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Okay this has been sitting in my drafts for long enough, and I’ve procrastinated doing this cause errrr I just didn’t know how to go around thanking everyone without sounding so ineloquent about it, but I shall try my best & I hope I didn’t leave anyone out kay? <3

I’ve been wanting to do this follow forever for awhile now because all of you have been so sweet & I just can’t thank y’all enough.
But I shall divide this into TWO parts.
Part I is dedicated to my followers who I’ve been fortunate enough to talk to personally as they’re just the sweetest and nicest people ever on tumblr.
Part II is a SUPER JUNIOR TUMBLR GUIDE for all you ELFs out there. What tumblrs to follow & take note of if you’re a fan, just like us.

And here’s PART II ~ SUPER JUNIOR TUMBLR GUIDE. Here are some of the best tumblrs for Super Junior content. If you’re looking out for SJ tumblrs to follow, this is a comprehensive list. Some of the finest & up to date tumblrs about everything SJ.

For General Super Junior Content 
| @shirade | @mysilentmemory | @duckflyfly | @plincess-cho | @15-stars@xxjustshakeitupxx | @stringduo | @elf-support | @suju-lvr | @heesexual | @flowercrownedninja | @hae-eeena | @17mingyus | @sapphireblueish | @sonelf-159 | @teukiesangel | @super-juni-oeo | @clownfishae | @danime25 | @prettyheechul | @superjunior13plus2 | @sapphireinsomnia | @doyoung | @walkinwithsj | @shyukerjunior | @supersujulover | @nilysam | @super-junior | @sjeverlasting | @donghaesfantasy | @chokyutehyun | @lovelovelylaurita | @superjuniorsdevil |  @siwook | @welovehaehyuk | @hyukwoon@eunhae-holic | @mysilver-sea | @hyukk-jae | @gaemerkyu-ssi | @autumnguykyu | @gaemq | @mrs-hae | @vitamin-elf | @hyukjhaes | @kyu-the-applause | @ohmymyeolchi | @15ahjussis | @gaemkyu | @chorgasm | @eunhaelfishy | @leeteuktohenrytoelf | @silver-eunhae | @haehyukjaes | @squishiekyu | @donghaeguns | @donghaeyah | @izubizutizu | @mightykyu | @yehae | @leedonghei | @stillhyuk | @craving-for-eunhae-kyuwook | @kyukylie | @neverendinglove4suju | @yesungismylife | @heenimcat | @superhaek | @bonamama | @sj15leeteuk | @prettyheechul | @kyuteminwook | @kyuhyu-k | @heechul-ssi | @onlyloveeunhae | @solvxjae |

For Super Junior K.R.Y 
| @k-r-y-love | @krybiased |

For Super Junior D&E 
| @cutie-hyukkie-pie | @ishipthatfishycouple | @eunhaelthy | @dalhaenim |  @skulltoki | @damnhaehyuk | @loveiseunhaehyuk

For Henry Lau
| @henry-lau

For Cho Kyuhyun
| @choxide | @kyuaddicted | @chokyuwa | @chokyuhyun2013 | @fy-kyuhyun | @atkyuhyun | @kyucito

For Kim Ryeowook
| @ryeomashita | @sneezes | @lixukuixianlover | @lilichan9 | @bibianwook | @ryeong0621 | @ryeowooklvoe | @sjwookie | @ryeowookaddiction | @ryeongs9 | @naega2106 | @ryeowookk | @lovingmyryeowook | @thepockystick | @rainingspellforlovesj

For Lee Donghae
| @haekey | @haeface | @loveleedonghae | @fyeahae |

For Zhou Mi
| @zhoumiblr | @jenks0619 | @sunny-days2 | @mimizhou |

For Choi Siwon
| @siwonstorm | @wonkyu47 | @uniquelysiwon

For Lee Hyukjae
| @eunhyuklover | @monkeilii

For Lee Sungmin
| @themintimes | @mingbiased | @sungmln |

For Shin Donghee
| @shindongogi |

For Kim Youngwoon
| @youngwoonie |

For Kim Jongwoon
| @y3sung | @fyeahyesunggifs | @yeseex |

For Han Geng
| @gengwuolai | @hanfuckinggeng | @beautifulhangeng |

For Kim Heechul
| @caseyshades | @heenim-star | @heecorner |

For Park Jungsoo
| @tokkiteuk | @-leeteuk | @forleeteuk

OTHERS (Pairs, Groups, etc.)
| @sunmings | @royalgengchul | @wonteuked | @kyusung0324 | @heemin-n |

These are but some of the tumblrs that are mostly dedicated to the group / members that I’ve listed. 
However, please note that….

