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I was rewatching BTS RUN but I can't get over EP 12 when Jungkook slaps Jimin's butt.... because I'm sure he has carried him that way many times. There's no way someone can do that so smoothly the first time tbh

Ok so this ask is really old lol oops. sorry for just replying now. but yes omg that butt slap saved my life. like it honestly made me believe in jikook 1244x more than I already did. Like, Jungkook just…. lifted…….. jimin off the ground……. and slapped his ass…….. all on video…….. wild. like ik jungkook is strong and all (boys biceps are bigger than my future) but theres no way he could lift jimin and put himover his should that fluidly,,,,, like,,,, ur going to mess up on the first try no matter what bc its just new and like arms are going places and ppl are being thrown and cop kink aus r being written and like idk i just feel like jungkook and jimin do this on the reg in the dorm like “hey jungkook im tired can u take me to bed?” “oh sure lemme just THROW U OVER MY SHOULDER!” im not saying that jungkook has some sort of kink where he does this but im saying jungkook has some sort of kink where he does this (that was the longest run on sentence if my life omg). and then jungkook legit slapped that jibooty so hard u could hear it loud and clear and like it was so beautiful. his hand gribbed jimins thighs so tightly and his hand like slapped the booty hella hard and i just IT MUST HAPPEN A LOT BC JIMIN DIDNT EVEN SAY OW HE WAS JUST INNOCENTLY TRYING TO CLOSE THE CELL OHMYGOD THIS HAPPENS IN THE DORM ON THE REGULAR, WITH A SLAP THAT LOYD IT MUSTVE HURT BUT NO JIMIN DIDNT EVEN FLINCH FUCK. and like the awkwardness after likw “fuck did we just do that on camera” “theyre gonna know our kink now fuck” like then jungkook wrapped his big strong arm around jimins waist and i just AMSO EMO OVER THE WHOLE EPISODE IT WAS A JIKOOK GOLD MINE BYE. 

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gentle daily reminder to do tons of research before bringing home new fishy friends <3

Most of the time if you ask about stock, I’m NOT going to give you a short answer. If you’re asking “can x fish go in y size tank?” or “i have w, x, y fish, can i add z fish?”, *most* of the time I’m NOT going to tell you “OMG YES DO IT” or “OMG NO WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT YOURE HORRIBLE ASLDFJ;AFDH”.

(i mean, if youre gonna give your betta  20 gallon heavily planted aquarium or the equivalent for another fish/animal…i’m just gonna go ahead and say hell yes tho lol no sense in changing your mind when youre already going above and beyond for your babies)

I’m most likely going to give you a few references, tell you what I might do/try, then explain my philosophy towards fishkeeping:

If you put your fish first, you’ll have more success….its that simple…
Basically, if you find conflicting information on tank size, school size, etc. choose the larger option, or whatever is safer/in the best interest of your fishy friends!! :)

Minimum tank size is either 10 or 20? go with 20.
Minimum shoal size is either 3 or 6? go with 6.

and then I’m gonna tell you to DO AS MUCH RESEARCH AS HUMANLY POSSIIIIBBBLLLLE. Dont just take my word for it! Go and pour over forums, and *multiple* caresheets if you can find a few different ones :) Never stop learning <3

Say it with me!:

fantastic ^-^ well done ^-^ I love you all ^-^

continue scrolling, and happy fishkeeping! :)

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Hey Ki! Hmmm how about some Otayuri in coordination with my URL lol ;3 I hope that you're doing well and that you have a lovely day! ^^ ♡

omg gabby!! thank you so much love hope you’re doing well yourself!!! hehe it’s my first time trying otayuri

