omg this one is so pretty



Here is Calamighty, the @pretty-pennywise’s Clowsona! I loved so much to draw her, now i just want to draw her forever with all the clows and all poses 😍 It inspired me to do my own Clow, just wait to have some drawings of both of them (if you dont mind, of course). Hope you like it!!

Ps. her naughty face with the tongue out i did totally inspired in one of your Pennywise drawings ❤😍


I was so bummed when that other dress didn’t fit so I just ordered another one that does. xD I am so in love with it. IT EVEN HAS POCKETS OMG. Now I just need to pluck up some courage and actually wear it… outside. Where other people can see it. As much progress I’m making when it comes to my own well-being… I am still super self conscious about my outer appearance and wearing other stuff than jeans and shirts.

Oh and my hair is wet here. Just dyed it and I don’t wanna blow dry it because it looses a lot of fluff then. Also, excuse my bitchface. Taking crappy photos is SRS BUSINESS.

Spoilers for Supernatural 13x02

Ok so ep 2 it is. Time for my random thoughts. Not ready for this one too btw ☹️

-Does this ep have the remaining Prince of Hell?

- wtf? Demon Pity Party 😂 omg he still on with his “Make Hell Great Again” bit.. not Lucifer boys

- Asmodeus (?) gives me a bery preachy vibe. Likes those televangelists type?

- The white suit is very Lucifer, is that like what he taught his princes?

- ok yeah Dean is pretty hopeless, I get the interviews now.

- ugh Lucifer.. but yay Mary.

- this AU is very very bleak, very grey and very apocalyptical. Reminds me of something else that for the life of me I can’t remember..

- i really like this demon, what’s his name again?

- seriously? How can I not think of Cas with him watching cartoons like that!! Ugh my heart hurts…

- scooby doo huh? Foreshadowing much.. ouuuuh will Jack be the one to send them there?

- oh my goooooood… he is eating a burger now, ugh stop doing this to my fucking heaaaart!!

- and copying Dean?! AKA his other dad? 😂

- “is he famous or something?” Oh Jack, u precious nougat

- ugh Jack is gonna turn evil ain’t he?

- Donatello? Oh yeah the prophet. The atheist prophet right? Still love that bit

- Tattoos!! Nope no tattoos.

- “sometimes stuff hurts so you just man up and deal with it” 😭talking about himself huh Dean?

- what’s the 2nd tattoo?

- oh shit it’s gone.

- demoooooon.

- talking about Cas as the reference for good 😍 also, did Cas have his teeth cleaned out at some point or what?

- again, Dean hating Jack is directly linked to Cas being dead.

- ooooh I feel for Jack now, damn you Spn!

- i love how Sam is so kind and nurturing to Jack, it’s a lot because he had demon blood right? He understands having power you can’t control or anything really.

- so many Cas mentions in this ep.. we won’t hear his name for what, 5 eps now? 😂

- what the shit??? He can morph into other people?

- creepy rapey guy? Yeah just what was missing in a Bucklemming ep.

- Technically Jack is even more powerful than Lucifer, right? Why would Lucifer even want him? He is really just a selfish piece of shit, can he handle someone more powerful than him?

- ohhh noooo that was not Donatello. Fck now Asmodeous has him. Oh yeah Donatello can feel him. Can’t Jack just apparate to the boys? 🤔

- daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn Dean!!!! 😱😱😱😱😍

- they are sooo blasé about leaving bodies left and right

- the Shadiim? What the 🤷🏻‍♀️

- he really is so innocent.. no Jack don’t do it. Nooo don’t open a gate to Hell and let out Shadiiim or whatever.

- yo what the hell? 😂 that’s a small ass journal, you still find new things there? How haven’t you 2 memorised the whole thing? It’s like your primer!

- Micheaaaaaaal. The new Micheal. 😍 he’s cute af.

- no no no nooooo…. ewwwwww that’s naaaasty

- “i can give you the world”? Did he just quote Disney??

- ouuh don’t anger Jack, he’s gonna Hulk out.

- scratch that, he’s hot af

- i don’t get this universe… what happened to make it like that?

- ok what the hell.. he needs Lucifer?

