omg this is like my third time posting


DanganXSpongebob Part-3

1- Matsuda is a genius.
2- Friends Forever.
3- F.U.N.
4- The sweater.
And the third part of these is finnished! And omg it’s me or Matsuda look really good? It’s my first time drawing him an Ryoko and I’m surprise by how cute they end. Well, I hope that this make you smile or even laugh. Thats the only propose for these -also its turning kinda funny to do too- anyway, I hope you like it!

Part 2:

Well, it looks like I’ve hit several milestones all at once here, so consider this my bias list/follow forever for my 200+ followers, my one month, and my thousandth post. 

So, I want to start this by saying OMG GUYS STAAAAHP!! When I came to a new fandom, the third I’m juggling rping in at the same time, I expected the usual quiet first week and things to pick up the following weeks, but that was not the case. Since I’ve shown up people have consistently come here and have shown my nothing but love and support the whole way and I’m so blown away by it all. 

I honestly can’t thank you all enough for this, I didn’t expect to be this successful on a character already so well represented here and I certainly didn’t expect to become friends with so many of you so quickly. 

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the time has come for my third ever tumblr awards!! 

so as some of you may know, i hit a huge follower goal of 10k about two weeks ago, and i love tumblr awards, and you guys seem to like them too so?? lets just jump right in!!!


  • must be following me
  • must must reblog this post (help spread the word)
  • and please (you dont have to but like pls) check out @dailygotgirls??
  • hopefully get over 40 reblogs or like this never happened


  • probably will end in like two weeks, but it depends on how many people enter
  • will be a winner for sure and up to 2 runner ups (depends on how many entries)
  • that’s it really


  • best icon 
  • best url
  • best hp blog
  • best got blog
  • best multi fandom blog
  • best creations*
  • best writing*
  • best up and coming blog**(under 500 followers)
  • nicest blogger***
  • best overall
  • personal faves!

*please send in your creations tag

**please send in your follower count

***nominate someone!!


  • both: a follow from me
  • winners: a icon pack of six, six promos, and 2 edits/gifs of your choice
  • runner ups: a icon pack of 3, 3 promos, 1 edit/gif of your choice
  • both, unlimited love from me obvi ❤

omg i am so stupid this is like the third time i forgot to post my URL
i’m going to do it right now before i forget it again ..

Well first of all nice to meet you all, 
I’m Sem and i live in the Netherlands, Amsterdam to be precise. 
Now don’t be like: oeh she smokes weed and all that stuff because i quit smoking it :D i just do it sometimes to give my mind a well deserved time out. 

I have a cute companion named Happy (my kitty) she is so sweet, she tends to kill big spiders and drop them next to my head so when i wake up i get a heart attack :D 

i love laughter, animals, talking to people, talking with tourists, helpen others ( not always tho lol) enjoying nature, eating healthy, and exercise. 

i hate jealousy, i hate it when you cut of my freedom, i hate it if you don’t trust or believe me, i hate lies. <3 thats what you should know.
ow i also don’t like people who eat meat everyday! it’s to much 

i eat meat once a month now and thinking about going vegan. 
doesn’t mean my future gf had to be too, but just a little les meat would me nice :D 

omg lol i talk wAAAYYY to MUCH :O 
quick talk to me <3 
p.s i work fulltime so if i answer late my apologies <3 
oh shit i forgot my name: Sem
and age:19
oeh and country: The netherlands 

byeee i’m late for work because of this lol xD