  • Some blogs mentioned above are personal + multi-fandom blogs but most of the content are devoted to the classifications above 
  • For some members, there really aren’t that many active tumblrs dedicated to them :(((  
  • Also, I’ve not listed SJ-M blogs because all of them are inactive. 
  • I wasn’t able to find any tumblrs for Kim Kibum. 
  • I’ve not included any inactive blogs (I think) :\ sorry! 
  • This list would be periodically updated. 
  • Additionally, I am trying to follow more SJ blogs so I would love it if y’all would recommend any blogs <3

(OMG this has taken me forever and a day to complete though seriously and yes, there are slightly more Ryeowook-centric blogs that I listed errr cause he’s my bias so please try to understand hehehe) 

For all the tumblrs that I’ve listed above, I really, really hope y’all don’t mind me listing you guys in here kay? If the classification is wrong or you’d like me to take you off the list, please let me know and I will do so immediately hehehe <3 
Thank You for being such awesome blogs!!! ^_^

~ Aqidah (camaraderiegems) / INSTAGRAM

So, I recently hit 500 followers, which may not seem like a lot to some of you guys, but I honestly never expected to even get 5 followers so I’m a bit overwhelmed. Even though I’ve had this blog for ages, I’ve only really been active for 3 or 4 months, and in that time I’ve gotten to know so many amazing people who have made tumblr a really special, fun place for me. I love you all so much! <3

I have to admit that I’ve been a bit reluctant to do a ff because I’m terrified of missing someone off, so if I have, please message me and I’ll add you because if I did it was 100% unintentional and the last thing I want to do is make any of you feel sad or unloved.

A++ super special people who own my heart

angelsfalling-deancatch ❤︎ clawstoagunfight ❤︎ comealongstilinski ❤︎ crystalhollnd ❤︎ ealdra ❤︎ flareinfected ❤︎ harryorsborn ❤︎ heavenlyhale ❤︎ hobrienwolf ❤︎ princehale ❤︎ ravenandericareyes ❤︎ roguestilinski ❤︎ royalhale ❤︎ thewolfinleather ❤︎ wintuhsoldier

You guys have been so kind to me beyond anything I ever expected. You’re like super special unicorns that fill my heart up with sparkles or something <3

People whose epic awesomeness boggles my mind

abysmallydeep ❤︎ adderallandsarcasm ❤︎ afellowglader ❤︎ almoststiles ❤︎ anchorstiles ❤︎ ban-sheewolf ❤︎ bellamylblake ❤︎ browncherub ❤︎ capaldisreign ❤︎ derekpuppyhale ❤︎ dereks-henley ❤︎ derekthegrump ❤︎ divinestilinski ❤︎ flabbadon ❤︎ frek ❤︎ greengobiln ❤︎ hale-andco ❤︎ haleagay ❤︎ halesbunnyteeth ❤︎ hellosterek ❤︎ holandrolden ❤︎ hottieohoechlin ❤︎ huntressofmyheart ❤︎ imminentalpha ❤︎ inderlander ❤︎ insatiable-for-dylan ❤︎ kaliforever47 ❤︎ loserchildhotpants ❤︎ lydiahmartinn ❤︎ malfcys ❤︎ nogitsvne ❤︎ obriensholland ❤︎ obrienstubble ❤︎ padalickmeout ❤︎ pastclaras ❤︎ pokestiles ❤︎ propertyofwckd ❤︎ punkrockbones ❤︎ ripwarriorprincess ❤︎ sarcasticalpha ❤︎ scottmcslut ❤︎ scottncall ❤︎ sexstilinski ❤︎ sterek-broke-me ❤︎ sterekdimples ❤︎ stilessdivinemove ❤︎ stilinskideluxe ❤︎ strictly-chaotic ❤︎ stubblehale ❤︎ theboyinplaid ❤︎ thed4rkestcl0uds ❤︎ thewolfandherboy ❤︎ thewolfthatwrites ❤︎ twerkingstilinski ❤︎ wakeupstiles ❤︎ whatthehalefire

You guys are so awesome and make tumblr such a fun place to be. I feel like I really want to talk to you more and get to know you better but I am awkward and bad at that sort of thing. <3

