omg this game is so fun to color

Something I found while cleaning out my computer files! I wanted to color it, but now I think it’s okay like this lol

I really love this part in Breath of the Wild~

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Hi zephyo, sorry for bothering you but I was wondering how do you tackle learning? I've stopped drawing because I was overwhelmed while learning the fundamentals of art, but I want to start drawing again :) Btw I've been following your art for about two years now, they're really amazing so keep up the good work <3

omg nice anons are never a bother!

I try to make learning fun. Boring learning is ineffective! You want to be intrinsically motivated to learn - aka, you want to learn about color because you enjoy learning about color, not because you want to make a bombass portrait and your colors seem to suck <- you’re not learning about color for the sake of color.

So this is what I do nowadays: whatever I’m in the mood for - drawing beautiful nekkid ppl or seeing the nice dichotomy of cool greys against red - I do. I shut off all distractions - phone, games, that nice cheesecake ooh so tempting - and with the aid of good resources and motivating music, I draw for hours. And I enjoy it.

Here are some good resources

All of Andrew Loomis’s books (anatomy) (yes there are PDFs online.. if you can buy you probably should tho cuz they’re so good)

Perspective! for Comic Book Artists by David Chelsea (perspective)

Blender Guru’s “Understanding Color” and “Understanding Composition”

Linran’s tutorial (light and color)

Worqx (color)

bumskee’s art (omg I just like looking at it and there’s so much to learn about composition and color)

And never forget: art should be fun! 

PS. Sorry I blabbed so long XD Hope this helps.



I’ve been hunting for any sign of an alpha on the ChimeraSanctuary server since they updated! Not a sign anywhere to be seen. Finally day 3 of trying I found something glowing in the river? I was really confused cause I had been looking for a rex, but instead I found this puffed up raptor bobbing about!

I flew around her with my Ptera, Copper, who is around lvl 90ish all hopped up on stamina/speed/health. So when Rexes nip him he barely takes a nick.

Well…. When this little lady nipped him, A WHOLE CHUNK WOULD GO MISSING! Poor Copper! At first I had every intention of trying to hunt her/kill her to see how hard it would be. (hint: it is when alone)

But after watching her for a bit and seeing her beautiful colors I just couldn’t do it. So I force-tamed her and took her home. It was so much fun to run around the mountain with her because she is SO FAST AND SO STRONG! She downs rexes and brontos easily by herself in seconds. Just omg I love her so much.

I have her standing next to my favorite raptor, Darcy, here in these shots to show how much bigger Orchid is! Just daaamn!!!

tag game!

thanks @loeychateau!!!!! <3333 this was so fun aha

whats your favorite song(s) to sing/hum? 

depends whatever i’m listening to. it’s been seonjit (uhh… in english?? touch? touch it?? (it’s touch it) by exo?) the “saljjak moRI” part is stuck in my head perpetually 

also boomerang… omg… the best song

whats your favorite flower/tree/plant (all 3 or whatever you have an answer to)?

i like baby’s breath. it’s quite subdued, but i like it on its own.

i like red japanese maple trees. 

favorite color(s)?

red, white, pink, black.

what do you always doodle (if you ever do)?

eyes, all the timeeeee.

how do you take your coffee/tea? if you don’t like those whats your fav warm drink?

i take tea without any additions, or coffee as a latte. 

favorite candle scent?

anything christmassy!

sunrise or sunset?

sunset. always reminds me of good times with my friends

what perfume do you wear, if any?

rarely wear perfume (can never be bothered really), but if i do, it’s tom ford’s cafe rose, chanel no5, or mason margiela’s lipstick on 

whats your go to dance move when you’re alone?

either whatever choreo i make up or like exo routines… ha

favorite quote?

i don’t really know, but i like these two from e.e. cummings.

The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.

we forget to appreciate how much the little things make an impact. this quote reminds me that there are a lot of things i love (and reminds me how much i love the winter and fall months)

Listen; there’s a hell of a good universe next door: let’s go.

this is so hopeful, it always makes me smile

favorite self care thing(s)/routine(s)?

watching tv in bed or in the bath, doing a face mask.

fuzzy socks or house slippers?

fuzzy socks. though i don’t really wear either 

what color are your eyes?


whats your favorite eye color on others?

blue or gray or green or a pale hazel, those are always so pretty

favorite season? why?

winter or late fall. i love the cold, and i love the christmas spirit. hot drinks and thanksgiving food, very cozy

cheek, neck, or nose kisses?

neck heh.. the best ;)

what does your happy place look like?

apartment in manhattan with big windows, cats, and someone i love. 

favorite breed of dog? shiba!

do you ever want to be married? if so, what colors would you pick for your wedding theme?

not really interested in marriage. i would have to pick colors based on location i feel like?

silk or lace?


favorite weather?

first snow, heavy rain, falling leaves

i honestly feel like i’m bombarding everyone with tags so i won’t tag anyone rn but watch out when i do the selfie tag i’m really gonna tag everyone in the entire world just wait

