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omg a bellarke fic where they take a 'business shower' (urban dictionary it; it's platonic af) and they think it's normal but everyone else is like wtf this isn't normal

business shower: an intimate shower taken between 2 persons solely for the purpose of saving time aka truly the most blarke like thing to exist

wc: 3.8k | rated m

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Despite everyone saying otherwise, Bellamy is actually a pretty good roommate.

Clarke moved in with him a few months ago and, according to all of their friends, it was going to end in disaster. She’s pretty sure Jasper even went as far as to say that they might kill each other which was a little insulting.

The thing is, she knows how her relationship with Bellamy looks to the average outsider. They fight and bicker and argue about everything. There’s nothing she can say or do without him getting on her case, and she knows that it’s probably the same for her too. They like arguing with each other. That’s just their thing. She doesn’t know why it’s so hard for their friends to understand that.

But fights aside, Bellamy is a good roommate.

He always takes out the trash on time and is considerate enough to pick up a carton of her soy milk whenever he realises she’s running low and he actually likes doing the dishes which almost made Clarke weep with joy when she first found out. Sure, they’re not perfect by any means- he has a bad habit of leaving the toilet seat up and she never remembers to clear her hair out of the shower drain- but he’s still one of the best people she’s ever lived with.

And then school starts back in the fall.

She knows that Bellamy is a high school history teacher, but it was never really one of those things that ever came up between them. When she moved in, it was July, meaning school was out and he was on break. Clarke keeps an eight to four job at the free clinic in the city so she got used to not seeing him in the morning. She would leave coffee in the pot for whenever he finally rolled out of bed, and he would already start prepping for dinner by the time she stumbled back in and collapsed on the couch.

They have a system. She’s gotten used to their pattern.

So when she wakes up on Monday, she stops dead at the sight of him puttering around the kitchen, still soft and sleep hazey in his pyjamas, his glasses sliding off the bridge of his nose.

“Morning,” he says when he finally notices her standing in the doorway.

It jerks her out of her stupor and she grunts in return. He already has the Keurig up and running so she settles on grabbing a few snacks for work. She chucks a granola bar and an apple in the oversized tote she loves so much for breakfast and she’s deciding whether she’ll head to the cafe down the street for lunch or drag herself down to the cafeteria for shitty hospital food when Bellamy throws one of the sandwiches he made at her.

It almost hits her square in the face and she fumbles to catch it.

“That’s lunch,” he says, ignoring her huff. He finally glances up at her. “You’re welcome, princess.”

Clarke pulls a wry face and shoves it in her bag too, feeling a bit warm inside. “Thanks.”

He just winks at her and rests his own foil wrapped sandwich next to his messenger bag. The warm feeling quickly dissipates when she sees him heading to the bathroom and she glances at the clock.

“Hey!” she calls out, scrambling after him. She manages to wedge her knee between the doorway before he could lock it shut and Bellamy lifts an eyebrow.


“I need to shower,” she says, shouldering past him and slipping inside.

