omg this picture is so precious ;a;

he’s so cute ;;

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top 10 favorite pictures of pastrnak??

omg every pic of him is beautiful 

1. a newly drafted baby

2. i just love how he’s staring soulfully at the sandwich i relate so much

3. he looks,,,, so good

4. an angel!

5. just the cutest

6. straight out of office space

7. the terrible tape job + the pride tape i love :’)))

8. tiny noodle

9. smiley precious boy

10. the softest hug

Boruto manga chapter 3!


Sand sibs

Kazekage and Kankuro 

Those kids look super edgy

Metal has a picture of Gai and his daddy!!!

Metal lee!!!!

Look at my little angry bean, how can you hate him, he’s precious!

Team Konohamaru and Team Moegi 

Sai (Sai looks fab to me lol)

Team Konohamaru 

My sad bean

Cutie pies 

My freaking sassy bean ( love this so much OMG!! He’s just “say some stupid shit and i’ll fucking slap you”)

Team Moegi. ChouChou outfit has butterflies on them!!!

Good job Metal

It’s okay Metal

Sarada has on shorts but they’re just really short.

My cinnamon roll child! 

TenTen looks adorable!! Plus Shino

Bonus: My smol cinnamon roll!!

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hey queen!! who mad your mobile header picture omg its very cute (jus like u)

OMG!!! IT’S SO CUTE RIGHT… @vyvii drew it! vy is so talented and also did this one too and they’re both just… so precious so incredible so wonderful…. i could DIE

Anon: can we discuss kook/min’s size difference lately?? jimin’s tiny in general but seeing him next to jungkook, someone 2 years his junior, looking so petite and delicate gives me such intense feels omg!! like during bts gayo track, maybe it was jungkook’s sweater that made him look bigger but jimin looked so small and precious, i wanted to cry omg.. btw i love u and ur my favorite kook/min shipper~ <3            

Anon: Ugh, I might be stupid right now, but looking at kook/min sitting next to each other yesterday, all warm, they looked so much like a couple 😭😭😭 a beautiful one, let me say that.            

I want to compile an anthology on Kook/min’s size difference. It’s that cute and important to me. Just look at this chemistry:

The first two pictures aren’t recent (obviously) but I needed to put it there. I for sure thought there would be less of a size difference if JK took off his jacket or sweater. I was wrong. But do you know what’s the best part about all this? Jungkook is getting buffer.. 

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Something horrible happened;'3 I great badly need some cheering up before I cry so much I become dehydrated.....TT3TT


this is tanzie and she fell asleep in my arms yesterday - she is precious and she loves you 💜

and this is nugget he’s a dork but he also loves you too 💜

(if you don’t like animals this might have just made everything worse but i really hope it helped ily pls feel better and don’t cry ok)

Orphan Black: a summary
  • Siobhan: Sarah don't do the thing
  • Sarah: *does the thing*
  • Sarah: Kira don't do the thing
  • Kira: *does the thing*
  • Felix: ffs
  • Alison: FELIX!!
  • Sarah: FELIX!!!
  • Cosima: FELIX!
  • Helena: BROTHER SESTRA!!
  • Felix: I should get payed for this shit
  • Delphine: Cosima I'm trying to help
  • Cosima: fck off
  • *5 minutes later*
  • Cosima: Delphine I'm sorry I luv you
  • Alison: I have a family! I should do this and not drink or swear!
  • Alison: *doesn't do that, Sarah and Cosima impersonate her while she's drunk* *swears*
  • Susan: Rachel pls listen to m-
  • Rachel: bitch
  • Susan: I wonder why she hates me so mu- COSIMA!! OMG PRECIOUS BABY! YOU ARE THE PERFECT DAUGHTER I NEVER HAD!
  • Art: Sarah stop doing bullshit
  • Sarah: *does bullshit* Art I need your help
  • Art: sigh just because I loved Beth
  • Rachel: I hate Sarah Manning
  • Rachel: *has pictures of Sarah everywhere on the walls of her bedroom*

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Omg Olivia I just watched that video of matt daddario where he's signing things for fans and one of the fans hands him her phone as a way of asking if they can get a picture but he's distracted and signs her case instead and when he realizes he's like "DID I JUST SIGN YOUR CASE?! THATS NOT WHAT YOU ASKED ME TO DO!" and he's so genuinely sorry and the fan is just like "no it's fine!" I'm crying I love him a lot

that video is one of the most precious things I have ever seen cause he’s so???? himself???? like how precious is this man apologizing for signing her phone case when like who WOULDN’T want him to sign her phone case. “you can probably buy a cheap one off of EBay” HE FEELS SO BAD LIKE IT’S ADORABLE

he’s so friendly and sweet and goofy like “idk why you’d want to hug me I’m all sweaty” and “IS THIS ILLEGAL?!” when asked to sign a dollar bill and “Oh no I don’t want to mess it up!” when asked to write out “Alec” for a tattoo someone wanted to get and “Tell me if it’s blurry we’ll take another one” after taking a picture with this one fan like I LOVE HIM AND HIS SWEET HEART
Daddy Yugyeom


