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NCT Reacting To A Member Walking In On Them

bunnynamja requested: You do reactions too or just scenarios? If you do reactions can you do one for nct 127 (nine members) when they are having sex with you and other member enter in the room?Sorry my poor english…

Anon requested: Hi I love your blog btw! Do you do reactions? If you do, can I have a reaction on the boys walking in on you while you were doing the do with another member..if ya know what I mean ;;

Genre: Smut.. duh

Author: Karma & Yu

Word count: does it matter with these things???

A/n: (I did all the legal members instead of just 127 since we don’t sexualize minors (No Jungwoo or Lucas because we don’t have enough of them))  I am actually crying omg these are great!! Please send more! We don’t just do imagines. Scenarios, reactions, MTL, as long as there is smut we are here haha. But not only that tho, we also want to interact with our followers more so even if requests are closed; please do send us funny things or just interact with us!!!! (I need friends) - admin Karma 

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Hi! c: I hope I'm not bothering you omg... I was wondering - one of my favorite things about your style is the way you draw folds in clothing, both in the lineart and (especially) with colors alone. Do you have any tips about that? My folds always look flat or out of place no matter how much reference I use :c (also sending some scouting ticket luck your way! I mean I'm one of those sinners who only soloyolo bUT STILL)

you’re not bothering me at all anon! I’m not sure if I can explain very well but I’ll give it my best shot ;v;

(also thank u for sending luck aa :’) don’t soloyolo kids ><) 

OK, look…the whole “omg yay trumps going to start a nuclear war danger days is coming!!” thing needs to stop, because the more it gets spread around, the more people are going to start thinking it’s an actual possibility. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m not going to go into detail because I’m not trying to scare people, but you do not want a nuclear war. Danger Days is not coming. You’re not going to be killing bad guys with ray guns, leading a badass art revolution, or running around the desert (that doesn’t even make sense, because Trump and his goons aren’t located there.) Danger Days did not “predict the future.” It’s just a cool (and highly unrealistic) concept that Gerard and Shaun came up with in 2009.

I understand that some people might be using this as a coping mechanism, but some people are starting to act like they’re actually looking forward to WW3 and it’s only a matter of time before they’re running around with their ray guns in the desert. I keep seeing posts in the “killjoys” tag that say things like “omg danger days is going to become real!!!” This is NOT something to look forward to. Even if there was a revolution, I can guarantee you that it wouldn’t be “fun” like Danger Days.

veganism, or any ethical conviction, is not and should never be a box you’re forced to live in. it should not be this invisible line keeping you from animal products. you should not contribute to these things because you know they are wrong. you know they cause tremendous amounts of unnecessary suffering. it is not about perfection. or about policing others or yourself. it is not about restriction. but it IS a moral baseline. it is a matter of recognizing that if animals matter morally, being vegan is the only course of action that’s consistent with that belief. the only one that does not continue to treat animals as expendable pieces of property. continuing to exploit animals / contribute to these industries once in a while isn’t freedom, it is an act that denies the freedom of sentient beings. it is an act that’s inconsistent with what you claim to believe.

Nct U- First dates

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Originally posted by moonlighting94

Taeil has a fairly chilled personality so I feel like his first date with you would compliment that. He’d take you to the beach, listening to the dimmed sound of waves overlapping while happily conversing with one another. As it starts to get dark he’d softly strum random chords on his guitar as you fall into a comfortable silence. 


Originally posted by nakamotens

Again I think Taeyong would want to have his first date with you somewhere quiet. Where there was minimal people so he could solely focus on you, like a coffee shop he discovered when he took cover in while the clouds unleashed a light downpour. You’d sit by the windows, allowing you to admire the droplets of rain falling gracefully outside while slowly sipping on coffee and what seemed to be a never ending game of 20 questions.


Originally posted by mkayjaemin

As soon as I got this request I instantly though of an arcade date with Doyoung. It was the perfect balance of fun and getting know each other. You’d work together and cheat through games to get as many tickets as possible in order to win the best prize. After both having to carry the huge bear you won outside you bought food from the local street food stands and found a quiet place to sit. The rest of your date would be spent sharing laughs and finding your common interests.


Originally posted by nctech

I feel like he would take you out to a little ramen place that he found in his trainee days that he wanted to share with you, by revealing a little part of his past you’d instantly become comfortable with one another. The dull chatter coming from the kitchen no longer mattered because the only thing you were focused on was chittaphon. Being the gentleman he is, he wouldn’t take no for an answer when offering to walk you home (and so that he could make plans for a second date.)