New buddies I can’t wait to get to know better

ahlisonlahey ❤︎ allisonargentisagift ❤︎ allisonhellaargent ❤︎ blakesgriffins ❤︎ butterfliesandblackberries ❤︎ cleavagefordays ❤︎ deanwinchesterandcas ❤︎ dylansbaex ❤︎ gohasty ❤︎ hobroseylove ❤︎ houseofhaleinski ❤︎ j-adore-hale ❤︎ kateargants ❤︎ letssavestiles ❤︎ lycanlogevity ❤︎ okayhale ❤︎ packmotherstilinski ❤︎ projecstiles ❤︎ scottiesgotperformanceissues ❤︎ stilesorgasm ❤︎ teenclonedhunter ❤︎ thehaletomystiles ❤︎ virginderek

Hi! You guys seem super awesome already and I hope we’ll be good friends! (haha way to sound creepy, Ant)

People who light up my dash like a bioluminescent rainbow


238km ❤︎ alpha-stilesstilinski ❤︎ amazingobrien ❤︎ asterekshipperslife ❤︎ awkwardlycuteguys ❤︎ barbiedollcaroline ❤︎ beyowolf ❤︎ blacktofade ❤︎ blueisnice-317 ❤︎ braaten26 ❤︎ busyfollowingbees ❤︎ butbuckytho ❤︎ calicokat-teenwolf ❤︎ cryinoverdylanobrien ❤︎ crystalmesmereed ❤︎ crytothewolf ❤︎ dearbradbury ❤︎ defrosting-the-winter-soldier ❤︎ dylan-o-be-mine8 ❤︎ dylansbro ❤︎ dylanumbrien ❤︎ erinpaiger ❤︎ flluorescent ❤︎ gabyg123 ❤︎ girlwithnoplansxo ❤︎ gleefulwolf ❤︎ gloriouslypond


hahalds-cookehs ❤︎ hellosterekworld ❤︎ hermionessilverotter ❤︎ hobriensterektw ❤︎ hoechlinstan ❤︎ howlingwithwolvess ❤︎ jimjamsvega ❤︎ kaljara ❤︎ keyxi ❤︎ lilredspark ❤︎ lokidafox ❤︎ london-and-lisa ❤︎ lydiamaartn ❤︎ mattheal ❤︎ merthurianslashlegends ❤︎ misha-wolf ❤︎ moosemoose-samontheloose ❤︎ mychairofantlers ❤︎ naschoen92 ❤︎ neorxna ❤︎ newtrotic ❤︎ noqitsvnes ❤︎ obriendylanstiles ❤︎ ohfuckthisshit ❤︎ onesourwolf ❤︎ opalumbran ❤︎ paradigm-of-animals ❤︎ pureblood-whovian ❤︎ richardspeightjunior


senpaistilinski ❤︎ shakka1 ❤︎ starsapphirewolf ❤︎ sterekinly ❤︎ stilinskinsanity ❤︎ stillinskiscott ❤︎ stinklinski ❤︎ stydiabites ❤︎ suchagrumpywolf ❤︎ super-fandom-freak ❤︎ supernaturally-obsessed ❤︎ sweetwolfstilinski ❤︎ tacobellyo ❤︎ teenwolfplease ❤︎ teenwolftwfanmily ❤︎ thatshysterekal ❤︎ the-stydia ❤︎ theproudpenguin ❤︎ thewerewolfjumpedoverthemoon ❤︎ toxicfunkylittlecrazy ❤︎ trueangelscottmccall ❤︎ twatscn ❤︎ underneath-this-skin ❤︎ waitingforasourwolf ❤︎ whateverthehellcomesout ❤︎ willnston ❤︎ wolverine-the-ironwolf ❤︎ yaydrums ❤︎ yourfakelegisreallysexy

Even though we don’t really talk, I see you guys there, doing your thing and being awesome. It makes me so happy having you on my dash <3

And a super special shoutout to

sunnybobunny because you bring me snackfoods when I’m sick and make up hilarious stories for me and don’t get mad when my dog sniffs you inappropriately. I think you are the best person I know and ilu.

and komtillbaks because I’m pretty sure you have zero interest in anything I post but you’re still following me, and also you give me lollies when I go to the library.

So, this has turned out super long, but don’t think that makes any of you less special to me, especially you guys who I don’t follow back but have still chosen to stick around. You’re all so much more than a number on the sidebar of my dash, each of you is a precious gift and I’m super grateful that you’re there <3

Let’s not talk about how long I messed around with this and I still hate it.

In celebration for 4,000 followers I decided to highlight all the blogs that help make my blog so wonderful. But before we get to that I’m about to get all kinds of emotional so either skip this or prepare for a whole lot of cheese haha.