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America coming to the palace (delected scene never heard of)
  • America: *gets out of the limousine and looks to the palace* WOW THIS PALACE LOOKS HUGE!
  • Maxon: *poletly giving america his hand* Nice to meet you, *love at first sight* where you been?
  • The maids: *to america* We could show you incredible things!!
  • Kriss: *really excited* Magic!
  • Elise: *frowning* Madness!
  • Marlee: *looking at carter* Heaven!
  • Celeste: *sexy smirking towards maxon* Sin!
  • Maxon: *loving eyes to america* Saw you there and i thought...
  • America: *shocked face cause aspen is there* OH MY GOD!
  • Celeste: *whispering to the others and pointing to america* just Look at that face!
  • Maxon: *looking at his dad but thinking of america* You look like my next mistake...
  • King Clarkson: *to the girls* Love's a game!
  • Gravil: *very excited* WANNA PLAY?
  • Aspen: *in becoming guard* new money?!
  • Queen Amberly: *adjusting clarkson's suit* suit and tie!
  • America: *thinking in maxon and whispering* i can read you like a magazine...
  • Gravil: *to the girls* AIN'T IT FUNNY, RUMORS FLY!!!
  • Maxon: *shrugs* And I know you heard about me....
  • America: *noding her head* maybe i should lea-
  • Maxon: *trying to stop her* So hey, let's be friends!
  • America: *whispering* I'm dying to see how this one ends
  • Silvia: *yealling* GRAB YOUR PASSPORTS!
  • Maxon: *smilling* and my hand
  • America: *with sarcasm* I can make the bad guys good for a weekend
  • The selected: SOO IT'S GONNA BE FOREVER
  • America: OOOOOoooOr it's gonna go down in flames....
  • Maxon: *to america* You can tell me when it's over!
  • Celeste: *laughing* If the high was worth the pain!
  • Natalie: *pointing at maxon* Got a long list of ex-lovers...
  • Daphne: *whispering* They'll tell you he's insane!
  • America: *looking at maxon* 'Cause i know you love the players!
  • Everyone: AND WE LOVE THIS GAME!!!
  • America: *shrugs* 'Cause we're young and we're reckless!!
  • Maxon: *shaking his head* We'll take this way too far....
  • Lucy: *looking at aspen* It'll leave you breathless....
  • America: *also looking at aspen* Or with a nasty scar......
  • Elise: *pointing to maxon* Got a long list of ex-lovers?
  • Daphne: *explaining* Yes, They'll tell you he's insane!
  • Maxon: *to america* But I've got a blank space my deeaaar
  • America: *snapes his face* I'M NOT YOUR DEAR!
  • Maxon: And I'll write your name ;D
  • Celeste: *looking at herself in the mirror* mhhh Cherry lips!
  • Maxon: *looking at america's eyes* Crystal skies!
  • The maids: ahhh...We could show you incredible things?
  • Marlee: *thinking in Carter* Stolen kisses...
  • Aspen: *talks throw his theeth* Or Pretty lies!
  • Queen Amberly: *to clarkson* You're the king baby I'm your Queen!
  • Maxon: I'll Find out what you want!
  • America: Be that girl for ....a month?
  • Everyone: OH NO!!!!
  • America: *to maxon* SCREAMING!!!!
  • Maxon: *to america* CRYING!!!!!
  • Both Maxon and America at the same time: PERFECT STORM!!!!!
  • Adele(amberly sister): It's a Rose gardens filled with thorns!
  • Celest: *colapses in her fucking shoes*
  • Maxon: *runs to help her*
  • Aspen: *also runs to help her*
  • Marlee: Keep you second guessing like:
  • Kriss & Daphne: *looking at celeste* OH MY GOD WHO IS SHE?
  • America: *puting both ands on her waist* I get drunk on jealousy!!!
  • Maxon: *coming back and staying right in front of america* But you'll come back each time you leave!
  • America: *laughs and then gives mortal look* Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream! *walks to the garden*
  • The selected: UGH..SO IT'S GONNA BE FOREVER????
  • America: *with a match* Or it's gonna go down in flames!
  • Maxon: *startled* AMMMEEEeeRICA???
  • America: *evil smile* You can tell me when it's over!
  • Everyone: *laughing* IF THE HIGH WAS WORTH THE PAIN!
  • Kriss: *arguing with daphne* MAXON CALIX SCHREAVE DOSEN'T HAVE ANY EX-LOVERS!
  • Marlee: *still loking at carter but noding her head anyway* And Maxon isn't insane..*whispers* i think...
  • Celeste: Oh but i love the players! *looks at aspen*
  • Lucy: *while being held by Mary and Anne* HE DOES NOT LOVE THE GAME YOU HO-
  • Back to america: *to maxon* YOU'TE YOUNG AMD IM RECKLESS!
  • Maxon: You're taking this way too far..
  • America: *irritated* This is leaving me breathless...
  • Maxon: I won't let you with a nasty scar!
  • Daphne: *admits* Okay,maxon dosen't have any ex lovers...
  • Elise: AAAAAAnd i guess he's not insane...
  • Maxon: But I've got a blank space m-
  • America: *Ultimate dead look*
  • Maxon: *shrugs* I'l just write you name...
  • Celeste: *to america* Boys only want love if it's torture!
  • Maxon: NOT ME!
  • America: I don't need any of you to warn me ya
  • Everyone: This is not going to last forever...
  • America: And im not burning this down to flames
  • Maxon: I hope this will never be over...
  • Celeste: *confused* I guess the high is worth the pain?!
  • Kriss: *trying to understand* So there is no list of ex lovers?
  • The selected: *sighs* MAXON ISN'T INSANE!
  • America: OMG IM SUCH A PLAYER....
  • Aspen: *to america* Ugh...we are going to end this "game"!
  • Maxon: *holding america hands* we're young and reckless!
  • America: *shrugs* AAAAAaaand we will probably take this way too far...
  • Maxon: *tugging america ear* It'll leave you breathless!
  • America: *tracing a hand in maxon's face* Or with a nasty scar!
  • King Clarkson: *whispering to Queen Amberly* our son does not have ex lovers,right?
  • Queen amberly: *whispering back* and i hope he isn't insane!
  • America: This is too complicated baaaaby
  • Maxon: And This is kind of insane...
  • Everyone:
  • Everyone: *Cricket noises in the background*
  • America: *rubbing her hand over her brow*
  • Maxon: ugh..america...*making air quote marks* "my dear"..what are you doing?
  • America: *shaking her head* i need to forget this crazy shit...
  • Everyone: *waits*
  • America: *rubs harder*
  • Aspen: ... America?
  • America: *lets her hand fall* Yup..this isn't working...I'M OUT *picks up her bags and goes to the limousine* CALL ME WHEN THIS..."THING" IS OVER!
  • Everyone: *looks at her while she lives*
  • Maxon: *takes a deep breath and says* I knew you were trouble when you walked in...