Originally posted by yonges

I’ve had this planned since I received this request omg. He’d take you to a little American diner, where the waitresses wore roller skates and the jukebox played old rock ‘n’ roll. It wasn’t fancy but it was homely. You’d both order milkshakes which you drank while finding out more about each other. As the night comes to an end and the diner starts to shut he’d put a quarter in the jukebox and pull you up for a dance while the old couple who owned the diner watch and reminisce. 


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

I think he’d want to do something laid back because everything else in his life is pretty hectic. He’d take you to the movies, insisting on paying for everything. While the adverts played you’d throw popcorn at each other to sea who could catch it in their mouth first. In all honesty you would’t be paying much attention to the movie as you admired Mark, smiling every time his nose crinkled while laughing. 

I really enjoyed writing this so I hope you guys like it too! If you do I’d love to do the same for the dream team. Hopefully once my exams are over I’ll be writing again :)

love you to the moon and back!

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TIME (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: could u do a fairly lengthy modern day Bellamy imagine where like when u guys broke up years ago it was over something real stupid heated fight and he sees u idk somewhere like so cliché and u have like his kid but he doesn’t know and his hearts just swells up with u being a mum a and omg thanks ur awesome


You were meant to be together forever. At least that’s what everyone had told you. It was always meant to be you and Bellamy. Bellamy and you. But it just wasn’t the truth. People lied.  What you had with the freckled boy didn’t last but the memories never faded away from the back of your head. He was always going to be your first love, no matter how roughly things had ended. Bellamy knows this too well.

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Artemis and the gang are trapped in a cave with a bloodthirsty troll
  • Artemis: ah yes looks like it's the end of the line for us. Might as well confess everything we never did before
  • Holly: well I record most of the scientific crap you and foaly say and then I have Grub mash them with a cool beat into some wicked rap music. We listen to it in the Haven offices and laugh
  • Butler: when I say I'm looking for new guns online I'm actually reading fluff fanfiction
  • Mulch: I actually love gourmet food. I can't go back to eating potatoes straight outta the dirt, I gotta wash 'em, peel 'em, season 'em... *sobbing* I just have to!
  • Juliet: I once had to wrestle a furry. And that's all you're ever gonna hear about it
  • Everyone else: *looks at artemis*
  • Artemis: I don't think I can do this
  • Butler: it's okay, Artemis, nothing will matter when that thing rips our heads off. Just say what you need.
  • Artemis: *tearfully* I... I...
  • Everyone: *leans closer*
  • Artemis: *looking down in embarrassment* I lied on my resume. I actually have only one PhD.
  • Everyone: *loud cursing and screaming, Holly gets so angry she actually manages to break the cuffs on her wrists*
Professor Winchester (Dean Winchester x Reader AU) Chap. 7

Professor Winchester Masterlist

Word Count: 2,353

Professor!Dean Winchester x Reader AU

Warnings: Language, smut (unprotected), fluff


Just as you finish up the last swipe of lipstick, you step back from your mirror, taking in your appearance. You’re supposed to be heading over to Dean’s house for you date in less than ten minutes and of course, you’re running low on time- why wouldn’t you be? It seems to be in your nature to be late to all things, no matter how much time you give yourself in advance to get ready.

Dean refused to tell you what you two are doing on your date tonight. He said he wanted to keep it a surprise, which only made figuring out what to wear more difficult. You don’t normally put too much thought into what you wear, but you wanted to make sure you looked cute today. It’s your first date with Dean; therefore, a special occasion in your eyes. So you had settled on the cutest articles of clothing you own- a skirt and a sweater, paired with ankle boots. That combined with your makeup and straightened hair, you know you look to die for.

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The camera trailed behind Alex and Marco as they entered your apartment building. Alex turned to Marco excitedly. “Hey Marco, do you think she’ll be happy to see me?” Marco was about to reply when Alex cut him off. “Don’t worry, I already know she will. Oh! What do you think she’ll say about my movie with Spielberg?”

The pair walked into the awaiting elevator and pressed the button for the 12th floor, Marco being forced to listen to his friends animated one-sided conversation he was having. Once they reached the 12th floor Alex was eagerly heading down the corridor towards your penthouse apartment that you stayed in during filming. He knocked on the door and waited for you to answer only to wait for a few moments and knock again. The group outside your door heard you reply. “I’m coming! Just a moment.” 

You opened the door, only to see it was Alex and you immediately shut it again. Alex turned to the camera confused and let out a sigh. “Y/N! Open the door!”

A loud “No!” was heard from behind the door.

“Come on, just let us in.” Alex said, the camera capturing Marco scrolling through his phone bored out of his mind. 

“Why? Why are you even here?” You asked.

Exasperatedly Marco called out. “You agreed on Tuesday that we could come over for pre-drinks at your’s before we head out.” 

“Did you forget Y/N?” Alex asked laughing. He turned to the camera and mouthed ‘she forgot’ before turning back to the door still laughing.