  • majority of their early relationship is just Yuratchka having the biggest festering crush for an oblivious Otabek
  • when Otabek finally asked Yuri on a date for the first time, Yuri got so red and quiet from instantly combusting that Otabek thought he was angry
  • of course Yuri said yes in the end (“no, i’m not upset… yesi’llgooutwithyou”)
  • they don’t get together until Yuri’s 17
  • Otabek is a gentleman the first time he kissed yuri he asked for permission first. Yuri was too stunned to reply so he kissed Otabek to make up for it //laughs
  • they’re adorable their favourite thing to do is go to arcades and carnivals because Yuri loves them
  • the first time they play DDR Yuri falls in love with Otabek and how his body moves when he dances
  • Yuri is a dead man after that
  • they also enjoy racing games at arcades and water gun shooting at carnivals
  • Otabek always gives the stuffed animals he wins to Yuri
  • the only one he kept was of a tiger (that reminded him of Yuri)
  • he respects Yuuri and Viktor and treats them as he would Yuratchka’s parents
  • he finds it endearing how Yuri has a soft spot for them both even though he may be too tsudere to admit it 
  • but he also tries his best to avoid Viktor while alone because Viktor asks the most embarrassing of questions (”have you and Yurio done it yet?” “I wonder what kind of cute face Yurio makes when he comes, but alone you know that!”
  • shudders
  • Otabek also gets along really well with Yuri’s grandfather!! they’re both the quiet type and they enjoy playing chess together!
  • i see these headcanons as a timeline at this point Yuri is 20 but Otayuri will definitely grow old together and no one can convince me otherwise

send me a character/pairing & i’ll tell you some headcanons!!

nct hogwarts au; jaemin

this was requested by @jaeminnana kghjg im sorry if this isnt as good im writing this to get over my writers block for the other hogwarts au’s ghjkjfjh

