omg this is so funny!

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Hi! I have to do a presentation about something that I like and I like languages (duh lol) but I don't know any topics!?! Would you have any tips or ideas of topics that are language oriented? Because I hate presentations so I hope I'd at least have a topic that I like. Danke 😘 (love ur blog it's really helpful and funny)

omg this sounds like so much fun 😄
- benefits of multilingualism
- oddly specific foreign words
- history of the english language
- differences between english dialects
- history of the latin alphabet (or writing systems in general)
- how to develop a conlang
- teach some basic linguistic concepts
good luck with your presentation!! 💛

anyway coming out as a lesbian was one of the most liberating experiences of my life and even though I’m not out to everyone so far its been positive and I’m really glad
but the very first time I came out was so funny omg, it happened during summer 2016
it went like this:
me (slightly drunk, out as bi for 10+ years): alright I have to tell y’all something… its important. listen,
two of my dearest friends (both drunk, at the same time): we know. you’re a lesbian
me (almost spitting my drink laughing): ASDHJFHDKFSFDS YES!!!

Best quotes from the new dnp craft video

“Friends are important. then you have more knives”

*laughing* “Lying makes you go to hell!”

“This one’s long with a big head. Like him!”

“Throw the smallest over your shoulder! No one wants that.” 

“I’ve selected as many knives as i have friends. Two!”

*heavy breathing*

“Next, grab your potato! Grip it with all your strength.”

“Slice it like it will remember it.”

“Chopping things fills me with good memories.”

“Sometimes its nice to look up at the stars and remember that theyre all already dead.” 

“The universe is so big….and cold.”

“If you make a mistake while cutting, just think about it for the rest of the day!”

“Phil. Too hard. You hurt it.”

“Space is violent.”

“I only trust my potato with my true friend”

“Im going to place mine [potato] in the trapdoor under my bed.”

*satanic shit*


hey @eightmonkeys , y’know that au where laurens lives??? i can totally dig that :^^)))