“So what if I forgot?” A groan was heard from you and you finally opened the door. “Fine. Come in. No camera though.” 

Alex gave a baffled look between you and the camera. “The camera goes everywhere. Don’t worry though. I’ll make sure they capture all your best angles.” He beamed at you and looped his arm around your waist before directing you to the table where Marco had set up the beers. As he led you away he turned back to the camera and sent a wink it’s way.

The three of you were at the club and Alex was flirting with some girls while you went to get drinks. The camera approached you and you quickly turned away from the lens. “No, no stop. No camera’s please.” 

The scene then went to Alex who was staring at you from across the pub. “How gorgeous is she.” He was staring at you with a loving look in his eyes. He resembled a puppy, his eyes were so wide. “We would make a really beautiful couple you know, because she is super hot and so am I, so. It’s a match made in heaven, right?” He said, laughing to the camera. “Oh! Or should I say ‘a match made in Valhalla’ eh?” 

“She is pretty great.” Marco replied. Alex let out a loud groan and dropped his head on the table. 

“But she doesn’t even like me. What am I supposed to do? I’ve done it all. I even walked past her in nothing but my underwear and nothing!”

“Well you could try getting up ‘cause she’s heading over.” Marco said nudging for Alex to sit up. You had 3 beers in your hands and you stopped short at seeing the cameraman sitting in the booth with the guys. 

“Uh, Alex?” You said, looking over at the cameraman and then back to him. It took him a moment but once he got the hint he immediately jumped up and offered you his seat instead. That way you didn’t have to have a camera pointing in your face. “Thanks.”

“Anything for you Y/N.” He replied beaming at you. The camera caught you looking at him oddly, not sure why he was acting so differently tonight. You became aware of the camera pointing in your direction and you ducked your head quickly.

“She’s a bit shy.” Alex said to the camera.

You, Alex and Marco were dancing on the dance floor and chatting to one another when the camera zoomed in on Alex hugging you from behind. He placed a kiss on the back of your head, taking a small sniff of your hair and turned to the camera, giving it a lovesick face. He mouthed to it ‘Wow, Oh my god! She smells so good!’

You turned around a few moments later and Alex dragged you and Marco further onto the floor and began trying to get you both to dab alongside him. You and Marco shook your heads in disagreement but Alex wouldn’t give up, walking up to and moving your arms into position. He sent another wink to the camera and began to try and dance with you. Reluctantly you danced along with him as he tried to jig in the pub. He kept dancing ridiculously trying to make you laugh and when he succeeded he cheered dramatically in the camera frame and flexed his muscles at you who was standing awkwardly in the background rolling your eyes.

You and Alex sat on his couch as you chatted about his movie audition and it’s conflicting schedule with his best friend’s wedding. He had called you over because he knew you were great at giving advice.  Earlier he had told the camera ‘I called over Y/N because she’ll know what to do. She’s like my guru. Like a super hot, super smart guru with really great smelling hair… anyway, she’s coming over now.’

The camera kept zooming in on your face as you talked and it captured a lot of side glares and eyes being rolled at them. Alex on the other hand was staring intently at you, nodding at everything you said and only speaking rarely. Your bodies were pressed shoulder to shoulder as you sat and Alex was playing with your hands and intertwining them as you leaned on his shoulder. He made eye contact with the camera and smiled at it every now and then, but his attention was still focused on you. He was in love, that was obvious. It was also clear that you felt the same way for him and it showed through your body language and your actions when you were around him. 

He turned his head towards you and subtly tried to shoo the camera away as he pushed a strand of your hair behind your ear. The camera crew backed away into the hallway but they still had a clear view of the pair on the couch. However, neither you or Alex noticed as you were both lost in each other. He leaned in and pressed his lips against yours softly, smiling into the kiss as you reciprocated his actions. You brought your hand up to the back of his neck and let the other one grip onto his hair as the kiss became more intense. Alex’s hands rested on your hips and he began to grapple in an attempt to try and climb over you, but you quickly broke away from the kiss. 

“Uh, Alex?” You questioned quietly, your lips red and swollen, pupils blown wide. To Alex you looked like a goddess and he wanted to kiss you senseless but he stopped and listened to what you had to say.

“What? What’s wrong? Did I hurt you? Do you not feel the same way?” He rushed out, his words barely comprehendible.

“No no no! I like you, I just don’t like the idea that there’s a camera crew here, that’s all.” You replied, sitting upright a bit more. The broad-chested man stood up and walked over to the crew and had a few words with them before they left. He didn’t miss the opportunity to give them a victory dance and a thumbs up before they left though. He then headed back to where you sat on the couch and reconnected his lips to yours with a huge smile.

