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“Me estás matando, Susana” — Official Trailer

Hey Jake, Hope you’re good. It’s Valentine’s Day but I didn’t receive flowers from you yet, because surely you’ll be sending them right? Just checking you have the right address.
—  The email Nick sent to Jake Gyllenhaal on Valentine’s Day (“it was a JOKE”). He has yet to receive a response 😂😂😂

Some things that I haven’t seen pointed out yet

*Logan with a hand on the stairs kind of freaks me out. Like, instead of standing straight and formal, he seemed out. I wonder if he’s okay :(

*Also Logan look when saying ‘the odd one out’ while looking at Thomas literally killed me.

* Virgil’s reaction after Roman pointed out he’s 'familiar with rejection’. It’s not the first time he scratches his neck, he seems to do so when nervous/lying

*When Roman used a complicated word, Logan praised him. When Patton did, he looked annoyed by the fact that they were stealing his character.

* Roman is always ready to battle it seems? A single scream and he took is sword off. On Accepting Anxiety’s video he didn’t react that way, and I can’t put my finger on what caused the difference.

* Roman talked about the good feeling of standing out, but when he said 'Did you put your name in the goblet of fire!?’ And music stopped, all attention on him, he looked stressed, even judged. It reminds me of the 'Virgin’ joke.

*Love the new background music ♡

* 'We might be different, but we’re all valued and important’ Virgil looking at Logan (that tiny little smile killed me), another reference to 'the odd one out’? I really wonder what’s happening with Logan.

*People speaking over Logan, he gets nervous af. It reminds me of what they did to Patton. Even Virgil did it.

*Yeah, Roman assumed everyone’s house and that’s not good, but Patton and Logan agreed? Like saying 'duh, it’s obvious’.

* Also, both Patton and Logan were quite happy of finishing the video already…?

*I truly believe that was sponsored, a bit too obvious tho :/

* But even if it wasn’t…Logan made a visual pun? Interrupted the debate to say something irrelevant? Oh boy am I worried about smarty pants here.

* Also, is it normal to eat freaking jam with a spoon.

* 'I don’t think I’m smarter than anyone else, I know I’m smarter than anyone else’ again, that look from Virgil. Woah, he surely looks at him a lot.

* I’m still screaming over Roman’s thoughts over Patton, and Patton’s reaction. He seems to be worrying a lot about him on this video, different from his attitude on 'Growing up’. Again, can’t put my finger on what made the difference.

*Also, Virgil thinks what Roman said is bad?

* Wait a second, did Virgil got jealous.

* 'I’m going to physically fight you’ First, that means they can touch each other? And second, quite a difference reaction to 'physical fight’ in 'Am I Original?“s video.

*Logan is so done with everything. He literally walked away

*Nevermind he’s back and offended haha. Also, he called Patton stupid, and that just ugh.

*Also, comparing everyone’s reactions to screaming, looks like Logan is the one who screams the highest. Poor Virgil.

*Falsehood is a meme everyone

* I still don’t know how to react to 'We get it, you’re adorable’ like, in one way you can see it as Logan finally letting that thought out, but also he seems so sassy? So done? He’s so done boy. He’s saying it like 'We get it, you act adorable, you are the adorable one, but it’s annoying of you to show it all the time’. I dunno, conflicted thoughts.

*The more nervous he gets, the more Logan stutters. He’s trying so hard not to be a Gryffindor.

* Patton really want everything to fit into place. Freaking Taurus.

* Roman is really trying, but mostly because/thanks to Thomas’s looks.

* 'You keep things 100%’ He’s talking about the good point of anxiety from the previous sanders sides video? I dunno, I liked that compliment.

*Patton thinks he’s impartial, Virgil says he’s not. I just…still don’t get what they meant in this part.

*Thomas face in the 'Why not?’ Part also killed me omg xD

*Logan gets so defensive with the 'distegard of the rules’ part of Slytherin, it truly is his second choice.

* Thomas is so defensive over Dumbledore omg

* I loved Virgil’s talk about Patton being in Gryffindor. It was so sweet.

