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He is Bangtan’s angel. He takes care of the members so much and cares for them as they are his brothers. Everyone loves the little mochi (I’m shorter than him but still). He’s so humble that it hurts. Jimin always reaches for perfection even though he’s already very talented. Army loves you no matter what Jimin,

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He doesn’t need abs or anything like that at all. Army will always love you for being who you are. HIS CHEEKS, HE’S LIKE A LITTLE CHIPMUNK OMG THAT YOU COULD PET FOR HOURS AND HOURS.

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WHEN HE’S IN THAT MODE, IT’S MOCHI NO MORE NOPE. I’m trying to jimout so hard rn making this. You are perfect the way you are, I know you want to work hard but as always no matter freakin what. Idc if the apocalypse is coming, Park Jimin you are an angel (a very disrespectful one)  Work hard but also rest well please <3 (Army add more if you want) *eye smile*

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Ezra and DJ ARE the same person after all?

So, we all heard it! Director Rian Johnson said Ezra wasn’t DJ from episode 8… Or did he?

Allow me to elaborate on my theory on how DJ could still be Ezra!

Now, watching the actual interview, you’ll see that when Rian is asked if DJ is Ezra Bridger, he replies: “Oh Ezra from Star Wars Rebels? He’s his own person… DJ is his own person…”

At first this sounds like the theory has been blown clean off the table, but if you think about it, that was a curious way to answer the question. He could have said no, or, they’re not related in any way. But he didn’t. Instead he refers to Ezra and DJ as two separate people. You know who else was one person but split into separate beings?

Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader

Ben Solo and Kylo Ren

Caleb Dume and Kanan Jarrus

Or even Lemuel Tharsa and Count Vidian.

So how far of a stretch is it to think that DJ and Ezra could be the same being, but two different people?

And it was brought to my attention this photo, provided by @jlassijlali

My first thought was “Damn! Those scars are almost like Ezra’s! If only they were on the other cheek…”

And then I realised, what if they had inverted the picture just to throw us off? And then you end up with this:

Two scars on his left cheek, just like Ezra Bridger…


(Or I’m just reaching for straws because I really want Rey to be a Bridger ;D)


In 10 minutes I got so many people telling me WHAT THAT IS NOT TRUE THEY ARE NEVER GOING TO BE TOGETHER

You’re right because silly me you just can’t split this couple right?




Real though I ship them so hard. I don’t know this show is honestly amazing. These characters are forever if they break up I am dying and if they get back together i’m getting raised from the dead this how much this ship is



NCT 127 + Ten reaction to their s/o being a huge fan of the Vroom Vroom Talk Show

Ok ngl i’m weak as hell for Doyoung and the vroom vroom talk show has given me many precious moments of him so i will forever be grateful 🙏🏼🙏🏼 


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(I love this gif so much lmao)

Taeil would just be super happy and soft when he sees you laughing and genuinely having a good time. He’d put his hand on your leg or around your shoulder and rub it gently bc he’s so whipped for you and when he sees you smiling his whole world lights up and he’s just in a very happy place. He’d try to join in on the fun by yelling random things (like he usually does), and when he sees you laughing at those he’s just be a shy happy bean.


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Y’all know how in NCT life Taeyong tried to take over the Vroom Vroom talk show and Doyoung gave him the eye-roll of the century™, and then Johnny completely ignored him and started talking to Ten?? Yes well I see Taeyong as being kinda whiny like “Babe I’m so much better”, and he would be lowkey jealous that you laughed so much at Doyoung’s jokes. I see him being super clingy and I see him trying to one up Doyoung and trying to get you to laugh at him. If you do laugh at his jokes, you can be sure to see him go and do that thing where he dances and makes weird noises to tease Doyoung like “did ya see that they laughed at my jokes I’m better than you suck on that”.


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Johnny would just be happy that you’re happy and he’s just gonna enjoy watching you laugh and enjoy yourself. Bc he’s an actual meme he’ll be like “we all know my fashion evaluation is much better right Y/N?” for jokes, but he’s just glad to see you smile this softie. He’d also lowkey have a full on conversation w/ Ten and would just ignore Doyoung (which makes DY hella salty).