Alex stood outside in Central Dublin as the camera crew followed him around. He was divulging his feelings about you, the movie and the wedding to the camera. “Ah, you know, it’s just difficult because there are all these things that are important to me and I can’t just choose one. But I have to. If I go to Kaspar’s wedding then I miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime and if I go to the audition then I risk destroying our friendship over something that might not even work out. The only good thing that’s come out of this is that I finally got Y/N to agree to be my girlfriend! I’ve been pining after her for so long and she finally said yes! Can you believe it? I mean, of course, who wouldn’t want to date me? But, yeah, I’m really happy. I just have to make a really important decision now. But at least I’ll have Y/N to come back to no matter what happens.” 

AH OMG IT’S DONE! This was obviously based of the mockumentary and it was actually really hard to write. The perspectives of what was being seen through the camera and what was actually happening was difficult and i’m still not super happy with it. Anyway, enjoy!

Based off this request - HAHAHAHAHA( evil laugh) thank you! I only wish to see 2 things on the mockumentary: Alex acting like a love sick sick,and YN dodging him and Marco every time the camera is in (it’s a “mockumentary”)

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everyone's like "omg i can't believe they kissed" and im like "NOPE. NAH. I DONT BELIEVE IT UNTIL I SEE THEIR LIPS TOUCHING WITH MY OWN TWO EYES. THIS IS TROLLSHIDA WE'RE TALKING ABOUT KJSDNKDN" but also pls let it be a kiss lol

she’s on top of him, that’s the only thing that matters… if she kissed him or not.. SHE’S ON TOP, I REPEAT, SHE’S ON TOP 

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Head canons with 707 with an S/O that has glasses as well! I really enjoy your head canons! Thank you for sharing all these with us~!

Guys! Please keep sending in asks for 707/Saeyoung/Luciel/whatever other names he goes by that I can’t remember right now. I have like 3 

When I get these finished up I’m gonna go back and do Saeran’s I just wanted to get some done on the intended day so don’t worry, i didn’t forget his or anything. 

Hello again! Again I saw your comment and no problem!!!

Omg thank you so much! I’m so glad you like them!

Hehe I wear glasses I’ve thought about this too much tbh. 


  • When he first saw MC’s picture the only thing he was kind of internally screaming a lot because omg they wear glasses like me!
  • He can’t help but wonder how bad their vision is and if they’re nearsighted or farsighted and while he could easily figure these things out, he wanted to figure them out from MC, by talking to them instead of going behind their back to find out every detail of their life before they’d even met in person 
  • They’re definitely going to swap glasses
  • Constantly
  • It doesn’t really matter if MC’s vision is worse than his or better or even if it’s bad in an entirely different way, he’d constantly going to be like “Your vision is so bad” 
  • If they have a similar prescription to him he might take to wearing their glasses instead of his own, especially if he wakes up first in the morning, he’d take their glasses instead of his own 
  • Even if there prescriptions are different he’d mess around with MC
  • He’s well known for waking up early and hiding MC’s glasses somewhere in the bunker and leaving them to helplessly wander in an attempt to find their glasses
  • Eventually he’d feel bad enough to help, them search, not really giving them too many hits unless he started getting bored
  • He’d love to see MC without glasses because it was so different 
  • He’d also like to take off his glasses around them and only them as kind of a secret sign of trust and because he knows that MC likes it when he doesn’t wear his as much as he likes it when they don’t wear theirs 
  • He definitely has contacts, but he normally doesn’t use them

 A Symmetra ran out and saved me from a pair of Reapers tailing my ass the other day, so I spent the rest of the match boosting her in particular, and our Blue Murder Beam Duo™ basically ended up carrying the rest of the squad (…since we were the only ones still within spitting distance of the objective :| ).

They’re now my new fave despair drinking buddy brotp. (◡‿◡✿)

How Dead Hannah Baker keeps the Manic Pixie Dream Girl Trope Alive

*pictured above: Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) from 13 Reasons Why


I know that some of you may be wondering what exactly is a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Well there’s no text book definition but here’s one I found online from

“A Manic Pixie Dream Girl or MPDG, is a term coined by film critic Nathan Rabin after seeing Elizabethtown. It refers to “that bubbly, shallow cinematic creature that exists solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to teach broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures.” A pretty, outgoing, whacky female romantic lead whose sole purpose is to help broody male characters lighten up and enjoy their lives.”

Now that you have an idea of what this is I’ll start by giving you examples. Usually the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, MPDG for short, is only there so the nerdy usually white male that is obsessed with them can grow from the experience with them. Now I know you’re thinking “how exactly do I spot one of these creatures?” Well guys it’s very easy and I’ll give you some tips. Most MPDG’s are white, have a wild outlook on the world, and are deemed gorgeous by the general public. 