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What are some of your Mormorlock headcanons?

ohhhhh alrightalrightalrightalrightalright

  • At first, Seb and Sherlock are kind of…not into each other. Like at all. 
  • Seb leaves when he knows that Sherlock is going to be coming over and Sherlock makes himself scarce because he’s not really a fan of Seb either
  • It’s not even that it’s jealousy either. It’s more that their personalities just clash. In Sherlock’s eyes, Seb is rough and hands on and exudes far too much stereotypical manliness - there’s not much elegance to him. In Seb’s eyes, Sherlock reminds him too much of his classmates from school; prissy and arrogant, too smart for his own good and in dire need of a personality injection.
  • Jim just lets them be. He finds it amusing when they complain about each other because they’re more alike than they realize.
  • One day Sherlock finds Sebastian reading a book about chemistry he’d given Jim. He sneers something about Sebastian not understanding anything in it. Sebastian raises an eyebrow and says something like, “If you actually read this you might figure out how those three people in Clapham died last week.” And their friendship slowly, tentatively takes off from there.
  • Jim secretly thinks it’s cute, even though he’s not happy that Sebastian gave away the game

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Aaaa omg don’t judge me XD I just really like this dork, ok??? Playing him is the best XDD and I love his quotes in polish they are so bad yet so good I’m having great fun ;v; nope I still don’t have Overwatch…me and my friends had a little gaming party yesterday and we switched after one play each and I drew him between matches and fast colored in PS with mouse XD  … NINA HAS HIS LEGENDARY RAREST GOLDEN PEPE SKIN I LOVE IT XDDDDDD I’M GONNA HAVE IT SOON!!!!! . So if anyone didn’t know yet it’s Lucio from Overwatch XD

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Im following a few people. Could you recommend me your favorite simblrs?

Oh Sure Anon :]
I will make you an organized list only of people who plays any sims game, who have original content and that make me happy.
The order does not matter, and OMG A lot of my favorites are already inactive :o

  1. simblroonies — Who I love to see every time
  2. pixelpixies — Who makes me laugh and feel so good
  3. divadoom — Who has the most colorful pics I know 
  4. ameowls — Who amazes me with her TS2 pics
  5. poppet-sims — My All Time TS2 Favorite blog :]
  6. serenasims — Who is a great simmer and a beautiful person
  7. dg90247sims — Who entertain me with the colorful family
  8. sweetwildoranges — Sweet & Green! I love her sim ♥
  9. plumbobdollhouse — Is one of the best designers for this game, I love her
  10. simpeony — Who I discovered this year, it’s been a fun time!
  11. ohmypominit — I just love those live colors
  12. javapixels — Who has really cute sims
  13. mhousesims — But this is when I met the colorful decor and great buildings
  14. bodacsims — AKA BadCoatSims and a great builder, you’ll be surprised
  15. plumbponette — I still don’t forget the Waterberries, but the new game looks so cute in her blog ♥
  16. andhisrabbits — Potatoes with a sexy face 8) OMG
  17. simmetricpixels — I love Andrew and he is my Favorite from this blog, this basically a Should-Follow
  18. oh-frangles — Who shows way too much fun on these pics!
  19. happylifesims — OH MY GOD! This blog will impress you so much and you’ll be :o Every time
  20. melanieselestasims — Who has great pictures of both sims and interiors ♥
  21. ofllamas — Who has a Really unique style.
  22. legendary-sims — Who makes me smile :]
  23. sims3junkie — You should see her blog, because OMG She loves the good stories, decor and medieval stuff 8)
  24. jenba — Jenba will surprise you even more than other, I’m still loving that talent
  25. kwsimblr — Who I admire every time
  26. spoopy-wingxo — I’m in love with every character on her sims games
  27. hambergersims — It’s been a while, but I still remember Aurora Skies with her, it was my favorite thing to see
  28. simsundercandlelight — Here I leant how to take great shots, I never forget that blonde hair
  29. pokemyplumbob — Have The New Game fun ♥
  30. trutjesims — I admire her unique style, it looks like from a magazine
  31. wildeatheartx — Wilde has always had great sims and fun
  32. beautifulplumbobs — Colors plus happiness, It is perfect
  33. fayesta — Highly recommended if you like decor and beautiful shots
  34. aimeesimdesigns — Who has way cute sims, I love them!
  35. ice-creamforbreakfast — Alexa has really cute sim, see them!
  36. antraya-cubed — She is my friend, and you will find sims inspired from her mind, this is really unique and cute
  37. cauleyanyasims — Who makes my dashboard shine ♥
  38. cracklinnackerbell — WHO IS GREAT!
  39. destroyedsimming — With a reallly good style
  40. flying-dragons-eats-icecream — It’s so great! Feel the happiness already

Plus my closer friends who post sims stuff

OK I gotta go; I know there are many more, there is someone who I Always fall in love with her pics, but Always forget their usernames, I feel sad about they being inactive.
However, I hope you enjoy this list, the iPad did not want to load anymore.