omg this is absolutely beautiful!!

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wcif your decorating skills omg my houses are always so empty.......

Your builds are absolutely beautiful stahp ;) I just have a problem, space in a house is crucial so that your sims don’t need to walk like 5 flights of stairs and move through 600 different rooms just to complete an interaction xD So you’re doing good :P


— favourite One and Only lyrics (ft. Sehun)


P I A N O   C O L L E C T I O N S  -  F I N A L   F A N T A S Y   X V

Music composed & produced + quote by: Yoko Shimomura

Mon-El hates this guy. He hates that he’s ruined this moment where they’re finally going to connect, and he hates even more that this guy wants Kara to marry him and is trying to manipulate the situation into making her almost feel like he has no choice. When he ends up fighting Mr. Mxyzptlk, he definitely has all of [those feelings for Kara] fueling his blows. Every punch is filled with ‘Don’t touch her! She’s mine!‘

It’s been almost 3 years. 3 years since staff has directly addressed Akoya’s bullying issues. And it took 3 years… for someone to say something about it.

And it happened on my birthday this year. Thank you staff, I will cherish this gift forever! ♥ ♥ ♥

Me in 2012: “omg Vika’s bars are absolutely beautiful but wtf is that giant-half at the end??”

Me in 2016: “omg Melka’s bars are absolutely beautiful but wtf is that giant half at the end??”

Me in 2017: “omg Lena’s bars are absolutely beautiful but wtf is that giant-half at the end??”

Request : Hiya! A Suga, Rap Mon, V and Jung Kook reaction to you surprising them with a candlelit dinner when they’ve been really stressed with work?

Suga/Yoongi : Okay so Yoongi will be very thankful, he would maybe not voice it or thank you directly, he would quietly sit down and eat the delicious food you prepared him, but when it’ll be over, he’d make sure to show you how thankful he is, with a bear hug and probably lot of cuddles before sleeping

RapMonster/Namjoon : Namjoon tbh would be so shocked lol, when he would see what you did for him he would be like “omg” and would start giggling for absolutely no reason, while approaching slowly the beautiful table you set for the two of you. He would thank you through the whole dinner and when you’ll be finished, he’d sigh and say something like “seriously, thank you, I needed that”

V/Taehyung : HE WOULD BE SO DAMN HAPPY AND EXCITED OMG. I can totally see him like in the gif, the moment he’ll get through the door, he’d smile like crazy and clap his hands while going towards the table greedily. “Did you do all of that for me ?” “really you cooked for me ?” he won’t stop asking questions like this while eating, and you would definitely be able to tell that he appreciates what you did, and that he definitely looks more relaxed, so mission accomplished !

Jungkook : This lil bun would be in shock, and would not understand at first “What- what is all this y/n ?” he would ask, with a little voice, and when you’d explain him that it was for him, to relax him because you’ve noticed how stressed he was, he would melt and hug you tightly, immediately thanking you. He would enjoy the meal and your little evening together a lot, with him too it might end up in an even more relaxing cuddle session in the bed or on the couch. He would never forget what you did for him, and is more than ready to do the same for you whenever you need it

Immediate thoughts about this update:

  • Reminder that Jack is so fucking in love with Eric Bittle, I bet he had NO REASON to send all those flowers besides “huh I haven’t sent Bittle anything for a while… how many flowers is acceptable? I’ll just send as many as they’ll deliver at one time” because Jack has no idea how to be romantic but is accidentally the most romantic ever, what a nerd. 
  • The new manager is SO FUCKING CUTE oh my god, I love her glasses and the fact that she’s friendly and cute but has A BIG COMMANDING VOICE and that she’s just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ re: big tough hockey dudes crying about how much they love each other. She’s adorable. I love her and her lil fox shirt. What a cutie. 
  • I LOVE when Bitty scolds team members and they look chagrined, Holtz’s “I–sorry” is so cute they all love Bitty so much. 
  • Stressed Lardo, I just want to hug her. Someone hug her immediately. 
  • The amount of Done™ emanating from Dex is absolutely beautiful. Let him live.

OMG LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIFUL ARTWORKS FROM @jarofloosescrews!!!!! INKTO- sorry ok. Inktober-style commission and some super super gorgeous extras (and there was chocolate, too 8D). omg ;3; just… look at how beautiful these are. I absolutely fell in love with Screws’s inktober style last year (thank you, LostLightFest!!!) and just loooook at thisssssss… Screws works with gold and silver inks, so I asked for biolighties and thingies to be gold. omgggg. The circley Cyclonus is marker and IT SPARKLES!!! 8D and the smiling Cyclonus is watercolor, the most impossible medium, and Screws did such a lovely job ;3; Thank you so much for your beautiful work, Screws!! Cyclonus is my fav and you just gave me an overdose of lovely beautiful ajslkdjfasldkfdaOMG!!

If any of this glorious artwork strikes your fancy, I highly recommend her for commissions. Please check out her commission info here! Thank you again <3 <3 <3 <3 <3