*pictured above: Clementine Kruczynski (Kate Winslet) and Joel Barish (Jim Carrey) in the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The first MPDG I can think of is Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind. She is a wild says whatever is on her mind kind of girl and meets poor Joel on the train. This film happens through flashbacks and dreams showing how happy she made him. The relationship went sour which it usually does with a MPDG and they both have each other erased from their memories. Dramatic, I know, but losing her and getting her back helps Joel in some crazy way. It’s like without her he can’t fully live his life and that’s just sad.

*pictured above: Tom (Joseph Gordon Levitt) and Summer (Zooey Deschanel) in 500 Days of Summer

People love this movie and don’t even realize that Summer is problematic as fuck. Summer is this cool girl who doesn’t believe in love and basically drags poor Tom around for you fucking guessed it, 500 days. Tom thinks that Summer is the one for him and tries to date her and show her love exists. Even though they do end up dating things fall apart because cool, secure, witty as all hell Summer is still scared of love. I mean I thought that was a LA thing. It doesn’t take Tom to realize how pathetic he is until he sees Summer at a park AND REALIZES SHE FUCKING GOT MARRIED. Summer’s excuse is that she wasn’t sure about Tom but she was sure about her husband now…. LOL need I say more? 

*pictured above: Margo (Cara Delevigne) and Quentin (Nat Wolff) in Paper Towns.

Last example is John Green’s book turned film Paper Towns. Quentin has been in love with the popular girl next door Margo. One random night Margo climbs into Quentin’s window and asks him to get revenge on her now ex boyfriend. They spend the whole night at the store getting supplies, ruining the boy’s car, and looking over the city they live in. Margo feels stuck where she is and unlike feels different tan her friends. Spoiler alert: she’s not. At the end of the night they both go home and of course nerdy Quentin is blissed the fuck out. Before I go in on this, we have to acknowledge that all of John Green‘s main characters are MPDG’s. It’s basically his forte. But I digress. Quentin wakes up and, surprise, Margo has gone missing. Quentin is determined to find her and believes that she left clues for him. Quentin his two friends and Margo’s bestie go on a roadtrip from florida to upstate New York and find themselves while trying to find Margo. His friends eventually leave him because no way in teen rom com hell are they going to miss the prom. Quentin stays and eventually finds the girl of his dreams. Turns out Margo didn’t want to be found at all and just like Tom in 500 days of Summer Quentin looks like a fucking dumb ass. Quentin makes it home in time for prom and enjoys it with his friends cause in the end that’s all he really needed… but it took a cross country road trip trying to find a selfish teen girl who doesn’t care about you to figure that out. Nice!

*pictured above: Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) and Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) in 13 Reasons Why

As we all know Jay Asher’s book 13 Reasons why has been turned into a tv show on Netflix. The premise is that high schooler Hannah Baker has killed herself and left 13 tapes for certain people to listen to. If you’re on this tape, you’re one of the reasons why she’s gone. Creepy right? Well in the book, which is only 288 pages, Hannah is a sweet girl who seemed to have the worst time of her damn life. The book is short so it seems like every event that happened to Hannah happens like one day after the other. Clay listens to his friend’s tapes in one night and it really hits you in the gut. Personally I like the book better but I am here to address the show. If you want to read my full opinion on the entire show you can do so by clicking here

The problem with the Tv series is that by stretching the fuck out of this book they have to add on to the characters. Unfortunately Hannah is made into a MPDG from beyond the grave. In the show Hannah is deemed pretty by everyone around her. If the high school jocks think you’re hot, you’re golden am I right? What makes Hannah a MPDG is the way she treats poor Clay Jensen. Clay is the main character in the show and you find out what happens to Hannah by watching him listen to the tapes. SInce it takes Clay fucking weeks to listen to 13 DAMN TAPES only through flashbacks do you get to see what Hannah is truly like. Hannah on the show confused me after I watched it. I was like “Why don’t I like her?” Don’t get me wrong I felt for the girl and everything that happened was horrible but something was just off. She talked to Clay all the time in witty banter and even gave him a nickname. There were so many chances where she could have just kissed him or got alone time but she didn’t. The other problem with Hannah Is that she was so confident and cool, and filled with teen angst, it didn’t make sense for her to care about what people thought. It’s like she had two personalities. When we see her with Clay she’s this smart funny girl who seemed unattainable but when we see her with virtually anyone else she’s insecure and dying for attention from any popular boy in school. Hannah makes it seem as if Clay isn’t good enough for her when in reality he’s the only person she has. In the 12th episode while Hannah is taking a walk she ends up at a house party where all the popular kids are. Even though she thinks Clay hates her at this point she could’ve tried to talk things out with him. It just frustrates me that she would go to a rapist’s house cause she’s that desperate for attention. Why fight for these douche bags that have done nothing but hurt you instead of fighting for Clay? 

