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Story-time with Sora and Noctis takes a weird turn. Noct may have competition for the title of Crown Prince of Napping!

Bonus time-jump panel in which Noctis takes his rightful place as the Naptime King:

Soldier Erik and Prince Charles commissioned by @parodyandpastiche for @godlyrights

  • rick riordan: *doesn't mention grover underwood for several books, transforms him into a secondary and unappreciated character, ignores that he is percy's bff*
  • me: you little shIT I HATE YOU SO MU-
  • rick riordan: *implies that grover will be important on the next book*

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valammar  asked:

Some OC questions: If Neb and Gwyn spent the day together, what would they do? (in Canon, Modern AU or BOTH) What's the most illegal thing Gwyn has ever done? What was her favorite thing about her childhood? What was her least favorite? Does she have any nicknames? If Varric were to give her a nickname in DAI what would it be and why? Does Gwyn like ketchup? What's her favorite pizza topping?

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Oh, man. I think in either canon or a modern au, Gwyn would probably love to want to take Neb to her favorite bookshop and gift her any and all of her favorite books. (She’d probably ask Neb if she has any favorite books and would immediately want to read them.) But in a modern au, Gwyn would definitely go to a concert with Neb. (Preferably at a venue that is outside, because, well, duh. It could even be at, like, a lawn of some sort where they can just sit and enjoy the music.) Honestly, if Gwyn had a chance, I think she’d love to learn how to play an instrument, but I think she’d be extremely hard on herself in the process. I know this doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with your question– but Gwyn would most definitely love music therapy and would definitely be a client (not necessarily Neb’s, but h’oh boy she’d have a deep appreciation for what Neb does.) Ahhhh~ overall, I just imagine Gwyn being like: “what would you like to do, Neb?” Because she really would worry that any decisions she makes might be boring.

Most illegal thing she’s done. Hmmm. As a child, she stole a book that her step-mother told her she couldn’t have and hid it. Her father found it and had her do chores in the stables for weeks. When she got older and returned to Ostwick, she found the tattered book in her room and tried to find the shopkeep to give him his money. It seemed so stupid in hindsight– being so upset about not being allowed to buy a book she wanted and stuffing it under her robes.

Her favorite thing about her childhood was being around the horses and being near her brother, really. Brennan was just the best person in her life. He pushed all her buttons, but she just liked being near someone who loved all parts of her, even ones Brennan didn’t necessarily understand. They were carefree and didn’t know death. They didn’t know what it was like to take a life and had never thought about it then. Guilt was no stranger, it’s different when you’re 6 and hiding a stolen book or sweets under your floorboard versus feeling the guilt that weighs heavily on them as adults. 
I think her least favorite– aside from the obvious of being subjected to emotional abuse and manipulation from her stepmother and sister, I suppose would just be the realization she had magic. Because, from there, it felt as if everything tumbled down. She was sent to the Circle and it was as if she lost her entire family– even the one constant in her life, Brennan. It was just terrifying for a kid at 9 and everything “Bad” just snowballed from the moment her family realized she was a mage.

Nicknames….she’d always been known as the Stargazer of Ostwick, but it was never really clear who started it. She’d first heard it at the Circle, as if it was one she’d always had…and it just followed her long after.  Varric usually switches between Ponytail and Stargazer. Ponytail was just because she was so quiet that he wouldn’t have caught her name if Cassandra hadn’t told him herself. He didn’t really know much about her except that she kept her hair in a ponytail and any time she got a moment of peace, she was looking up. 

I feel like Gwyn believes there’s a time and place for ketchup. Fries, sure. On burgers, sure. But sometimes she watches her brother dip mac and cheese on ketchup and, y’know, some things just cannot abide by.

She is a pure cheese and mushroom pizza girl. She’s not a fan of pepperoni or sausage and just likes simplicity. She tried pineapple on pizza once and just does not understand. hey lena you wana play a game

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