omg this movie is so adorable

Okay I just finished watching all the Star Wars films (except Rogue One but I'll get to it) for the first time in my existence

And just a few things:

•wow Luke Skywalker really does look like Sebastian Stan
•Harrison Ford in the first movie was very, very underwhelming but I grew to like him.
•Princess Leia is so adorable
•Sorry Carrison, I ship Han and Luke
•Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker had some serious bromance going on.
•"I loved you"
•Boba Fett sounds like the most badass bubble tea.
•Anakin was real cute with the long hair
•And lmao Anakin’s mom is letting him race at like what? 8? My mom still won’t let me do what I want.
•I’m growing really fond of the millennium falcon
•I’ve always loved light sabers but damn I have a new found respect for it *goes to the toy store to buy all the light sabers*
•I love the way Jar Jar Binks talks?
•YODA IS ADORABLE and a badass like damn the only other time I’ve seen that combination is with Dwayne the Rock Johnson
•Storm Troopers look so cool
•Confession: I thought the storm troopers were the good guys
•Finn is so cute
•Rey is so cute
•Poe is so cute
•Crying bc Darth Vader had to wear the mask bc he couldn’t live without it, Kylo Ren just wore it for the aesthetic.
•Um?!! The line wasn’t “Luke, I am your father”, it was “I am your father”??? My whole life is a lie.
•Omg R2D2 and BB8 so cute
•the fuck they kill Han Solo for? By his own son?? We didn’t deserve this bullshit.

Yeah I didn’t think I’d ever be a fan, but shit happens. Sup’ Star Wars fandom, there’s a new kid in town.

May the force be with you.

Avengers Chatroom: The Other Quicksilver

Requested by the amazing @m-maximoffs

Pairings: Some Peter Maximoff x f!reader

Scenario: The Avengers watched X-Men Apocalypse. Reader really likes Peter Maximoff much to everyone’s dismay (*cough* Pietro *cough*)

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has invited Steve, Pietro, Tony, Wanda, Nat, Y/N.

Clint: So, did everyone enjoy the movie?

Tony: It was okay.

Steve: I enjoyed it.

Pietro: It was terrible.



Wanda: He?

Nat: No! Why did you ask her!?




Steve: Can you two behave?!

Pietro: NO.


Wanda: Pietro it was just a movie. Calm down.

Clint: I think Peter is better. Can we recruit him instead?

Y/N: Yes omg yes a million times.

Steve: No, we are not recruiting him!

Pietro: I am right here, you know?!

Y/N: He has the cutest smile!

Y/N: and his hair is so

Y/N: i cant

Nat: She’s broken.

Y/N: He’s just so adorable!


Clint: He saved everyone from an explosion.

Pietro: Your point?

Clint: And you…

Pietro: Don’t finish that sentence.

Wanda: Pietro you know nobody can ever replace you.

Y/N: Okay but do any of you know if Peter has a girlfriend…?

Y/N: It’s for science.

Steve: I am surrounded by children.

Tony: That happens when you’re ancient.

Peter has joined the chat.

Peter: Has anyone seen my father?

Y/N: You live with your aunt…

Peter: No I live with my mum.

Clint: Nat, use your arachnid speak and find out what’s wrong with him.

Nat: Really, Clint?

Peter: You can speak to spiders? I’ve never come across a mutant like you before.

Nat: What?


Y/N: Peter?!

Peter: Yeeeees?


Peter: I believe so.

Wanda: Where is that screaming coming from?!

Nat: It’s Y/N. She’s “Fangirling.”

Pietro: IT’S YOU!

Peter: IT’S ME! Haha what game is this?

Steve: Wait so you’re not Parker?

Peter: No, unless my birth certificate is wrong.



Peter: Oh you were eating that?

Y/N: Hey. Nice to meet you. I’m Y/N. I can help you look for your dad.

Peter: My future wife is going to help me find her father-in-law. What a tale for the kids!

Wanda: Why did he have to say that?!

Tony: @god what did I ever do to you?


Peter: I like her!  <3

Steve: Y/N stay where you are! You can’t just go off with him!

Y/N: Please Steve!

Pietro: Should we not be capturing him or something!?

Peter: Catch me if you can!

Wanda: Pietro stop chasing him!

Magneto has joined the chat.

Peter: Hey dad!

Magneto has left the chat.

Peter: Maybe that was not the best time to tell him.