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Yuta this lil shit is the person who hates on the show the most. He loves getting a reaction out of Doyoung so he keeps interrupting him and teasing him and when he sees Doyoung getting irritated it’s like his life’s goal has been achieved. 

When he sees that you’re really enjoying Doyoung’s show, this teasing only intensifies bc he’s highkey jealous that Doyoung is making you laugh like “nah fam my s/o can only laugh at my jokes”. He tries to make you laugh by teasing Doyoung basically, and when you laugh he does that thing where he smiles like an angel (basically just him smiling normally but it still does things to my smol heart) and he’s just happy that you’re happy and you’re having a good time. 


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DOYOUNG this boy makes me weak I can feel my bias list crashing down as I look at this gif 

Doyoung is highkey salty bc everyone is ganging up on him and not letting him do what he wants and his show is failing bc no one is cooperating and he’s just salty af.

When he sees that you’re really enjoying it though, this lil bunny’s confidence gets boosted x100000 and he just gets really smiley and bashful bc you’re so cute !!!! and you’re laughing at his jokes !!!!! and he’s just super happy that he can make you laugh so much and he just wants you to keep laughing so he tries a little harder and it’s just rlly cute and my heart cannot take kim doyoung someone save me pls


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I think Ten would just be happy to see you having a good time and seeing you laughing would make him giggle too bc you’re so cute and he loves you. He’d lowkey be talking to Johnny the whole time though and the two of them would be in their own little world (just like in the NCT life episode lmao).


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(This boy will be the death of me)

Jaehyun seemed like he wasn’t the biggest fan of the vroom vroom talk show - not that he had anything against it, he just kinda went along with it to entertain Doyoung. I feel like Jaehyun would just kinda be sat there with you, occasionally laughing at somethings, but not really laughing super hard or anything. You, on the other hand, were laughing super hard, and you kept folding yourself into a ball into Jaehyun’s side as your eyes crinkled as you gasped for air between your giggles, and I think jaehyun would just love to see you like that. He would look at you with the most adoring look and he would just want to squish your cheeks and hug you because he thought you were super cute. 


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(Look at this lil squish what a cutie)

Ok so with WinWin, his Korean is still a little lacking so I don’t think he’d be very engaged in what was going on in the talk show. BUT, seeing you laugh and genuinely enjoy yourself would make his lil heart flip in his chest and he’d just wrap his arms around you and smile at you and just be really cute because he’s just happy that you’re happy and can you tell that this boy makes me fckn soft


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THIS BOI ok I don’t think Mark would really care whether you liked the talk show or not tbh he’d be too busy losing his marbles from laughing too much. Mark has the cutest giggle (don’t fight me on this we all know it’s true) and he would just be dying at the whole situation of how everyone is ganging up on Doyoung and how Doyoung is highkey salty. I think he’d be super happy though, because the two of you could sit together and be in a fit of giggles and just be happy and cute and aw


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(omg i love this gif so much look at my baby how cute i love this outfit he looks so soft and squishy i just want to hug him)

Ok so we all know Donghyuck is the king of sass and he’s a funny lil squish. I think he’d find it cute that you found Doyoung’s show so funny, but he’d be lowkey jealous and would constantly spout sassy comments about everything. Ofc his comments are hilarious so you burst out laughing at them, and when he sees that you’re laughing more at his jokes than Doyoung’s, this lil bean will just swell with pride and confidence like “hell yeah my s/o thinks i’m funny what a great thing” and he’d just be a happy lil bby.

BNHA 144 Ramble

So I’m just gonna go ahead and say it now, I freaking called it. I knew Crimson Riot was gonna be the one to get persuade Kiri to go to U.A

Also, judging from this chapter it seems like Izuku didn’t inspire Kiri at all, like I said before Kirishima only compared himself to Izuku, in his mind he was a real hero.

I gotta admit, Kiri was a cute child, he looks a lot like Kouta here lmao. I’m glad Horikoshi decided to add this small scene to the chapter, because I’m pretty sure some people didn’t know how he got the scar on his eye up till now.

