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Contains :  bestfriend!junhui, SMUT !  


Member : Jun/Wen Junhui

Words : + 2,8k

Summary : Junhui was a cocky guy, that was for sure, but you never thought that he was that cocky, as you glare at your phone screen, a shaky finger pressing on the imagine of his smooth torso, his hand wrapped around his cock.

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A/N : For all my babies suffering from the lack of seventeen smut, there you go ! + I’m writing this now instead of after my exams because I was revising and my friend sent me the video of Jun dancing to Who and yeah I couldn’t.
+ someone told me it was similar to other smuts and yes it is, I red other writings with the same plot so this smut is inspired by them

[11:06] you : jun, leave me alone

A sigh left your lips as you placed your phone beside you, trying to focus on the papers all over your desk. Fingertips rubbing your temples, you closed your eyes, trying to remember the things you were reading a few moments before. You hated it, you hated having to learn things by heart, just to recite everything like a robot in front of a teacher, as if it would prove that you were intelligent or something.

On top of that, your best friend was texting you non stop. You were already a pretty distracted person, but with him making your phone buzz every minute, it was even worst. He was a year above you, and didn’t have to pass any exams. His school year was over, and he was celebrating it tonight, in a party thrown by someone from his class.

But apparently, the party wasn’t that amazing, since it seemed like he wasn’t leaving his phone to go grind on some girl.

 [11:07] junhui : talk to meeeee :(
[11:07] you : omg jun why are you like this, leave me alone
[11:08] junhui : its boring without you :(

A laugh escaped your lips, he was probably at least a bit tipsy. See, Jun was your best friend, but you both had this thing were you acted like you hated each other. But when alcohol was running in his system, Jun was the first to spill his feelings, and it was always so rewarding to see his face the day after when you red him his drunk texts.

[11:08] you : you know i have my last test soon
[11:08] you : are you already drunk ? its not even midnight omg
[11:09] junhui : no shit i fucking know you have a test
[11:09] junhui : i cant believe you left me like that

You rolled your eyes at his text, before typing. Yeah, you could understand him. You two were ready to leave, because you were supposed to go with him, but you decided to stay at the last minute, quickly leaving your tight dress for your large pyjama shirt.
Jun had tried to convince you to go with him, after all, the test was only in a week, but you didn’t want to waste time partying while you could use this time to work.

[11:10] you : dont be like this, you know its an important test
[11:10] you : go dance or something, we’ll have all summer to party together
[11:11] junhui : i dont want to dance :( :( :(
[11:11] you : im gonna study byyye

For a moment, the boy stopped texting you, and you thought that maybe he was finally dancing and having some fun. Going back to your notes, you tried to memorize everything, repeating the important points to yourself.
A tired smile stretched your lips when you finally got everything right, moving to the next text. Rolling your eyes, you groaned, seeing how long the plan you had to memorize was, and how depressing the text was, talking about how Humans were damned no matter what.

You took a deep breath, sitting comfortably before starting reading every point, then, your phone buzzed again.

[11:25] junhui : hi
[11:26] junhui : answer me
[11:27] junhui : y/n
[11:27] junhui : :(
[11:28] junhui : i wont stop until you answer
[11:29] junhui : thats the worst party ive ever seen
[11:30] junhui : and i cant even leave because mingyu is the one driving
[11:30] junhui : plus im kind of drunk
[11:30] junhui : wow i cant believe you did this to me
[11:31] you : omg wen junhui ill kill you

You sighed, he wasn’t going to leave you alone, you had to navigate between answering him and revising, rolling your eyes, maybe going to the party was a better idea.

[11:31] junhui : i like when you call me by my full name thats hot
[11:31] you : wtf you have weird kinks
[11:32] junhui : wow cant believe my best friend is shaming me for my kinks !
[11:33] you : find mingyu, maybe he will drive you home
[11:33] junhui : nah i saw him going upstairs with some random girl
[11:34] you : gross
[11:34] junhui : i cant believe u did this to me
[11:35] you : omfg junhui how many times are you going to say that ?
[11:35] junhui : until you apologize ???
[11:36] you : fuck you this exam is more important than an obviously shitty party

You breathed, all your focus now on the coversation with your best friend. He would distract you anyway, and you wouldn’t be able to get any work done, so what was the point. Giving a last look at the pile of paper, you moved from your desk to your bed, trying to find a decently cold spot.

