omg this show gets away with a lot

OTRA MTL, concert report

where do i begin? i keep bursting into tears i don’t know why. i get these waves of emotions.

okay first of all, there are few reasons why going to the show tonight was monumental for me. i went to wwa last year. only had my bracelets and didn’t meet up with anyone from rainbow direction and though it was good, today…. omg today.

a bit of context before i tell you all about the show. i was born and raised in a fundamentalist church. those churches where women don’t wear pants or cut their hair, where people don’t listen to secular music and can’t hold hands until they’re engaged. very misogynistic and homophobic. a lot happened for me to get away from there, and so wearing a pair of pants, donning my rainbow bracelets to get on the train today took an enormous amount of courage and i pat myself on the back for doing it.

more so, the more i talk to great fandom people, the more harry does lgbtqia+ friendly things, the more i can look into myself and come to certain realizations that let me know that i’m not messed up or broken.



icona pop was very good and even though i’m not a fan of the ‘i love it’ song, i heard new tunes that i quite like. they really hyped up the crowd for 1d.

when 1d finally came out, i honestly focused more on louis at first. he is beautiful and bright and curvy, he just glides along, smooth like fresh water. i wish i could sit and just look at him for hours. he has the prettiest eyes and he is so soft and dainty. except for this thighs. i’m sure they could crush my entire existence.

HARRY WAS SO GIDDY. like 30 seconds into it and he was smiling with his lil dimple on display, like he saw something that made him quite happy just as they hit the stage. or maybe he was already ecstatic before and brought his good vibes along with him. harry is tiny? like i’m sure i can wrap both my hands around his whole being? (it was an illusion created by distance, but nonetheless i have tiny children). he is such an amazing performer, he is literally a gazelle, he goes so so fast across the stage, he’s hard to keep up with. also he’s so slight he almost looks airy, like he could be carried back and forth by the wind. he is a beautiful pea with curls, the prettiest flower in the field.

i didn’t notice that niall was injured until louis brought everyone’s attention this his boot. and poor baby. but despite that he giving it all he could, he was in a great mood, playing that guitar like the best of them. he’s sweet and you can tell his speeches are heartfelt. he loves what he’s doing and i personally feel like he would continue doing it UNTIL….

liam. my sweet sweet sweet lemur. (i’m crying again). i love him? soooo much? liam is so precious and kind, and loving and he has his faults like all of us, but gosh if he isn’t one of the sweetest most loving creatures to exist on this planet. i was just looking at him go and feeling so much love for him. he interacts with the fans and the boys. he hits those notes to perfection. i had chills it was so good. (also his new tattoo is a lot bigger than i originally thought, unless he’s added to it like yesterday).

🌈  i tried to hold up my rainbow flag a lot, especially when the boys were in front of my section, but a lot of people around me had posters so often time they would put up their posters just as i put up my flag. still i was on the screen with my rainbows a few times during icona pop, and when i saw harry with the bracelet and the flag i sort fell over, i had to bend down for a minute because of the rush of excitement. i scared the little girl in front of me. sorry kiddo! i was so so so pumped after that! i was waving that flag like my arms were made of wind. i’ve never had that feeling before. i love harry so so so so so much and i love the work RD is doing. thank you because this means so much for a person like me. i’ve had so many drastic changes in my life lately and i’ve lost so many friends because of it and this makes me feel a bit like home. like i’m not alone and like i’ll be okay. 🌈

i will carry today in my heart for a long long time. and i’m looking forward to more death on tuesday in ottawa!

takemehomefromnarniaashes-and-dustharrybirthdaytoyapainting–words contre-tabernack, masqueradehfx & the other participants: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ADDING GLITTER AND COLOR TO MY DAY!