omg this picture is so precious ;a;

Planica- Sunday, 26. 3. 2017 -RECAP

1. The moment i stepped out of the bus and saw the hill i got tears in my eyes idk man i just love this sport.
2. Stephan. Leyhe. Is. A. Precious. Sunshine. That. Should. Be. Protected. At. All. Costs.
3. Walter Hofer struggling to get on the tribune was probably one of the highlights.
4. I saw the Leyhe/Geiger hug but my SD card managed to magicaly delete just that photo.
5. I kinda got butterflies in my stomach every time Wellinger smiled.
6. Pero was so happy about his jump and it made me super happy for him.
7. Hayböck literally stopped in his tracks when he heard that Kraft was going to jump next and when he jumped 250m he smiled so bright the whole area basically lit up.
8. So my dad apparently went straight up to Kasai, patted him on his back and told him that he is the best and Noriaki just thanked him, smiled and gave the autograph and i didn’t see any of it?!?
9. Tande jumping really good in the trial round made my day.
10. The atmosphere in Planica is just so amazing i actually couldn’t believe that everyone was cheering for everyone it was so good.
11. The rain kinda messed everything up again but at least everybody jumped at least once and noone got injured.
12. Jernej Damjan in the leader box and his pure happiness is what i live for.
13. At one point the Norwegians just kinda showed up in front of me and it was so overwhelming and all i could do was just take millions of pictures.
14. Kraft on the overall podium gave me so much chills and when he started crying it was such a happy moment i just wanted to hig him.
15. Overall the weather was good while it lasted and even tho the decision of canceling the final round was really quick they did the right thing because it started raining just a couple of minutes later and the conditions would get even worse so it wouldn’t be fair.
16. I had so much fun and it was really great and now my heart is filled with pure joy but i just wished i could be confident enought to actually go and ask for a selfie with someone instead of just taking pictures of them walking by.

Anon: can we discuss kook/min’s size difference lately?? jimin’s tiny in general but seeing him next to jungkook, someone 2 years his junior, looking so petite and delicate gives me such intense feels omg!! like during bts gayo track, maybe it was jungkook’s sweater that made him look bigger but jimin looked so small and precious, i wanted to cry omg.. btw i love u and ur my favorite kook/min shipper~ <3            

Anon: Ugh, I might be stupid right now, but looking at kook/min sitting next to each other yesterday, all warm, they looked so much like a couple 😭😭😭 a beautiful one, let me say that.            

I want to compile an anthology on Kook/min’s size difference. It’s that cute and important to me. Just look at this chemistry:

The first two pictures aren’t recent (obviously) but I needed to put it there. I for sure thought there would be less of a size difference if JK took off his jacket or sweater. I was wrong. But do you know what’s the best part about all this? Jungkook is getting buffer.. 

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top 10 favorite pictures of pastrnak??

omg every pic of him is beautiful 

1. a newly drafted baby

2. i just love how he’s staring soulfully at the sandwich i relate so much

3. he looks,,,, so good

4. an angel!

5. just the cutest

6. straight out of office space

7. the terrible tape job + the pride tape i love :’)))

8. tiny noodle

9. smiley precious boy

10. the softest hug


Happy Birthday Alois! (November 5th)
I do really missed him so much, how expressive and egoistic our Danna-sama also made him adorable. Eventhough we can’t meet him in anime or manga, I will always love him!

And I got this picture…. OMG! 6 YEARS AGO! This was Indonesia famous Japan’s culture magazine, Animonster, with Kathleen as its mascot.. how nostalgic because this magazine is not exist anymore.

Thank you Yana Toboso, Kuroshitsuji and Animonster. These 6 years with you are my precious time ❤

Courtesy photo: me

((Gabe-babe is really popular here omg. I like writing him. ))

-Gabriel’s actual real laughter is rare but precious; sometimes he snorts a bit when he laughs.

-His smile is just so adorable when he laughs; it makes your heart flutter.

-You wish you could listen to him laugh all the time.

-So you decide to record it and take pictures, to listen to when you’re apart from your beloved or having a bad day.

-Of course you had to find a way to make him laugh, it certainly wasn’t easy.