Kirishima here reminds me of Izuku in a way…sort of, like how they both unintentionally did something that would change their lives forever. Izuku jumped on All Might’s back and if he never did that he wouldn’t be where he is right now. Kirishima threw that book out of anger and because of that he was able to regain his spirit again!

I’m curious, what the heck is this bleep Horikoshi???

So I’m gonna assume that Crimson Riot was already dead when Kirishima was in middle school, this guy is truly the definition of a hero though, and even Kiri’s classmates said that the era of heroes had changed…so Crimson Riot was probably alive in the ‘true hero era’ where people actually did heroic things for the sake of heroism rather than fame.

I swear Kiri has good friends. They obiously doubted him but at least they still cheered for his success. I mean compare what happened to Kiri to what happened to Izuku….the poor child was pushed against a wall and.. well I ‘m not gonna go deep into that.

Horn buddies, omg that’s so sweet, this whole page was so sweet. I really like their friendship, I really do.

But I’m honestly surprised at how little they interact in the series… you’d think two people who went to the same middle school and took the exam together would be the best of friends but they kinda just seem like acquaintances now. But since both are the most social people of the gender in their class I’m expecting a lot more interactions between these two.

And I’m really glad Kirishima got a nice slice of life like backstory instead of death and angst…this is a lot more interesting to me.

He’s such a loving father ^^ Plus…does he…have a nose?

Fatgum is kinda like Kiri’s All Might in a way.

Ahhhh this was such a good and interesting chapter!!! Hyped because we may finally see the others again, It’s been way to long and I’m anxious to see the girls especially.


you’re playing an angel on supernatural. what has that been like in terms of public perception of you just on the streets in los angeles or where you shoot? it’s a little weird. I play an angel on supernatural so everybody comes up to me and they meet me and they think i’m going to be amazing and awesome and obviously that’s true. I am.

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OMG THANK YOU I THOUGHT JIHAN LOOKED LIKE JUN SO MUCH I guess that's why he was my fave in hwarang 😅

YOU’RE WELCOME  ❤ TRUE THEY RESEMBLE EACH OTHER :D even though I haven’t seen Hwarang, I’ve seen tweets and comments saying that Wen Junhui looked like Do Jihan and I COULD NOT AGREE MORE :D

Here…Pre debut Junhui in a bun

and Do Jihan as Banryu in a bun 

Where’s Wen Junhui? Where’s Do Jihan? xD


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Omg yooooo. So your snap about fidel... is 100000% true. I'm half black and half cuban on my mom's side and people try that shit with me all the time and im like "sooo my uncle just swam here for the nightlife?" And even though a lot of my family is in america safe you can still see the fear in my uncles and grandparents eyes when fidel is mentioned. Dude was a monster.

mind-boggling. can white people ever just like. chill? maybe?

i say white because it’s never non-latinx black people or other minorities trying to tell cubans what the island was like. they know better. it’s always that white lib in his humanities class trying to mansplain cuba like he rolls cigars in havana himself like sure jeff my abuela boarded a raft made of tires cause cuba was that gr8 sure sure tell me more 🙄


OMG so people have been saying how this new manga called “It’s difficult to love an otaku” (wotaku no koi wa muzukashii) is the josei version of GSNK, AND IT IS SO TRUE.


Side note: THE NEW MANGA IS REALLY GOOD. The ships are too good and there is actual romance and I melt bcas too realistically lovely and just OMG TOO GOOD. I RELATE TO THEIR OTAKU STUFF TOO. IN ALL, 103837382920/10 WOULD RECOMMEND TO READ.