Tony: Who’s the freak outside?



Tony has left the chat.

Steve has left the chat.

Wanda: I am so confused!

Wade has joined the chat.

Wade: Listen up kiddos. This is what happens when you try to bring two different movie studios together. Shit gets really confusing. Don’t do ice-cream now.

Y/N: You mean drugs?

Wade: I mean ice-cream. Brain freeze is a bitch!

Wade has left the chat.

Y/N: I was in my room and now I’m outside?! What the hell?

Peter: Picnic?


Y/N: I mean

Y/N: Yeah, sure. Whatever.

Y/N has left the chat.

Peter has left the chat.

Wanda: Pietro don’t do it.

Pietro has left the chat.

Wanda: Oh my god.

Wanda has left the chat.

Clint: Nat your hair is different.

Nat: No it’s not.

Clint: I can see you right now.

Nat: I’m with Sam and Bucky in the training room. I don’t see you.

Clint: But

Clint: Then who is?

Clint has left the chat.

Nat has left the chat.

Thor has joined the chat.

Thor: My friends. When did we get a hound? He is blue. Is this common for this breed?

Thor: It is quite large.

Thor: Like a man…


Thor has left the chat.

anonymous asked:

Headcannons for dating Zack Taylor (from the reboot pls) bc I just rlly love him a lot!! Thank you!

Ohhh you aren’t the only one! He’s so perfect! I think I might fight you over him… but here you go! Hope they meet your expectations! Xoxo

(I made the reader the white ranger)

Originally posted by casailes

•He met you the same time as everyone at the mines 

•He flirted with all the girls at the beginning which really annoyed all of you, but eventually he just focused on you

•During practice you two were always paired together because Jason and Billy worked together, and so did Trini and Kimberly. 

      -It took a bit of work but soon you two were excellent at fighting each other, and when fighting the creatures of Rita’s army- you worked as a great team. 

•The team always called you guys exact opposites, Zack was always willing to run head first at anything, while you were more cautious and analytical  

      -When you morphed for the first time- Zack into his Black ranger suit and you into your white suit, the two of you burst out laughing- looks like the team had been right 

•He’s overly protective, like… anyone who might hurt you should watch out, and  

      -During fights, he’s willing to do anything just to stay by your side.  

•So much PDA, but I mean… it’s Zack so you don’t mind. 

       -He almost always has some form of physical contact between to two of you, especially at school 

•He asks you to go meet his mom, “I want the two most important women in my life to meet.”

      -his mom adores you, and even Though Zack has to translate, you still love spending time with the both of them 

•He’s high key super romantic? Like you would never guess but between all the cheesy pick up lines and the ass-kicking he’s sooo sweet. He brings you roses or candy if your feeling down and just always knows what to say

       -for your birthday he planned this adorable moonlight picnic at the mines above the lake and you guys just sit and talk all night long

•He’s a nerd omg, ask him about superheroes or classic movies and he’s got about 40 random facts about each 

       -and then “You know who my favorite superhero of all is?” And he  leans super close and look you fully in the eye “me!” And then he starts laughing so hard cause he thinks this is great and you just roll your eyes slowly grinning at how adorable he is

•Zack is a great listener, like no matter what you want to talk about he’s ready to listen 

•You just love and support one another  and are always there whenever you are needed 

(Feel free to add onto it!)

fartsanddies  asked:

Not sure if you're still doing the requests so I'll just say please consider drawing more of my pure and innocent son Spider-man cause Tom Holland literally was created for this role and I love him so much so after I saw the movie I was suffering bc there's just not enough fanarts and then YOUR ART HAPPENED and it saved me cause it's amazing how well you captured his character. So just letting you know I love you for that <3

this was so sweet omg thank you! i agree i love him he is adorable and so good for the role

BTS Reaction to You Falling Asleep on Their Lap



This pure child you stare at you as if you were the prettiest thing in existence.  He would cherish the moments where he could stare at you and see your beauty.

Wow, they are so gorgeous…


This would definitely be the cue to take a nap.  He would move slowly in order not to wake you and then he would cuddle up to your warm body.

*Sees you asleep* Ahhh … what a good idea


Honestly, hoseok would panic a little.  He would feel as if he couldn’t move and needed to stay perfectly still to make sure you don’t wake up.

Oh my god, it’s okay, Hoseok. Stay still, stay still. Don’t move. Don’t wake them.


