omg this looks so bad

Sugar Pine 7 Season 1 Finale poster


Yuritto 1 | Yuritto 2 | Yuritto 3

I originally drew this back in february for Mikasa’s birthday and it’s gone through so many corrections since then it’s time I let it go today for Armin’s bday (I also tried finishing it for Eren’s but omg I made him especially look so bad then)


Whoever gets in the way of your happiness will meet my  w r a t h.


i did a redraw of one of my first ever OCs from when i was like 10 or 11???

she was a magical catgirl named BrightSong, raised in the woods by her late grandfather (who was a cat that looked kind of like yoda???). extremely optimistic, always cheery and smiling and using the power of friendship to save the world and stuff

i love….remembering these OCs…redrawing another right now 👀