SO, I’ll just get to it and tell you about my experience seeing BTS Wings in Newark. Luna and I went together so when I say “we” that’s who i’m referring to.
We got to the line at 9 am and it was already wrapped around to the other side of the building. The day started out cold but it got even colder to the point that the rain that started to fall became snow momentarily. There was also a St. Patrick’s Day Parade happening for some of the waiting. We all had to wait in line until about 1 pm for the Prudential Employees to hand out numbered wrist bands, that way we could leave the line and come back later and have the same spot. I was #819 in line. There was a really nice Japanese fansite girl who spoke Korean and a little English behind us. She said she flew from Japan. JAPAN! dedication man… anyways she gave our little line group a pack of really awesome Jungkook photocards she had taken. Her fansite is 하트트리‏ @HEARTTREE_JK on Twitter. Here the cute Photocards (Just the JK ones, Luna got me the Yoongi ones and I don’t know who made those)

After we got our wristbands we finally went to the bathroom and ate lunch and stood in line for that photo booth that has the video of your bias. After standing in line, you go up to a table with two girls and they check to see if you filled out the survey before they let you pick a ball blindly from a box. If you pick an orange ball you get a photocard and a personal photo with your bias. If you get a white ball, you just get the photocard. I happened to get an orange ball :D !
When you get the orange ball you wait in line again and they direct you to one of the photo booths where you enter and they close the curtain. You choose which member you want on a touch screen and then a countdown begins. So obviously I chose yoongi. He entered from the right speaking korean so I couldn’t fucking understand but I mean he was cute I think he was just telling me to do the poses he was doing or something, I hope someone took video of it and translated it anyways. He was too cute. I chose the V pose picture, you had the option of choosing which of the two photos you liked the most. I’ll show you his part of the photo because I look atrocious. 

Yeah, he cute.

One of the girls who went in after me absolutely freaked out and was screaming and laughing like crazy, I wonder who her bias was… I bet it was Jimin….
 All the staff for the photo booth were laughing with the rest of us. It was cute.
After that, we wanted to get some merch but the line was freaking HUGE and they were running out quick so instead we asked a couple girls at the front to buy what we wanted in exchange for some extra cash.

Then we went back to the hotel to warm up and change and headed back to the line a little later. They started letting us in through security check around 5:30 I think. It took an hour for us to get to the security check. 

Here is where I want to point out the extraordinary amount of trash and debris that was strewn all over the ground, increasing as we got closer to the doors. No doubt left behind by the people that camped out overnight or early in the morning. There was blankets, trash, makeup, and food spilled everywhere and i was highly disappointed and embarrassed by our fandom. There were trashcans and trash bags everywhere that they could have used so there was ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE FOR THAT MESS. And even though some of us tried to clean up there was just TOO MUCH. And the line kept moving toward security check. I hope BTS didn’t see it :( . 

Once we passed security we flat out ran to the pit to try and get as close as possible. We got pretty darn close, maybe 15 rows of bodies?
There were two screens on either side of the stage playing BTS’S mvs in chronological order of their release. We all sang along and watched while we waited until 8 pm. The energy increased as we got closer to showtime.
I can’t exactly remember but I think the show started directly after BS&T MV ended. Immediately as the lights dimmed we were forcefully shoved and pushed closer as a video reel began playing. I will break that up in two or more videos and post on tumblr soon so you can watch.
The pushing and shoving was absolutely REDICULOUS. Not to sound like the old person in the room but OMG. There were people falling and fainting and I literally was holding the people in front of me so we both didn’t fall. Do not get pit tickets if you needs space or are clostrophobic. 

Your body is pressed against strangers harder than it’s ever been, I mean I got to third base with everybody around me.

Every time a member moved across the stage, the crowd would shove that way, I ASSUME so they could follow with their phones. Wtf, just turn your phone, NOT YOUR FUCKING BODY YOU ANIMALS. Anyways. It got bad enough that the security was repeatedly telling us to back up and a move so they could help people who had fainted and fallen and almost NO ONE was listening. EVEN BTS AND NAMJOON HAD TO STOP AFTER THEIR SONG AND TELL US TO STOP AND BACK UP AND CALM DOWN I MEAN COME THE FUCK ON PEOPLE. I’m embarrassed for American ARMY.