[11:37] junhui : ohmy god your test is in a fucking week
[11:38] you : fuck its just a party why are you getting mad about it ?
[11:38] junhui : because
[11:39] you : you’re a child
[11:39] junhui : whatever
[11:40] you : omg

You growned, dropping your phone on your side, your arm resting on your eyes. He didn’t respond, and it was for the best, when Jun was drunk, he could either be super whiny for nothing, or super angry for nothing, and you would rather stop talking to him for the night than have a conversation with an angry stubborn guy.

The summer night was growing hotter, your shirt starting to stick to your body. Tugging at it to let some air hit your skin, you thought for a moment that Jun finally gave up, maybe finding someone to drive him home.

[11:55] junhui : im in the bathroom
[11:57] you : k
[11:57] junhui : i have a boner
[11:58] you : dID I ASK

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes, drunk Jun could be either way super whiny, super angry or super horny, yeah you forgot about that.
See, another thing in your friendship was how comfortable both of you were when it came to sex. Junhui was already super comfortable talking about it, and so, you grew more and more confident talking about it with him. That was one of the few things you were grateful for.

[11:59] you : go get some girl to grind on i’m studying

You lied, hoping and praying god that you couldn’t have to deal with a drunk and horny Junhui.
A few moments passed, and again, you thought that he was out of the bathroom dancing on some girl, because you knew that a lot of them were willing to do it. It wasn’t news that Junhui was pretty popular, his delicate features and sweet voice were enough for a lot of girls, but he also had amazing hands, and those thighs, god, the result of years of dancing.
In addition to all of this, the way his hips moved was sinful. You remember seeing him dancing to one the songs he made with his friends, his hips moving slowly, his hand resting on his thigh, so close to his crotch.

Yeah, these were one of these days where you asked yourself, how the fuck do I even contain myself. 

After moving his hips, you remember his eyes finding yours before he started body rolling, his shoulders broad, toned stomach moving.
And it wasn’t all, the choregraphy continued again until his hands made contact with the floor, supporting himself as he fucking grinded on the floor, powerful thrusts over the floor, and you cursed under your breath.

You couldn’t admit it to yourself, but you couldn’t stop thinking about how his body moved, and you blamed it on sexual frustration, yeah that was it.

But more and more, your breath strated inching everytime he got closer, or when his hands got too adventurous, because he also wasn’t helping it.
But soon, you convinced yourself that you couldn’t think about your best friend in such ways, it was weird. You were making it weird at least.

[00:05] junhui : sent a video

Your thoughts got cut by the sound of your phone, your hand grabbing it before tracing your password, and your fucking mind went blank.

Your eyes stayed glued to your screen, blinking a few times, before checking again the name of the contact, yeah that was Jun.
Your troath was dry, and you tried to swallow the built of saliva.

The thumbnail was enough to leave you breathless, and even more sweaty.

Fuck, what was that for ?

You unconsciously licked your lips, your eyes fixed on the image.

Jun’s was sitting in what looked like a bathroom, his black jeans tugged to the middle of his muscular thighs, his black shirt riding up, revealing a parcel of his skin. His hand was wrapped around his cock, tip already red, several rings hugging his fingers. You couldn’t see his face, the image cut to his sweaty neck, but you could understand that his head was thrown back.

You cursed under your breath, a shaky finger pressing on the message, the image filling your screen before starting.
And it started right away, the boy’s hand slowly pumping up and down, his thumb stopping to collect the drop of precum. Touching his sensitive head, you heard a hiss, your mouth falling agape, waiting for more, and it stopped.

Your eyes widen, still locked on the screen, before catching the small three dots on your phone.

[00:06] junhui : fuck, im so hard
[00:06] junhui : help me

You looked up from your screen, as if someone would suddently appear at the end of your bed to help you in this situation.
Your heart was pounding, what the fuck were you supposed to do ? He sent it like it was the most normal thing to do.

And fuck, you wanted to run away from your phone and hide, but on the other hand, your eyes were still glued to the small picture, your mind replaying the faint hiss.

[00:07] junhui : y/n
[00:08] you : you can’t send things like that omg
[00:08] junhui : omfg its okay youre my best friend
[00:08] junhui : just help me
[00:08] junhui : please

“Best friends”, was that a common thing to send nudes to your best friend ? You took a deep breath, before typing again, what the fuck were you getting yourself into.

