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Reasons to love each member of Stray Kids

Chan: Chan is legit boyfriend material. He can cook, he’s responsible, and most of all, you can tell how caring he is by the way he treats his members. Chan is such a loving person, and you can truly see that in the way he acts. 

Woojin: I swear, Woojin doesn’t get enough credit for being so hilarious. I swear, half the time I see him during episodes, I’m laughing my ass off. He’s so cute too, honestly, idk how this guy is older than me, he acts so young. His smile is amazing.

Minho: Omg, where do I start. Can we just talk about how genuinely caring he is? he’s always helping people out with dances and that makes me so happy. He kinda looks lost half the time, but that makes him purer?? 

Changbin: Mr. Dark man I swear. He’s honestly a low key tsundere, and definitely not as dark as he wishes he was lol. He’s so hilarious and you can tell by his small actions that he’s super kind.

Hyunjin: He stands out so much honestly. His smile is honestly beautiful, just like him. He is so talented and works so hard to improve, and he loves all his group members so much.

Jisung: Actually talented af. Rapping, composing, singing, dancing; what can’t this boy do?? Plus, he’s so funny and caring and honestly, I just want to hug him half the time.

Felix: The fandom’s meme. He’s such a lost child, and dabs way too much, but he’s so talented I swear. His facial expressions give all of us life. Honestly, he’s just so pure.

Seungmin: Actually hilarious. I swear, from the hiding behind the door thing to the baseball thing, he never has a dull moment. His voice too omg. He honestly is just so happy and genuine.

Jeongin: My son omg. He is actually the cutest, especially when he smiles and his eyes crinkle up. Has so much potential, and is so talented already. He actually deserves the world.

It is not Stray Kids without ot9. Each of them makes the group who they are today, and I can’t imagine any of them getting eliminated. Let’s debut ot9~!

Just started dating AUs
  • “I came over for dinner and tried your cooking for the first time and you’re such a good cook I’m practically having an orgasm over here oh my god………. stop laughing at me!!” au
  • “We were about to have our first bath together and I was feeling a bit self conscious but then I noticed how much freaking bUBBLE BATH YOU HAVE HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT FOR……………. actually please can we have bubbles I’m secretly just a kid okay” au
  • “I’m really REALLY attracted to you and the first time we had sex I came way too quickly and got super embarrassed about it but you just found it endearing and now you won’t stop smiling at me omg I need to bury my face in this pillow for a thousand years” au
  • “You had no idea that I am allergic to X food/medicine/flowers and now I’m pretty sure I’m having a reaction and we’re gonna have to go to the emergency room like I’ll be fine but just fucking kiss me rly good in case I die okay, okay” au
  • “Why did you pick THAT emoji to go by my contact name oh my god you beautiful weirdo” au

rainbowstrucklizard  asked:

Hi! Can I request a fluffly one shot of akashi being a father with his wife reader? Like a day out with their toddler kid or smth? Thank you!

This is too cute omg!! I hope you like it! I am sorry I have been slow! 

Akashi looked over at you as you dressed for the day. He only smiled at the thought of how his life turned out. He had never imagined he would feel as much fulfillment as he does now. You felt his gaze on you, and you shifted your attention to him. You smiled and tilted your head slightly.

“Are you ready, dear? The nanny is getting our son ready.” You smiled, making your way over to Akashi and placing a soft kiss on his lips. Akashi wrapped his arms around you and nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck, not wanting to let you go. You laughed a bit when you attempted to pull away, yet he held you close still.

“Just a moment longer.” He smiled. You wrapped your arms around him again and rested your head on his shoulder.

“Alright.” You two stood there for a moment, only to be interrupted by a knock on the door. Akashi, holding onto you, looked over at the door and frowned. You chuckled slightly and made your way to the door, opening it up and greeting your son and nanny at the door. 

“Mama!!” He clung to your leg. You ran your fingers through his hair and gazed over at your husband, who was admiring this picture perfect scene. He walked over and wrapped his arms around you from behind, placing a kiss on your neck. Your eyes fluttered slightly at his touch.

“Shall we get going?” Akashi asked. You took your son’s hand in yours and nodded. You three made your way to the car, getting into the back seat. Akashi told the driver to head out and wrapped his arm around you. The driver took the three of you to the park nearby. 

You got out of the vehicle and helped your son out onto his feet. He instantly ran to the nearest playground equipment and started to play. You laughed and waited for Akashi to make his way out. Akashi held your hand and you walked over to your son.

“Mama! Papa! Watch me!” Your son climbed to the top of the jungle gym and made his way to the slide, sliding down with ease. You clapped your hands together and applauded your sons ability to climb and play on his own.

“Wow! You are so amazing!” You cheered. Your son’s face was exuberant with happiness. He quickly climbed back up and repeated his previous actions, always looking over at you and Akashi for approval. You smiled brightly. Akashi also had a smiled on his face, almost lost in thought about how lucky he believed he was.

After an hour or so of playing, your son made his way to you crying. You picked him up and sat him on your lap. Akashi got down on one knee and checked out the slight abrasion on his knee. Your son clung to you, crying into your chest. Akashi frowned sadly. You pulled out a band aid from your purse and handed it to Akashi, who placed it over the wound.

“You should be more careful, next time don’t run so fast.” Akashi scolded. You kissed the top of your sons head as he cried harder at his fathers words. Akashi looked up at you, worried he just made everything much worse.

“There, there. It’s alright. Mama’s here. Daddy doesn’t mean to make you sad, he is just worried about you. He loves you very, very much.” You son looked over at Akashi and held his arms out to him. Akashi smiled and picked your son up, hugging him tightly.

“How about we get you some ice cream?” Akashi bargained. You son smiled and nodded, as if the pain on his knee had magically disappeared.

“Yes please!!”

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