This instant would just remind him how lucky he is to have you.  He would love the idea of you feeling so comfortable around.  Namjoon would simply run his hands through your hair and continue what he was doing.

How beautiful *runs hands through your hair*


Jimin would smile down at your, swimming in the love he was feeling.  In fact, he would end up squealing at how adorable you looked and would wake you up.

“Eeeeeeeeee!” *you start moving* “Oh, Jagi, go back to sleep, it’s okay.”


This boy would not even notice you fell asleep, because he would be so devoted in the movie you guys were watching, but when he noticed, he would smile and immediately start taking pictures of you.

“Wow, that scene was so cool, right? *sees you’re asleep*  Omg, this is gonna be perfect for blackmail.


Jungkook would be so extra: a combination of too scared to move and wake you and so hardcore loving that you fell asleep on him because holy shit you look beautiful.

I feel so blessed right now???? I cannot believe they fell asleep on me????

dreamingbrownie  asked:

Why is nobody talking about the Robert Downey Junior adaptation on Sherlock Holmes? I only saw the first movie from 2009 but it's so good?!? And a bit confusing for me because I'm a massive Iron Man fan which is the reason for me finding Tony FFs in which he dreams of his past life as Sherlock Holmes absolutely hillarious. But. So good! I still have to watch the second movie with Moriarty tho. And I love it that Sherlock clearly has ADHD there. Whatever, sorry for bothering you. Cheers!

Hi Lovely!

OH GOSH I LOVE RITCHIE HOLMES NO BOTHER AT ALL I’M ABOUT TO BOTHER YOU WITH MY MINI FREAKOUT. I mean it has its own faults and problems but I can overlook them because of the way Downey Jr. and Law play their Holmes and Watson! They so OBVIOUSLY love each other so much, and I adore the chemistry. Law even said that it’s a romance movie and BLESS HIS FUCKING HEART FOR THAT because HE KNOWS, and OH GOD RDJ loves Law so much. LIKE LOOK AT THESE FUCKERS:


OMG you’ll love the second one too; it’s a tad sad with the wedding, but Mary, OMG I love her in the Ritchie-verse… she KNOWS how much they love each other, doesn’t try to keep them apart, and she acknowledges how important Sherlock is to John AND AND AND she’s also a bamf too on the sidelines.

OHHHHH it’s so important that the audience is made EXPLICITLY aware of why Holmes goes after Moriarty – because he threatened Watson and Mary – and when *THAT SCENE* happens, the last thing Holmes ensures he sees is Watson, and then GOD the heartwrenching slow mo’ of that, where you see Holmes is at peace with his decision and FUCK it makes me cry thinking about it.

OH!! And Sherlock and John dance, no denials at all, just start dancing with each other, right there on screen… Like… I have no idea why people disllike these movies, honestly, they’re a treasure trove of Johnlock Moments.

OHHHH and Moriarty is genuinely frightening, imho, honestly. This Moriarty is played off as a completely “someone you meet every day” and I find that even scarier. He’s not Mags-levels of creepy, but fucknuggets he just… has an on-off switch and it’s scary. A calm sort of evil with intense levels of intelligence is more terrifying to me. 

AND THE MUSIC OMG And HNNGGG the cinematics of the second one OMG IT’S ORGASMIC THE SLOW MOTION CHASE SCENE HNNG. The action shots are AMAZING and ASDFASFD Seriously WATCH IT. AND AGAIN I WILL MENTION THE SLOW MO SCENE AT THE END. FUCK. Just FUCK, it’s a beautiful bit of cinematography that makes my heart cry EVERY time. It’s one of my favourite movies of all time and I just. GOD RDJ and Law are just so perfect. There is torture in the second one though, so slight TW for that.

Maybe it’s because RDJ was my re-introduction into Holmes and therefore it holds a special place in my heart. And I know that this is sacrilege but RDJ / Law are my Victorian Holmes/Watson, but BBC is MY Sherlock and John, you know what I mean? Like BBC got me in DEEP into the fandom, so I love them for that, and I just really love Johnlock. SO MUCH JOHNLOCK.

ANYWAY I’M RAMBLING. I can’t WAIT until the third movie, it’s been SO LONG, and I am so excited. While I love the first one because of the Garridebs moment in it (not really but John gets hurt and they have A Moment ™) I think I liked the second movie better because the “love interest” was virtually non-existent and it focussed on Holmes/Watson’s relationship and the case at hand and getting to Moriarty. It was fantastic.

