omg this is going to my cel

storytime about how i got my hands on turf wars

I was hopping on by the bookstore and trying to search for it but couldn’t find it anywhere on the shelf, so I go to customer service to inquire and bookstore lady tells me like there is legit ONE COPY LEFT but it’s been reserved however it hasn’t been claimed for a few days already. she picks it up and i see the name and I’m like



and bookstore lady is like omg really

and I’m like YEAH DUDE! *shows gf’s fb and confirms gf’s cel number*

but of course i don’t wanna get bookstore lady in trouble so i call my gf and ask her if i can claim the book for her (and read it lol) (coz we’re long distance so she can’t really get it herself ‘till her next visit to the city but yeah)

she’s cool with it and texts the bookstore to let me claim it and bookstore lady lets me buy it and just AWYEA happy ending

so basically what i’m saying is my lady and i are OTP material