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Harry Naming His Children

I just can’t stop thinking about James and Sirius and Remus in the afterlife, watching over Harry. And when he has his first child, James and Sirius are ecstatic that Harry chooses to name him after them. And Remus smiles benevolently and doesn’t say anything of course, but maybe feels just a tad left out. Sirius can tell and he pats him on the shoulder, saying, “Next time! You’ll see!” 

And then next time arrives and what does Harry choose? Albus Severus. And Remus understands, and he’s really not upset. But Sirius is. Sirius just cannot believe that Harry would choose to name his son after Snivellus, the man who had made his godson’s and his own life miserable (so what if he loved Lily), before he honored Remus. Remus, who had been a mentor and friend to Harry. Remus, who had named Harry godfather of his own child. Remus, who was one of the best men Sirius had ever known despite having a childhood that was probably much shittier than Snape’s. Remus, who deserved to be honored by Harry every bit as much as Sirius did, and certainly a thousand times more than Snape.

And for the first time in his life, Sirius is truly disappointed in his godson. And he can’t even let Harry know. And he just has to live with this awful feeling for years and years, and nothing Remus says can make it any better.

Until one day Sirius notices something. He notices how there are always four kids at the Potter house. He’d always thought it was just Harry being nice because Andromeda was getting pretty old by now, but once he starts paying attention, he notices how every time Harry talks about “his kids,” that includes Teddy Lupin. How Teddy is in all of the Potter family portraits. How James, Al, and Lily refer to Teddy as their older brother. 

And one day Sirius is watching as Teddy risks himself to save Albus from falling off his broom, and then proceeds to fuss over Al without once worrying about himself. And Harry runs over in a panic, and goes immediately to Teddy, who took most of the damage, checks that he’s basically alright, looks at him with tears in his eyes, and says “Teddy Remus Lupin, thank you. Thank you for saving Al. You are so much like your father.” And then he hugs him tightly and doesn’t let go for the longest time .

And Sirius’s anger evaporates just like that, and he looks over and sees that Remus has been watching too and now they are both silently crying as they watch Harry, their Harry, take care of two of his sons.

And it’s suddenly so obvious why Harry didn’t name his youngest son after Remus: because that was already the name of his oldest.

Boys like him don’t come wrapped in pretty packages with bows and ribbons-
Boys like him come in sleepless eyes and bruised knuckles.

They see girls like you, with wide eyes and soft lips-
And crave for that vulnerability.
So they wear a smile that’s almost too bright and hold your hand almost too hard,
And they love.

They love you until your heart bleeds and your eyes sting, they love you until you’re too blinded by the daggar they’re twisting into your ribcage.

Girls like you though, they believe that they can kiss their knuckles until they’re healed. So they wait around for boys like him to grow up.

But boys like him don’t grow up, they drain-

and it works every time with girls like you.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #108

I had to write something about Wes Weston. I think I’m in love.


Wes looked up at the white clock that hung just above the whiteboard, its second hand going slower the longer he stared at it. He needed the bell to ring and he needed it to ring now!

He needed to talk to Danny.

He’d been desperate to talk to the boy since yesterday but settled for waiting until today to do it. Of course, Danny had been late to school (probably due to him fighting ghosts or something. Wes didn’t know. He didn’t stalk the boy’s every move just because he knew he was Danny Phantom) which forced Wes to wait until the end of the school day to talk to Danny.

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Kid! Chanbaek feat Chanyeol’s ferret.
*cuteness overloaded*

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Everyone is right about Wesker mode. I should give it a chance. It’s just a fun optional mode to play RE0 without Billy because who evens knows that guy anyway. Just look how much fun this mode will be:

Just look at this control he has over his powers it’s amazing:

How he just gracefully glides against the floor like it’s nothing:

I will no longer talk badly about this mode because now I understand why it was added. What’s there to complain about? It has Wesker and anything with Wesker is already good.