I was going through quite a rough patch before I started this blog, I had been running another blog that was going quite well for two years until I found myself feeling completely isolated by a community that I used to call home. A lot of my friends had deleted their blogs, moved on or just didn’t talk to me anymore and I felt very alone. I created this blog on a whim because I wanted someone to talk to and thank goodness I did. Kingdom Hearts was always something that I fell back on when things didn’t quite go right, it’s my safety net but I never thought I’d fit in with the community because I’d never really met anyone that also played. I actually created a Kingdom Hearts blog a couple of years ago and received a lot of hate and I couldn’t understand why so the creation of this blog was quite scary but I’m glad I decided to move past that.

I’d also like to thank everyone who follows me, I know this past year I have been very inconsistent because of college and other things but so many of you have always been here and that’s so special and I appreciate it so much. Honestly, I do! I get a lot of messages telling me that I’m so nice and polite but, to me, that’s so important because these people are giving me their undivided attention when they message me or reblog one of my graphics so I should do the same for them and I love to talk to everyone and help people out.

Anyway, I’ll stop being so emosh haha and get to the point of this post. Oh and this is strictly Kingdom Hearts blogs but all the blogs I follow that I love!

[A - K]
aeriiths, apartofaworld, chernicalplant, danderedreams, erenyeagerr, fairstrifes, firemanmako, imventuscallmeven, ipsens, khdecoded, khfriendlyreminders, khgifs

[L - S]
liverpepper, magelulu, miraihs, moooogle, narxinba, noelkreist, omeletteschan, ramblingredrose, revolutionary-breeze, shinypaopu, silence-traitor, sokai5ever, soraandlink, sorasheart, sorathewise, stormfalled

[K - Y/Z]
terras-terrable-trousers, thanknamine, the-host-club, tiduspoo, totallynot-gay, twilightown, youarewonderfilled

Lastly I’d like to give a very special thank you to two very important people.

Pinta, (aominedaikisexual), thank you so much for being the very first person to talk to me on this blog. You’re such a joy to be friends with because you’re so loving and you’ve always got your friends back! I know I can count on you and you’re so special! ♥

Dennis, (fuckyeah-roxas), you’re the reason I ever made this blog. I followed you a long long time ago and if I hadn’t I don’t think I’d have ever made this blog. I’m so pleased that I can now call you my friend. You’re wonderful! ♥

New Kid Around

A/N: NEW IMAGINE YAY!!! omg i’m so sorry this has taken forever like super sorry i just have had no motivation): also your friend amanda is makeupbymandy24 and your friend group kinda consists of those people(: hope you guys enjoy this!!!

ANON request: Can you do an imagine where Gilinsky is new to your school and you get really close and his gf from his old school always gets jealous so he breaks up with her and something happens with G and you?

Y/N’s POV:
“Y/N, I need a favor” my homeroom teacher, Mrs.Baker says once I make it to her desk.

“Sure thing. What is it?” I smile.

“Well there’s a new kid here. His name is Jack Gilinsky and he’s from Nebraska. I hear he moved out here to L.A. with his friend to become famous” she said, giving a slight chuckle.

“Alright, what do you need me to do?” I ask.

“Would you mind showing him around and befriending him?”

“Of course!” I smile and she smiles back.

“Alright well just head down to the office and tell them I sent you for him” she says, getting back to grading papers.

I grab my backpack, swinging it onto my shoulder and leaving the classroom. Once I reach the office I walk up to the secretary.

“Hi, Mrs.Baker sent me to show around a new guy. His name is Jack something” I smile to her and she looks up, pointing to a boy, hunched over his phone. I walked up tp him and could tell he knew I was there for him.

“Hi! Are you Jack?” I ask, smiling bright.

“Yeah I am. Who are you?” he asks, standing to his feet.

“I’m Y/N. I guess I’m gonna be your tour guide for the day. Can I see you schedule?” I ask, holding my hand out. He hands me the piece of paper and I scan.

“Cool we have like almost the exact same schedule! Except you’ve got biology last block and I’ve got media. But we have the same lunch so you won’t have to sit alone!” I hand him the paper and look at him. He smiles and I’m stunned by how perfect his teeth are.

“You ready to tour?” I ask, walking out of the answer, knowing he’ll follow.

“Hey Amanda!” I shout, waving at one of my friends as Jack and I walk into the hall. Homeroom just ended and everyone was making their way to first period.

“Y/N! Who’s this hunk?” she asks, a smirk on her face as she gives me a look.

“This is Jack. Mrs.Baker asked me to give him a tour!” I answer and she nods.

“Hey In-N-Out then the beach after school? I’ll invite the rest of the group?” She asks me.