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and one night remus signs "you hungry?" and sirius grins so they go up to his dorm together and he pulls out bags of chips and some gummi bears and an extra large can of soda and sirius can't stop laughing because "who hoards this much food in their room?" but he isn't complaining, and remus suddenly wishes he could hear this boy's laugh because he bets it's beautiful and they sign back and forth between bites and sirius thinks that maybe this school is the right place for him.

omg this is my favourite so far i love this auuuu <33

and one time sirius is curious and he signs ‘do you like any music? is it even possible to when you’re deaf?’ and remus just smiles a little bit and sets to show sirius what music is like from his perspective

and he grabs some ear plugs and gives them to sirius to try and simulate the quiet and then he starts to play some music and places sirius’ hand against the speaker so he can feel the rhythm and bass and remus is waiting a little cautiously for sirius’ reaction and sirius just looks up with the biggest grin of delight because this is fantasticly new and who knew there were more ways to experience music

and eventually remus gives in and presses his hand to sirius’ chest as he’s barking out laughter and remus feels the vibrations from sirius’ chest and remus smiles and it’s a ridiculously heartwarming moment and even if remus can’t hear sirius’ gorgeous laugh he can do the next best thing for him

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It seems you forget that Katz isn't the first to be displayed gruesomely. In fact if I remember right it was a white female (a former detective who like Katz got to close to Hannibal) that was displayed. Used in fact to taunt Jack. This isn't about race, or her being female. Katz is going to be displayed like this to prove how little Hannibal cares about those he works with. To remind those who sympathize with him the true monster he is because there are far to many who do do that.

anon you need to sit the fuck DOWN because you are so completely wrong that it’s just sad

first off, you’ve forgotten that miriam (that’s her name, omg you couldn’t even be bothered with her name) was NOT displayed. yes, we got a severed arm (edit: also see the SPOILERS in the tags of this reblog of my post if you want to know how goddamn wrong you are), but none of the women of the main cast has been sliced up and put on display. srsly, read not just the quote but the commentary, which if you came here from that post (and that seems to be the post most people are coming to my blog for)??? you should have done in the first place. i know it’s long, but i think you could seriously benefit from it.

