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I went to SNL Dress Rehearsal 4/8/17

I went to the SNL dress rehearsal with @myloveholtzy and she wrote about it here

We started waiting at 6 in the NBC lobby and Kyle Mooney and Lorne Michaels walked past us! We didn’t ask for pics but we were freaking out lmao. We got in line and get checked in and get our tickets and wristbands. We don’t get to keep the tickets so we snuck a pic in the bathroom lol but no photography guys 

Then, they took us to a lounge area to wait which had nice gray couches and huge screens with snl pics and bts pics both old and new it was so cool

We waited for almost an hour until they started calling us by wristband colors and envelope numbers and lined up to take the elevator up to the studio. At this point, @myloveholtzy are start freaking out and slowly accepting that this is real!! lmao 

We get out to the hallway that leads to 8H iconic! There’s cast pics and guest host pics on the walls and chairs and couches and set pieces along the hallway. We touched one of the pics lol and we saw a room with Alec Baldwin’s name on it!!! We were a few feet away so we kept wondering if he was in there. Someone came to tell us about some rules and one of them was that the lighting director asked us to put our stuff under the chairs instead of hanging them on the back of the chairs and @myloveholtzy realizes that meant we got floor seats!!! 

They start taking us in and ohmylord it’s one of those awestruck moments like walking out on a stage on opening night. Mikey walked past our line but we didn’t say hi (they’re all super busy lol)  and we saw Beck down the hall but he was too far to say hi. There’s stage people running back and forth, moving set pieces into the studio in this really tight hallway, the band is playing vibrantly, someone takes your ticket and through all the movement and chaos, you see light. You’re in studio 8H. Wow. 

We somehow got front row seats in front of the monologue stage!? Maybe they saw we were more excited than everyone because literally we jumped and whisper/screamed to each other every time we saw something/someone lmao. But wow we got front row seats bless

The band is playing live, loud, bright music and you can feel the beating in your chest. We took this time to look around and really take everything in. I’m still blown away thinking about it, seeing this set for the first time is truly astounding. It’s one of those moments. 

8H is surprisingly small but that’s what makes it so much better. Everyone is bustling past each other, rushing to get everything in place in time. And in the midst of our excitement and awe, Lorne Michaels walks in and is literally 5 feet from us. We kept glancing at him in excitement and one of the crew members saw us being huge dorks over Lorne and laughed lol 

Michael Che did some standup and talked to some audience members to warm us up, he was pretty funny! But when he gets off stage, I turned around and saw Kenan so I’m freaking out like holy shit he’s real but then Vanessa, Sasheer, and Kate are right behind him and I’m screaming and have this huge smile on my face that I can’t get rid of for the rest of the show. They sang and danced and I wasn’t really listening to the words because I was too busy freaking out over Kate lmao but we made eye contact for a like brief second! lol 

Watching them do the sketches live is absolutely the most amazing experience. You get to see everything happen. Maybe I love behind-the-scenes stuff too much cuz I’m a massive nerd but I’m smiling like an idiot in starbucks thinking about last night lmao 

Everything is funnier when you watch it live. You get to experience a live audience laughing and it’s amazing. 

Alec Baldwin as trump was amazing, he makes it look easy on screen but as he was getting ready to go on stage and they were counting down the seconds, he was checking his reflection making sure everything was perfect and doing lip warmups (idk what they’re called). He’s really focused and in the game before he performs. I also noticed a bit of spit on his suit idk if he did that on purpose for the character or if it was just an accident lol 

When The Chainsmokers were getting ready for their first song, Louis C.K. was less than 5 feet from us on the edge of the monologue stage. He said hi to us and asked us how we’re doing and obviously I looked like a dork and forgot how to use words so I just waved and smiled like a huge dork lol 

Weekend update was so funny and Colin is adorable when he breaks character and Sasheer was AMAZING and gorgeous and hilarious and her dancing was so funny omg. Then, I see Kate waiting offstage to get on Weekend Update and @myloveholtzy and I are dying literally deceased I feel my heart pumping like crazy like I’ve seen Kate before and got pics with her but seeing her perform wow it’s unbelievable. She was sipping water from this bottle that a crew member was holding and she kept taking little sips and it was adorable and she’s so smol and she was wearing these slippers I can’t she’s adorable. Then she went behind this black screen they put up on the sides of Weekend Update so the cameras don’t get the offstage action and she was laughing at Colin & Michael’s jokes behind that screen. But she kept laughing after everyone was done laughing so you could hear her adorable giggles I can’t ohmygod I was freaking out also she caught @myloveholtzy staring lol so cute

Kate performing as Cecilia was literally the funniest thing I think I started tearing up bc I was laughing so hard and she kept touching and kissing Colin’s face it was so cute 

They also had us move around for a few sketches ( @myloveholtzy moved for 1, I moved for 2) but I didn’t mind, it was actually really cool to be like standing among the action lol

