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They really should've made Snowells a thing. They can try it now, though.

Although I loved the development of the Harry-Cisco relationship last season, which is the relationship of Harry’s that got the most focus, I can’t help but feel that Snowells would’ve been a massive improvement over what happened with Snowjay. I came out of last season absolutely adoring Teddy, by the way (come back, Teddy!) but I don’t know what we were supposed to get out of that plot, it was so badly written:

There’s some very tentative flirting. Then Jay straight-up abandons the team for several episodes, including an episode where Caitlin was kidnapped, while Harry develops this straight-outta-fanfic relationship with her. Then in 2x09 the show acts like Jay’s never been gone, he’s been looking out for Barry, and he and Caitlin have some epic slow-burn romance going on. And the back half of the season just involves repeatedly traumatizing Caitlin… giving her crippling PTSD which she gets over in the space of one episode, and which will never be mentioned again… like WHAT???

I’m very rarely against a ship on principle, but I am certainly against the way some ships are written and omg that was an utter fail. Meanwhile the Helbings wrote some CLASSIC romantic build-up with Snowells in 2x07 and 2x08 which was then entirely dropped.

If you remember, last season there were spoilers that Caitlin would be kissing someone under the mistletoe in 2x09. Prior to that episode, we only had two reasonable candidates (assuming it wasn’t just a friendly kiss from Barry/Cisco/Joe). Bear in mind we didn’t know Jay was Zoom yet.

Jay: Last romantic scene was in 2x03. Walked out on the team in 2x05, refusing to help them defeat Zoom. Was totally absent in 2x06-7, while Barry almost died and Caitlin was kidnapped by Grodd. Showed up in 2x08 when Harry called him and again refused to help. Saved Harry’s life because there was literally no other option. Was last seen giving Caitlin a stern warning about not using Velocity-6, with no romantic scene.

Harry: Caitlin defended him from Joe in 2x06. In 2x07 she tries to convince Harry to stay on Earth-1 despite everyone else wanting him to leave. Harry volunteered to save her from Grodd and said he was staying on the team because of her. In 2x08 he and Caitlin bonded over science, with Harry acting friendlier to her than he had to any other team member and she then saved his life when he got shot. Was last seen smiling and joking with Caitlin.

No contest, right? And yet 2x09 immediately tells us that Jay has been around, looking after Barry (demonstrably NOT true) and has Cisco saying “just kiss already” like Snowjay have been flirting around each other for episodes (equally untrue). Meanwhile Snowells do not exchange a single line of dialogue. 

It’s some serious whiplash, and there’s actually very good evidence that 2x09 was written before (or at least not taking into account) the Snowells plot in 2x08. Teddy Sears said that he was originally not supposed to be in 2x08, but got called in for it anyway. Patty shooting Harry is completely ignored - Caitlin has a line about Harry resting, but that more easily applies to his Grodd injury than being SHOT THROUGH THE HEART, given that he’s sprinting through STAR Labs, doing power slides, at the beginning of the ep. Equally, Patty’s reference to Harry better applies to him stealing the pulse rifle in 2x04. Velocity-6 isn’t mentioned either. 

…and I may have gone off on a tangent. But it illustrates both how well the show can write Snowells, and how it brilliantly sets up their relationship before completely dropping it and pretending it never happened.

And we can honestly expect exactly the same thing to happen this season, because Harry’s going to go back to Earth-2 and we’re getting Hatman instead. It’s GREAT on the one hand, and absolutely INFURIATING on the other.