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this literally showed up like ten seconds after bless you anon :,) and now i fortunately have an inbox full of jercybeth asks so imma start off with the general aaaayyy

  • any time they sleep in the same bed jason is completely at their mercy because annabeth is a total bed/blanket hog and kicks and percy is just restless and tosses and turns a lot and so he’s always kicked in the shin or sandwiched between them just staring at the ceiling like Why Do I Do This To Myself
  • their shower is entirely too small for three people but they are Very Determined
  • annabeth and jason having Debates about Very Scholarly topics and percy just staring into the camera like he’s on the office
  • jason is a total sci-fi geek and he gets very invested in the movies and he hardcore drags them both into geeking out with him so they have lots of movie nights, the matrix is a particular favorite of theirs
  • annabeth has been known to steal jason’s glasses and wear them around the house, jason lectures her over and over again how using the wrong prescription is just going to make her eyes worse in the long run
  • ROAD
  • annabeth with her bare feet up on the dashboard and jason fussing with the maps in the backseat and percy with cool shades and one hand on the steering wheel,
  • and threesomes in motel rooms
  • and diners at one in the morning,
  • jason sleeping in the back seat while annabeth is driving and percy unbuckles and crawls back there with him ;-;
  • they do an annual road trip every year they’re in college
  • percy and annabeth get jason completely hooked on new york delis, they have a running joke that he can never leave them for california because he’d go through withdrawals
  • they pack deli sandwiches for a hike and then have a picnic at the summit
  • fully have a thing for laying in the grass and stargazing
  • own at least two dogs, big dogs, adopted from shelters. like pitt mixes that other people are afraid of and stuff. one of them is named ace bc it sort of sounds like jason and chase and they’re nerds i dunno
  • annabeth likes watching them Go At It. like quite a bit. this is not a secret to any of them but she will vehemently deny it anyway.
  • they all teach classes at camp half-blood and have friendly competitions with their students
  • the boys drop by annabeth’s office with coffee and lunch when she’s particularly swamped with work
  • they practically live off take out, percy is a great cook but annabeth and jason both find it to be an absurdly sexy turn on for like some unintelligible reason so he usually ends up sidetracked before he can finish
  • annabeth affectionately referring to them as “my boys” (sometimes she slips in conversations with like, her coworkers, and they’re like “oh, you have kids?” and she’s like “what??? no” or “no, my boyfriends” which earns her even weirder looks omg)
  • (they’re gonna have kids someday though they would be such good parents can you believe)
  • (thinking about jason and percy being panicky and confused and very doting during annabeth’s pregnancies is actually the most adorable thing ever….but that’s a long way off)
  • think about them in their trash college years…..oh the glory
  • jason made that vow to never drink again in boo so they always have a DD handy, which is really convenient (and cheap)
  • like you do not even want to know how many times annabeth has drunk dialed him and she won’t admit to it
  • mmmm but like jason’s from the bay area like come on, he’s a stoner
  • i think percy drinks but like he has a Complicated relationship with it so he’s much more inclined to join jason
  • their nights are Hectic lmao
  • they have been known to get out of bed and make an ice cream run at like 2AM, they’re the kind of people who are totally stoked when a 24 hour bagel store opens up around the block from them
  • so many videos of annabeth like drunkenly rambling about something in the passenger seat while percy eggs her on and you just hear jason wheezing from behind the camera
  • they’ve both given her piggyback rides home
  • annabeth will shove the camera in his face while jason is smoking and be like “jason, would you please state for the record when you became the most basic white college boy the world has ever seen”
  • they have the best snapchat stories in like the entire world basically
  • they’re like really good at social media in general, particularly because they’re a dumbass outdoorsy couple who goes on hiking trips and road trips and own cute dogs like what kind of instagram famous bs,,,,
  • imagine them when they’re studying though
  • like they devise increasingly weird methods to help each other blow off steam
  • like smashing plates on the floor (”IT’S A GREEK TRADITION JASON SHUT UP YOU WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND”) or wii sports resort tournaments
  • mmmmm beach trips together on spring break, like they’re all so unfairly hot it should be illegal and they’re just hanging out on the beach blanket together like..what the fuck man
  • annabeth doesn’t even own her own sweats she just takes theirs. she’s tall enough that she doesn’t have to roll them up too much anyway
  • getting tattoos together
  • they’re such NERDS annabeth will be at work and they’ll be blowing up her phone like annnaaabbeeetthhhh come homeeeee and she tells them to piss off so they’ll call her and pretend they’re being attacked by monsters n like jason is pretending the connection is staticy while percy just screams in the background and she’s just like “I HATE BOTH OF YOU”

this is getting Long m gonna bookmark it for later ;alksdfj;alkj


I feel so bad for this kid though omg

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This might be an odd thing to say but I thought you were doing a crossover of Fun Home with Undertale with that drawing you posted.

Huh??? But they’re two completely different things! Undertale’s a videogame by tobyfox, while Fun Home is an extraordinary Tony-award winning musical told from the point of view of a lesbia– 

(lolol just kidding! i love them both dearly. omg you’re right though - with the eyes closed and with a purple striped outfit, she does look like Frisk!! not to mention the heart over a black background backdrop ayyy)