[00:09] you : what the fuck do you want me to do
[00:09] you : you have a fucking boner its not my fault youre a horny fuck
[00:10] junhui : sent a vocal

You rolled your eyes, taking your headphones before playing the audio, and your heart sank. It started with a clear, deep moan, you could hear that he was trying to stay quiet, before muffling it, the sound of his hand moving in the background was faint, and he started talking. God, his voice was raspy, low, breathless, “What do you mean it’s not your fault ? I have a fucking boner because of you, fuck- That dress looked so good on you.”

Your breath grew uneven, catching your lip between your teeth. A breathy moan fell from his lips, probably picturing you in the dress you were wearing earlier, “And fuck- d-did you really have to start taking it off in front of me ?” You couldn’t help but smile as you remembered taking the straps off in front of him, letting him see a bit of your bra, but you couldn’t imagine that it had such and effect on him.

“God, please, send something, a picture, anything, I don’t care.”, he moaned, before ending the audio. You eyes widen, a picture ? Fuck, you wanted to continue whatever was going on, feeling the familiar discomfort between your legs but you really didn’t know how to take it.

Eventually, you moved your phone, stretching your arm above your head, opening the camera. Your moved to lay on your back, bending your knee up as your other hand tugged your shirt upwards, enough to show the right of your bra and your panties.

It was the exact same bra that Jun saw as you took your dress off earlier, the lacy black bra un panties hugging your body. You quickly took the picture, cutting it after your lips, your lower lip rosy after biting it, and you sent it.

[00:14] you : sent a picture

Biting your lip, you waited for his responce.

[00:15] junhui : fuck, you look so good
[00:16] junhui : sent a video

And this time, you didn’t hesitate to open the video, your breath stopping. Fuck, if he was touching himself while looking at a picture of you, you could to that too, right ? Your hand traveled down your stomach, letting your finger press on your clit, a gasp leaving your lips.
Keeping your eyes open, you watched as the video opened on your phone, Jun’s hand moving faster this time, and holy shit, he looked so big.
His tip was red, a groan coming from his chest as he moved the phone and,

“Oh my god.”, you cursed under your breath as you took your panties off, your digit spreading your wetness. You gasped as Jun moved the phone so you were able to fully see his hand pumping his cock and his face, and god, he look amazing.

His lower lip between his teeth, looking straight at his camera through the locks of his back hair. His mouth suddently fell open with a silent moan as his head fell backwards, letting you see his Adam’s Apple bobbing and the video ended.

Fuck, you were keeping those videos, for scientific reasons.

[00:18] junhui : are you touching yourself ?

Your finger started rubbing your clit, trying your best to reply, but you didn’t even know how, so you took another picture. Quickly opening the camera, you took another one in the same position, your hand clearly visible in the shot.

[00:18] you : sent a picture
[00:19] junhui : i knew it
[00:19] junhui : fuck, i wish you were here

And then, out of nowhere, your phone rang.

You didn’t hesitate long before you accepted the call, placing your phone on your pillow beside your head.

“Y/N.”, he breathed as your finger started to work faster.

“Jun.”, you wanted your voice to be as quiet as his, but it came out in a moan.

“Fuck, why did you have to stay home.”, he gasped, breathless.

“Why did you have to go to this party.”, you replied.

“Whatever, be fucking prepared when I come home.”, a broken moan fell from his lips as you cursed under your breath, your imagination running wild. You allowed a finger to enter your heat, your digit easily sliding in. You moaned, your other hand gripping your sheet.

“God, I couldn’t stop thinking about you in that dress.”, the sound of skin clapping grew quicker as he continued, “I wish I could feel your lips around me.”, he gasped, before continuing, “You’re going to let me fuck your mouth when I come home, won’t you ?”

You moaned, his words hitting your core, but he wasn’t having it, his cocky self coming back. “Words.”

You opened your mouth, breathing heavely before answering, “Yes.”

“Yeah.”, and he laughed out of pleasure, the sound ringing in your ears, adding another finger.

“I’ll make you feel so good.”, he purred, a long moan tumbling from his lips. “You’re touching yourself, right babygirl ? Fuck yourself with your fingers, curl them, imagine my fingers instand of yours.”, he rasped, clearly reaching his climax as he was finding it hard to talk.

