omg this interview is so precious

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Favourite 5h/Gaymila moments?

Awww. I am OT5 trash and there’s just so many moments to choose from!

Like remember their Seventeen interview? When they were asked about their “secret talent” ahaha It’s like the old dorks are back. My heart 😭

This one because this was such a precious video

Remember “you are all, as you are, invited to the judges’ house”?

The Takeovers were such a blessing. Nothing can compare to the Fifth Harmony Takeover

Thug Harmony lol

Their Ustream/Twitcam. Bruh so many iconic moments

This “Jean Poque” Ustream omg this was my favorite

This BTS because it was sucha tough era for all of us. Moments like this had been our salvation

I loved their 2015 Billboard and 2016 ABC performances fr fr

The Reflection Tour. God damn the Reflection Tour.

The 727 tour. Need I say more?

(for a new fan like me these are such beautiful and pure moments)

Their 2016 AMAs performance (I am still shook)

The 2016 Roll Call omg I cannot

There are soooo much more moments I love but I can’t, I literally can’t this is just heartbreaking for me 😭😭💔 sorry

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Hi! I'm going to Kard's fansign in June and I want to buy Jiwoo a gift. I read somewhere that she's into fashion, however I can't find that interview anymore. Can you confirm this, or maybe suggest something I can give to her. Thanks in advance

Omg firstly, that’s so awesome!!! You’re probably the luckiest person I’ve talked to ! I hope you have fun <3 
Secondly - hmmmm…sadly I’m not very good at these things myself, so I don’t think I could suggest anything…I’m watching a bunch of interviews at the moment to hopefully find what you’re looking for. 

If any of my followers have some suggestions themselves or know of the video they’re talking about, please message @betacarotenoradioativo, or leave an answer on this post!


OH MY BABIES!!!!! 😍😍😭😭😭
I will upload more parts of this interview tomorrow but I couldn’t resist uploading this one now. 😍🙈

LOOOK GUYS! He was asked to do a New York accent and he’s so cute and his expressions asjksbsg 😍 and omg Liz!!! Oh, my Liz was so impressed haha and how she leaned forward to give him an appreciation hug and she’s such a doll. She’s Hugh’s doll and he kissed her cheek so sweetly, gosh! Guys, McGonneville are making me mad. I can’t deal with this! Oh, my precious little darlings. 😍😍😍😍😘😭

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James Mcavoy’s objections on Cherik/Fassavoy Fanart (The Graham Norton Show)

These two are so precious (Michael was in the interview too). Whenever fandom meets real life, I want to facepalm from embarrassment, but these two cater to their fans so well. They talked about fanart and fanfiction (and even read some out loud). Obviously they’re surprised and slightly disturbed (anyone would be), but they play it off so well and understand that their fans mean well (lol).Gotta love these two. Stay classy Mcavoy and Fassy!

(video link here)

I was in the park, trying to meditate because I was a ball of anxiety, when my reps called. I started screaming and running in circles and dropped the phone and did a cartwheel. These people were having a picnic next to me and I looked like a lunatic. So, totally classic L.A., they go, ‘Good news?’ And I said, 'I just booked a pilot,’ and they all cheered. It was so L.A.
—  Jack Falahee on finding out he got the role in HTGAWM
…this is probably one of the first times I’ve been on an event without Tessa, and I REALLY don’t like it to be honest.

Scott Moir @ the Kidney Foundation Men in Fashion show [x]

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Lately, I'm getting too much into yoonseok it's a problem 😭 It's getting hard because I need to love the other members and not be sad when yoonmin pops up (because it just seems too real lol i admit) help me love the other ships pls I need to get out of this dangerous yoonseok obsession :'(

Yoonseok is such  great ship though XD Be glad admin Mom didn’t answer this or she would have just spammed you with them :P But I will happily share with you some precious Hoseok x BTS moments. But for real Yoonseok is great and I can’t blame you for obsessing over them 

Honestly every Hoseok ship is gold though for real - hes so easy to love


Jin is trying so hard to make them sail recently omg. Did you see that Japanese interview where he complimented Hobi like 4 times? Seokjin chill. Jin is always so fast to call him handsome though - same on the Puma shoot. And coming from #VisualJin - It makes me so happy. Also I brave the cringe fest that is AHL again and again just to see Step Up team killing the game. How much faith Hoseok had in Jin doing well, and how hard Jin worked to not disappoint Hobi, they were the best team in that show. 


My underrated OTP, I cry becuase everyone knows of the bromance that is the 95 line and then Namseok is totally overlooked and people need to see that sure they aren’t cuddling up to each other 24/7 but thats not the point. Their gestures and moments are so much more subtle and between the lines and that makes it better because you can just tell that they are just comfortable with each other its so casual and easy. When someone says something in an interview and these two just look at each other and smirk. I will fight to the death for Namseok.


Why is Jihope dancing with food a thing? When did it become a thing? From the seasons greeting shoot in like 2014 and then the cookie Bangtan Bomb and now that ice cream. Anyway talk about push and pull. Why are they both so extra?  Hoseok gets this label as being the one who gets pushed away by Jimin all the time, but sometimes Jimin gets so damn clingy that its almost laughable. And Hoseoks birthday killed me, Jjimin got him shoes and Hobi was so surprised, omfg if I see one more person say that Jimin doesn’t like Hoseok I will scream, because that is a lie.


I have both no words and all the words for this ship, why are they allowed to sit next to each other at fansigns? They are gonna start a scandal one of these days. Taehyung loves Hoseok so much that I can’t even joke about it anymore, and the habit hes picked up of just petting Hoseok at any chance because he knows that he likes it and it calms him down. Like after he bungee jumped? Y_Y And their freaking dates omg, how many pictures of Hoseoks does Taehyung even have? This needs to stop please never stop


THIS SHIP IS GETTING THE LOVE IT DESERVES AND IM SO UGLY EMOTIONAL. Thought these days Kook is a lot less guarded and awkward with skin ship in general and inniciated it a lot himself, hes literally ALWAYS been like that with Hoseok. Like forever, since debut, Kookie has been fine having 0.2cm away from Hobis face and that makes me cry. And their reactions to each other, they are on the same wavelength, they know that one of them can do something weird and that the other will join in because #MemeTeam and I’m so blessed that they are getting more love.

I hope this helps calm your Yoonseok love a little anon XD But I’mma finish with a Yoonseok gif anyway :)

Admin Jas(mon) <3

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can I request a super junior reaction when they watch you on tv when you are in an interview and someone makes a (not so funny) joke about super junior and you shut the up and say very nice thing about super junior - sorry for requesting so many sj reactions pleae forgive me

Don’t worry XD It’s actually quite funny :P Thank you ^^

Heechul: See why I like her so much?

Siwon: *to members who didn’t like you at first* See? I told ya she’s great.

Zhoumi: Yeah! That’s my girl!

Henry: *sitting backstage like…

Shindong: She wasn’t joaking when she said that she knows everything about us.

Leeteuk: *he’s the MC* and my precious aegyo goes to that precious lady!

Yesung: I like her.

Sungmin: *to person who made this not so funny joke* Are. You. Jealous?

Kyuhyun: I think I’ve fallen in love.

Eunhyuk: Wow! That was nice!

Donghae: *So proud and amused*

Hangeng: That’s right gir! No one is going to talk bad about my boys!


Ryeowook: I find this girl interesting.

Kangin: *Beeing a happy 5 y.o child while watching your interview backstage*