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Rereading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Chapter Fifteen - The Unbreakable Vow

- CHRISTMAS AT HOGWARTS IS HERE YALLL!!!!!!! i can hardly contain myself

Large groups of girls tended to converge underneath the mistletoe bunches every time Harry went past

pardon my language but harry has become quite the pussy slayer, wouldnt you all agree?

Lavender Brown, who seemed to regard any moment that she was not kissing Ron as a moment wasted

me too girl, me too.

“She can’t complain,” he told Harry. “She snogged Krum. So she’s found out someone wants to snog me too. Well, it’s a free country. I haven’t done anything wrong.”
Harry did not answer, but pretended to be absorbed in the book they were supposed to have read

oh ron. also SAME harry. always best to plead the fifth in ron&hermione fights

- HAHA hermione is described as giving the half-blood princes’ book a dirty look “as if it was rude to her” and i find that extremely hilarious and very hermione granger

- harry now knows that romilda vane&co is trying to slip him a love potion. let me reiterate: PUSSY SLAYER

But her face suddenly turned blank; she had just spotted Ron and Lavender, who were entwined in the same armchair.
“Well, good night, Harry,” said Hermione, though it was only seven o’clock in the evening, and she left for the girl’s dormitory without another word.

UGH can these two just make up already??? i dont like seeing lil hermione upset like this. its really harshing my mellow.

Ron retaliated by doing a cruel but accurate impression of Hermion jumping up and down in her seat every time Professor McGonagall asked a question, which Lavender and Parvati found deeply amusing and which reduced Hermione to the verge of tears again. She raced out of the classroom on the bell, leaving half of her things behind.

this is so fucked guys!!!!! like you would think they were never friends to begin with by the way theyre acting and its really bumming me out. LEAVE HERMIONE ALOOOOONEE

“She said something about that Ron Weasley…”
“Yeah, they’ve had a row,” said Harry.
“He says very funny things sometimes, doesn’t he?” said Luna, as they set off down the corridor together. “But he can be a bit unkind. I noticed that last year.”

ron is one of my biggest faves in the series but he done GOOF’D in this book so far. like i know puberty is wild yall, but be nice to your friends.

- omg harry asked luna to slughorns party and shes so happy and im gonna cry ITS GONNA BE SO LIT U GUYS

- also PEEVES. missed you boi

- lol harry is watching hermione, lavender, and parvati interact and is legit having a mental breakdown trying to understand why women are the way that they are and like… cant blame him really. were tricky af.

“You’re going, aren’t you?”
“Yes, I’m meeting Cormac at eight, and we’re-”
There was a noise like a plunger being withdrawn from a blocked sink and Ron surfaced. Hermione acted as though she had not seen or heard anything.
“-we’re going up to the party together.”

i am both disgusted and thoroughly impressed by jkr’s writing

- not gonna lie guys this party sounds DOPE. even if slughorn is the one who threw it. 

- OH EM GEEE hermione considered taking muther fuqing zacharias smith to the party???? GIRL. no matter how pissed you are at ron that is just NOT an option!!!!!!!

“Quidditch!” said Hermione angrily. “Is that all boys care about?”

ive asked myself this question too, hermione, and lemme tell you: yes.

- luna keeps making every convo at this party awkward by talking about conspiracy theories and im here for it. and frankly so is harry, shit is hilarious

This was the first time he had seen Malfoy close up for ages; he now saw that Malfoy had dark shadows under his eyes and a distinctly grayish tinge to his skin.

fuuuuuck dude. actually feeling sorry for draco

- ok but how can harry fit his ENTIRE invisibility cloak in his pocket?? its a CLOAK

- god damn forreal the amount of pressure draco is under is really hurting my heart. lemme give you a hug kid

“I know what you’re up to! You want to steal my glory!”
There was another pause, then Snape said coldly, “You are speaking like a child. I quite understand that your father’s capture and imprisonment has upset you but-”

HE IS A CHILD. like lets all not forget that. hes a fucking kid whos got these huge responsibilities on his shoulder. and like, if he fucks up, not only will he be killed, but his WHOLE family will be too. god DAMN this is stressing me out. poor malfoys forreal.