And you did, curling your fingers and moving faster, picturing your best friend between your legs, your hips bucking against your hand.
Your moans grew higher, more and more frequent as you moved your hips.

“Are you gonna cum ?”, he asked, breathless, groaning as he tried to wait for you.

“Jun.”, you moaned, unable to give him an answer, feeling the knot in your stomach ready to explode.

“God, I can’t wait to be inside you.”, he cooed, a broken moan filling your ears. “Come for me.”

And that’s all you needed, moaned, your back arching, a clear layer of sweat near your collarbones. Collapsing, you tried to catch your breath, closing your eyes, trying to focus on what was going on on the other side.

A series of curse words mixed with your name tumbled from his lips, before he came on a long moan, gasping every now and then.

“Fuck, fuck.”, he cursed, trying to process everything, before letting a long sigh.

Both of you stayed silent for a moment, before Jun moved the phone, before speaking in a breathless voice.

“Wait for me, I’ll be here soon.”

BANGTAN REACTION: To they girlfriend falling to sleep in their arms

Rap Monster: He’d be concentrated in the movie you were whatching and would take a long time until he found out that you had fallen asleep in his arm. Namjoon would be unsure of what to do, with fear of disturb your sleep, but clumsy the way he would wake you up.

Jin: to see that you had fallen asleep lying on his lap, Jin would pass his hand on your hair until you were in a deep sleep and he’d carry you to the room so you could rest.

Suga: he’d be working for a long time, always trying to improve his music, even if you were on the studio he’d still try to stay focused and it take a few minutes to see  you sleeping on the coach; he’d cover with a black and keep watching you for a while.

J-Hope: He had promised to arrive early that night, but he ended up late and it was after midnight when Hope was back home. When he entered your house he’d see you fallen asleep on the couch wearing one of his t-shirts. He’d try to take you for the bed waking you once put you on the mattress. “Oppa~~” you murmured sleepily, “Just sleep jagiya, I love you”.

Jimin: Like Rap Monster, you’d be whatching a movie, Jimin’d be agitated and he barely would notice that you had slept on his arm and ended up waking you up.

“jagi? omg, you were asleep I’m so sorry… I” He’d ask you a thousand apologizes until you send he be quiet.

V:  you’d be lying in the large double bed after a busy day, Taehyung was telling you what had happened during the time that you were away from each other until realized that you had slept sitting.

He’d fix you in the bed and cover up and would wathcing you until slept with a smile on his face for having a beautiful girlfriend like you.

JungKook: He, with all certain, would take a few time to realize you sleeping on the couch after a long week of tests. Without knowing very well what to do he’d let you right there, because it was a tough week he wanted you to rest.

Another reaction is completed, hope you enjoy 

~ADM Cherry~

GIF credits to their original owners!

Birthday Present

Genre: Smut

By: Admin Podo


Words: 1,686

Notes: mostly sub!Jhope and dom reader, some light bondage, a bit of orgasm denial, a little pet play

You had been dating Jung Hoseok for a while now. You trusted him with just about everything; he was your ray of sunshine after all. But there were a few things that you had not told anyone, well…except maybe your best-friend that you probably told too much.

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fictional-scenarios  asked:

congrats on the new blog! i always love meeting new mods and writers óuò if you're able to, can i have some headcanons on Izukus and Iidas favorite dates to take his partner on?



Midoriya Izuku (Deku)

-I can see him taking his partner mini golfing

-or to a petting zoo

-or a regular zoo

-also to like a themed cafe with the super large deserts

-omg and disney

-i bet that Deku is a disney ho

-matching mickey ears for him and his partner

-they’d get shirts that say “i’m with my hero” on them


-and he would definitely get all nervous about kissing his partner at the castle

-back on track: He would probably also take them on a picnic

-probs near a lake with some flowers and food he made and they’d lay together on an All Might blanket looking at the shapes in the clouds

Iida Tenya

-Honestly would over think any date he took his partner on

-dinner and a movie? No its a 5 star restaurant with a view and then the go to a screening under the stars  with just the two of them

-but in reality he’s in highschool so

-its dinner at  his partner’s favorite place and then movies at the theatre or on his laptop while they’re under the stars

-I’m sorry but I see this sweet mechanical cinnamon roll as a romantic

-like he’d also take them to cute cafes and enjoy coffee/tea with them

-or they’d go for a run and have nutritious smoothies after and stretch together ;)

-if he were to take his partner to a park it’d be one more focused on views and art

-like I’m sure he’s at least 10% art ho

-look at his hero suit

-that’s mecha art

-and he’d want to take his partner to a place that the two of them could relax


-Yep this is it

-he would want to look at the stars with his partner


I hope you liked it!
I had a blast with this!! 