Daddy Yugyeom:

- Yugyeom’s a bit hard

- but I feel as if he’d be disappointed when you first told him you had a few positive pregnancy tests

- he’d ask if it was his, not because he suspected you cheated, but because it’s just too shocking to him

- he wouldn’t say anything else though

- for quite a bit he’d be silent

- thinking about the beating his hyungs’ were going to give him as soon as they found out

- thinking about you

- his career

- he’d take a walk to think things through but before he left he’d ask if you needed anything

- very quietly ‘I’m going to leave for a little, while I’m out want me to grab something? From the store or wherever..“

- you’ll try to go with him but he’ll take a step back from you and tell you no

- "Just stay here, I’m coming right back”

- liar

- he comes back but after 2am

- brings you some marshmallows though and tosses them into your lap where you’re sat on the bed, this giant ass bag of big fluffy sugar puffs and an entire gallon of milk he just sets on your nightstand

- “what are these for?”

- but he’s already collapsed on his side, shoes and jacket still on, and fallen asleep

- he’d try to stay out as much as possible

- leave the house for work earlier than usual and stay longer at night

- he wont say much

- he wont leave, but he’s practically gone mute other than the occasional 'do you need something? I’m out’ or an unexplained apology

- six months of silent Yugyeom

- he’s just really scared

- you got bigger every day

- the kid started kicking and he couldn’t even celebrate the occasion with you because it only scared him more

- two weeks before you’re due date you’d start having contractions

- and he’d be so good

- grab the keys and the over night bag

- lead you outside

- shout angrily at the fans that were crowded around in front of your building, shove a few paparazzi when they get too close to you

- it’s the most he’s said though and you felt safer when he was being aggressive like that

- don’t think he knows how to drive but he takes you by himself anyway

- carries you inside and refuses the wheelchair a nurse rushes over

- “I’m not putting her down get us to a room”

- talks to you the whole way

- “Baby I’m here”

- “I’ll have them give you medicine okay, soon it will all go away”

- the epidural he asks demands for knocks you out completely and he just sits by your bed and holds you hand and brushes your hair back from your forehead

- you’d wake up to him asleep, hunched over leaned against the mattress, still squeezing your hand

- you’ll probably have to wait 5 hours until you’re fully dilated but he wont leave you

- the boys will show up eventually and you’ll force them to get Yugyeom some food bc “just because I cant eat doesn’t mean you shouldn’t”

- he’ll get nervous all over again when the baby starts coming

- and finally, finally, cry when you’re handed your son

- refuses to hold him though

- “No, no. I’m going to drop him y/n he-”

- you have to practically shove the baby into his arms

- he’ll affectionately laugh down at him once he has him properly situated, tears in his eyes 

- bc your son was two weeks earlier he’s premature and so so small in big Yugyeom’s hold

- “He’s so tiny..”

- Will happily kiss your cheek and gets his tears all over you face but will just laugh it off

- take him home the next week

- yugyeom’s fucked up, messy hair, bags under his eyes, hoodies and sweats all from just the first week

- the cameras love that shit though

- he doesn’t get angry at them this time because his son is sleeping in the car seat he’s carrying so he just leaves them alone, tells them to give you space

- drives home

- tucks you in and lets you sleep

- then when you wake up and take a quick shower, you go out and find your boys asleep on the living room floor

- same position and everything, laid on their stomachs, head rested on their arms


- you gotta take a picture and post it omg it’s so precious

- suddenly there’s deep mumbling

- “Babe, if you post that I’m going to hurt you”



Have some PUPPERS!!! Wanted to share the precious pooches that reside in my immediate family. When I have a bad day, I look at pictures of these pure souls and my stress melts away.

First picture is of Koko, my grandmas chocolate lab/Chesapeake retriever. She loves butt rubs and all the attention.
Second is the biggest goof, Bernese mountain dog, Gunner… he is a puppy and lapdog at heart. Makes a great pillow and cuddle buddy too.
Now, the GERMAN SHEPHERDS! Picture 3, in order left to right: Roxie, Joe and Sam. They are like children. Dog sitting them is always an adventure. Roxie wines when you pet the boys and leave her out. Joe is a gentle giant. Sam is an attention hog and always makes you feel guilty when you don’t share food with him. Plus, Sam has a funny way of sleeping (last picture)

Have a good day, Tay. Enjoy these pictures of my precious fur babies.