So I’m not gonna go through the song order because I could never even begin to try and remember that. Especially since I couldn’t see half of it. 😡
But I will describe as much as I can.
Omg where do I start.
The most memorable thing for me was HOBI surprisingly because he’s not even on my bias list, he’s like that best friend that I would never be attracted to but OMG he was so flirty and sweet and cute and I could tell he was enjoying himself the most. All those smile and cheeky grins.
“I’m your hope…… you’re MY hope….. I’m Jhope!!!”
Omg I love him so much. He did something to me that night. I wanna squeeze him and hug him till he pops.

FUCKING JIMIN WAS RUDE AS ALWAYS. he bent down and interacted with the front rows the most, with that stupid sexy grin and face and aaaaaaahhhh!!!! He killed.
Kookie was the one who bent down and interacted the most after Jimin with that cute smile and bright doe eyes I can’t even begin to describe how much I love him.
Tae was being cheeky and cute the whole time as expected. He did that tongue bite and smile and I can’t believe I fucking saw that 15 feet away from my face I’M DEAD. he also had that rude, intense glare a lot too, but let’s not talk about that AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ha.
I didn’t see much of Nams or Yoongi unfortunately but every time I saw Nams he was amazing. His dimples. Ugh. During cypher he did that dorky but adorable jumping he does, you know what I’m talking about. At some point I was in the middle and so was he and he was turned to the side and I’m just gonna say that I had a clear and up close view of that crotch AHHHH FUCKKKKKKK. he also smiled and laughed a couple times like a cutie.
I barely saw Jin. I’m sorry for you Jin stans reading this but he killed his solo song. He did beautifully and we all sang with him. UGH, MY HEART.

 SO. Kookie’s solo. That fancy footwork, I mean damn. He killed it. And not to mention he was wearing a white satin shirt that was immediately soaked in sweat and sticking to his chest YAS! Literally during the second or third song, he did a turn in the choreography, I don’t remember what song it was sorry but as he turned I could literally see the sweat fly off the ends of his hair. Sadly, it did not hit me in the face. I saw his beautiful hands and his mouth moving as he sang, ugh. I will never not appreciate every moment.

 Namjoons solo was chill and deep as fuck. He told us to
“feel the flow and rhythem”
and let his hand just dance in the air as he rapped/sang with closed eyes and it was so beautiful and I did. I felt the music. When it came to his “I wish I could love myself” we all shouted “WE LOVE YOU” after each time. I hope he really knows how much we meant it. 😢

 Yoongi’s solo was also chill and heavy. His song always makes me too emotional to the point that I barely listen to it. I cant, it’s just too much. As expected he rapped so passionately and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. There were live instrumental and I was so excited for that. It was beautiful BUT they didn’t play the end of his song the same, so that drawn out violin/cello wasn’t there, I was kind of disappointed because that’s my favorite part. But it was still amazing.

 Jimin’s solo. I mean. Yes. So. Fucking. Good. I. Cant. Even. Begin. To. Explain. The lighting was on point. He was on point. The dancing was flawless, the blindfold part was so fucking good, he is amazing. It was sexy and powerful and just right. Jimin stans, how are you still

 Taehyung’s solo was so great, he hit that high note from what I could hear, which some people said he didn’t do in the previous concert. I’m not sure if that’s true though. At some point he was wearing a silver choker and… omg. Like, hah, like, I’m so speechless. I’m sorry but Taehyung is so gorgeous, he really is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen and I can’t understand it yet. His voice was smooth and soulful and So Fucking Good.

 Jhopes solo was amazing, the dancing was on point as always and during the middle there was a breakdown way different from just the original song, I wish I had taken more videos. I’m sure you can find it. Watch it. We all sang with him especially the end chorus of “hey mama!”, you know. He just did do amazing, he was so memorable, omg and gorgeous. I’ll say that Hoseok looks the best in person compared to photos or videos. Some people just look better in person and he’s one of those people. His hair for this concert was perfect for him, the color, the parted and flippy style. Mm, so good.

As I said, Jin did so amazing on his solo, he hit all the notes and he wasn’t shaky or messed up from what I could hear and remember. He was just chilled up on stage and singing out his heart with us. I managed to get a little bit of video with him at center stage and he was dancing with an ARMY bomb as always lmao I love him ahhh.