And RDJ Holmes is a different kind of smoll and I love it. And Watson is so BAMF, god. Just the deadpan comedy of Law is amazing.


GAHHHHH. It’s such an underrated movie series because **HOLLYWOOD** and that makes me sad, but seriously I love it so much and jump at any chance to watch it. The first one, I could have done without the Adler subplot (bleh), but it’s a great movie too.

Anyway. Sorry for this momentary diversion into Ritchie-verse. Continue on Johnlocking <3

anonymous asked:

Hi I was the Zack imagine requester! Could the imagine be about Zack has a gf and he tries to keep home being a Power Ranger a secret but she finds out and it is just fluffy and adorable ☺ thank you

Like this is too adorable! Omg wow, I hope you like it! You are forever welcome!!

Originally posted by ellectrifyy

“Zack?” You frowned. “We’ve been planning this for weeks?” Kids filed out of the halls around you as the bell had just rang. The two of you had been planning to go to the new movie you had been dying to see. 

He bounced his foot anxiously, glancing over your shoulder every few seconds before turning back down to look at you. 

“I know, I know, I’m so sorry, but…” he paused, as if looking for a good excuse. “Babe, something came up and I’ve got to go, I’m so sorry!" 

He jogged past you, spinning around at the last minute, while continuing to move towards the exit. "I love you!”

You sighed, rolling your eyes but calling back, "Love you too, asshole.”

He grinned before slamming into the door; you could hear his sheepish laugh as he turned around and moved through the other side. 

“Hey-” you placed your hand gently on Kimberly’s arm as she seemingly rushed to shove her things into her bag. 

“Wha- oh hey (Y/N), I’d love to talk, but I really have to go…” she smiled apologetically before speeding over to the exit as well. 

You leaned back against the lockers, biting your lip. Yeah, kids hated high school, but they didn’t normally run like a bat out of hell to the doors. 

Actually, when you began to think about it you had seen Jason leaving with Billy, and Trini slipping right out of the doors as well. 

It was weird, but you shook it off. They all had their own lives, and you trusted Zack and didn’t need to be that crazy girlfriend. 

But here you were, stalking your boyfriend and his friends and you groaned at yourself. 

It wasn’t like you had planned this- you truly hadn’t! But when you had been going to your car you saw Zack, Jason, Billy, Kim, and Trini all gathered in a group talking in hushed whispers. 

You couldn’t help it… there had to be something majorly important in order for Zack to lie to you. 

Nevertheless, here you were at the mines, standing there utterly confused. 

They had been right there! Literally like 100 feet in front of you before you turned away for a moment, checking you phone only to look up and see them gone. 

With your head spinning, you sat down on the nearest rock. 

Maybe they knew about some crazy ass hidden tunnel? Or maybe you were just going crazy. 

You decided the latter, because as that very moment the ground began shaking violently- as if you were in Jurassic park. 

Turning slowly, the breath hitched in your throat as you stared up at the sight before you. 

It took a moment to process what you were seeing, but you managed to gather 3 fundamental facts. 

1. There was a massive red T-Rex right in front of you.  

2. It was robotic, and you noticed a yellow sabertooth tiger and a blue triceratops as well. 

3. In front of you were the two other power rangers- the pink and black ones. 

You let out a small squeak and hurriedly tripped backwards. 

This was insane; as in not possible and completely ridiculous. You had to be dreaming. 

“What are you doing here?” The pink ranger asked harshly and you struggled to find the words. 

“I.. um, well this definitely wasn’t my intention.” You continued backing away slowly. “I.. was stalking- okay stalking is totally the wrong word. I was following my insane friends because… maybe I’m a terrible person?”

 You felt their heavy gazes upon you and you chuckled nervously. “Or maybe I was just curious, just curious sounds a lot better! Well um, here I am and I’ll just leave and get out of your hair…" 

Turning around you let out a small gasp, and before you even felt yourself falling, the black ranger had grabbed you, pulling you away from the massive chasm and holding you tightly. 

Wheezing, you struggled to get out of his grasp. 

"Hey, you’re alright! You’re safe. (Y/N), why are you even here?” His voice was… familiar and it caused the hair to raise on the back of your neck. 