- is Jack trying to kill himself? Oh no no no.. i didn’t want that visual. What the hell Spn? That was really unnecessary… fck I feel so much for Jack.

Final thoughts:

- Much plot discovered. But seriously at this point I just watch it out of loyalty.. I always get my hopes up on the plot then it lets me down a bit. I’m gonna be cautious with this season.

- bringing AU into this can be a game changer though 🤷🏻‍♀️

- I’m like 90% sure Jack will send them into Scooby doo world because of the scene in this one.

- a couple scenes were really unnecessary, with the rapey scene completely unnecessary.

- Dean didn’t smile in this ep, also didn’t in last ep… 🙃


Hey guys! Just put together a masterpost to make everything easier to find. I will keep this updated as I post new work!

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{ 02.10 } 松浦 果南  彡☆

Happy Birthday Kanan! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

anonymous asked:

gimme ur fave ereri official arts

Every official art that involves Eren and Levi together I love. But my personal favorites are these; 

They’re alone, Eren is petting Levi’s horse and it just looks so peaceful overall. Eren’s horse is nowhere to be found so I guess he should sit behind Levi and embrace him as they ride through the sunset lololol. 

The atmosphere in this pic is too damn romantic. They’re married. 

Look at my majestic babies. 

Eren and Levi on a date, eating fucking Burger King. 

Eren and Levi are naked, proof that they probably saw each other’s penises. 

This is one that not enough people talk about. Like, Eren is eye fucking Levi right now. And that plunger… says something. Eren is a naughty boy. 

Isayama sketching ereri during his free time. Seriously, Eren be stalking Levi, like Levi has his eyes closed and he probably has no fucking idea Eren is standing there, starring at him with a smirk omg…

Physical contact. Animators trying so hard to show how much they ship it. 

Gays in their natural habitat. Eren charging at Levi as always. 

My babies in the red carpet. Shining like the kings they are. 

When god blessed us with this beauty. Seriously, this is holy. 

I could go on but I think this response is pretty long as it is. So yeah, these are usually the ones I stare at for 200 hours. 

we always talk about how pretty girls are but what about boys omg.

my boyfriend has the cuTEST little baby freckles that are sooooo light under his eyes and i stare at them all the time like wow. what a beautiful feature.

also when boys r soft when they wake up and have that deep voice and soft hair and pajamas on & they’re all warm ohmygoodness

don’t forget when they want 2 be held and they’re too shy or embarrassed to ask so they just kind of ,,,, slide ,,,, into the little spoon position

oh loRDT and the ones who’re obsessed w something like a specific video game or cartoon/show or something like that is so damn precious especially when barely anyone knows about it bc it’s ‘embarrassing’ for them and they trust u enough to tell u

anD o shit the way their arms look when they have a watch on like ,,,,, mmmmMMMMMM yes.

when they laugh. like. hardcore genuine cackle. devin barely ever does it but when it does i swear y’all i could cRY

smirks. bitch. yes.

i just. love. boys in sweatpants and sweaters and soft hair. pls. let me snuggle u while it snows or rains.

also giggles. ohmy.

when they have a self care routine. like yes. u angel. take care of u. don’t let anyone tell u caring for yourself is girly or gay. i love it and u.

feel free to add things.

i love boys fuCk especially mine even though he’s a bitch sometimes i adore him holy shit i cant wait to see him tomorroW


I’m afraid Edom is not a very nice place. The first day I was there, they started burning my skin. Just one layer at a time. They said I was too pretty for their world…Too human.

reasons you should watch ok k.o. let’s be heroes:

  • the art style and animation are just???? so fun and so amazing
  • the theme song reminds me of all those dubbed animes they ran as saturday morning cartoons when i was kid, where they translated those theme songs to be about the power of friendship when the original japanese version was about fighting for glory or whatever
  • the jokes are actually funny
  • the main character k.o. is the literal definition of “pure cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure”
  • one of the main characters is literally named “rad” 
  • rad and enid (k.o.’s coworkers) genuinely value and respect k.o., but still recognize he’s a little kid but not in a patronizing way
  • no one questions the female heroes doing stuff???? there’s been none of that “lol okay that was pretty cool…FOR A GIRL” bullshit
  • k.o. loves his mom a lot and still calls her “mommy”
  • the only romance in the show is the crush mr. gar (k.o.’s boss) has on k.o.’s mom
  • like i’m serious, there’s not even any MENTION of romantic endeavors at all
  • well except if count enid getting nervous when k.o. asked her if she knew a cool girl to which she started stuttering and was like “haha NO but omg she is so COOL i wish”
  • the main setting is a convenience store
  • while the main trio all slack off on their job a lot, they all look up to their boss and really respect him
  • their boss also really respects and likes them all too, and one time even kicked out a customer for giving enid a hard time
  • enid is like. super cool. and no one downplays that AT ALL, even rad who is kinda like her rival at times. 
  • in fact, enid breaks a lot of stereotypes in regards to female cartoon characters. she’s not the voice of reason. she’s just as goofy as rad and o.k. she kicks ass and is given credit for that. rad admits it when she does something better than him. k.o. looks up to her just as much as he looks up to rad. 
  • rad is your typical muscle-y meathead dude, but he also likes kittens and babysitting and knitting
  • he’s also an alien from another planet
  • no one is mean to k.o. which is, like, refreshing because it’s become like a trend to see older character be mean to younger characters even if they’re “”friends””
  • the main robot villains are just nerds who have a sibling rivalry and try really hard to impress their dad
  • k.o. is exactly 6 to 11 years old
  • so. many. anime references in this show.
  • they even SWITCH ART STYLES at a few points
  • i think there’s an overwatch/junkrat reference too at one point but i don’t know enough about overwatch to confidently say that
  • there’s literally one scene were a villain starts quoting iconic emo songs in his dialogue. he actually said at one point in that scene “wake me up inside”. it was glorious. 
  • there’s an entire episode where k.o. becomes friends with a heavily autistic coded character and never says anything bad about their “quirks” or different ways of thinking (in fact, he even says it cools that they can see things in a different way)
  • the character’s name is dendy and they’re also possibly nonbinary because they’re pretty androgynous and none of the characters have used pronouns for them yet
  • the characters all genuinely care about each other
  • the main messages are just your cheesy the-power-of-friendship and kindness-is-the-best-policy and it’s beautiful
  • this show is just feel good and always has a happy end. no drama. no angst. just pure happiness. it’s good for a binge watch if you’re sad or bored.
  • i just watched the entire thing and i need people to talk about it with
  • in conclusion
  • please watch this show

A little comic I based off this scene from She’s The Man

otamila  asked:

speaking of lovechilds erhm children? which ones are your favorites?

I’m so sorry for answering this just now!! omg i’m so so so sorry!! *cries* 


My fave lovechildren are

  • Ereri = Yuichiro Hyakuya (no surprise there lmao)

  • Gureshin = Shusaku Iwasaki

  • BokuAka = Semi Eita

  • KageHina = Small Giant

  • MakoHaru = Oreki Houtarou

  • SouRin = Tomoya Matsunaga

  • MikaYuu = Nazuna Nito and Sakuma Ritsu (don’t ask me why, i just thought they’d make really cute lovechildren for them tbh ^^;;)

  • KaZe = Ayumi Otosaka (do ya’ll know how much time i spent looking for a character with brown hair and purple eyes?!?!)

  • Sheith = Eru Chitanda and Yuuzan Yoshida

Plance = Onodera Kosaki


That’s pretty much it.


I wanted… to die. I thought I had to apologize to Mom… But… I couldn’t do it. I wondered… what you guys would think if I died. I thought something fun might be in store for tomorrow, too. I thought, “I don’t want to die yet!

…so I just got this photo.

all I can think is…


WRITERS (lol yes I know I’m a writer but MY PLATE IS RATHER FULL ATM)

please use dis for some inspiration and tag me. Feel free to use this as the banner image for it as well. THIS JUST HAS SO MUCH POTENTIAL.

gang bang with reader, big ol’ fuck pile amongst themselves, maybe they’re brooding about something entirely not smut related (sorry y’all know my brain by now)

…maybe something involving the jacket for extra funsies?