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Me: ugh it’s so unrealistic that they have Ariel fall in love with a guy she’s never met and basically puts her life on the line for a high risk bet

Me, ten seconds later: anyways, I fucking love Ryan Ross and he can kill me if he wants you know just for fun even lmao

Dating Chen would include

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Kim Jongdae
- The Beagle Line
- You are either the new member or the mother
- Chanyeol and Baekhyun are now your best friends
- S C R E A M I N  G
- You get to hear his screams
- All the time
- Lots of yelling, ur so blessed
- Chen and Xiumin are actually on a date that you are interrupting
- Singing together
- In the car
- At home
- In the shower
- Grocery store
- E v e r y w h e r e
- “Jagiiiiiii”
- “Jagi let me hear you sing”
- “Jongdae please”
- “P L E A S E”
- He loves your voice so much
- You could be terrible but he’s s o s u p p o r t i v e
- You sound like an angel to him
- And he adores your smile so much omg
- He’ll do anything to make you smile bc it makes his heart melt
- This boy will legit embarrass himself just to see you smile
- You’ll never be alone like 98% of the time
- But when you are
- He’s such a tEASE
- But so are you
- You guys play this game of who can hold out the longest
- But it’s your favorite game you already know
- “Jagi can we get a dog”
- “Jongin has a dog”
- “Sehun also has a dog”
- “So like can we get a dog Y/N pLEASE”
- If he doesn’t catch your attention with his koud voice, he’ll just lay on the ground until you notice and give in
- “No it’s fine just leave me here to die”
- The snuggliest
- Honestly he’s the type to lie on top of you and sigh really loud
- For no reason at all
- He’s probably bored
- w i n k
- Tracing hearts on your skin with his fingertips
- Playing with your hair
- And your hands
- Just plain admiring everything about you
- He can’t dance
- At all
-But you get to watch him try
- And it’s so cute
- You guys can have dance parties and dance like complete dorks together aW
- If there’s something wrong, he’ll confront it
- He’s not the type to just let things sit
- “Y/n let’s talk things out p l  e a s e”
- “I’m sORRY”
- He legit will not leave you alone until everything is resolved
- And you just can’t stay mad at him tbh
- So understanding oml
- He just wants you to be happy

Not a Fan | 2

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+ tom holland

author’s note: ITS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE IM BACK FROM MY HIATUS also hey hey hey this will probably be bad bc im a terrible writer?? i dislike making part two’s bc mine are not really as good as the first but also hOLY SHIT guys im just a small imagines blog and y’all bLEW UP MY INBOX you guys legit spammed me omg i love this and im still kinda new to this whole ordeal which is why this is up so late im rambling sorry u guys just make me so happy js

also its technically not christmas where i am right now but its the thought that counts?? 


prompt: tom holland is on the red carpet for his Spiderman: Homecoming premiere & he notices one face in the crowd that stands out.

part one

GROANING, YOU WAKE UP, disoriented. You sit up and rub your head and you feel someone place a bottle in your hand.

“Thanks, Vee,” You mumble out of habit, keeping your eyes closed and squinting at the lights in front and above you. 

“You’re welcome.” A deep voice says, causing you to stir and open your eyes wide. Four shadows and one woman stands in front of you, causing you to scream.