-You took the photos first and well… It didn’t go past pictures. You forgot to turn the sound on your phone off.

-Gabriel frowns when he catches you taking photos, he doesn’t like taking pictures since he became Reaper.

-Is sorta upset you didn’t ask him for permission, but you explained your reason and said “I’d thought you would say no. I’m really sorry I didn’t ask first.”

-He softens up, sighing. “You can keep them but don’t show them to anyone ever.”

-It’s an instant deal; he can’t help but smile as you hug him and excitedly kiss his face repeatedly.

-He makes a compromise with you, that he will let you take pictures and videos with/or of him, as long as you keep them private.

-He doesn’t quite understand how a simple thing can make you so overjoyed.

-He is secretly very happy when you give him photos of you, and ones of you with him to keep in his wallet.

Boruto manga chapter 3!


Sand sibs

Kazekage and Kankuro 

Those kids look super edgy

Metal has a picture of Gai and his daddy!!!

Metal lee!!!!

Look at my little angry bean, how can you hate him, he’s precious!

Team Konohamaru and Team Moegi 

Sai (Sai looks fab to me lol)

Team Konohamaru 

My sad bean

Cutie pies 

My freaking sassy bean ( love this so much OMG!! He’s just “say some stupid shit and i’ll fucking slap you”)

Team Moegi. ChouChou outfit has butterflies on them!!!

Good job Metal

It’s okay Metal

Sarada has on shorts but they’re just really short.

My cinnamon roll child! 

TenTen looks adorable!! Plus Shino

Bonus: My smol cinnamon roll!!

SUMMER! is not comming to it’s end I refuse!

I challenged myself  
Is supposed to be like one of those pictures the cool guys and gurls take to remember precious moments and such :P
I though I should try something diferent-
and OMG I’ve never use so many colour in something 
it’s kind off all over the place but shhhhh, let’s pretend is not

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I don't want to sound rude or like I'm objectifying (im white and non muslim) but girls in hijaab are just so beautiful..? Like, whenever I see pictures of them I'm so overwhelmed, maybe because they're so brave and proud of their religion/heritage/themselves and as a white, non muslim, cis person I want to use my privilege and do everything I can to protect them and let them know they have a friend in me.. just. Muslim girls are so precious, so pure omg.


Aaaaaaah, my love!!!! Thank you SO SO SO much!!!!

Please know that, that in itself means SO SO much. That in itself gives such strength.

May Allah bless you, always. 💕💕💕

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bella is such a precious human being omg if i was in her situation i would've been petty af but she just liked rimas pic just?? how??? can she be so nice?? makes me love her even more that she's so mature about everything

But I lowkey think that is how Bella is getting her pettiness out, though. Like that might be enough for her to like pictures and make vague captions. She’s very non-confrontational and passive so her liking a pic and acting like literally nothing has happened for months now is her kind of being like “fuck you, I don’t care” like “you can cut me out of your life but you’re still in mine”. 

The Unfollowing, especially having the whole crew unfollow her- people who were her friends and who were still going to be in her life despite her and potato being on rocky terms- was meant to jar her. It was meant to make her upset and hurt her feels, it was a manipulative power move to strip her friends away like that. But she’s just ignoring it and kind of has to. 

It’s like when you’re in secondary school and you have a bully crawling up your butt because they have their own issues and the emotional range of a toddler who can’t find his mom. You have to just ignore their antics until they get bored and go away. He’s basically running out of things to do to her before people, in general, realize he’s acting crazy immature and he starts exploiting the break up) and she only continues to hustle and continues to be around and go out with her friends who are actually there for her.


Hi please don’t hate me if everyone else can take pictures via. Youtube video and make gifs.

So Enjoy this precious dork omg.

Jordan Underneath

A smaller youtuber. He’s got a knack for discussing the artistic edge of games, while also discussing lesser-known indie games and generally being a pleasure to listen to. He’s got a sort of creepy, quirky, fairly eccentric air about him. With an affinty for things that are unsettling, unnerving or well.. scary. He’s great for horror fans.. plus dude makes some sweet arse music so.

I’d definitely recommend this one. 

If you care to find out how I discovered this gem.. 

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