-na jaemin
-yaLL met first year on Platform 9¾
-ur parents were both v important in the wizarding world
-so yall got introduced to eachother
-he thought u were rly pretty aww
-but u werent intrested in boys yet ;)
-so yall got on the hogwarts express
-and he wouldnt stop talking to you???
-u got so annoyed omfg
-‘can u pls shut u p omfg’
-'no. so i was about to fight this rabbit and-’
-so u turned urself to the window and just looked outside
-u got so absorbed in your thoughts that u kinda forgot about jaemin lmao
-and u lowkey fell asleep
-after like 35 minutes jaemin realised u fell asleep
-and he thought u looked so fucking cute omG
-when yall arrived at hogwarts he woke u up and he was a lil shy??
-so u got ur stuff and just balasted off to somewhere
-and that lowkey made him sad
- *time skip to the sorting ceremony*
-u were getting so nervous jfc
-and then it was ur turn ;)
-u sat on the chair and the sorting hat got placed on your head
-after like a solid 17 seconds it yelled 'slytherin’
-you ran to the slytherin table and some student gave you a hug including taeyong
-and then it was nana’s turn
-u were just talking to a fellow slytherin
-but u heard the sorting hat scream slytherin
-so u obvsly looked up cos,,,,,,,,
-and u saw jaemin run towards the table lmao
-'o hEcc’
-*lets do a skip of 2 years yes?*
-aight so
-jaemin has an even bigger crush on u now
-hes not subtle about it
-'hey y/n lets go on a date today’
-'cmon, i know u like me~~’
-'now thats were ur wrong’
-bc u love him k
-you just dont wanna admit it??
-lowkey bc its kinda funny to have him all wrapped around your finger
-highkey bc you just dont wanna admit defeat??
-is that anglish idk fukc o f f
-ur friends were getting pressed
-,,,,,,,,,,,they just wanted u two get the fuck together???
-like gdi
-they see u giving nana those heart eyes
-you’ll never admit that tho
-jaemin as a student
-ok so,,,,,,,,girls defo have crushes on him
-if u dont u lie
-hes a good student tho!!
-all the teachers love him
-except snape but he can suck my crippled ass
-hes a lil cocky
-but when he does smth wrong
-he gets a teeny tiny bit shy about it
-its so cute got2go
-aight now lets move on to the ~juicy~ part of the story ;)
-if ya know what i mean;););)
-not like that you fucking nasty
-ok no but it was a normal day lmao
-yall had potions now
-u were highkey excited bc it was ur fav class
-u sat next ur bestfriend
-yall were just chillin
-until the proffesor spoke
-'ok im gonna assign pairs for this project’
-ur head shot up and u were praying to get paired up with ur bestie
-'valentine and renjun’
-'yarra and jeno’
-'anouk and donghyuck’ yes i just fucking went there fight me
-'y/n and jaemin’
-did u shit ur pants?
-the answer is yes
-so u got up and walked to his desk
-he was grinning at you
-'hello y/n~’
-ok every1 sat w their partners
-the teach decided to speak up
-'aighty we’re gonna make Amortentia today; now Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in the world. It is distinctive for its mother-of-pearl sheen, and steam rises from the potion in spirals. Amortentia smells different to each person, according to what attracts them, so here are the instructions-’
-you tried not to roll ur eyes
-emphasis on 'tried’
-yall started doing what the professor told u to do
-'jfc how much cologne did u use today’ ~u
-'like you’re the one to talk i can smell ur shampoo from here!’ ~nana
-lmao the professor started walking around checking on how everyone was doing
-he stopped at yours and nana’s desk and looked at what yall were doing for awhile
-'okidoki looks like you two are done’
-'wait wat’
-'you two are done! now tell the class what you smell’
-u try to smell it but
-gdi nana’s cologne is overpowering
-idk anglish sosry
-’……professor i dont smell anything, the smell of jaemin’s cologne is overpowering’
-'oh,,,,,,then jaemin what about you? tell the class what you smell’
-'idk,,,,,,,all i can smell is y/n’s shampoo’
-'oh ;)’
-'so did we do smth wron-’
-'are yaLL SERIOUSLY THIS CLUELESS??’ ~donghyuck, probably
-the professor just winks at you and then walks to donghyuck’s desk to throw some hands
-'whats he on abo-’
-'you’re my Amortentia’
-'im your wot’
-you just sit there like 👀 👀 👀
-'lets talk about it after class’
-u just nod
-waht in tarnation ??
-so class is over and u just kinda scurry to the common room
-1. bc u lowkey highkey wanna talk w jaemin
-2. u just needed2scream into a pillow real quick
-so u did
-who can blame u tho
-after like 5.42 minutes
-yes u were counting
-jaemin finally arrived in the common room
-and he akwardly sat next to you
-it took him like 3 minutes to speak the fuck up
-'you’re my amortentia…………….’
-'no shit,,,,,,,,,,,,,’
-'but im also your amortentia ;););)’
-'jaemin get out’
-'ok but,,,,,,,,,,,if im your amortentia,,,that means u like me right?’
-o boi u were rdy to balast
-so,,,,,,,,do u like me?’
-he has such a sweet lil smile on his face kjfkjdfkgj
-'uhhhhhhhhhh,,,,,,, yeah i guess…………..’
-'hmmm~ so will you finally be my girlfrie- wait are u actually blushing’
-yes u were omg im yell
-thats probably the first time uve ever blushed in your life woah
-'yes what? lol wys y/n’
-le sigh
-'yes,, i’ll finally be ur girlfriend,,’
-'ok coolio !! i have to go now, ill see u tomorrow!^^’
-u just nod and he walks to his room
-as soon as he arrived he started screeching at everything
-bc you were like an angel in his eyes??? and he wanted to protect u???
- yiKes im emo
-*time skip to a few months into dating le na jaemin*
-yall were so cute
-every1 wanted to choke
-yall r like a power couple or smth
-like,,,,,,how do i explain this;;
-the couple that cheers alot for eachother but thru little gestures that they think only they know about but everyone around them knows and its sickeningly cute
-yea thats u n jaemin
-he also wants to show u off all the time gdi
-i see u being a lil shy/akward in the relationship,, like i dont think ur that into pda
-but nana’s such a hopeless romantic fight me on this one
-and u just cant say no??to that smile??
-gdi my heart rip in pieces
-yall probably have cuddling sessions everyday awawaww
-jesus fuck this already so long and i havent even done the first kiss part yet oml
-aight so first kiss yesyes yall still alive n good
-it probably happened in the great hall
-and nana got his ass beat afterwards
-like it was just casually dinner
-and u n your #clique (aka; u, nana, chenle, donghyuck and ur bessfrien)
-it was all good n well
-yall were laughing n shit
-bc chenle was imitating a dolphin but honestly when is he not
-so u had a lil bit of food on the corner of your mouth
-and jaemin was like ’;););););););););)nows my chance binchies’
-he didnt want to fully kiss u on the lips
-he just wanted to make u blush n tease u
-but gdi
-u turned around just when he was about to kiss u
-and kboom!!!!!
-waht is cool??!
-who is he??!
-what is life??!
-and he just pulled back and he was internally screaming
-oh believe me u were internally dying
-*chenle screaching in the background*
-'that was disgusting im trying to e a t’ ~hyuck
-'hoE stfu we all know who u been kissin’ ~chenle listen its 12am let me give myself some credits k
-@viv u better appreciate me for this smh

-it was so akward after that im cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
-awawawaww vnvbnofiogfig
-he prolly pecks ur lips alot to shut the fuck up tho
-o dw its vice versa aSF
-like gdi does he ever shut up?
-yikes yall
-yall prolly hug alot
-n do that aesthetic couple shit together
-fucc this is making me a mess
-i think im gon end it hear cos,,,,,gdi this got l o n g
-anyways i hope yall liked it :’) yEET

Happy Valentines Day!!