I only noticed one mistake the whole concert. At one point, kookie went to move from his position and he needed to cross to the other side of the stage as Namjoon was coming up the middle, they bumped into each other slightly but it was so small and they carried on so smoothly it was barely anything but it made me smile for some reason. Also, Jimin was just slightly off key at like ONE point but I mean, they’re singing and dancing live. I expect that. The others might have had a moment or two but I just can’t recall if they did.

I want to talk about their backup dancers for a second. Not only did they do amazing, they were so fucking adorable! Some of them were really interacting with the fans and it made me laugh so much. They would look at us, laugh, smile, and I could tell they were just really loving it. I assume they all want to either be dancers or performers/musicians like BTS and I could see the joy in their face at being on the stage and seeing the crowds reactions and energy. They really enjoyed themselves and I hope they can one day get a stage for themselves if that’s what they desire. Ah, they were so cute. 😁

 Towards the end, Namjoon kept saying “this is the last song” and we were all like lol nah, we know you’re coming back out lol. And they did haha. We had the rainbow ocean and Namjoon said “it doesnt matter what color you are, pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange, we love you” or something very similar. He was so amazing THEY WERE ALL AMAZING. I wish I had taken videos and pics but tbh, I wanted to just try and really enjoy the concert in person and focus on them with my eyes. Also there were so many people recording, there was no real point for me to do so as well. And the crowd was so pushy I was afraid of dropping my phone and it being destroyed. Knowing me, I would’ve dropped it.

 At the end, they were walking around and waving and sending hearts and such. People were throwing gifts on the stage, I noticed Kookie took a tiny iron man plushie and I thought it was so cute.
I can’t remember what they said at each brake but I really tried to get Yoongi’s attention. He was really focused on the whole crowd though. There was ONE point where he might have seen my, what do u call it, like his face on a stick thing, and he has this smirk like he was trying to not smile or laugh. I’ll show it below. 

The experience was amazing and next time I got to their concert I will be sure to camp out the night before because if I’m gonna buy pit tickets, I WILL be at the damn front next time! I won’t be satisfied until I am. I only buy BTS concert tickets for this reason, so I can save and get the expensive front rows. Also, P2 area standing is better than P1 because they interact more with us and we face them, so don’t bother with P1, I know a lot of people wanted those for like sound check or something. I forgot to say that at one pint I could see the back of Hobis, tan, sweaty, thick neck and all I could think was “Das a nice neck…" because it is, it really is a beautiful neck, I must say. 

And then we left the venue and my body was failing because I stood literally from 9 am to like 11 pm. It was worth every moment, even when it got bone cuttingly cold and started to snow and rain. WORTH IT. BTS is worth everything I have to give and I can’t wait to attend another amazing concert. Next time I’m taking a selfie stick or something and filming it all on my phone. 

SOOO, I want to also include that the next day, Luna and I went to Korea Town in New York and it was awesome. UGh, they had a Tony Moly and The Face Shop and so many restaurants. We at at Mukeunji and it was delicious. 
We popped into Nature Republic to buy some things, and the lady asked Luna if she liked EXO. She answered that she liked BTS and the lady SAID THEY WERE JUST THERE ON FRIDAY EATING LUNCH!!!!
BOI!!!! I swear to god, we both felt like dying, but i mean, we were waiting in line for their freaking concert so what are ya gonna do??! (JUST DIE, thats what im gonna do) those sneaky, clever boys….

(lmao i make myself laugh way to much)

So yeah, that was the concert and I probably didn’t properly describe it. I’m sorry for not having any videos or pics of the concert but I know you can find so many from other people. 

Here’s some other things I bought. Spoiler, its all basically Yoongi.

OMG hes so cute, they’re all so cute. My bedroom looks like a shrine….


MORE AU event profiles!

