both my hands around his whole being? (it was an illusion created by distance, but nonetheless i have tiny children). he is such an amazing performer, he is literally a gazelle, he goes so so fast across the stage, he’s hard to keep up with. also he’s so slight he almost looks airy, like he could be carried back and forth by the wind. he is a beautiful pea with curls, the prettiest flower in the field.

i didn’t notice that niall was injured until louis brought everyone’s attention this his boot. and poor baby. but despite that he giving it all he could, he was in a great mood, playing that guitar like the best of them. he’s sweet and you can tell his speeches are heartfelt. he loves what he’s doing and i personally feel like he would continue doing it UNTIL….

liam. my sweet sweet sweet lemur. (i’m crying again). i love him? soooo much? liam is so precious and kind, and loving and he has his faults like all of us, but gosh if he isn’t one of the sweetest most loving creatures to exist on this planet. i was just looking at him go and feeling so much love for him. he interacts with the fans and the boys. he hits those notes to perfection. i had chills it was so good. (also his new tattoo is a lot bigger than i originally thought, unless he’s added to it like yesterday).

🌈  i tried to hold up my rainbow flag a lot, especially when the boys were in front of my section, but a lot of people around me had posters so often time they would put up their posters just as i put up my flag. still i was on the screen with my rainbows a few times during icona pop, and when i saw harry with the bracelet and the flag i sort fell over, i had to bend down for a minute because of the rush of excitement. i scared the little girl in front of me. sorry kiddo! i was so so so pumped after that! i was waving that flag like my arms were made of wind. i’ve never had that feeling before. i love harry so so so so so much and i love the work RD is doing. thank you because this means so much for a person like me. i’ve had so many drastic changes in my life lately and i’ve lost so many friends because of it and this makes me feel a bit like home. like i’m not alone and like i’ll be okay. 🌈

i will carry today in my heart for a long long time. and i’m looking forward to more death on tuesday in ottawa!

takemehomefromnarniaashes-and-dustharrybirthdaytoyapainting–words contre-tabernack, masqueradehfx & the other participants: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ADDING GLITTER AND COLOR TO MY DAY! 

a public day with exo-k
  • Suho: Alright you five better behave arasseo? Remember the last time you-
  • Baekhyun: Whoa there chanyeol You can't just do that
  • Chanyeol: but y
  • baekhyun: you gotta do it like this /shoots out middle finger/ WASsuP SIDE BItchES.
  • kyungsoo: /watches them with big eyes/
  • kai: psst
  • kyungsoo: /turns his head/
  • kai: yEah you
  • kyungsoo:
  • kai: i know whats going on in that little head of yours
  • kyungsoo:
  • kai: you have sexual fantasies about me don't you
  • sehun: wHAt the fUcK is a sexual fanta-
  • suho: NO SEHUN
  • kyungsoo:
  • kai:
  • kai: i knew it
  • baekhyun: chanyeol why cant we have a beautiful relationship like that
  • chanyeol: WE dO. Y DOnt U NOTICE OUR LovE BB?! /runs into a pole/
  • kai: omg no not here kyungsoo you kinky piece of shit
  • sehun:
  • suho:
  • sehun: hyung-
  • suho: sehun just because we're the only sane people here doesnt mean we have sex
  • sehun:
  • suho: what
  • sehun: you dont know that
  • suho: no get the fuck away from me
  • sehun: hyung plZ
  • suho: get yo nasty hormones away
  • sehun: fine ill just joIn kai and KyUngSoO tHeY seem to be having a LoT more fun
  • baekhyun: oooooOoOoooooH SEhUn chanyeol AnD I CouLD shoW yoU A GOOd tIMe
  • chanyeol: want me to get the handcuffs
  • suho: ok kyungsoo youre the leader now bye
  • kyungsoo:
  • kai:
  • baekhyun:
  • sehun:
  • chanyeol:
  • kyungsoo: i think this calls for an orgy