Well, since everybody else is doing it, I thought I might as well hop on the bandwagon too and give a shoutout to some pretty amazing people on this site that are very special to me and those who have made my experience on here better than I could have ever imagined! 

@purekagome (who else would be first other than my adoring wife?) WOMAN. I LOVE YOU. When we first started talking, it was all omg you’re so amazing, thank you, and aWWW YOU’RE SWEET and now you drive me fucking crazy and you make me wanna pull my hair out but you’re so freaking important to me and just I’m so glad we’re married and let’s make a baby. Right now. Thanks for putting up with my bullshit and cheating ways and general bitchiness lol love you babe! 

@inunanna HEY GIRL HEEEEYYYYY Nanna! <3 I remember before we were close when we would talk for hours about Inukag and Edwin headcanons and make up fanbabies and their personalities and ahhh it was so fun and all those conversations gave me so much inspiration and it created a relationship that I will cherish for the rest of my days! I love you sweetheart! <3<3

@vividxdreaming aahhH!!! Omg I’m so glad that we’re such close friends and just just just AAHHHHH you’re so importing to me! The first time we really talked I think was after I made that chocolate oneshot that you requested and our relationship just blossomed from there and then you became a part of our group chat and it’s the best decision that has ever been made. I love you girl!! <3 THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU AND BEING MY FRIEND!!

@grapefruitwannabe So we’re talking right now and I’m doing you in the chat and it’s so amazing BAHAHAHAH. and you liked it. and you even said it was great. SO AMAZING. But anyway Grape I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and you art so well omg and you even make fanart for my trashy fics and I’m just so faltered and honored and just. I’M SO GLAD WE’RE FRIENDS <3 I remember the first time you made fanart for me I literally freaked out and just. Yeah lol. <3 Thanks for being the awesome friend you are, Grape! ^_^

@bananacreamphi AAHHHH when you first joined our group chat, I didn’t know you very well, and I only knew you from a stream we were in together, but now I know you’re the sweetest person, you’re sincere, and I’m so blessed to have you as a friend I love you!! Thank you for being my friend!

@kuddle-cakes MY KUDDLES!!! <3<3<3 To be honest, I don’t even know how our friendship started XD but I’m so grateful to know you and you’re so freakig sweet and your sMUT IS AMAZING bahahaha! Okay seriously, I love you very much and just. I’m so blessed to have you in my life, thank you for being my friend darling! <3

@mmhinman Where do I even start?! My fellow Queen of Collab! :D Omg tho but your art is just SO AMAzING and god I just love it so much and I love youuuuu aahhhh you’re so important to me!! I love our little collars we do, we make beautiful music together XD Thank you for being my friend lovely! I love you! <3

@ryupioupiou !!!!!!!!! *excited noises* CROISSANTS. XD Man that still cracks me up lol Man I don’t even know how we became friends, but I’m so glad we did and you’re just so special to me and I freaking love you and our stupid inside jokes! You’re funny and sweet and just NEVER CHANGE I love you!!!!! <3

@dreamer-of-the-wandering-suns Girrrrrrrllllll where do I begin? You’re just the cutest, sweetest little thing and I just wanna squeeze you and never let you go <3<3 Remember I am always here for you if you ever wanna talk and I’ll do my best to help in anyway I can! You’re so important to me and I love you so much and just. Stay strong, beautiful! You got this, and keep being amazing! <3


@meido-zangetsuha DOGYASHA IS MY SALVATION AND I LIVE FOR THAT FIC XD Okay seriously lol you’re so fun to talk to and I ADORE GNOCCHI OMG I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ALDJFALIFJLAIDJF I want to cuddle him heheheheeh But I love you too, Happy valentines day darling! Give Gnocchi love for me! OH AND YOUR NEW PUP KURASI!!! 

@inuyashaforlife Dude. my go to person when I can’t figure that stupid game XD Hahahaa. Well I’ll be honest, I don’t know you very well, but I do know you enough to include you in my close knit group of friends and I hope it stays that way! Love you doll! Thanks for being my friend! 