“I never told you my name,” you stepped away from him, and this time away from the chasm. “Who are you? How do you know me?" 

The ranger paused, and turned back to the others. By now the other three had gotten out of their robots and were standing next to the pink ranger. 

"You’ll have to tell her eventually,” the red ranger shrugged and the black ranger shook his head. 

“I don’t think-”

“Zack, just do it.”

You’re eyes widened even more. 

“Z..Zack?” Your head flicked between them, and your voice caught in your throat. 

The Black ranger stepped forward, the mask covering his face receding into his suit. 

Your eyes widened at the familiar face in front of you, the face you loved, the face of Zack Taylor. 

Your heart was beating unevenly and you turned to see the others unmasked, there stood Jason- the red ranger, Kimberly- the pink ranger, Billy- the blue ranger, and Trini- the yellow ranger. 

“What is this some club I wasn’t invited into?” You stuttered out and Zack cracked a small smile. 

“(Y/N/N),” he reached out to you and you hesitated before he stepped even closer. “I’m so sorry I never told you. I didn’t want you to get hurt because of me. If anyone found out you knew us, you could be leverage.”

 He reached up, pushing the loose hair behind your ear. “You shouldn’t be here. You shouldn’t know. We shouldn’t be-”

“Woah, woah. Zack,” you shook your head hurriedly. “It’s alright! I understand. I just wish you had known you could tell me. I’m not mad, if anything I’m just even prouder to love you.”

He grinned widely. 

“I love you too,” he kissed you quickly before turning to grin at the others. 

“Now, I think you guys need to explain everything.” You rose an eyebrow and the others snorted. 

“I think you need to explain the stalking,” Jason retorted and you blushed. 

“Hey I was right about one thing,” you laughed. “You guys are really insane.”
Zack grinned and wrapped his arm around your shoulder. 

“At least I didn’t almost fall into a 400ft hole. You’re welcome by the way." 

Rolling your eyes, you leaned your head on his shoulder. 

"My knight in black armor.”

So.. I watched Rogue One and yeah here's how it went.

I had my phone on throughout and I kept pausing the movie to write down what I felt and I’m posting the original note so no edits (you can feel my feels if you know what I mean)

•Alright but how beautiful are these names? Jyn? Cassian? Galen?
•K-2SO is already my favorite character
•Diego Luna looks like a lil baby, he’s so small and adorable
•"I’m taking them to imprison them in prison"
• lmao this blind guy I love him
•"Are you kidding me? I’m blind"
•OMG DARTH VADER so nice to see a familiar face or err mask
•"Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, Director" AHAHAHAH shit well played
•"I’ll be there for you. Cassian said I had to" lmao I love this guy
•I paused the movie and my mom asked if I was watching Jurassic Park bc of the scenery
•AHHH R2D2 AND C3PO I’m so happy
•BAZE???? N O
•Okay my bad cassian is alive BUT EVERYONE ELSE IS DEAD SHIT
•I was wrong. He died again. Everyone is dead
•Oh shit! This is the prequel to A New Hope! My mind is blown. Just like everyone in this movie.
•Ah feels good to hear that theme song.

Also can I say, thank you to everyone in the Star Wars fandom for welcoming me with open arms and being so nice on the previous post.

May the force be with you.

*・ 。roommate!au ✧*゚

Originally posted by leecnah

pairing; seventeen dino x reader

genre; bulletpointed, roommate!dino, humor, fluff

collab with; @kpop–fics

notes; i feel like i haven’t posted in a few days and that feels weird to me bc i usually try to post every day ? heh but here’s another roommate!au !!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ and yes i’m probably gonna start adding gifs to my scenarios just bc there’s a ton of cute svt gifs out there :”) and just in case any of you missed my prev post, i was sunshine-otter and i just changed my username !! :p && sorry this is so short ><