secondly, you clearly don’t understand the phenomenon of fridging (second link), in which women are used as props to further men’s character development via the pain/angst of their death (and/or rape). you mentioned that miriam’s severed arm was used to taunt jack? that is literally the textbook definition of fridging. it’s lazy as fuck writing, it’s boring, it’s cheap, and it’s sexist as hell. the writers have all but admitted that bev literally got screen time ONLY because fuller was planning to kill her off from the beginning (“we can’t kill her yet because we haven’t done anything with her).

third, not only are they fridging her, they’re doing so in a way that is COMPLETELY OUT OF CHARACTER. like yes, let’s take an extremely intelligent character and have her 1) tell hannibal that she’s been helping will investigate and that’s why she’s looking at the body again, 2) go to his house, at night, without calling anyone to 3) gather evidence that would be completely inadmissible in court??????? beverly is methodical and logical and the whole idea that she’d even do that? it’s fucking insulting.

fourth, do you know who’s actually alive in canon? abigail, for one. and who else? oh yeah, beverly.

fifth, people are not (just) upset that beverly died.

sixth, actually you know what? have some more links to meta that you should really check out.

seventh, representation matters so much more than you realize. i mean really, give me a list of shows in which an asian women is in the main cast besides elementary. go on, i’ll wait. oh while you’re on that, do you know how many asian actresses have won an oscar? none; there’s only been one nominated - 79 years ago - and she was white passing/hiding her race.

eighth, go take your unhelpful apologist bullshit elsewhere because you clearly don’t go here and i don’t ever want to see this kind of backwards ignorance near my blog again.

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Headcanon: Kara believes in Santa. She first heard about it as a kid, and someone who wears red and flies around the world really fast isn't too far outside the realms of possibility from her perspective. The people who try to tell her otherwise are quickly dissuaded by her hurt-puppy expression, and the rest just think she's just really into christmas traditions. She always goes to bed early on christmas eve, and talks all her friends into doing the same, leaves out milk and cookies...

OMG That’s so cute.. this got slightly out of hand Imagine Alex going along with it and always leaving presents underneath the tree, drinking the milk and eating the cookies and then after Lena and Kara have been dating for nearly a year (they were only friends last year during christmas time) and now Lena has kind of already moved in with Kara (she has a key, spends nearly every night and half of her clothes are at Kara’s place) it’s time for christmas again.. Lena has no idea that Kara actually really thinks that Santa exists.. so she’s a bit confused when it’s time for bed (”6 pm, really Kara?”) and Kara goes into the kitchen again only to come back holding milk and cookies in her hands which she leaves out “for Santa”.. Lena can’t help but smile because her cute alien girlfriend really goes all out on christmas.. they then go to bed together, Kara being serious about going to sleep (”no funny business tonight” “but Kara i-” shhh, we have to go to sleep it’s christmas eve”)..  because it’s still so early and Lena totally isn’t used to going to bed this early she actually can’t really fall asleep.. so she just closes her eyes and enjoys lying next to her girlfriend, hearing her deep breaths.. eventually she starts to fall asleep as well, that is until she hears the front door opening.. she’s wide awake looking at Kara and then at the clock, 11 pm.. she tries to wake Kara “honey”, shaking her a little, “I think someone’s breaking in”.. Kara’s only reaction is a mumbling “shhhh, it’s santa” still kinda sleeping.. Lena’s slowly starting to freak out because everything is quiet except for the light steps going around in the next room.. there’s no light shining from underneath the door which means the other person is walking around in the dark and seriously who does that if not a thief.. Lena tries to wake Kara again but she’s still not really waking up so she decides to take it into her own hands.. she gets her gun (yes she has one.. who wouldn’t when your life’s been threatened one too many times) she slowly opens the door, holding the gun in front of her when she sees a person dressed in all black holding a flashlight, a bag next to them on the ground, in front of the christmas tree.. eating a cookie?? the person turns around when they hear movement behind them and Lena just whisper yells “Alex?!” Alex moves towards her and closes the bedroom door, telling her to put down the gun.. Lena is like “what the hell are you doing here?!” “I’m putting Kara’s christmas presents underneath the tree” “Why the fuck would you do that in the middle of the night?!” Alex would have an “oh shit” moment and then start to explain that “Kara actually believes that Santa exists” and Lena gets this totally confused look on her face so Alex goes on and tells her that she’s been putting the presents there so Kara wouldn’t be disappointed.. her father started the tradition and after he disappeared she kept it up, for Kara.. because Kara actually believed that Santa was real.. so she’s been leaving the presents underneath the tree, drinking the milk, eating the cookies since she was a teenager.. “and Kara really believes that Santa comes here every year?” “yes, she does” “oh.. okay wait a sec” “what are you” “just wait a moment” Lena goes back into their bedroom (yes she already calls it theirs in her mind) and gets her christmas presents for Kara, then comes back out, closes the door behind her and puts the presents underneath the tree.. she also helps Alex put all the other presents there as well.. they eat the cookies together and Alex shares some embarrassing childhood memories about Kara which Lena thinks are all way too adorable.. about an hour later Alex leaves and Lena goes back into Kara’s bedroom seeing a sleeping Kara who’s somehow managed to roll over onto Lena’s side of the bed.. so she goes to Kara’s side and lies down, moving until she’s hugging Kara from behind and falls asleep.. the next morning Kara wakes up at like 6 am, shakes Lena awake and basically flies towards the christmas tree.. Lena’s sleepily making her way towards her girlfriend and gets to see with her own two eyes how happy Kara is when she sees that the milk and cookies are gone “do you see it Lena?! Santa was here!!” in that moment Lena knows that she’ll make sure that Kara’s never going to find out that Santa actually doesn’t really exist.. <3