@kagomeforever AHHh You tag me in so many cool memes and stuff and I absolutely love filling those out so thank you for that! Also you’re such a sweetheart and I get so happy whenever I see that you tag me in something because it’s like “OMG SHE THOUGHT OF ME YAY I FEEL SO SPECIAL” and just tHANK YOU DARLING! I love you with all my heart too! <3

@artistefish Your art brings me life. Your aus. Just. OMG. NO words. You’re an amazing artist, and one of the sweetest people I know, and I love reading your sometimes random little posts about your everyday life and how excited you get over the Inuyasha stageplay (WHICH I ALSO CANT WAIT FOR OMG) and you’re amazing and I love you <3 Thanks for putting up with my fangirlingness XD 

@gypsin I LOVE YOUR STORIES SO MUCH AND I GET SO EXCITED WHENEVER I SEE AN UPDATE AAHHHH!! So I’m not gonna name names *coughgrapefruitcough* but I heard through the grapevine that you enjoy my fics and I know you’ve mentioned be before as a favorite author *INSERT FANGIRL SQUEALING HERE* and I just wanna say HOW FLATTERED AND JUST HAPPY I AM TO KNOW THAT AND I LOVE YOU OKAY!!! <3<3<3 THANK you for the quality fanfiction and for being so amazing and sweet! 

You are all so very, very special and dear to me and I hope you all know how much I adore each and every one of you. You’ve made my experience here on this wretched site so much more enjoyable than I thought it would be, and you’ve made me feel so welcome, loved and appreciated! Honestly, I really had no idea how amazing people I would meet and how all of you would become so special to me! Every day one of you do something that just makes me wanna cry because it just makes me so happy and just. SO MANY FEELS. ALL THE TIME. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THANK YOU FOR PUTTING UP WITH MY WEIRDNESS AND  AND AND JUST. YOU’RE ALL AMAZING <3<3

I’m also gonna give a shoutout to some people who I don’t talk to as much, but I see in my notifications all the time and that I occasionally converse with and they’re people you should definitely check out! 

@coquinespike @jeanbeannie @nebula1701 @adorableears7 @kibitoshinkai @inukag-4ever @simply-zerah @inusgirl @brokenangelwings83 @rikareena @shardetector @morphinetune @lilifire @theroseangel321 @xkoiinu @blackwingguardian @dark-havoc-priestess @vixenfoxpaws @inuyashaeienni @inu-yaasss-a @sinuyasha @stoatsandweasels @wenchster @batmandy-lover @kaze-ranna @justafewsmallsteps @mustardyellowsunshine @akiza-hades-rose

I apologize if I forgot anybody, but please know that I love you all very much and I hope you have/had a great Valentine’s Day full of love, support, your favorite chocolate and wine and many many hugs and kisses from me!!! <3<3<3

“Word on the Street” Yu-Gi-Oh x Aladdin Crossover (Joey Wheeler & Tea Gardner from Yu-Gi-Oh)

Art Requested by @princeasimdiya12


HELLO HAHAHA! I finished another request! Omg, this is hard but it’s challenging! I tried detailed drawings for the first time, and it’s nice for a change! I wish you’ll like this piece of my art! Cheers! 

(I’m so very sorry if it’s not in character and Joey’s pecs are shit, I’m shit at doing that and I’m shit at background BTW first time drawing some BG and it’s really not good lol. Sorry again. AND THE LIGHTING TOO OMG, I’M NOT GOOD AT THAT.)

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omg i am watching s1 of superstore and when amy is changing the mannequin she tells garett that someone else can deal w one of the problems and then he says something about how she can't let someone else do her work bc she's busy with a work flirt. but that's LITERALLY what she did with jonah after leaving her parents house. sorry lol i get rlly excited when i see parallels

Listen my friend that scene is one of my favorites because it’s the first time someone acknowledges Amy liking Jonah out loud and tbh Amy and Jonah flirt all the time

I Wanna Hear You (Yu Prompt)

*throws prompt your way*
Hiya! I was wondering if you could do yu from bad boys do it better with that number thing? Please, could you do number 12,9? Thank youuuu ^o^\

Prompt: #12 “My parents are in the next room”
“Then keep your voice down… Though I doubt you can…”

Thanks for your prompt ask! This is my first time writing anything with him but, I re-read his story, and he’s such a cutie omg lol. I hope you like it <33 @tearsforthelonesome


“I thought I told you to call me Yu,” He smirks as he ran his tongue along your jawline. 