Akechi Mitsuhide

Nobunaga’s loyal retainer, Akechi Mitsuhide. Before finding the ray of light that is Nobunaga, in the darkness who did he serve, and what was he thinking… living a hollow life while carrying the burden of his past, what gave him the reason to start a new life is…

Katsuie 「When I first met him, unlike now he has this unapproachable air about him」

Inu 「Compared to the Mitsuhide we know now, I just can’t imagine」

Katsuie 「Surely it is after overcoming many difficulties that he became the person he is today」

Toukichirou (Toyotomi Hideyoshi)

Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who emerged as the most succesful man of Sengoku. There’s always certain people(*) hanging around this man called “Toukichirou”. The face he has when he was with them, and the face he shows when he’s alone with you are totally different? His absolutely true self is…

Sakon「It’s the Hideyoshi before he met us, huh?」

Mitsunari「”Toukichirou”, is it…? Why are those people* at Hideyoshi’s side?」

Kiyomasa「The thing about him and me, how about you just have a look at it?」

(*) This "people” (the text literally says “them) is mysterious/not explained. I think it’s Kiyomasa and Masanori, tho. Since Kiyomasa is the one answering Mitsun when he asked about the mysterious “them”.


ETA: I’m so silly, I didn’t see Yuki and Masa, so here they are

Genjirou (Sanada Yukimura)

Sanada Yukimura, who is known as the Greatest Warrior of Japan. As a warrior, he lives a straightforward life, but there was a time when he strayed from the path. Until his firm belief was formed… Until he became a true warrior, what in the world happened?

Sasuke「I thought he’s always been like this from a long time ago」

Nobuyuki「Even though Yukimura himself doesn’t change, everyone goes through a difficult period at some point.」

Saizo「His innocence didn’t change since all those time ago, eh?」

Toujirou (Date Masamune)

The young lord of Oushu, Date Masamune. Feared as the One-Eyed Dragon, there was once a time when he was a young man who can trust and laugh together. Before he became a lord, the pain and suffering he endured…

Shigezane「Never mind his scary face, he talks even less back then than he does now and scared the people who met him for the first time」

Kojuro「You talk too much」

Shigezane「Really? I miss the time when the two of us would go out from the castle」

Sakichi (Ishida Mitsunari)

Ishida Mitsunari, who blindly worships Hideyoshi. Having grown up without knowing love, he closed his heart and lived in a time of loneliness. He doesn’t allow anyone to come close, and confined himself in his own world. What gave him a reason to begin to look to the outside world is…

Ootani Yoshitsugu「Sakon… you’re Sakichi’s retainer, correct?」

Sakon「Eh… who are you? Are you Lord Hideyoshi’s retainer?」

Ootani Yoshitsugu「Fu fu fu… The encounter between you and Sakichi will be featured too. How exciting」

Matsudaira Motoyasu (Tokugawa Ieyasu)

Tokugawa Ieyasu became the leader of Matsudaira clan at a young age. Under Imagawa Yoshimoto, there was a time when he lived as a hostage. Not trusting other people, sometimes showing his cruel side, his incredible past is…

Toramatsu「I’ve rarely heard of any stories about Lord Ieyasu’s past」

Sakai「At that time, Lord Ieyasu doesn’t even have any retainers. He was all alone at Imagawa’s place.」

Sakai「Thinking about how he endured such terrible things courageously… my heart aches」

MOTOYASU. Yasu and Mitsun doesn’t seem different, haha. 

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I think one of my favorite things about BBC Sherlock is that Sherlock ships Warstan with all of his heart. My sad tsundere detective ships his best friends super hard.^_^ (Also Sherlock with Rosie. He loves her.)

I totally agree. Which is one of the reasons why it breaks my heart when one half of them is gone and some make it seem like he didn’t love Mary. He loved her so much. His heart was practically breaking because he loved her, and her relationship she had with John. It meant something to him. His speech at their wedding/and the reception meant so much because it was true. All of it.

and omg yes, Rosie holds such a special place in his heart. Even though he has no idea what he’s doing half the time he loves spending time with that little girl. She reminds him so much of her mother. I’ll just be over here crying about this until the end of days.

