omg this is so crappy

Little blue prince, hanging out in the moonlight

He’s pretending to read but he’s really just staring at Keef <3

(from Watercast by the lovely @fishwrites)

(there is also one actual word in his book but it’s in arabic and written terribly so props if you find it)

edit: Keef is here


Chanyeol’s Birthday Countdown: The ABCs of Chanyeol
➥ Day 3 - X for Xtremely rude

you guys loved her, so here she is as a dummy for trying out new colouring styles on.  i’ll give this quick colour sketch to supreme-kai-of-time as a little surprise present

anonymous asked:

wait, who are you gonna s-support this time

I’m giving him another chance.

A chance that doesn’t involve reading his supports with the avatar, his confession or My Room lines.


Xiuhan illustration for Admin K! And also cuz haven’t we all been missing Xiuhan lately lbr. 

deadbeat Admin M is deadbeat. and pretends that this makes up for her lack of activity on here ever.

I literally can’t believe i just did another one of these…



Bleach 635: Run foh yo lyf!! ᕕ(╯°□°)ᕗ