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Junhao Headcanons

requested by @sassyminghao ♡

oh boy here we go

☾ junhao invented the having a crush on your best friend cliche 

☾ minghao is always stealing junhui’s hoodies/t-shirts, always, all the time, none stop, junhui dies lil inside from softness

☾ anything minghao does junhui is just all “ 😍😍😍 “

☾ clingy junhui is a thing, jun is always touching minghao in one way or another, whether it be holding hands or their legs just brushing together

☾ jun is the ultimate grease bag, minghao could be throwing a rage fit and he’d be in the background smiling like “ awe you’re so cute “

☾ minghao acts really annoyed when junhui is being overly affectionate or flirty but he’s literally dying on the inside (save this tsundere)

☾ jun has definitely made minghao lay under him as he did push ups just so he he’d kiss him when he came down 👀

☾ everyone thinks junhui is the one who gets easily jealous but it’s really minghao

☾ they can and will shamelessly make out in front of their members

☾ neck . kisses . any . time . all . the . time

☾ someone control jun when it comes to leaving hickeys

☾ minghao isn’t extremely vocal with his affection so when he does say things like “ i love you “ or “ you look cute “ , jun’s eyes light up like christmas lights

☾ although, minghao is plenty vocal with mingyu, he’ll keep him up all hours of the night talking about junhui 

☾ jun would brag about how amazing his boyfriend is, can and will stand in the middle of the street screaming “ LOOK HOW CUTE MY BF IS “
minghao gets embarrassed and hits him

☾ gross flirting in mandrian

☾ junhui makes minghao’s tea for him in the morning cos he refuses to get out of bed

☾ i mean, it’s canon that minghao goes to junhui when he’s stressed so queue lots of comfort cuddles and jun whispering cute words of encouragement for him

☾ jun uses the nickname babe any chance he gets

☾ minghao has a non sexual praise kink that jun is more than willing to fulfill 

☾ junhui buys promise rings 

☾ junhui also forces minghao to sit on his lap, not that he’s complaining though

☾ they say i love you like 507 times a day (mostly done by jun)

☾ minghao is always secretly taking photos of jun (canon)

someone please teach junhui to not grab minghao’s ass all the time

bonus , junhao in a nutshell

minghao : ew i hate you

junhui : i love you too 😍

everyone else : what the fuck


SO THIS HAPPENED OMFG ASJNJJDSF I met Rainbow Rowell with my sisters, she signed our books and then we took a pic,,, and omg she was the sweetest and the nicest 💖💖💖

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eeeeek i love your writings thank god i saw your post! can you do ieyasu + “I don’t want to be your secret, anymore" please?

thank you so much! i hope this is okay.

She was particularly tired that day after trying to ration out food shortages since the oncoming winter. It hadn’t been much of a shock that they’d have to save up food when winter rolled around, but what what she didn’t expect was for their rations to already be that low. She couldn’t stand letting down everyone due to a shortage of food; it was entirely out of her hands, however. The day had left her feeling particularly frustrated, and it hadn’t been much help when Ieyasu came barging into the kitchen demanding that she go find him some herbs with himself accompanying her. 

There’s something heartbreaking about only being able to love your lover when you’re out of sight from everyone else. It’s only when they get far enough away from the castle that Ieyasu manages to reach for her hand to take in his, and somehow this makes her mood drop further. Only when they’re alone together can he hold her like this, kiss her like this, let alone be around her like this. Today however, felt entirely different, and she finds herself tearing up while he walks with her in complete silence. 

It was hard, being his secret. It was hard having to desperately pull away from him whenever Toramatsu or Tadakatsu came knocking, it was hard being unable to be near him when she pleased to, and it was hard having to be constantly denied by him whenever they were around other people. She wanted to be with him and she wanted him to stop hiding her like she was something to be jettisoned, if the situation called for it. She was, in comparison to everyone else, disposable. It was undeniable when Ieyasu told her she was a commoner girl, and it was understandable that he couldn’t let anyone know that they were together due to his status. That never meant it hadn’t hurt to know, however.

“You’re crying. Why?” He whirls around to face her, dropping her hand from his to move towards brushing away her tears. “I’m just tired, that’s all.” And he knows she’s lying, she can read that he knows in his face.

“Don’t go around thinking that you can lie to me like that, kitchen wench.” And he’s testing the damn, hear tears threatening to spill over along with her words. Words she had kept long to herself dared to come forward and curl out of her lips like smoke, and she wasn’t sure if she could brace herself to stop it if he kept going. She wasn’t sure if she even wanted him to know. “Now what’s actually wrong?” He tests her again.

“I already know I’m a kitchen-wench and a commoner,” she quietly cries out, desperately holding the sleeves of his kimono with her eyes to the ground. “but I don’t want to be your secret anymore.”

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i don't mean to be rude but are you sure they were actually masturbating together in that episode? i always thought they were taking turns with the laptop cause Dennis says "i don't want to stumble across whatever you're looking at" and Mac says Dennis was taking too long and he didn't get a turn.. or am i just reading everything wrong cause people make it sound like they're doing it in the same room at the same time but i didn't see that?

Hi! I agree with you; for the most part it’s implied that Dennis picks out the material and they watch it separately. However, I do think it could also be interpreted that they’ve done it together too. For example, in the scene where Charlie confronts them at Guigino’s, he tells them “I think I should be doing it with you guys” and their initial reaction is disgust and hesitation… why would it matter if Charlie joined in on it if they did it separately?

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I'd support you!!!!! But please write Byrne first? It's really good and suspenseful and it's driving me completely insane!!!!! You're a really good writer and I want to see more of the characters you made. And are you going to be writing the ACOTAR story thing? By the looks of things, you have a lot of things on your mind to write. Please pace yourself. .

Omg thank you for your support! 

Byrne is definitely meant to be suspenseful, because for every chapter you get small clues, but it doesnt feel like its going anywhere. Trust me. It is. That took forever to plan, but it’s worth it. Still undecided on when I’m going to write Part Six. 

Which ACOTAR story thing? The re-write? The Next Gen with Caitlin? Which….my god we have so much planned. The Cyrian and Tania Chronicles? 

And….now that someone mentions it, I do have a lot of things on my mind to write. Like…a lot. Wow. I have Cassian x Azriel to write, more of Chiara (and with that comes Tamlin), and then I have….oh my god I still have my ACOTAR universe book I have to write…(is that what you meant?)

Maybe you are right to be concerned, but I do not know how to pace myself. It shall be my downfall.