This was supposed to be a study session that quickly turned into something more– something naughty. 

“Now what’s the answer to number four? Get it wrong and I’ll flick it again,” He smirks, his fingers teasing you as he ran them along your slit. You moan in pleasure, trying your hardest to answer the question but, also making sure that your parents couldn’t hear you from the living room– though you didn’t understand how he had become the teacher and you the student. 

“I-It’s 47– Ahhh,” You could barely get the answer out as he continued to play with you and at this point, you were ready to let go but, you knew you couldn’t. Not with your family in the next room. 

“Yu…” You moan again, breaking the rest of his resolve. He quickly slid his fingers inside your folds, caressing your insides before thrusting his fingers in and out of you. You had hoped that you both would get some type of studying done since you had a test first thing in the morning but of course, that didn’t happen and now he’s leaving you a panting mess as you grab a hold of his wrist trying to get him to slow down. 

“Y-Yu… My P-Parents…” 

“Try not to be loud,” He snickers as a mischievous grin spread across his face, “You’re so cute when you’re flustered.” 

He slowly leans into you as he continues to thrust his fingers in and out, causing you to bite down on your arm, tears forming in your eyes. You were close and it took everything in your power to stifle the moan that continued to build with his touch. 

“I wanna taste you so bad,” He groans pushing your chair back and climbing under the table. He pulls your underwear down to your ankles, throwing your legs over his shoulder and adjusting your body before running his tongue over your slit. You moan a little more but, you quickly cup your hands over your mouth, shutting your eyes as you feel him toying with you, your hips bucking under him. 

“Y-Yu!” But he completely ignores you as he continues to nibble at you, his tongue thrusting deeper inside you. You get stiff when you hear footsteps approaching at a rapid speed. 

“____? Where’s Yu?” “U-Uh, H-He went to the r-restroom,” you try to muster up, coming dangerously close to your high. He continues to flick his tongue as your trying to get your father to leave, coming undone in the process. 

“Okay well, it’s getting late so once you’re done… I’ll drive him home,” Your father says as he grabs a soda out of the refrigerator, “Mmm– Mhmm, O-Okay.” 

He finally leaves as you slouch in the chair again, moving closer to his lips and giving into the indescribable pleasure, biting down on your bottom lip– hard. Your high spilling over but he continues to lick you clean as he caresses your thigh. Yu moves from under the table just in time to be met with your mother walking in the room. 

“Are you guys done?” She asks as he looks over your defeated form, “Yeah Mrs. ____.” 

He quickly gathered his belongings as you slouched against the table, completely taken back to what just happened. 

“What the hell have I gotten myself into,” You mumble to yourself still feeling the way his tongue felt against you, his fingers being the thing that forced you to break your resolve. You decided to tutor him since he was failing but, this definitely wasn’t what you agreed on.


just woke up peed and weighed myself, like the usual. and I’m at 168!!!! what?!? I weighed myself like 10 more times to check if I was trippin or not lol but the number didn’t change. omg. 160 may be closer than I thought. 1 more pound till I hit my first 20 pounds!!!! im so happy 😱😆 plus I’ve been barely doing cardio just counting calories. proves you don’t have to exercise to lose weight. all about CICO.

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Heeyyy since you're drunk, I got questions bro. 1) Do you have any guilty-pleasure ships? 2) When did you first start shipping SNS 3) Weirdest fic you've ever read?

lol i feel drunk asleep.. but i shall still answer because why not,…

1) victurri, korrasami, tbh i kinda love garra and naruto but sns is still my fav.

2) Lolllllllllllllllll i started shipping them a very long time ago, i think…….4 years ago. But hard core shipping like 2 years ago

3) omg i have read so many fanfics, but probs the top of wierd for me was a fanfic called  UNOFFICIAL bootleg sequel to “The Test” by KizuKatana, it was amazing dont get me wrong but I hadnt read anything like it before, but hey was still preety dammmmmmmmmmmmm good, just different.