  • you just got your key to your room 
  • and you were almost in front of your door 
  • when there was REALLY loud music coming from inside
  • like really really loud
  •  so you leaned closer and listened
  • and 
  • ,,, it’s michael jackson’s music
  • i think
  • so you just knock 
  • but of course there’s no answer 
  • whoever is in there can’t hear you over the music
  • smh 
  • so you just 
  • open the door with your key 
  • and tried to be quiet bc you felt like you’re gonna meet a whole new level of awkward
  • and you see a boy,,, dancing to the song 
  • you were about to turn and walk away and come back later 
  • but then he noticed you 
  • yay
  • and weird enough ,,,,
  • he isn’t even a little embarrassed
  • “HELLO!” 
  • he just says loudly and you literally flinch in surprise lolol
  • he walks towards the speakers and turns off the music so you can finally introduce yourself gdi
  • so you just
  • awKwArdLy-
  • “hi, i’m y/n, your new roommate” 
  • “nice to meet you! i’m chan!” he smiles. 
  • omg that smile 
  • adorable squish
  • okay let’s not get distracted
  • also 
  • he is hyped like this every morning and/or afternoon
  • he listens to michael jackson non-stop and dances to it 24/7 so it’s pretty obv that michael jackson is his idol
  • and ngl his dance moves are really good
  • so it’s like a free mini performance lolol
  • but when it’s evening or night time
  • he’s always watching a movie 
  • like 
  • how he hasn’t seen them all yet???? 
  • but every time you end up joining him under the five blankets heh
  • yes, five 
  • fiVeEEE
  • somehow, you like every movie he watches 
  • he must have a good taste or something idk 
  • and uk those drama scenes where a guy & a girl watches a horror show tgt and gets closer through?
  • that does nOT happen in your dorm room lol
  • both of you hate horror movies so that genre is completely out
  • like once both of you tried watching conjuring and it barely started and both of you were already pinching each other and throwing pillows at the tv screen lmao
  • so horror movies? nope.
  • dino is the same age at you are but you honestly saw him as a cute lil ball of fluff
  • and you sometimes just unconsciously start staring at him lovingly bc of how much you wanted to just crush him with a hug
  • and dino feELS your stare even when he’s not looking in your direction
  • “y/n i am feeling so very uncomfortable right now do you mind—”
  • and you just break your gaze and laugh and go over to him to ruffle his hair 
  • and he just pouts
  • but you know where to draw the line and not tease him too much so it’s all good
  • and chan also does it back to you so tbh it’s forever even between you two
  • when you’re at your desk doing your homework he just stares into your skull and you feEL IT TOOO
  • “chan ,,,,,my head is suspiciously hurting ,,,,,”
  • and he just stares even harder and
  • “hmm i wonder why??”
  • “i’m serious i need to do my project pls stop”
  • and he just bursts out laughing like you do and then hugs you from the back bc he finds you just as cute as you find him
  • awwwwwwww
  • although dino’s smol and everything,, he can murder someone if he wants to
  • a bigger guy teased him non-stop once for a whole day and dino flung him down the hallway istfg
  • don’t mess with him !!!! : ))
  • dino and you are vvv mutual as roommates;; the two of you take hella good care of each other
  • like if you’re busy, he’ll do everything else for you
  • and if he’s busy, you’ll do everything else for him
  • eg buying food, cleaning up the dorm, doing the laundry
  • very! healthy! relationship !!
  • so yep that’s dino as your roommie!
Raising Kyuuta

A/N: I just NEEEEED to write a tickle fic with these two because omg so adorable and Ren/Kyuuta is such a grumpy little kid/teen haha. Doing this for my own fun, I haven’t seen the movie [Bakemono no Ko] around the community so no one might read or understand this but thats okay. I JUST WANTED TO.

Summary: Kumatetsu finds difficulties in raising the young human kid until he discovers a certain thing that makes him go weak with laughter. Now that is a unique way of taming his disciple! [platonic family tickles duhhhh]

Word Count: 1348

[9 years]

“Stop calling me fucking Kyuuta!”

“I am eating plenty, don’t tell me what to do!”

“Damn it let me sleep longer!”

Kumatetsu’s entire face twitched when he sat at the kitchen table after his first few tiring days dealing with his new disciple Kyuuta. It was one hell of a business. For a nine year old he sure had an attitude. Were all humans like this? 

The kid wouldn’t even tell him his name. He wouldn’t wake up at the supposed time, refused to react to the name Kyuuta so far despite not telling his real name, and he refused to train with him when he was ‘too tired’, a.k.a. a lazy litle shit. 

And now, after a few days more…

“Kyuuta. When was the last time you took a bath?” Kyuuta who was just busy forcing some rice with raw eggs down his throat tensed up and looked at him, his ears getting a bright red color.

“Yesterday,” he said. The dirt had literally become one with his skin and his hair looked awfully gross.