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whats the best way to figure out you're tritype? it seems like every quiz i take gives me different answers ive gotten 7-2-3 and 8-2-6

Imho the best way to find out your tritype is to tackle each of the three triads individually. For example the head group first. Read descriptions of 5, 6 and 7. Often times you can exclude one of the three numbers immediately because that kind of thinking is just too foreign to you. Considering your test results it seems like both 6 and 7 are a possibility and 5 is rather not.

The next step is to read comparisons between those two. I like the ones here: (it’s a big wall of text and you have to scroll a bit, the short comparisons are hidden in between.)
For example:
“6 vs 7: Sixes don’t have the blind faith in the future and themselves that sevens have. Sixes are much more self-conscious than sevens. Sixes are much more naturally responsible. Sixes are compliant types with a strong superego influence.“
One of the descriptions should “click” more with you. That’s your head type.
Repeat the process for the body (8, 9, 1) and heart (2, 3, 4) group.

So then you’ve got your three numbers, your so called archetype. The next step is to find out the order of the three numbers, the actual tritype. That is much harder tbh. Like sometimes I’m still wondering if I’m not secretly an 873 instead of an 837. Honestly though, it’s not -that- important anyway and the differences are only marginal.
(But if you have a triad group where you had the most difficulties of having sympathy for any of the three descriptions and you only chose one because “meh, all three are shit but that’s the least shittiest I guess?” then that’s probably the type at position three)

Your reactions to reading the type descriptions should probably go like this:
Core type: “Omg that’s embarrassingly me. How do they know me so well? *nervous laughter*”
Second type / non-dominant center of intelligence #1: “Oh yeah that really resonates with me, I often act that way.”
Third type / non-dominant center of intelligence #2 : “True, this fear influences my reactions sometimes, not always though.”

Finding out your core type (the very first number) is fun though and you should do it because otherwise you couldn’t enjoy all those enneagram memes, right?

If your core and second type seem to be equally strong it can be helpful to think about disintegration/ how you react if you are under periods of stress. Like a stressed 7 may behave like a unreasonable perfectionistic 1 and a stressed 2 behaves like an aggressive power-hungry 8.

(Btw what kind of test did you take? 723 is not a possible tritype since both 2 and 3 are in the heart group…)

Aww Kang Ho Dong praising Kim Go Eun’s acting and the rest of the cast are praising the OSTs. It’s true every single actor in Goblin were flawless and amazing 🍁 I’m so glad Goblin is still talked about and appreciated even though it ended almost a month ago. *gasp* It ended a month ago!! OMG I STILL MISS GOBLIN SO MUCH ☔️

Live Blog TWP Ep. 7

This week’s episode was… so bad.  So, naturally, I wrote down all my thoughts to share with you all!  It’s about 5.5 pages of me breaking down the stupid.  Enjoy.

Lol how Richard/Perkin is brought with a bag on his hand.

He looks nothing like a York - he just has golden hair and his hot af, as we know all Yorks are.

Henry’s been wearing the same outfit(s) for EPISODES which translates to YEARS.  One of the richest kings in Christendom and he had legit four outfits: his bdsm jacket, his triangle jacket made out of shoulders, his dark green long housedress, and his rare happy mood red and gold housedress.  Am I missing anything.

Glad to see Lizzie’s *finally* got something new to wear.  Also, if they’re going to do her hair like that and put that doily on top why can’t they give her a hood?

I like how Richard/Perkin thinks he’s going to go through the doors, then Maggie B is like “THINK AGAIN IDIOT!” and shoulders past him.

Maggie B’s like “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a Tudor.  I don’t fit in.  And I don’t want to fit in.  Have you ever seen with without this stupid red and green dress on.  That’s Tudor.”

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Keep it or Leave it (Part 4)

Prompt: When an early bird and a womanizer are roommates, they come up with a scheme that favors both of them. But some things are not as clear as they seem

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None that I know of…
*If you do feel triggered by something, let me know so I can add here and warn other readers!

Word Count: 570

Author’s Note: As always, if you see any words that could/should be replaced or sentences that could be better put together please feel free to point it out! English is not my first language and this will help me improve ;)

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

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< OMG!!!!!!

Nat, I’m serious! >
What do I do?? >

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