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Can I prompt you to make a scenario where Mc uses the taser saeyoung gave ( from the valentines dlc), you can choose if it's angst or fluff either way I love your writing so I won't mind. I hope you have a great day! And thanks so much for all the amazing things you wrote, they really help me after a long tiring day.

right as I posted this I finally figured out what you were requesting omg im so sorry I thought you meant using it on Saeyoung. MC is still using it tho, so..      -Green



-you were getting so frustrated guys u couldn’t handle it anymore

-Saeyoung kept trying to scare you as much as possible. Jumping out of hallways, grabbing your ankle from under the bed and trying to legit p u l l  you under, making all the lights in the bunker go out, anything he could

-you were getting so antsy and just waiting for his next attack , you were so tense

-you had the taser with you pretty much all the time, just in a pocket like it was the most casual thing in the world

-It was later in the evening when he did it again

-you were unsuspecting but still tense, when all the sudden someone grabbed you while you were passing a linen closet and dragged you inside

-you PANICKED and totally forgot it was only you and Saeyoung in the bunker so you just,, 

-did a 180 and tazed that fucker right in the ribs

-and then suddenly U BOTH WERE SCREAMING BC

- “OMG ____ OWWW WHYyYyy”


-you felt SO bad you immediately dropped down to your knees next to him and started to sob bc did you just murder your boyfriend????? oh g o d 

-luckily it was barely a taze and he was fine, just a little ,, s h o ck e d 

-heuheuh lol

-afterwards he promised to stop the scares and you two cuddled all day after that because you were still scared that you accidentally hurt ur baby

-Saeyoung secretly loves it and is glad bc he’s a slut for attention from you and now you won’t stop kissing him every 2 minutes so he feels FInE 

-the best way a plan could fail, he thinks

Block b reaction: You ask them to take a shower with you in front of the other members

Omg yessss


Jaehyo: “Yeah, sure! I’ll be there in a few, wait for me ;)” *has no shame at all lol*

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U-Kwon: “Welp, it was nice seeing you guys but my girl is calling, so yeah…  You all know my priorities, right? Go take a walk or something” *legit kicks them out lmfao*

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P.O: "Haha what a great joke, y/n, hahaha you totally got them hahAHAHA” *nervous laugh violently increases*

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Zico: “AYEEEE YOU GUYS HEARD THAT?! I’M SO GONNA GET SOME!” *infinitely brags about it until the other members actually leave by themselves*

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B-Bomb: *just throws the boys out and immediately joins you in the shower 😏*

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Taeil: “W-What do you mean?” *laughs nervously while not so subtly doing the ‘cut it out’ sign which I do not have a gif for but that’s ok 😭*

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Kyung: “WHAT ARE YOU SAYING OMFG YOU SO NASTYYYY” *coughs* “Go first, imma join you in a bit” *coughs*

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best friend!jisung
  • ok
  • you nd jisung have been bffs since pretty much the womb
  • u do everything together

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Hello you wonderful lil human, I was wondering if you do male Mc stuff, and if you'd do something with RFA + v + saeran first date thingy??? Sorry if I'm bothering you,,, p.s. ily

Alright, male MC it is!


  • he was super nervous!! finally getting to take mc out on a date
  • he had spammed you the previous night before and all morning 
  • “are u sure u wanna go” “are u all ready” “you’re not gonna get sick?”
  • he’s a worrisome boy
  • but when he arrived his nerves got worse and worse
  • he was legit bouncing in the car
  • when you walked out of the apartment and saw you he nearly fainted
  • your short brown hair was brushed nicely
  • and you were wearing a nice sweater that was like your normal one
  • and shoes and nice jeans
  • you looked really handsome!! 
  • you guys had both planned to go on a picnic, out at at the park at night!!
  • when you got there you laid out the blanket and food and you cuddled with your boyfriend
  • when the stars came out, he ended up kissing you!!
  • he was so shy about it tho
  • like help this boy
  • but all in all it was a great night!! you told him you would love to do it again