“Liar. Take a bath after dinner,” Kumatetsu ordered.


“Take a damn bath!”

“NO!” The rebellious little boy stood and banged the kitchen table, and Kumatetsu followed and their little chasing routine started again. He was so done with him. So done! 

“HA! You can’t get me!” Kyuuta roared, running around the house and around the table with a roaring Kumatetsu after him. Kumatetsu was close after him though, but when Kyuuta made another round around the table his furious master suddenly spun on his heels and changed directions.

And then and there for the first time, he won their chasing game and caught him; Kyuuta was too late to drop his speed and he ran straight into his arms.

“Gotcha!” Kumatetsu said, and he started to peel at the boy’s clothes.

“Now take these off and clean yoursefl!” His fingers were digging into the struggling body to get a grip on his shirt, and that was when Kyuuta snorted loudly and let out a cute mewling sound.

“Lehet go!” he giggled, his arms flailing and legs kicking, but there was a smile on his face. Was he looking forward to a bath after all?

“Having fun now?” Kumatetsu asked obliviously, and he continued to bring the shirt up over his head. Kyuuta jerked heavily and barked out a high pitched squealing laugh.

“AHA don’t touch me!” he yelled, and Kumatetsu dropped his shirt back down again and cocked his head. Humans were so weird. Kyuuta was being angry, but he was laughing as well.

“You are a weird kid,” he said, poking his tiny tummy, and this made Kyuuta squeak and pull back desperately to avoid his touch.

“Don’t touch me! That tickles hahaha!” he squeaked, and that’s when Kumatetsu’s face brightened.

“Ah that’s right? Humans are teeckles right?” he said happily, and he experimentally poked Kyuuta’s tummy again.

Ticklish you stupid ass-hahahaha no wait!” Kumatetsu now wiggled his fingers over his disciple’s torso, seeking out whatever touch and where would make him react the best.

“This is the first time I hear you laughing son,” Kumatetsu commented through Kyuuta’s hysterical laughter, and he lifted him easily, placed him on the kitchen table and clawed at his sides with both hands.

“I’M NOT YOUR SOHOHOHN!” Woah. The half emptied plates with rice and raw eggs got knocked over and fell with clattering noises onto the floor because of Kyuuta’s flailing arms and legs, but Kumatetsu didn’t mind now. He was rather fascinated by the ability to make the grumpy little kid laugh like this.

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jonsasnow  asked:

Omg I'm going to need a part 2 of that adorable jonsa fic where Jon walks Sansa home. Please!! I'll pay you in love and lots of love! 😍💕

The TV was low, the voices in it humming rather than speaking. Arya and Bran and Rickon had long since left, heading up to bed while Sansa and Jon stayed behind. She didn’t know when the TV had gotten so quiet or when her legs had become tangled with Jon’s, but she was glad. It felt nice.

He had come over every Friday night since the party to watch movies with the younger Starks. At first he had claimed to be waiting on Robb, but as the weeks fell away, so did any illusions anyone had that Jon was there for Robb.

“What do you think Robb would say,” Sansa murmured, because she and Jon were only a breath away, “if he came home and saw us like this?”

Jon smiled. “He’d probably kick my ass.”

Sansa laughed. “Like you kicked Joffrey’s ass?”

“I will neither confirm nor deny anything.”

Sansa glanced down at their hands, which had somehow become intertwined. “Why did you do that?”

“Because he hurt you.” There was no hesitation, and it made Sansa’s spine shiver.

“That was considerate of you.” Sansa glanced up and realized that he was even closer than he had been a moment ago. “Jon…”

He closed the distance between them, pressing his lips to Sansa’s. She melted against him, wrapping her arms around his neck as she shifted closer. His hands settled on her waist, his thumbs stroking her through the thin material of her shirt. God, he was a really good kisser.

“So,” he said when they pulled apart. “Do you maybe want to go out sometime?”

“Yes,” she said, smiling. “A movie, maybe?”

“And miss movie night here?” he asked in mock horror.

She laughed. “Don’t you want to see a movie while I’m actually dressed like a human being?”

“And miss your sexy Winnie the Pooh pajamas?” he said, plucking at her patterned pajama bottoms. “No way.”

“I’ll compromise–I’ll wear my sexy Winnie the Pooh underwear.”

Jon blushed furiously. Sansa laughed and kissed him.