Let me know what you think

peterjonesparker  asked:

omg embarrassing situation spideychelle sounds divine. idk, I like the idea of peter doing something monumentally dumb when he's in like fifth grade or something and Michelle still remembers to this day and pesters him about it despite his protests and blushes?? idk if this is a prOMPT???

When Peter Parker was in fifth grade, he remembers, distinctly, that he walked into a glass door with a full plate of spaghetti during lunch; the plate broke and he had to walk around with a large red stain down his white shirt for the rest of the school day. He was stared at in horror and received multiple questions about if he was injured; one about who he killed. The memory remains, no, haunts him still to this day. It had laid dormant for most of his high school life, he’s grateful, until the one day May decides it would be great table conversation at his and Michelle’s third official date. It had been May’s insisting that they spend dinner with her—and Peter gives her eye signals through the rearview window all the way home when the idea was first proposed, questioning if there was another layer to May’s reasoning.

The three if them are sitting at the Parkers’ small dining room table and it’s halfway through the main course of eggplant parmesan and salad does his aunt bring up the memory about picking him up after school. And then se asks, “was that before or after you had your pair of underwear got stuck to the front of your backpack?”

Michelle sputters. Peter chokes.

May continues, and Peter wants to die. “That time it fell off in the middle of your class?”

The table goes quiet, all but May’s lighthearted laughter. Michelle’s eyes are wide, darting from the woman to her nephew. And Peter wants to curl up in a ball, to go back in time and insist to his aunt no, because his face feels like it’s burning off and suddenly his shirt’s collar is way too tight fitting and he can practically feel Michelle’s gaze burning holes into his forehead and he’s so extremely, utterly embarrassed

“…Or was it when your underwear got caught on your backpack and you got that bad rash—”

Okay, Aunt May!”

“No wait,” Michelle waves her hand, a smirk growing. “When was this?” she asks May.

“Oh, fifth grad, I think…maybe—”

Peter interrupts. His utensil gripped tightly in his hand and he’s gritting his teeth. “Aunt May, please…”

She nods, returning to piercing salad leaves. “Well, Peter said no, so…”

He sighs in relief.

But Michelle doesn’t forget it, and still it’s two years later that she still asks to make sure he doesn’t need a full body check before beginning classes in the morning. Or when he’s carrying food and she yells for him to be cautious and to watch out for glass doors. And he’ll glare and she’ll just wear the most innocent look on her face.

She doesn’t quite let it go. And even when she’s straightening his collar and jacket in the middle of the school hallway like she’s his caretaker, all he can muster are feeble protests grumbled under his breath and a faint rosy blush and he’ll frown until she finishes. She’ll spin him around, checking his backpack (and totally not checking his ass either, nope!) and make comments about how his clothes look—when he needs an extra jacket, or should have worn shorts on a particularly hot day, or points out how surprisingly delightfully fit his arms look when he wears short sleeves, and making comments about how he doesn’t keep up with himself with way too many times it’s his hair that’s the most tidiest thing about him. (In his secret defense, he had been out late the night before.)

There’s once that one of Flash’s minions ridicule that Michelle was acting like Peter’s substitute mother, it not unknown about the fate of his real mother. Michelle received detention that day for punching the minion in the jaw.

(And later after school, it’s Peter who sits in the desk in front of her to tease and brush her messy curls, and rearrange her necklace, and straighten her shirt, and chiding that she’s so busy punching guys that she doesn’t look after herself.)

this came out with too fluff i think…

this is not edited, and i don’t think i’ll be posting this on ao3, so

Slimming Trendy Shirt Collar Lace Splicing Three-Quarter Sleeve Cotton Shirt For Men

Omg, how could I forget?! For those reading my Bells and Whistles fanfic, in the latest chapter (Death of a Bachelor ch7) I tried my best to describe Killua’s shirt that was largely based off this one! You can look up this descriptor to find more shirts like this one, but this is for more of a visual of what he wore that day that had Gon drooling!