  • okay okay okay so
  • i really really imagine zen taking you out a nice restaurant?? just somewhere small? excluded?
  • he wanted alone time with you, not with just his fans and you
  • he arrived at your apartment around 5 pm
  • he wanted to walk with you, not take a car
  • romantic walks, ya know??
  • he waits patiently at the door until he sees you walk out
  • hes totally in love
  • you wore a nice shirt, hair combed and the wild mess it usually was combed down
  • black jeans and brown boots cause yes
  • he walks with you holding your hand!!
  • hes all blushy cause aAAA you’re his boyfriend!!!
  • once you guys arrive at the restaurant you guys are led to the back by some people
  • he didn’t wanna hide you from EVERYONE of course
  • just the crazy fans
  • he holds your hands as you smile at him and you guys talk and talk
  • it’s just consistent rambling about whatever 
  • he loves your voice, tbh 
  • once you guys leave he drops you off at your apartment and swiftly kisses you
  • he talks to you obv on the chatroom tho
  • but will forever be red faced from that kiss rip 


  • okay okay but like
  • coffee festival
  • she like gets all excited at the store and hands you a ticket
  • and is like “we should go, mc!!! definitely!!”
  • you’re all for it cause she looks adorable tbh 
  • so you guys end up going and jaehee looks adorable!!!
  • she has a nice skirt that flows and a t-shirt and her long hair is braided and she looks cute
  • you decided with simple jeans and nice t-shirt
  • both are shy as heckle
  • but you grab her hand and you guys hold hands the whole festival!!
  • she shows you all the nice coffee and u buy her a cup from each different type
  • she’s super happy omg u love her
  • when you guys head home you kiss her quickly
  • she squeaks and it’s super adorable
  • ur both blushing but she says goodnight and leans up to kiss you before scurrying off


  • what,,, where does he take you
  • he legit calls jaehee for help
  • she says to take you somewhere you love
  • so he always lays down hints and stuff
  • and he’s so bad at it
  • but he eventually figures out that maybe a aquarium would be nice?
  • he doesn’t know but he knows there’s this nice place that his company owns for some reason
  • probably for some sort of cat reason
  • he informs you to get ready early and so you get ready at 10:30 hair ready and dressed nicely
  • the usual sweater and jeans!! and converse cause their life
  • jumin is actually dressed somewhat casual, the poor boy tries
  • but he leads you into the limo and he refuses to tell you where you guys are going
  • it’s a surprise
  • he can remain calm surprisingly 
  • but when you guys arrive you get really excited!! so many creatures!!
  • and the place was somewhat empty, so
  • jumin took care of that
  • he is very excite cause you seem excited
  • he’s happy to make you excited
  • you guys go and look at all the animals!!
  • he gives you head kisses and tells you you’re amazing and it’s just
  • aaa!!!
  • he’s such a sweet boy when he’s not kinky
  • u love him 
  • after the date you guys go home and cuddle a lot 
  • much cuddles


  • this is set after his ending
  • when he finally stops doing his hacking stuff
  • and with so much free time now
  • he wants to do everything with you!!
  • he takes you out on fancy dates, cheesy dates, or just cuddles in bed
  • it’s always a surprise
  • but ur first date was when he took u to mcdonalds at 3 am
  • and u were in your pajamas
  • and he was begging u to order smth so he wouldn’t seem lonely
  • so you go with him tired and order fries
  • and he parks in the parking lot and eats with you and just leans on you
  • and surprisingly?????? it’s not??? half bad?? 
  • sure you’re tired as hell but hey it’s a date somewhat
  • and it’s with your favorite bean so 
  • you’re not complaining
  • turns out these 3 am dates occur a lot now
  • he takes you e v e r y wh e r e
  • every fast food restaurant he can go too
  • he’s there, with you, at 3 am
  • he finds it cute and you don’t complain, so


  • is just like jumin????
  • has no clue???
  • but he eventually decides on the park for you two to go to
  • and honestly you both enjoy it!!
  • you’re wearing your normal outfit and he’s just decked out in his normal outfit too
  • he’s happy
  • ur happy
  • he ends up kissing you at the end but then be like “u have a shit face”
  • you’re like??? what
  • but he ends up getting distracted by the tiny dogs 
  • like ‘these are the only things i wouldn’t mind killing’ 
  • saeran no
  • when you guys go home tho
  • he’s super cuddly once more like he usually is when you go home
  • like “we just went on our first date saeran” 
  • “the more reason to cuddle you”