I want to go to the cinema to watch Ninjago Movie, BUT I’m scared that I’ll be overreacting, ya kno?

screen: *cole appears*

me: OMG, COLE! Cole, bb, you look great!

screen: *jay appears*

me: JAY, Jay, honey, you’re so c00t, OMG.

screen: *something cool*


screen: *my otp*

me: AWW, THE’RE ADORABLE, asdfghjk!

everyone else: 


everyone else:


me: Popcorn?

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hi umm do you have more keith headcanons? I adore u so much! (and im a shy patata so im doing on anon luvu)

mY PAT A TA ANON THIS IS YOU FROM NOW ON YOU SHALL BE KNOWN AS PATATA ANON PLS COME BACK TO ME. OF COURSE I HAVE MORE KEITH HEADCANONS FOR YOu, my sweet patata ogm I’m so happy thank you for being in my life you are a blessing.

I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get to this request, omg.

– Ryan

• Keith totally keeps a diary
• Will watch any horror movie except Killer Clowns from Outer Space
• The boy is scared of clowns
• He wakes up early, and that was never a problem, until you two began sharing a bed
• His internal clock would wake him at about 5, but you’d still be fast asleep, his arm under your waist and your head on his chest
• And he doesn’t dare move a muscle, not even breathe, in fear of waking you up
• But he doesn’t mind at all
• He uses all the spare time to watch you sleep peacefully, and memorize the contours of your face
• His favorite feature is your eyelashes
• He really likes peaches
• Like make the boy a peach cobbler or a pie, and he will break down while shoveling it into his mouth
• Sucks in Super Smash Brothers, but will kick your ass in Mario Kart
• Prefers DC over Marvel, but he really likes The Incredible Hulk
• 10/10 would dress as Darth Vader for Halloween
• When the both of you are dating, he’ll be more open about his culture*, per your request
• You learn a lot of Korean terms and phrases being with him, as they will occasionally (but very rarely) slip out of his mouth when he’s not paying attention
• Being called ‘Jagi’
• In terms of being an ass or boob guy, I honestly think Keith enjoys legs the most, but he appreciates the whole body, definitely

A/N: Again, I headcanon Keith as Korean

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MC x RFA (-Jaehee) first date HCs?

✨Zen ✨
- would probably take you to a karaoke bar lmao
- How typical right I’m sorry
- He’d show off SO MUCH
- but he’d love to hear you sing as well
- Thinks your voice is a blessing even if you sound like a dying cat
- afterwards he’d give you a necklace or something cheesy like that
- Would go to the park and look at the stars
- “All these stars shine so bright, but you’re the brightest of them all”

🎏Yoosung 🎏
- would probably ask Seven for advice BC HES NEVER BEEN ON A DATE BEFORE
- Seven is no help at all so he’s left in the dark
- He decides to work with the material he has
- He gets some cute little lights, blankets, turns the tv on and prepares some romantic movies
- The two of you were snuggled up against each other while watching super sappy romantic movies
- It was so cute and adorable SOMEONE PROTECT THIS BOY OMG

- omg he has so many ideas this is great
- Probably flies the two if you to some fancy restaurant in the middle of nowhere
- But of course he buys you new shit before that
- New dress, new jewelry, someone to do your hair etc
- The food is great not gonna lie
- Afterwards he’d take you to a even more fancier hotel and drink some wine
- Tell you how much he loves you and how thankful he is that he met you

🌺Seven 🌺
- he thinks cat cafes are the best thing that humankind invented
- He’d take you there and in the beginning it was all nice and good and fun
- But cats are very distracting
- So he ends up spending more time with cats than with you lol
- He makes it up to you tho
- He parks his car somewhere no one comes
- He opens the roof and just lays beside you, watching the stars
- Yes even Seven has his romantic moments lol

Wow look at me I FINALLY answered a fucking request after 10 years, good job me - Tess

I have this tendency to see a ship or a character from a fandom and be like “omg they look like such a badass they must be so fucking cool omfg wow this show/movie/book/game/whatever must be so cool” and like.

Keith and Lance are fucking dorks. Haikyuu is about a bunch of adorable volleyball nerds. Homestuck is on crack.

I always think someone’s super cool and badass and is gonna blow me away and then I get into the fandom and they’re just another character who would complain about their untied shoelace that’s been untied for days because they were too lazy to tie it, who I’ll still end up falling stupidly in love with