There was a sketch with Alex which was honestly an amazing sketch it was hilarious but I think they cut it for the live show

Louis broke character in the museum sketch 

The Chainsmokers Andrew Taggart was jumping around on stage before their second song and made eye contact with me and after the song (or before i can’t remember lol) he did like a little wave it was adorable

And after all these sketches, finally the cast came out for goodnights and it was so cool omg ngl I was staring at Kate the whole time but everyone out there hugging and stuff it was so cute and Beck had a bald cap on for some reason but like wow I can’t believe I actually got to experience all of this with @myloveholtzy I’m honestly so grateful for this experience and if you ever get the chance, you should definitely try to watch dress or live, it’s an unbelievable experience :) 

Also as we were leaving, Alex and Melissa walked past us no big deal (just kidding huge deal) and someone else so there you go! Hope this helped any of you who are hoping to go someday :) 

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Who'd you recommend as shawn's blog?

everyone who i follow is super lovely so i’m going to tell you a few people that i can think off the top of my head who i love and cherish, whether they know i exist or not

@papishawn - tilly was my first mendes friend and actually convinced me to make this blog

@latteshawn - the sweetest angel out there and deserves all the love, omg

@starrynightshawn - we became friends over 13 reasons why but she’s absolutely great and hilarious please follow her

@illumeshawn - literally my ALL TIME favorite blog on here. before i made this blog i’d read her stuff religiously. she’s friendly and hilarious as well

@berghh - literally so cute !!! i love her blog so much omg

@purebeanshawn - the url explains it ??? just a pure bean. great writings as well!

@shawnsleo - who followed me today for some reason and i squealed a little she’s great and hilarious

@ihaveabadreputation - one of the greats seriously she’s hilarious and so friendly

@takeiteasyonmyheart - every time i see her in my notes i smile a little more

@babyshawwn - BEST. BLURBS. EVER. also really cool, probably a friend crush

@shit-to-kinda-okay who followed me today as well, which may have caused a few tears :’)

@heromendes - the cutest, sweetest, and just seems so full of love. her icon makes me die as well

@thesmutofthemendes - m is the cutest and spends a lot of time and energy writing, as well as talking to everyone who graces her inbox. not sure how she hasn’t died yet with all the smutty blurbs she gets sent every day lol

and of course there are more, and i’ll open up my following page on mobile if you want to look through everyone ! :) x

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My cousin did this when she was 2, it was her monkey see monkey do phase. One day on a walk around the neighborhood, she saw a dog pee on a street lamp. She stared at it curiously and quietly before going to that street lamp and I kid you not she lifted her leg up like the dog did lol! Idk for some reason, to me that screams being Beck's little girl!!!

omfg thats hilarious omg hahah

Daddy Wednesday™

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i have no additions to the post about sertraline/zoloft (though you are almost certainly right about it not being a problem unless repeated) EXCEPT my own experience with that drug, which was hilariously awful. from two hours after my first dose until my doctor changed me to a different medicine three weeks later, i had uncontrollable diarrhea, even though i took it normally. no medicine has ever done that to me but that one, before or since, and we're still not sure why it happened.


For some reason the weirdest/funniest part to me is that it happened so immediately??? And so consistently??

No matter why it happened, I sure am glad you’re on a different medicine now!! That sounds like it was torture! ^^;;

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Omg i love love love your reviews of ishqbaaz, like literally i wait for your reviews everyday, they're the only reason why I even watch it, but I really really wish you could do some for dil boley oberoi again. Like i know svetlana and all was little overbearing, but its getting better now!! like kali thakur is back, so maybe just for like this next week or whatever, if you could, it would make my day! You're hilarious, keep up the good work!!

Hi anon! 

Thank you for the liveblog love! 😘😘😘

I have a long weekend ahead of me, so I’ll see what I can do! Most likely, I’ll read the written updates and speed watch to catch up, maybe some mini lbs, if anything strikes me as particularly ridiculous.

No promises though, because I’m in the process of moving house and there’s toooo much to be done around here (and my mother won’t stop shooting death!eyes at me when she sees me wasting time on the internet! 😬😬😬) 

Tell you what though, even if I don’t manage to watch and get it up within this week because of all the Moving Madness, there’s going to be a few days after moving into the new house where I’ll have no internet. Thus with nothing to do, I’ll watch and write lbs and post ‘em whenever I get back online! Keep an eye out! 😊

Why You Should Watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

OMG! So this show has been my new obsession and I’ve been wanting to talk about it. I know the title is a bit of putting to some people, it was to me at first, but it’s actually more nuanced than what it seems.

- So the first reason you should watch it is the totally hilariously relatable musical numbers. In some sort way you can relate to how the main character, Rebecca, is feeling.

- The main character is mentally ill, it’s actually cannon, which is quite refreshing.