Catch 22
  • In 2010: There isn't enough LGBTQ representation in series 5.
  • After 2010: Canton, Jenny, River and Vastra are such stereotypical LGBTQ characters, when are there going to be REAL LGBTQ characters?
  • *
  • In 2011: There are too many complicated arcs, not enough standalone episodes.
  • In 2013: Was there even an arc for this series? Remember when there used to be complicated arcs? With RTD?
  • *
  • Before 2013: 11 is far too comfortable with genocide that's so un-Doctorish.
  • After 2013: OMG why would Moffat stop the Doctor from murdering 2 and a half billion children and the rest of his race? That completely negates all of RTD's hard work even though it doesn't within the narrative.
  • *
  • Before 2013: OMFG Moffat just can't write ordinary companions they all have to be "special" in some way.
  • After 2013: OMFG, Clara is so ordinary and bland. She's just a walking plot device.
  • *
  • Before 2014: There aren't enough PoCs in Who, Moffat is clearly a racist.
  • In 2014: Danny Pink is literally just another Mickey.
  • *
  • Before 2014: Moffat literally just ignores RTD's era, he's so egotistical.
  • In 2014: I can't believe Moffat is getting the Doctor and Clara to get chips, he's completely ripping off RTD.
The signs at the beach || @zodiacsign.s
  • Aries: *goes off, searching shells on their own*
  • Taurus: "I'll go swim a bit" *goes too far*
  • Gemini: "Wait!" *wants to jump on taurus's back*
  • Cancer: "But guys, don't swim too far!" *is safely standing on the sand*
  • Leo: "Come on, chill. There aren't any sharks or out there" *pushes cancer into the water*
  • Virgo: "actually, there can be" *is reading*
  • Libra: "OMG the selfie lighting is just" *sighs happily* "isn't this a good pic??"
  • Scorpio: "yeah yeah" *staring at the ocean, thinking of the poem they wanna write later*
  • Sagittarius: "Yo wanna play volley ball??"
  • Capricorn: *looks around critically* "with what? You forgot to bring a ball"
  • Aquarius: *tanning with sunnies on* "take the coconut over there"
  • Pisces: *actually attempts to get it, but then gets that it's a joke* "I'm just gonna listen to music.."