Tagged by @trixies-padding and @biancadelqueen to share 10 facts about myself! I think I’ll try to make these all drag-themed since this is my sideblog that I’m 10x more active on than my main, lol. Anyone who’d like to share can do it too :)

1. I’m going to Drag Con!!! omg if you see me please say hi :D

2. The first time I talked to Naomi, she said, “You have amazing lips!” which I realized later was a really lofty compliment from her, considering what she does with hers lmao

3. I started taking aerial hoop & silk lessons because of Violet. I’d wanted to learn since I was a kid, but Violet was the push to finally sign up 

4. I screamed so intensely when Bianca liked and commented on a picture I posted on Instagram that my roommate thought there was a house centipede or something in my room 

5. I’m the same age as Adore and Trixie so I like to say “ok, well, I’ll see you when it’s time to die” whenever my body does something weird because Trixie’s commentary is Too Fucking Real 

6. Adore went out of her way to tell me I’m beautiful at a group meet & greet and I ascended out of my body??? There’s no wi-fi on this new astral plane but I have a sickening data package so here we are

7. I’d been hesitant to play it bc I’ve historically been garbage at first-person shooters (and CoD was never my thing), but I finally started playing Overwatch because Evah Destruction was asking everyone on Twitter to tell her who they main. (Turns out I’m not garbage, I just needed to find the right game. And now I’m an addict. And I usually play Tracer, Sombra, or Mercy, sometimes D.Va, depending on team/map needs.)

8. I’ve been going to local drag shows almost every weekend since September. If you love drag and not just Drag Race, support your local queens! If you just love Drag Race, support your local queens anyway because some of the best ones end up on Drag Race! You don’t know how lucky I feel that I got to see Shea Coulee perform a few times before it was confirmed that she was on Drag Race, because of course now she’s traveling all the time

(And of course, if you live in an incredible drag city like Chicago, your local queens include people like Trannika and Soju and so many more. Laila and Naomi moved here.

9. I’ve never felt more validated in my outfit choices than when BenDeLaCreme stuck her fingers in my pockets and then Violet Chachki (of all people) looked me up and down and said “I love your leather look” 10 minutes later 

10. If Katya keeps updating her Insta story instead of her Snap story I’m going to delete Snapchat bc I don’t like Snapchat and her funny and creative Snap stories are the last thing tethering me to it lmao

zengirling  asked:

hi there! i really enjoy your writing, it's very fascinating (i literally googled 'compliments to give writers' i'm so bad with words). anyways - may i request a hc where mc broke many world records, but with small things like world's fastest coin stacker? thank you and have an awesome day!

Omg,it’s you?My second lord and savior? (Rick comes first) MY INSPIRATION!!
This was a weird request, but ok, i accept everything you ask me ( lol)
I hope you like it!And remember : I will never gonna give you up

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me

My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request( HERE it’s my do’s and dont’s)


  • MC said to him that she had broken a lot of world records
  • That’s so fascinating!
  • But when she told him what records she broke…He was not so fascinated
  • Like…He tough was a big thing!
  • But after some time, he began to recognize all those records of her.
  • And now he’s fascinated by her.
  • And he’ll tell everybody that his girlfriend broke a lot of world records.
  • You’re a badass in his eyes.


  • Wow!MC you broke that many records?
  • What records?
  • Those ones?Really?
  • He doesn’t find it very fascinating, he even laughed, saying that anybody could do this.
  • It was not a big deal.
  • But when he tried, he fails miserably.
  • He thought he did well, but it doesn’t even get close to you.
  • Ok, now he finds it amusing.
  • You’re a superhuman princess!
  • Dramatic.


  • MC?Really?
  • Ok, she’ll not say that “it was nothing” to those records
  • But it’s not something to brag about, people will laugh at her
  • She’s proud that MC can do all those things, and break all those records
  • But she’s not so fascinated by it
  • If it was a big record…Maybe. 
  • But she thinks that small things lead to big ones.
  • Keep trying.


  • Really MC?
  • You’re so talented!You’re the woman in his life!
  • What do you mean that was a small world record? You’re fired.
  • It’s a world record, you’re better than anybody in the world in that.
  • It’s not a small record for him, if someone says that is, he’ll be very angry.
  • Everybody must praise you for that.
  • If it is so easy, why don’t you try to break them?He doubts someone will break.
  • So is better those people keep their mouth shut, you’re talented.


  • He knew about this too!
  • And he’s about to start a war!
  • He finds it all so impressive and fun, but guess what…
  • He’ll beat your record.
  • Yeah, that’s right.
  • Your boyfriend will be your worst enemy.
  • Just to make this clear: He will break your record
  • You will break his record
  • This will never end.
  • Nobody understands you two, but you find it really fun.