*Virgil’s talk about Ravenclaw was really deep. Somehow I connected it to Logan, maybe that’s what he sees on him? I dunno

* Virgil changing from each house robe was so cool, he showed up his opinion so well, it was my favourite part ♡

* Logan was ready to tell Virgil something when he said his opinion of being a Ravenclaw , but chose to shut up. Maybe he thinks he actually solves problems, I fell like checking again 'My negative thinking’.

*'What everyone expects me to be’ I swear to god I’m gonna cry

*'I don’t feel like an ambitious, cunning leader. I-I feel more like a play it safe, evasive warrior’ I truly love this scene. The fact that Virgil calls himself not a warrior shows a lot of evolution of character, compared to 'Taking on Anxiety’. He’s a fighter, and that is wonderful.

* Also, Thomas is looking at him like he really wants to understand him better and I love that.

* 'You can be a Slytherin with Gryffindor tendencies, wait no, no that one’ I laughed so hard omg xD even Virgil smiled with that. I wonder if he was making fun of Gryffindor/Roman.

*With the Game of Thrones thing, now we can say that the traits can watch things without Thomas watching them first. And of course Roman watched it first.

*Thomas clarifies that, being them all facets of his only personality, those are small things inside of his own hufflepuff house. He’s still a Hufflepuff, but every facet is more oriented to other house.

* The rest are trying to be nicer to him, but Virgil is also trying to let himself be part of them as well. Is a process from both sides, and they all seem proud of it ♡

*Patton is so messy taking out his robe omg

* Can we appreciate a moment to see that Logan literally interrupted himself in the middle of a phrase, just to praise Roman’s clothes.

*Roman looks so much like Hans from Frozen

* 'Princey 2.0h my goodness’ Thomas I love you

* Logan made the logo

* Also Patton is Logan’s fanboy omg. He made it just to match with him ♡

* And he also obeys Logan so easily. Boy.

* I just loved this omg, Virgil was so 'I dunno, I’m unsure’ but once Princey tells him is not necessary he’s like 'Actually I had something in mind’. He just wanted them to insist, or see their reaction I think (?) Or maybe he’s simply anxious *bam* *bam* *pssst*

* Let’s just take a look at their reactions: Patton just, screams untill he chokes, then Logan appreciates the design with such a surprised face I love it, and just Roman’s reaction. He’s loving it. Probably because it reminds him of Nightmare Before Christmas tho.

* 'Eh that is a….jacket’ Logan, we already know that. He is so surprised his brain turned blank I just, I really love his reaction.

* Roman’s brain also turned to pudding. Also, he made a compliment, then he tried to cover it, then he felt guilty and tried to compliment him again and just, poor thing xD

*Patton trying to fit in, just reminds me of all the problems that appeared in other videos, which hadn’t been solved yet.

* Virgil paying attention to the details, and calling what Thomas did 'cute’, was the best way to go.

*….I didn’t like Virgil wearing the Slytherin tie. I dunno, it seemed out.

* What is the thing with that jam

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate suga's rap in "miss right"

How can a person be like this?
I start to feel like I’m the only one living in this world
You pass by my side
A sweet wind called you is blowing in my heart
Even if you don’t put on makeup
You’ll put on your perfume called Attraction
I never believed that there was a god
But now you make me believe because to me, you’re a goddess
Whether you’re young or old, whether you have a hidden child
I don’t care because I love you
If I’m with you, anywhere we go is a flower garden
Instead of holding designer bags, you hold my hand
Instead of jealousy and envy, you understand my nature
With you, I draw out my future
In between our couple shoes are a pair of baby sneakers


THAT YOUNG RICK????????????????? WITH BB MORTY?????????


fitz/simmons romcom au


絶対に協力しないNewスーパーマリオブラザーズ U/そらまふうらさか  Part 1 & Part 2 Highlights

i had to do this omg, this series is killing me hahah - click the pictures for captions, since it might be a bit hard to see what’s going on in the gif!