- There is a Bisexual character who actually says and sings about how they’re bisexual. They don’t say “Oh, I don’t do labels,” they actually states they’re bisexual which is GREAT!


I’m laughing so hard right now omg so on the Spoiling Dead Facebook page they released pics of the actors for Amber (Negan’s wife) and Mark, and some of the comments from the dudes are hilarious. Stuff like “omg she looks so young JDM is like 50 that’s rly gross of Negan to have a bunch of young wives” and I’m just like ???????? Have you seen JDM?

Originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty

I’m 20 and I’d hop on the “Negan’s Cock Fan Club” train in a heart beat are you kidding me???? Comic or TV version he’s hot as fuck bruh no reason to be salty about that

Prompt Idea

I keep thinking that it would be hilarious if Jean has this huge crush on Eren but he’s in denial/‘omg he’s never like me!’ going on and he complains sighs over Eren to his good ol’ buddy Marco. Exceeeeept, Marco has a crush on Jean and he’s jealous that Eren’s managed to capture Jean’s love. He keeps quite about it though, because Jean and Eren are soooooo never, ever gonna get together, right? But then the impossible happens on mystery meat Thursday, Jean blurts his feelings out to Eren after another UST filled argument. Like not even in answer to a question that could some how be construed as being a reasonable response to like:

“Why do you hate me so much?”
“Because I love you!”

No it’s something like:

“You are such an idiotic coward!”
“I think you look really cute when you’re angry!”

And of course Marco’s in the corner going 'sweet mother Sina, no.’ It’s fine though right? There’s no way Eren can like him back, right???

“You really aren’t that bad yourself, Idiot.”

'SWEET MARIA, ROSE, SINA, AND JOSEPH NOOOO!’ Whelp there goes Marco’s planned comfort speech for a heart-broken Jean.

Jean and Eren start dating and really are quite the sweet couple. Sure they still bicker, but it’s some how softer and less below the belt. And they keep being cute with each other with Jean hanging all over Eren for no reason, like just randomly dragging Eren into his lap and putting his arms on Eren’s shoulder when they’re standing next to each other, and Eren always fussing and fixing Jean’s clothes for him while they talk, including the harness. Everyone just thinks they’re just nice, albeit strange, couple. Everyone that is but Marco.

Marco is just boiling with jealousy, full on handkerchief gnawing jealousy. He hasn’t said anything, hasn’t shown anything, but on the inside he’s having Tamaki like conniptions. Then he gets it in his head that if he can just break them up, Jean will come back to him and it all be fine. Marco then sits down and try’s to figure out how he’s going to break them up.

Problem is that Marco just isn’t that good at being devious. He’d come up with an idea but throw it away for various reasons, no he couldn’t do that some one might get hurt! Oh but what if Eren’s allergic, I can’t do that! The plans he does try to execute aren’t really effective and just plain weird.

He’d sneak around and spy on their dates to try and mess them up. All his attempted sabotage just end up some how making the atmosphere even more romantic. And gosh daren’t they both just keep be so cute, he’s having trouble staying mad at them.

Then Sasha manages to find him on one of his spy missions and gets it into her head that he’s a supporter of Jean and Eren’s relationship. She starts dragging him around on missions to help strengthen their relationship.

Basically Marco falls into EreJean hell by accident because those two dorks are so cute together and Sasha drags him even deeper.

Okay Dragonball fans, deep breath. Just calm down.

While you all have every right to make fun of the Super crappy frames of the latest Dragonball Super episode (because omg some of them are hilariously bad) I’m getting a bit tired of seeing these “They’re ruining the greatest anime franchise noooo!!!!” posts. 

Because Toei Animation did the original Dragonball Z as well, and I’m sorry to break this to you, but it had piss poor animation more often than not. 

Don’t believe me? Go rewatch Goku’s fight with Cell during the Cell games. It has one episode of standout animation (possibly the best that the series ever had, it’s the reason their fight is my favorite. Well, one of the reasons) and the rest is Toei trying it’s damndest to make sure the two fighters do very little actual fighting on screen. 

Goku’s hair as a Super Saiyan is usually wildly inconsistent, Frieza, during his fight with Goku, is off model more often than on.

Anyway, my point is, let’s all have a good laugh at this episode and hope to god Toei fixes it for the DVD Blu Ray release.

But don’t say that they’re ruining DBZ. If anything, they’re staying pretty consistent with the way they’ve animated it before.

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That seemed really rude when you told that person to get a life (referring to making an hour long tronnor video). I'm sure they did it because it is something they are interested in and probably brought them some happiness. If you don't like it don't watch it, but there is no reason to put someone else down for not using their time in a way you find suitable. Why not look out for and support the people in your community?

Omg, I’m laughing so hard, this is the greatest thing that’s ever happened.

So here’s a link to that person’s hour long compilation. Note their fantastic username and icon. Report back.