Clay shows character progression only when he’s listening to the tapes. Hearing his dream girl tell the stories before her untimely death makes Clay a better person to people around him. I mean that is the point of all this but at the same time, it shouldn’t take tapes from a girl who has committed suicide to realize that hey, high school is hard don’t be a fucking asshole to people. Clay also grows some balls while listening to the tapes. He basically yells in the middle of the school hall and even lowkey bullies this kid Tyler. I mean Tyler was a creep but bullying someone would be the last thing on my agenda while listening to a dead girl’s tapes. I wrote this for me to get my thoughts out cause everyone keeps asking me about this show. Every conversation I have I always say that I didn’t really like Hannah so if you think Hannah kind of sucks I’m here with you. Hannah is the most twisted MPDG ever and yes it’s because she’s dead. Clay only grows while listening to these tapes which is kind of in a way fucked up. Even though Clay, unlike the book, gets justice for two sexually assaulted girls and Hannah’s life it shouldn’t take Hannah’s 13 tapes to grow. Hannah killing herself should’ve made everyone change and grow on their own.

I know at this point you’re probably saying “ I read this long ass article what is the point?!” The point is that women are not objects. Being a woman is hard and having to grow up is truly a journey. You have media constantly showing you how the perfect woman acts or talks or dresses. Going through high school you have to deal with the pressure of society and unfortunately care about what your peers think. I grew up from my own damn experiences. I didn’t just find myself cause I left a boyfriend or cause I cut my hair I learned that I am what I am and I can’t change that and I’m very happy with who I turned out to be. This is especially hard to do when you’re a black girl like me raised in an all white community. Why must men in these movies need a girl for them to realize who they are? I’m not saying it’s easy to be a boy but come on dude the girl of your dreams isn’t gonna finally give you this sense of Omg I know what my purpose in life is. Your dream girl is not your mom teaching you about life. You know what’s right and what’s wrong without a girl whispering you to the right direction in your ear. You can only figure out who you are by being you and it is completely possible for films and TV shows to show this without a MPDG. I know the show 13 Reasons Why is supposed to show how small things matter and can snowball into this big thing. I get it I really do. The problem is that they could’ve shown that making Hannah solely the victim and not a jaded Manic Pixie Dream Girl. 

I don’t usually make a lot of posts, and I’m kinda new to these fandoms, but hi. I’m Carissa. 

Dear people who hate Mon El and Karamel, I don’t know why you do and I don’t want to be inside your head, but,

please leave Chris Wood OUT of whatever you are feeling. He doesn’t deserve to hear your frustration, your complaints, or whatever thoughts are running through your head. He has no control over the character that he is playing.

Next, please remember that there are people on the other side that are enjoying the way the show is being written. You may not like it, you may not approve, but that doesn’t mean you have to come into our tags and make our happy places unhappy, just so that you feel your opinions are valid.

Trust me, everyone hears you. We are listening, even when you tell us mean and hurtful things. We still listen. Only the rare ones of us fire back. The majority, don’t. 

As someone who has gone through multiple fandoms and has been disappointed before, I understand being frustrated and not getting what you want. 

Hurting others because of it does no good. 

Reasons I have problems with my family

Me: I think I’m gonna get this tattoo.
Family: OMG don’t even say that. Body mod is such a sin don’t waste your money on things like that.

Me: I’m getting my ears gaged next year
Family: no you’re not, if you do I’ll rip them out of your ears. You don’t want gages anyway

Me: it only matters if I think I’m doing the right thing. Other people’s opinions of me don’t matter!
Family: lol yes they do. They do because we said so. That’s so dumb you would even think that.

Me: I like supernatural and my little pony!
Family: wow you’re a satanist and a faggot? We’re disappointed in you.

Me: I want to buy this merch with my own money that I earned by helping out and being nice to you people!
Family: lol no you’re not. It was my money first and I can take it back. I can also take your computer, phone, and video games when I want to cause I don’t agree with you.

Me: Look at this person, they were born feeling like they’re the wrong gender and just want to feel comfortable in their own body…

Me: *quietly* I want to take accounting this year and maybe make a “real” living…

Me: *stays in room all the time* *crying*

Family: *pretends they see nothing and go on with life normally*

Family: haha what did you say fag? That’s it, now you aren’t aloud to have anything you enjoy for a month. Enjoy.

Does anyone else have problems with their family like this?