  • Did you break all those world records?
  • Impressive!
  • He doesn’t care about how “hard” that was, or how small that was.
  • You’re good in that, and he’s so proud!
  • The way he’s  proud looks like you break the most challenging world records in the history!
  • He’ll make you do victory poses to him take a photo
  • And he’ll always support you when you try to break another record!


  • Are you proud of that?
  • This is ridiculous MC.
  • Everybody could do that, really, go to sleep.
  • What?You want him to try then? This will be easy.
  • He tried, tried, tried, and fail all the times.
  • He’s grumpy about it, and he’ll keep trying and trying without sleep, without eating ice cream.
  • Yeah, he’s determined
  • If he breaks your record, you accomplish that record again in no time.
  • But this time he’ll let you have this victory…
  • Not because he’ll not break it again because it is actually hard…It’s not that
  • Yeah, it is.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Meme: 1 of 7 quotes.

Willow: Buffy’s like my best friend, she’s really special, and there’s this whole bunch of us, and-and we sort of have this group thing that revolves around the slaying and-and I really want you to meet them, but I-I just kinda like having something that’s just, you know, mine. And I-I usually don’t use so many words to say stuff that little, but, do you get it at all? 
Tara: I do.
Willow: I should check in with Giles, get a situation update.
Tara: I am, you know.
Willow: What?
Tara: Yours.

boredandboringtbh  asked:

now realising that's it has been almost 2 years since i first met you at yalc!! lol that was such a great day even though i almost lost grei's wonderful fanart of charlie :// i'm a bad friend but at least i found it!! <3

!!!! also my mum and sister just got back from visiting family in california and so i now have my beautiful hardback us edition of radio silence :D

oh my gosh it has been that long hasn’t it!!!! wow time really has flown ;_; i still have grei’s fan art in my scrapbook, i love it so much!!!!

and OMG yay!! i do love the US hardback :)

anonymous asked:

I love love love this blog you are doing such a wonderful job I had to jump at the chance to get an ask in! I would love a scenario where Kacchans female s/o goes over to his house for the first time and meets his parents. His family in the latest chapter cracked me up and I would love for his s/o to get in on it as well. Have a lovely day and keep up the great work! :>

((omg thank u!!! I hope I did this ok! I love his mom but idk much about her so I tried my best lol))

Katsuki’s mom did not believe that you were his girlfriend.
When you first entered the house, nervously holding your boyfriend’s hand, he announced you (loudly) as his girlfriend. His mom looked over, looked him dead in the eyes and said “Katsuki, there’s no way she’s your girlfriend!”
Ouch. What was wrong with you to make her say that? Nevertheless, his father was very polite, introducing himself and pardoning his wife’s behavior. “She doesn’t mean any harm, she and my son just lack some… tact, is all. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
He seemed pretty nice, but Katsuki was ready to ditch the living room. “We should probably start studying, right?” He was holding back frustration, gripping the hand that wasn’t attached to yours so tightly you thought he might break his fingers. But seriously, what was up with his mom?
You didn’t learn until you went looking for a bathroom about a half hour later. While you were peeking through doors and turning corners, you ran into her. “So tell me kid,” she started, causing you to automatically go on the defense, “are you seriously dating my son?”
You tried to keep the tremor out of your voice when you said “Yes ma’am, Katsuki and I have been dating for a few months now.”
“Really? Oh, well, sorry to hassle you then!” Huh? “I saw you in the Sports Festival earlier in the year, and I just figured that such a sweet-looking girl wouldn’t wind up with my reckless son! What kind of magic trick did he pull off to get you to like him?” She had little crinkles on the edges of her eyes. Man, she’s not nearly as scary as you thought.
“Ahahaha, I don’t know when it happened. I know he just asked me out one day and I had liked him for awhile, so I said yeah. Well, ‘ask’ is a strong word. More like he decided that we were going out, but it’s going well.” You chattered, feeling your nervousness melt away a bit. Katsuki’s mom was so nice!
“That sounds like him. And hey, if he ever hurts you,” her eyes darkened, “let me know.”
Never mind, she was scary. “Y-Yes ma’am.”
“Also, the bathroom is the second door on your left. It’s been nice to meet you!”