omg this never gets old


Kai Parker Appreciation Week (day 7): Kai + what you will remember him the most for

↳ for being the most vivid and totally unforgettable character in the history of this show.

And, of course, I want to say big THANK YOU to Chris. Thank him for every Kai’s “stage”, for every emotion, for every second on our screens. Who knows what would have become this character without him.

when u overhear someone talking about kidney function

and they say it’s a right not a privilege


Kai Parker Appreciation Week (day 1): Kai + the moment you fell in love with him
↳ 6x03 “Welcome to Paradise”

- What, you… you didn’t really think I’d kill Damon, did you? In what universe does that make sense? Who would kill 1/3 of our population? I’m not a monster. I knew Bonnie would show up. She always comes back, all 13 times, and I knew with the right motivation she’d be able to access her magic, although I did get a little worried with all your bickering that Damon’s life wouldn’t be enough motivation, but turns out it was. I guess that’s just how you two show your love.
- So you did all that just to make sure I would have my magic?
- Of course I did. Because your magic is the key to getting the hell out of here.

Yuugi falling asleep with his glasses on while he’s studying. And said glasses are all askew and Atem thinking it’s the most adorable thing. He’d eventually take them off Yuugi’s face, cause falling asleep with your glasses on is a good way to break them. But not before taking a few pictures, it’s too cute not to.

Bonus if Yuugi is flustered about said pictures later.

Extra points if they are posted to social media with cute tags.

ilyguk  asked:

fuck me.... i used to be so into ptv n bmth n all them omg i literally never thought id get into kpop 13 year old me would hate current me

same!!! i mean i was never really prejudiced when it came to kpop but it just seemed so …….not me


Don’t worry, @kimicapucciny.

Mochitalia will not let themself be forgotten.
  • me: omg
  • me: that's the spirit never gets old thank the lads for this album
  • brain: you listened to this 30 million times already you gotta cry and rant about wanting a new album
  • me: but why
  • brain: you gotta