Sense8 S2 thoughts

Some quickish but long thoughts now that I’ve finished the season and have had time to sleep on it. I will be rewatching and will write more on each episode as I go. First, while I loved the Christmas Special, it’s by far the weakest episode for me. Episode two just picks up and goes all out until the end of the season.  S2 is fantastic and improves on S1.

The Cluster: Seeing them all together and truly fighting as one was great.  Same as with them working together to get things done.  They basically took the S1 finale and expanded on it. There wasn’t quite as many one on one interactions as I would have liked (exception being Wolfgang and Kala), but I’m super excited that they have all met in real life now, with the exception of Wolfgang. Wolfgang better not die and I better get some epic first meeting of Wolfgang and Kala.

New Capheus: He feels very different from Old Capheus. Aml’s Capheus was ray of sunshine and he also seemed somewhat innocent.  Toby’s Capheus is a bit more reserved in his sunshine and is not as innocent.  Now, that could also be because of all the things that have happened to Capheus over the past year.  Overall though, I really loved him as Capheus and he fits in well. 

Lila: I loved her as a villain.  I’m curious about what exactly she (and her Cluster is after). She’s definitely ruthless.  I’m going to need her taken down for what she did to Wolfgang.

Whispers: He appears like a strong, powerful scary man and he is for the most part.  But throw him off guard, take him by surprise and turns into a cowardly, sniveling, pathetic man. Look at him when Will finds him in Ep, 2, in Ep. 3 when he’s trying to show his value and then of course the finale. He’s a bully who can’t take it when someone else stands up to him. I’m curious as to why, as a sensate, he’s chosen to go down this path. Though ultimately, I don’t think it matters.  I am super excited to see where they take this next season (I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THERE WILL BE NO SEASON 3).

Secondary Characters: This show continues to have some of the best secondary characters. Amanita, Hernando, Dani, Jala, Felix (though he’s probably down my list in rankings), Sun’s cellmate mom (can’t remember her name for the life of me right now). Bug, though he’s weird, has been a amazing friend to Nomi and Amanita and in turn the Cluster.  Detective Mun will be a good addition and I liked Capheus’ girlfriend.

Other Clusters: I loved the introduction of new sensates and other clusters. I kinda want to see The Cluster build some super sensate army to take down BPO.  In watching this season, you really begin to understand how young The Cluster (as a cluster).  They are kinda going about the world blind because every other sensate seems to know way more than them. Speaking of that…..

Jonas: FUCK Jonas. I know there was alot going down in S1 but he neglected to tell Will some pretty important things. Like blockers? Could have mentioned those. I really loved him in S1 but not now.  They need to take him down, along with Whispers.  He doesn’t appear to be a double agent so he’s basically betraying Angelica’s “children” down by no longer trying to protect them and that’s also a betrayal of Angelica whom he supposed loved.

Wolfgang and Kala:

Wolfgang and Kala were more than I could have possibly expected this season. They were practically perfect. I do say practically because I’m still not happy with Kala’s decision to go through with her wedding when she KNOWS she is not in love with Rajan. And while it skirts it a bit, what Kala and Wolfgang have done is cheating in an odd way (it’s DEFINITELY emotional cheating on Kala’s part) and I’m not thrilled with it. I don’t like cheating. While I love that they were going to Paris together, Kala still hadn’t told Rajan.  If they had made it to Paris, the would have definitely crossed over into the absolutely cheating part.

That being said, I loved everything else.  It was important for Kala to go to Wolfgang that night. Wolfgang knows how hard it was for her to come to him, when she’s been fighting it, and that’s why he asks if she is sure and I love him for it.  Quite frankly, he’s also been fairly patient with her. I love Kala, but this on again, off again/ talking in circles (as Wolfgang said) can’t be easy for Wolfgang. But he never pushes her too hard. Only when she tells him not to come to Bombay does he push.  Their I love yous were perfection. They were so happy. And Wolfgang FINALLY says Kala’s name because she is the first thing he always thinks of. Too bad it had to be under torture.

The sex scene was OMG.  I’m 99% sure Kala was actually having sex with Rajan but there with Wolfgang, which is why Rajan said it was incredible.

As for Rajan, I’m pretty disappointed in how blase he was about sending expired drugs to other countries and it didn’t matter because it was not going to India. That’s a completely shitty thing to do and his excuse/apology was severly lacking. He’s supposed to be an educated, forward thinking man he had to know this was wrong.  I’m not sure what is going on with him and the corruption but I don’t think it’s quite what he told Kala.  And I think there is more to that wedding gift than he is letting on.

That’s…uh…all for now. If you made it this far, thanks for reading, lol. Like I said I will be rewatching and posting on the episodes themselves.  It’s a bit hard to do when you’re binge watching.