  • okay but the first date would definitely be to a art/photo museum or smth
  • you still dress nicely for him even though he can barely see you
  • he likes to feel your short hair though and kiss your lips
  • and sometimes feel ur muscles but shh shh
  • you end up driving the both of you but he keeps talking about how nice it is
  • though you’re still upset he can barely see all the art!!
  • when you guys get there you park and lead him in
  • some art he can barely see so you describe it for him
  • and it’s just all romantic and you flirt 
  • “all of these are so amazing.. not as amazing as you tho” 
  • he holds your arm/hand the whole time and leans on you sometimes
  • when it’s over you stand by a nice romantic picture and you kiss him
  • it’s kind of messy at first but you guys learn how each other work
  • and the kiss ends really nicely!!
  • you guys go home (you stay with him since the hacker), and cuddle cuddle
  • he’s like a cuddle bug like jeez v r u okay

There you go!! I hope it was how you like it!! (Also, sorry I was taking a very,,, very long hiatus). 

oka so polyam!tom x latinx!you x zendaya

  • each time u call em “mi cielo” or “mi corazon” or “mi amor” they absolutely love it and blush every time u do it ayyyy
  • u teach them to cook some of ur ethnic food *cough* actually your parents teach all of u thru face time
  • they absolutely love the food, and start wanting to learn more about your culture
  • so you teach em the Gist, like the slangs, the bad words and the declarations of love
  • you and zendaya melt at the sound of tom saying “las amo con toda mi corazón”
  • tom hearing “oye estas duro!” from zendaya and his cheeks are red for hours, he cant stop stuttering
  • so…lets talk about dancing
  • u cant dance for shit but u try
  • but these two??? professionals!!!!!
  • and they want to teach u,
  • “how? u dont know it?”
  • daya shrugs, “youtube”
  • and all day, dancing at your ethnic songs, everyone taking turns with everyone, trying to change the steps to accomodate three partners together
  • after the sweaty and exhausting dancing marathon in your apartment, u guys legit just take a bath…together
  • im not saying u guys had sex but u guys had sex
  • and after shower time, you guys went to sleep, all cuddly, omg i die

i really wish donovan would have been brought back :”( just imagine

he’d be like the guard dog of the chimera pack; vicious, easily excited, reckless af. (theo put a “beware of dog” sticker on donovan’s car as a joke)

he and theo would butt heads often. it’s like a pissing contest with those two. they’re always trying to see who can do the most, run the fastest, be the most dramatic. josh and hayden dub them “frivals” (friend rivals)

donovan would kind of scare the others. corey refuses to be anywhere near the guy because holy shit, he has fangs in his hands. donovan legit forgets sometimes that corey even exists because he’s either avoiding him like the plague or is invisible. pack dinners are kind of awkward because of this …

tracy and josh (and sometimes hayden) constantly text each other about donovan. “omg tracy do u see this guys fucking smolder” “bruh why does he look and act like a rottweiler” “idk hes kinda hot tho” “Tru” “tru”

just. imagine him in the chimera pack. just think about it. do it. do it


Omg…guys..I ..I cried. Like legit. I’ve never cried over an anime before. Not that hard

And guess what I ended up doing anyway…. (under the cut cuz spoilers but not really I guess?) hint: art.

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okay so i legit think that kitt purrson is the most followed instagram in the NHL and all the guys get really super salty about it and chirp kent on the ice with stuff like "where's your cat?" "KITT CAN'T SAVE YOU GUYS NOW" like stupid lame chirps that kent is always like ??? try harder to insult me?? but I also feel like kitt is in contest with other famous pets, like carrie fishers cute dog and taylor swifts cat and like kent only has like 3000 followers but kitt has like 15000 and yeah.

Omg kit purrson gives me life thank u I agree I have nothing to add this is a+ work