“Def! I need a burger and fries so bad. See you after school!” I laugh, walking away with Jack. As we walk, multiple people smile or wave or call out my name and I wave back to them all.

“You’re pretty popular aren’t you?” Jack asks me, as we walk into our first period, French.

“Well I’m kinda popular on YouTube so yeah I guess you could say I’m popular.” I walk over to Mr.Rice, our teacher.

“Bonjour Mr.Rice! Ceci est mon ami Jack! Il est du Nebraska” I say to Mr. Rice and he nods, greeting Jack. // Hello Mr.Rice This is my friend Jack. He is from Nebraska // He tells us that Jack can take the empty seat next to me. We walk back to our seats and sit down.

“Wait so does that mean you’re Y/N Y/L/N? Like the Y/N Y/L/N?” Jack asks me.

“Yeah that’s me but please I’m just Y/N. Nothing too special” I smile, taking out my French notebook. I’ll admit sometimes it was weird when people figured out who I was and I hated special treatment so I always insisted people treat me like a normal person and honestly it was pretty easy at school because there were plenty of “internet famous” people here at school. I guess that’s what you get through when we are all pretty close to each other. Some of us do online school but me and a few others choose to come to school. Mr.Rice clears his throat and begins to talk to us about our project due in two weeks and tells us we will be put into pair.

“Y/N, Jack sera votre partenaire car il est nouveau” Mr.Rice says to me. // “Y/N, Jack will be your partner since he is new // I nod slightly and turn to Jack.

“Well I’m pretty busy tonight and tomorrow night since it’s the weekend but maybe you can come to my house tomorrow morning and we can discuss the project?” I ask.

“Yeah! I’ve got the day off tonight and tomorrow cause mine and Jack’s manager wanted us to settle in so that’ll be great!” he answers.

“Wait! Do you mean Jack and Jack? As in vine famous duo that sings one of my favorite songs!” I ask and he laughs.

“Depends on what your favorite song is” He answers.

“How We livin off the Calibraska EP!”

He nods and I can feel the eyes on me due to my loud gasp. He chuckled and I just couldn’t stop staring at his smile.

“Dude you have like been my celeb crush since I found you and Jack on Vine!” I laugh.

“Oh really now?” he smirks causing me to eye roll. Soon the bell rings and we gather our stuff to head to second period. Second and third period pass by quickly and soon it’s time for lunch.

“Lunch timeeeeee!!!!!” I shout, getting into the line with Jack.

“Is it cool if I sit with you?” he asks and I just laugh.

“Of course dumb dumb!” I answer, grabbing my food and paying. We make our way to my table. I sit down and take in the lunches of my friends. Pretty much all healthy food and then I look at mine. A grilled cheese, fries and a water.

“Y’all don’t know how to live life. Gotta venture out from the salad crap.” I smile, taking a big bite of my grilled cheese. Mandy coughs and gives me a look then shifts her eyes to Jack.

“Oh yeah! Guys this is Jack. As in Jack Gilinsky of Jack and Jack” I smile, introducing him.

I continued to eat ask they all spoke to him.

“Jack, you and Jack should come to In-N-Out with us!” Amanda says to him.

“Speaking of which, where is the other Jack?” I ask.

“I don’t know. We both enrolled here but someone else must be giving him a tour” Jack says, shrugging. “But yeah I’d love to come Amanda!”


“So do you like it here so far?” I ask Jack, as I work on our french project, him laying on my bed. I didn’t mind it though because he had actually done most of the research, I was just putting it all together.

“Yeah, It’s so much better than I thought it would be. Must be because of you” he smiled, getting off the bed and peaking over my shoulder at the project.

“Shut up Jack” I giggle. Jack was constantly flirting but I never flirted back because I knew he had a girlfriend back home.

“Come on Y/N. You know I think you’re beautiful.” he whispers in my ear.

“Jack, you have a girlfriend” I say, looking up into his eyes.

“We broke up. She was getting way too jealous that I was always with you.” he says, face inches from mine.

“Oh, I’m sorry” I pout.

“It’s okay. I’ve got my eye on a beautiful girl” he says, inching closer to me.

“Jac-” I say but he cuts me off.

“Y/N shh. Just let this happen” he says, touching his lips to mine. I couldn’t help but freeze. Despite how popular I was and how pretty everyone thought I was this was actually my first kiss. He sensed something was wrong and pulled away.

“Is everything okay?” he whispered?

“Y-yeah it’s just you’re my first kiss..” I whisper. His eyes widen and he smiles softly.

“Well I’m honored Y/N..” he says, kissing me again and this time I kissed back.