The First Date: 10 Tips to Help You Master the Art of the Sugar Date



The first sugar date is crucial. He’ll size you up. You’ll size him up. And you’ll both come to a decision as to whether you want an arrangement with each other.

There’s a lot going on. But that’s no reason not to have fun.

In fact, your most important priority on a first sugar date is to have fun. After all – what’s the worst that’s going to happen? He’ll decide you’re not what he’s looking for? So what? – you get a chance to try out your sugar baby charm on him while being wined and dined.

Just concentrate on having fun – that is the best impression you can make. And if it doesn’t “work out” – hey, at least you had a fantastic time.


Conversation is crucial to a successful sugar relationship. Most sugar daddies tend to appreciate sugar babies they can have good conversations with.

Brush up on your potential sugar daddy’s interests before meeting. From your emails and chats, you’ll already know what they’re into – are they history buffs? Crazy about technology? Love traveling?

Use what you know about them to get to know more before the first date. You don’t have to be an expert in anything they’re interested in – just get a general understanding so you can be an interested and attentive listener as well as ask relevant questions to keep the conversation flowing.


The first sugar date should always be at a public place. If you can – make it a place of your choice, somewhere you feel comfortable.

This should be easy since a sugar daddy will most likely let you choose the restaurant or recommend a few for you to choose from. If he doesn’t, suggest it with a “I’ve been dying to go to ___. Want to meet there?”

If he offers to pick you up, politely decline and ask for cab fare. Actually, even if he doesn’t offer to pick you up, you should ask for cab fare.


Some sugar daddies love eye-catching arm candy. But most are low-key and prefer understated elegance or casual classy to outright flashy.

Choose your outfit according to the potential sugar daddy’s preferences, if you already know them.

If you don’t – for first sugar dates, we love understated, well-put-together outfits with a hint of fun. For ideas, check out some first date sugar baby looks we love.


You might be suffering a case of nerves over the first date, but guess what? You’re probably not the only one.

Quite a few sugar daddies are nervous the first time meeting. He might be feeling self-conscious about the fact that you’re much younger than he is (and appear obviously so) or he might be downright intimidated because of your looks.

Your job is to make him feel at ease. And the easiest way to help him feel at ease is to be at ease yourself. People play off each other’s energies and your body language speaks volumes so take the time to relax yourself before meeting your potential sugar daddy.


There is nothing more lethal to a first date – especially a first sugar date – than bland small talk.

Instead of pre-prepared questions, approach the potential sugar daddy as you would an old friend.

Greet him like you already know each other: “Hey! It’s awesome to see you! How was your day?”

And launch straight into normal conversation, just as you would with a friend: “So…tell me ’bout your day…anything exciting? I, for one, would love a glass of wine. Anything you recommend?”

Smile often. Laugh more often. Maintain eye contact. And keep the conversation flowing easily, naturally simply by expressing genuine interest in his day, his life, and his interests – just like you would with a friend.


A person’s appearance and demeanor speaks volumes about them. Take advantage of the first date to suss out whether this POT is sugar daddy material.

Observe not their wallet, their cufflinks, or their shoes, but their mannerisms, their eloquence, their overall conduct.

Many good sugar daddies may not look the part, but they will act it.

Does he ask you first what you want to eat? Is he interested in what you’re saying? Is he asking questions? How does he talk about his family, his employees, i.e. the people most important to him? Does he like taking care of them and knowing they’re happy? Is he nice to the waitstaff? How much is he tipping?

These little details matter. A lot. A sugar daddy who expresses interest in taking care of those important to him makes a great sugar daddy. A sugar daddy who cares that you’re happy with dinner is going to care that you’re happy in an arrangement.

Take note of the important details.


One of the best first sugar date tips we can give is: leave the allowance talk for later.

Find out why here.


There might be a lot of things running through your mind on your first sugar date. Am I dressed appropriately? Does he like me? How am I going to pay my tuition if he doesn’t? OMG…do I know those people at that table?

Whatever it is that’s on your mind, you can come back to it later. For the duration of the sugar date, the present is the only thing that matters.

The best way to guarantee a great first sugar date is to stay totally and completely in the moment. Show interest in your date. Appreciate the yummy foods you’re eating. Laugh about things happening around you. Relish how beautiful you feel.

Everything else can wait. Don’t bother yourself – or your potential sugar daddy – with pressing worries or concerns. Stay in the moment and share only what’s positive.


An hour or two is perfect for a first sugar date – even if it’s a leisurely dinner.

Even if you’ve had a fabulous time and the dynamic is amazing – avoid staying too long. He might want to keep you out longer, he might suggest all sorts of fun and inviting things to do.

But don’t be tempted – whatever he suggests, politely decline and leave him wanting more.

A good sugar baby knows her time is precious. Don’t be giving it away before the arrangement is finalized.