Also, shameless self advertising, a link to Bells and Whistles in case you wanted to read! Thanks so much!

Bells and Whistles on ao3:

Bells and Whistles on

(I hope these work, i’m putting these links on from my phone 😅)

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Uta and Yomo come home to find their s/o in nothing but one of their shirts. Looking forward to reading more awesome scenarios from this blog!

(ohhh things are getting a little risque, eh?)

Uta: He would definitely be pleased with the situation. Whether they were sleeping or awake he couldn’t resist the urge to run his hands up their legs and further up to their butt and back, leading to some sexy time. He would urge them to do this more often, it’s a pleasant sight to come home to, plus he liked that they smelled like him and would for quite a long time after, letting other ghouls know they were his. 

Yomo: Might be a a little startled at first because they were obviously wearing nothing but his shirt. But they looked cute in it because it was so large that it hung off their shoulder it a very moe way. He would hug them from behind and grab their butt throughout the day, finding it amusing how they would get embarrassed but not make any move to change.

a-very-powerful-creampuff  asked:

okay so sarai would be like. a bit below chest height on tab, right? pls imagine sarai walking behind him before they're a thing. she keeps getting distracted by the booty. alistair's like "can we stop for a break?" tab stops n she runs directly into him bc she was droolin over hi s booty

HAHAHA OMG i’m sorry i had to draw this bc it made me laugh

that would be “the time sarai wrecked tabris’ backside with only her face”

BUT ALSO have you considered their height difference works the other way around too in case of a low cut shirt

so……im not sure if i paused this video at the best or worst time.

you can tell theres A LOT wrong with this picture

lets start with one member at a time

this is the look of pure determination im screaming
his arms are so straight 

he looks like one of those little kids trying to doggy paddle with a life jacket on 

he looks like hes about to jump into the water and save the life jacket child 

clearly bambam’s shirt might be a liiiiiitle too big for him
will somebody please give him a better size, hes like drowning in that shirt

if anything, mark looks like the only normal one im crying

what is he trying to do omg 
back to the little kid with the life jacket, he lost his parents and is desperately slapping the water to try and find them but ends up getting angry because his life jacket is too large for him to see

he looks like hes running in mid air oh god i cant with these pictures 

Nutella (M)

Member: Baekhyun from EXO

Genre: Smut

Length: 1418

a/n: listen okay this wasn’t my idea, @bbhsthighs had texted me a screen shot of smth @hunandonly said to her and I was 100% kidding about writing a fic about it but somehow it ended up happening so uh yeah mututals pls don’t judge me for this omg also I plan on posting some like… not sin stuff really soon

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It’s so fucked up how skewed our view of an average female body is. I went into the hospital to arrange for some volunteering and the lady asked me my size to get me a shirt to wear. I said like around a 14 (UK size) and expected her to get me an XL or something but she was like “Ok, I’ll get you a medium”. I was shocked for a minute but then remembered omg that IS the actual average, why did I expect to get such a large size?  

BTS reaction when you wear their shirt.

Feel free to send me more requests ^^V

NONE of these gifs are our.  

I think I need this shirt right now. 

But … this is my shirt. Why are you wearing it?

OMG… You look so Sexy!

*excited like a child*

Rap Monster:
Yeah… That’s MY girl in MY shirt :3

I know what you’re thinking about Honey.

Isn’t it too large for you Baby?

anonymous asked:

omg yesterday i forgot one of my guy friends was coming over to visit (he and i only communicate over messaging since he lives quite far away) after i showered i walked downstairs wearing nothing but a large t shirt on and he smiled and said my choice of attire was cute

this sounds like the beginning of something new 

hashtag-karmy replied to your post “Tony in a secret relationship with Loki when Loki moves into the…”

this gave me giggles

yes omg picture it

One morning Loki strides out of his room wearing a t-shirt and jeans but with an obnoxiously large scarf

and he goes to the kitchen and Thor is there like “It’s warm out and BESIDES, YOU NEVER GET COLD LOKI, WHAT IS THE MATTER?” He unwraps the scarf before Loki can react. A few other Avengers (including Tony) are in the room and everyone sees the hickies. Loki freezes up at first, but then just makes a clone and immediately starts making out with it. Thor is just staring hopelessly and the other Avengers are choking on their breakfast and Tony’s having a heart-attack in the corner bc HOT